Sony Xperia S gets Minor OTA Software Update v6.1.A.2.50

After updating range of Xperia smart phones with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, Sony has calmed down on updating their device on timely manner. Maybe we see Sony busy in preparing the device for the upcoming generation. Still Xperia S remains the flagship model of Sony mobiles this year and we might here of the new flagship model coming last quarter.Sony Xperia S

As reported, Sony is rolling out a new software update with version as 6.1A.2.50 following from the current version as 6.1.A.2.45. As a routine stuff, this is a not among those big updates and so there is no change log have been provided by the manufacturer bringing the new changes included. We are sure that this update to Sony Xperia S LT26i brings few bug fixes that you might not have spotted on your device. Also Sony didn’t say about the regions where this update is available but as now it’s reported that this update is available in Russia, Canada, Libya, Argentina, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Saudi Arabic, Vietnam and few more. This update isn’t available to South Asian countries like India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China. We hope it soon available.

You might see many changes but you will find that battery life will improve with this update. This update is been rolled out via the Over the Air update and then you should make sure that you should be connected the internet via the Wi Fi to download it. Before downloading the updates available you should ensure that you have taken the backup of your device in whole and ensure that you have 50 % battery life left on your device and then proceed with the update. This update will soon be available via the PC Companion tool for the Windows based PCs as because many mightn’t find the availability of the Wi Fi.

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