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How to Switch between Apps on Android without Closing them

When you have so many applications available for free download at Android Market and you will be making most of your dual core mobile phone by going with multi-tasking on your phone as which you do on your PC or laptop. I would say the fast responsive processor is added to smartphones to power the users with multi tasking on the go and allows users to executes multiple task together.

Since you are using so many applications together, you might need to switch between apps from one to another. The process of switching from one app to another is pretty simple and straight forward, check it out here –

Since you intention is view the running apps and bring it to the front of your screen, the process for that is different for many mobiles phones. By tapping and holding your fingers on the HOME button of your screen for 2 seconds will list down all the apps running on your phone (at maximum it will list 6 last used applications and this is for most of the HTC based mobile phones). When you come to any other mobile phone you need to press the Power button for two seconds or so and you will find phones options such as restart phone, silent mode, airplane mode, recent applications and others. The last six opened application will be listed out there and simply tapping on the respective app will bring to the front.Power Recent applicationsTap on to ‘Recent applications‘ to bring the recent applications on your screen –

Running Apps

Well that was easy way to view the recently opened application on your device. If you are looking for the list of running applications on your handset then you need to go to Menu > Settings > Running Services where you will find all the application which are running and consuming the battery all the time.

Running AppsWhen tap on any application, it will bring the menu to close the application or continue the services. Its recommended that you close those application which you are not using as it always consumes battery life.

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