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Spice Mi 350n & Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Dual SIM Android Phone Comparison

Both Spice 350n and Samsung Galaxy Y Duos smartphones are targeted towards the youngsters in India and both Spice and Samsung have clearly understood this with their previous models Spice 350 and Galaxy Y users reviews inputs. Samsung jumped into dual SIM Android smartphones by announcing Galaxy Y Duos, Ace Duos and M Pro smartphones together whereas it was prime job of Spice to come to with dual SIM smartphones but this time they did it with dual SIM Android smartphones with Spice Mi 350 and Mi 350n. Mi 350n is the upgraded version of Spice Mi 350 which eventually laid the platform for the latter model to be successful. Galaxy Y Duos is also known as Samsung GT-S6102 and Samsung GT-S6102B as well. Earlier to this comparison we have compared Spice MI 350n vs Galaxy Ace Duos.

Spice MI 350n vs Galaxy Y Duos

Here in this article we will go through in detailed comparison of both Spice Mi 350 and Samsung Galaxy Y Duos smartphones.

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Display Screen

Galaxy Y Duos – 3.14 inches HVGA display screen

Spice Mi 350n – 3.5 capacitive touchscreen display

The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 is the smartphone announced by Samsung with 3.14 inches display screen provide a maximum resolution of 240 x 320 pixel display with 127 ppi pixel density. The screen is with TFT capacitive touchscreen with 256k color display and comes with beautiful combination of Samsung TouchWiz along with Android default user interface.

Spice Mi 350n in comparison with Galaxy Y Duos has large screen with 3.5 inches display with capacitive touch support. This offers an outstanding quality with 320 x 480 pixel resolution and has several home screen panels as well. The proximity sensor and accelerometer has certainly been common feature in all the Android smartphones since most of them are touch based and I hope it’s needless to mention that.


Galaxy Y Duos – 832 Mhz Qualcomm processor

Spice Mi 350n – 650 Mhz Qualcomm processor

Samsung is known brand and their Galaxy series smartphones which are generally powered with Android operating system are very good at processing speed. Y Duos has 832 Mhz Qualcomm processor whereas Spice Mi 350n has Qualcomm processor but its clocked at 650 Mhz. Ideally 832 Mhz is considerable speed than 650 Mhz processor speed and we feel that Y Duos clearly wins in this compartment of comparison.

Winner : Galaxy Y Duos


Galaxy Y Duos – 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels

Spice Mi 350n – 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels, VGA camera

Coming to the camera specifications Galaxy Y Duos and Spice Mi 350n both comes with 3.15 mega pixel camera with 2048 x 1535 maximum pixel resolution screen. Yes, the spice Mi 350n with VGA camera takes the advantage of 3G video calls and video chat which is not seen in Galaxy Y Duos, this is something to compromise if you are buying Y Duos but it’s important for you to determine whether you would be making video calls or not.

Winner : Spice Mi 350n



Galaxy Y Duos – 160 Mb internal + Micro SD 32 GB card support

Spice Mi 350n – 188 MB + 32 GB micro SD

Spice Mi 350n comes out with 188 MB internal memory and Galaxy Y Duos comes out with 160 MB internal storage. The internal storage for low end Android smartphones is not much and these two phones being ideal low end Android smartphones, those internal storage capacities are enough. If you feel that those storage spaces are very limited then you can pump in extra micro SD card via micro SD card slot to pump in another 32 GB of memory. Most of the low end smartphones comes with a micro SD card slot and that is how they can expand the memory.

Operating System

Galaxy Y Duos – Android 2.3

Spice Mi 350n – Android 2.3

Both Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and Spice Mi 350n are powered with Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system which is the best Android OS that they can achieve. Although there are regular updates released like the recent one is Android 2.3.6 has been released for both the devices, it sure that both the handset will not be able to upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system version. A pretty bad luck for both the devices but their hardware doesn’t support working of it but still Android 2.3 Gingerbread is a great OS version.

Again when you have an Android operating system, it’s all about timely updates and Samsung being a popular brand releases timely updates to Galaxy Y Duos than Spice that we haven’t seen any official updates. The third party developers too are working continuously to provide custom ROM and we have many custom ROM of Galaxy Y Duos as well.

