Z Series Walkman

Update Sony Z Series Walkman Software to Version v1.1 Tutorial

Sony Walkman is for the true lovers of music. For Sony, the CES 2012 was the base for them to change the way people look for Sony devices. After their discontinued relationship with Ericsson Sony has come up with Xperia S and Xperia Ion smartphone.  Along with those smartphones, the also launched Z Series Walkman and it’s not too long that it was launched. The Z Series of Walkman from Sony provides truly world class entertainment and they are made up of true reflection LCD screen with multi touch support and powered with 1 Ghz dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor providing you all the entertainment which you can do on a smartphone except voice calls. Z Series Walkman is integrated with S Master MX digital amplifier and reduces the noise level and distortion to minimum level.

Sony Z Series Walkman

By default Sony Z Series Walkman are powered with Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS and it has 4.3 inches display screen. In a surprise move, Sony has started rolling out updates for Sony Z Series Walkman and the updates are update directly on the users Walkman. This software update is for Sony Walkman NW Z1050, NW Z1060 and NW Z1070 models only.

Enhancements and Improvements

The following are the enhancements and improvements included in the software update pack –

  • Reduces skipping when playing music at high loads
  • Fixes problem that can shift time when BD recorder is connected
  • Adds AVLS function
  • Other issues fixed

It’s recommended that you proceed with this update via your Wi-Fi connection as it can take much amount of time to download the software pack for the update. Please make sure that before updating with this software update you should backup everything like playlists or any file present on phone memory and then proceed with the software update.

How to update Sony Z Series Walkman with V1.1

  • Before you proceed with the firmware update you should make sure that you have more than 150 MB space available on the USB storage unit. That is required because the software pack itself is sized at 140 Mb. To check how much storage is available on your Walkman go to Menu > Settings > Storage and check out the USB storage size, free size. If it is less than 150 MB then delete some files in your Walkman to make it 150 MB available under free space.
  • For most of the devices starting from January 18, 2011 you will be get notified of the software update through a notifications at your notification panel. Drag it and then click on Software update or from the Home screen, Menu then following Settings > Terminal Information and check with System Update.
  • You will find the latest update file and then click Next, I agree and tap on done.
  • The update files will be downloaded to your Walkman, this will take around more than 15 minutes or 20 minutes and it depends upon the Wi-Fi internet speed that you have.
  • Once the updates are downloaded you will get the notifications as ‘Updates are ready’. Click on Update and it will start updating.
  • Your phone will be automatically shut down and it will be restarted showing the firmware update going on.
  • Once the up gradation is done, your phone will be again restarted.
  • Now you will be able to use the latest update to v 1.1 on your Android Walkman.

To check on whether the update was successful or not go through Menu > Settings > Device Info tap and check the Built number to confirm for NW Z series walkmans. For NW X Series, NW A Series and NW S series go to Settings > Common Settings and tick on System Information to check the software version.

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