Steps to Change Android Boot Screen to Animated Version

change boot screenSo, how many times your friend has got jealous because of so many customizations on your Android phone? Yes, i bet many times you might have felt proud of your Android phone as it just lets you to customize the phone the way you like it. Though this process is bit lengthy, it’s worth using it as many of them has an Android phone but don’t take pains in customizing the same, so you can take a leap ahead by customizing your own personal phone in a whole together different form so that you can get out of same boot screen which you see every time you switch on your device.

For all those who want to know what exactly boot screen refers to is basically the animation which is played while the phone gets switched ON. Before we proceed on to the procedure how you can do it, we first need to download some of the tools which we need to install it. Firstly, if your phone has a root access to /system/directory then you can directly proceed but if you don’t have it then you will have to root your phone. Now, after this you need to do two different things,

1. You will have to download the file explorer on the phone which will support the root functions and the reputed ones are the Root Explorer, SU File Manager and also the ES file explorer.

2. You also need to install the Android’s SDK installed on your computer, for installing the same you will have to follow the below instructions:

  • In your computer, download and install the Android SDK and also install all the necessary USB drivers which will be required.
  • After installing the required drivers, connect your phone with the computer and go to the Settings Menu from your phone.
  • In setting’s menu you will have to go to Applications > Settings > Development > and need to choose the option of USB debugging.
  • Now, by using the command prompt from your computer, go to “Platform-tools” folder of the SDK and just type in “adb devices” and hit on enter, now your phone will be showed up in the device list with a string of combinational alphabets and numbers.

Now, in this case if you have liked or found a boot screen which matches your phone’s resolution which is very important then you can flash it with the flashable .zip file which can be then added the same into your phone and then can be applied by option which is found in the Recovery Mode as most of the times you can do this by downloading the file which can be installed manually.

You can install the boot animation of your choice by various methods, so let’s check out the simple way with which you can set the preferred boot animation,

Bootanimation Nexus S

Root file explorer method:

Install the application – After ensuring that the device gets the root access, you can download any of the explorers like Root explorer, ES or SU file manager.

Download Boot Animation – After this you just need to find the appropriate and your choice of boot animations which you wish to set the same as,

Backup the Boot Animation: Always remember to create a backup of default boot animation by copying and pasting the same in your computer or in your sd card by the name as bootanimation.bak so that if you want to return back to original one then you can set the same again.

Copy and Move: Now, you will have to copy and move the to the directory which it belongs to. After which all you need to do is to simply reboot and there you go you have successfully changed the boot animation.

Do, let us know if you face any issues or problems either here or in our all new forums which has been now opened.

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