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Speak and Enter Text through Voice Input in Android Phone

Google Voice Recognition (Voice Input) is a service of feature in every Android phone, and it is not only for those who are tired of texting or typing everything, and wanted something to automate it and write it for them. The Google Voice recognition service would listen to you, try to recognize the accent and the words you spoke, and then convert it into text and accordingly function if you have given a command. Making a call, writing a text message, writing an entry into the to-do list and a lot more can be done using the Voice Recognition service, and this is specially for the Android phones.

Google Voice Input

To make it easier for users to understand, here are all the things one can do using the Google Voice Recognition service for Android:

  • Make a Call to any contact
  • Send Text Message to anyone in contacts
  • Listen to Music
  • Navigate to a particular location
  • Send an Email to a contact
  • Set Alarm
  • Open the Map of particular location
  • Go to Wikipedia
  • Call a contact on their particular place (Home, Office)
  • Make a Note
  • Get Directions to a location
  • Web search of anything
  • Find weather of any particular city

Google Voice Input for Android  Google Voice Input for Android Match not Found

Where is the Voice recognition option available?
The Voice recognition can be found in the Google search box itself, on the right corner as a Mic icon, and this search box is common in all the Android devices. It usually comes as a search box widget on the home screen, or when you hit the Search key from one of the bottom keys in the phone, it would open the search box.
If at all the Microphone option is not seen in the search bar, you need to go to Settings > Language & Input or Language & Keyboard where you get to see the option to enable or disable the Voice input, and the related settings for the same.

Does Google Voice Recognition really recognize all accents of English?
Frankly, we have seen it work with just the standard English with glitches when you are trying to change the accent. We had to talk like a robot speaking every word separately for the phone to recognize, but it would easily grasp the common words and sentences. For instance, speaking “Weather in Hyderabad, India” would be recognized easily by the phone even when said at a speeder pace, but something like “Text *contact* I will be late” when said in a fast pace would give you back a simple answer – Match not Found.

How to get stuff done using the Voice Input

Here are a few basic things that you can do, we explain how each can be done by sending the proper commands through voice and you never need to type anything.

Making a call to your contact

To make your Android phone make a call, you need to say “Call Samuel Robin” if the contact saved in your phone is Samuel Robin. The phone would search for the name in contacts, and if there are multiple entries with the same name, you would be asked to select an appropriate one before making the call.

Google Voice Call

Getting Directions to a particular location

To get the directions to a particular location from where you currently are, you need to say “directions to *place*” where the *place* is the place where you want to reach.

Google Voice Input Map Directions

Send Text message to a contact

With the Voice input, one could send a text message to a particular contact, that is done and you can command the phone at once, by prompting the contact name and the text message you want to enter. Just say “send text *to contact name* *your message*” and the phone would automatically open the text messaging area where the contact would be selected and the desired text message would be typed.

Google Voice Send Text Message

Set an Alarm

Setting an alarm was not easier, because you just need to say “set alarm for 6 a.m.” and it would do the same. Of course this is limited to just setting the time for the alarm, and you can’t edit the options like setting the repeat and any other Alarm setting, but when you need no changes but just the alarm set up, this Voice input is the easiest and best way to do so.

Google Voice Set Alarm

Make a Note for yourself

When you have something to make a note of, and are lazy enough to type it out, the Voice Input would record what you said and make a note for you. You need to say “Note to self – Appointment with the dentist on 14th” and the device would automatically create a note with the input that you said.

Google Voice Note to Self

The normal search on Google is the final option that the Voice Input feature would do, when they wouldn’t find or recognize any direct shortcut command such as calling, texting etc.

There are a few settings that you can check, to make the Voice Input feature work better for you. There are several languages the voice search would support, and you can select one of them. SafeSearch is an option where you could set it to Off, Moderate or Strict based on how you want to filter the explicit images during the Voice search in Google.
Voice results can be set to have only the non-offensive words, and if this setting is kept “On”, the offensive words that you speak and the voice search recognizes, would be automatically hidden.

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1 Comment

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