Show Pictures in Images in Gmail Inbox of Honeycomb Tablets

By now, most of your would be aware that you can add images in your mail which works differently than sending them as attachment. The good part of Add images option is Gmail is that you can add picture or image in any part of the message that you are composing and it would appear exactly in the same way when you have composed.

Coming on how those email looks onto your Android based tablets, I just gone through an email and all the images were hidden.Hidden Pictures in Gmail

Just like we see on Gmail in our PC or laptop, in an email if you have picture then it will be closed until you select ‘show picture‘. Since it’s basically a Gmail server that you are accessing on your tablet, you need to select the option to show picture. This is not the attachment that we are referring to but these are the images which are embedded in the mail when it was composed. Now until you select the option of show picture you wouldn’t be able to see those pictures and without those pictures, you wouldn’t even like to read the message.

Follow the simple two-step procedure to show picture in your Gmail -
For example if I have received a newsletter from then the image from Gizmodo in the email would be blocked as shown in the picture above.

email with Pictures

You need to click on ‘Show picture‘ in the email and then it would show you the picture.

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