SONY Xperia M2 Hands-on – Video, Photos & First Impressions

SONY has finally unleashed a new near budget android smartphones which are conveniently priced to aim at the mid-range segment dubbed as Xperia M2 and Xperia M2. The only difference with these two smartphones are being, the single and dual sim nature. While we had a thorough look at this smartphone in the Mobile World Congress where it was showcased, it’s time to give you a detailed review with respect to various parameters. We have categorized this review in some aspects like Design, display, specs and features along with the camera and initial thoughts.

Sony Xperia M2 Front


SONY Xperia M2 comes in two variants as mentioned earlier, one with single sim and other with the Dual sim card support. The best part of this device is that it comes with the similar design as that of the Xperia Z2 series and also the overall design is bit glossy and may tend to show up scratches over a period of time. SONY has to address this by coming up with some leather back or say with some perforated design so as to make the device accustomed to the latest trending fashion.

With a flat back along with the thickness of mere 8.6mm, this device come with an incredible design and holds up well when compared to the Xperia Z2 which is the new flagship premium smartphone from SONY. The only unfortunate thing in the design is the water resistant design. We presume that SONY hasn’t extended this IP certifications for this Xperia M2 to keep the price lower. Since this device is not waterproof, the micro USB slot is open which saves your time for charging the time.

Sony Xperia M2 Left Sony Xperia M2 Right

Sony Xperia M2 Top Sony Xperia M2 Bottom

SONY has used the rubber material to trim the overall design and also it feels more secured when you actually hold it up and also offers increased grip. Just like other SONY smartphones, this device too have the power button at the right and also it doesn’t have the aluminum frame around the device. Xperia M2 comes with the speaker grill at the bottom of the device which almost covers entire bottom portion and also is designed with subtle and simple.

The color options for Xperia M2 are black, white and purple. White and purple seems to be our choice as Black feels more of a generic smartphone now.


Display department of Xperia M2 has been very carefully worked by SONY. Xperia M2 comes with the 4.8 inches of screen size along with the 229PPI and 960 x 540p resolution. If you compare this one with the Moto G Android smartphone, then Moto G comes with 4.5 inches of screen size and with better resolution. Performance of M2 is still comparable with Moto G android phone which was a hit in most of the markets where all it launched. With cutting edge sharpness and brightness, this display seems to be one of the best Xperia M2 has got at this price point.

Colors are very vibrant in the case of M2 and also was very difficult for us to say on which was better between Xperia M2 and Moto G smartphone. The bezel at the bottom and is on the higher side, we can only hope that in Xperia M3, the bezel size is considerably reduced.

Software and Specifications

Xperia M2 comes with the Jellybean 4.3 Android OS which may get an update of Kitkat 4.4 Android OS. In terms of processor, this device comes with the 1.2GHz of quad core processor of Snapdragon 400 along with the 1GB RAM. In terms of memory, this device comes with the 8GB of internal memory which can be expanded to up to 32GB. This device also comes with the NFC capability along with the 2330mAH of battery life which is good enough for day long normal usage. This Xperia M2 comes in two variants, one with the single sim card slot and other one with the dual sim card slot.

In terms of other features, this device also come with Bluetooth 4.0, WFI, NFC, LTE Support, FM Radio, micro usb card slot, A-GPS along with the 3G support too. This device also supports WiFi hotspot which allows you to share your 3G / 4G LTE connection with other devices.


With 8MP of rear facing camera along with the SONY’s lens eco system, you can even compare the camera with the likes of Xperia Z2 and other phones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and you will find that it’s pretty much value for money considering the fact that this device is almost half the price of the flagships from Samsung and SONY. And when we compared the camera of Xperia M2 and Moto G, it was near impossible to conclude on which one was better. The image quality of the photos was pretty much ok and also was not showing pictures grainy as in the case of low light photography tested with the Moto G Android phone.

Sony Xperia M2 Back

But in terms of low light photography, it seems like Xperia M2 has a slight edge over Moto G, all thanks to the SONY’s optics which are in Xperia M2. Not to forget, Xperia M2 also comes with the 2MP of front facing camera which also offers decent performance.

Initial Thoughts

Though, this device which was shown in the Mobile World congress where we personally checked this device out was pretty much ok, this device is a nice device which is a good alternate to the Moto G. The device was in demonstration all day and was up and running without any hiccups in terms of functionality. Device feels very good in hand as all thanks to the excellent body and also feels class when compared with the likes of Moto G which too feels premium. The looks of this smartphone somewhat feels like it’s a sibling of SONY Xperia Z2 which is the latest flagship smartphone.

The pricing of this device is €220 and seems pretty much ok for the specs and features offered by SONY. You can also check out our detailed review on Moto G android phone along with the Xperia Z2 Android phone.

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