Form Factor

Galaxy Y Duos – 109.8 x 60 x 12 mm, 109 grams

Spice Mi 350n – 116 x 61 x 12.75 mm, 136 grams

Comparatively Galaxy Y Duos is in small size and also weighs just 109 grams. Spice Mi 350n with 3.5 inches screen gets a bigger form factor but it still maintains 12.75 mm thickness and weights 136 grams. Galaxy Y Duos is little thinner at just 12 mm.


Galaxy Y Duos – 1300 mAh Lithium Ion battery

Spice Mi 350n – 1400 mAh Lithium Ion battery

Galaxy Y Duos according to the specifications data sheet it comes with standard Lithium Ion rechargeable 1300 mAh battery which provides up to 360 hours of standby time and provides 9 hours of talk time. Whereas Spice Mi 350n comes out with 1400 mAh battery which is rechargeable 1400 mAh Lithium ion battery which provides a talking of 8 hours and 400 hours of standby time. Ideally it doesn’t make much difference between whether the battery is 1300 mAh or 1400 mAh, the ultimate result is both have same battery backup life.

User Interface


Samsung’s based Android smartphones which are released after 2010, comes with their own Android customization which adds various hubs and Samsung services. Since Android is an open source platform, they are allowed to do that and end result is the Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. It’s always a feel good factor with TouchWiz interface on Samsung powered Android smartphones and Galaxy Y Duos, the recent evolution in Galaxy Y smartphone is with perfect blend of better touch response and design at its best.

Spice who doesn’t have extensive research, have maintained default Android 2.3 Gingerbread overlay and this is also a good experience overall.

Dual SIM Capabilities


Dual SIM smartphones got the popularity as they are meant for the users who want to have their personal life diversified with the professional life timely. Its clear that both the smartphones are powered with dual SIM capabilities, Galaxy Y Duos has the capabilities of GSM + GSM SIM card support. Both the SIM can handle GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 in 2G mode and they come with 3G internet access as well with 3 G SIM Card support. Spice Mi 350n is a dual SIM Mobile phone supporting GSM + GSM SIM card as well.

Data Connectivity


Since 3G is more prevalent in India, it would be now easy and affordable enough for the users. We see, now we don’t need to specify particularly that it’s a 3G smartphone. Galaxy Y Duos has 2 SIM card slots and both can slot supports 3G connectivity. It’s up to the users to make use of 3G on both the SIM or make one SIM card dedicated for 3G data access and other for chat or text or for calls. The maximum speed that you can get via 3G on this smartphone is 7.2 Mbps via HSDPA on 3G 900 / 2100 Mhz and supports GPRS & EDGE 2G internet for bands on 850 / 900 / 1,800 / 1,900 Mhz.

Spice Mi 350n comes with 3G + 2G SIM card support. This means that one SIM card is for just 3G and other is with the 2G GPRS with EDGE connectivity. The 3G card slot supports HSPA connectivity providing a maximum speed of 7.2 mbps. Importantly this is a dual SIM Android smartphones and the upgraded version of Spice Mi 350 smartphone.

Price Comparison

Galaxy Y Duos is priced at Rs 10,490 as seen on the official Samsung website whereas Spice Mi 350n is priced at Rs 7595, can be purchased at their official site called Saholic.

Final Verdict

Considering that if you want a brand name to be shown, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is the right choice for you and if you are budget conscious then you can go ahead with Spice Mi 350n which is good deal at that price. Spice Mi 350n has a good advantage of being a little larger in size and comes with front facing VGA camera. This is absolutely talking point especially when 3G is new in India moreover users are enthusiastic to try out 3G video calls, a new term to 70 % of the India users.



  1. rey

    May 10, 2012 at 6:25 am

    you forget one thing…GPS…i own both phone…spice is horrible..that is why i trade to samsung..

  2. Prish Thakur

    May 9, 2012 at 12:00 am

    Hi i am prish thakur i purchased spice mi 350n on 1 st may lovely phone. excellent battery backup. back camera is amazing giving me full resolution 3.2 megapixel amazing phone. Does what i want when i want. never lags. Never hangs. using 4 gb mmc. fast processor good music capabilities and sound quality. Video playback is smooth. Good screen size no issues while using wifi. No single drop. Best phone in this Category. I exchanged my samsung galaxy pop s5570 for this phone. Would never regret buying this phone. Go head buy this phone wil love it.

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