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Tata Sky Mobile App – Use Andoid Mobile as TV Remote

Direct to home technology sector in India is growing and the demand for high quality content is growing as we have LCD and LED TVs making it easy to view the HD content. The Tata Sky, India’s direct satellite (DTH) TV provider is already available as an app in market and now the same service has been launched for Android which functions can make phone as your remote control for universal acceptance. Through this article we would go through on how to setup your Android phone to be used as the remote control & its settings.

Tata Sky Mobile Access App

The Tata Sky Mobile app makes watching of TV channels social by allowing you to do lots of interesting stuff on Facebook and Twitter apart from just functioning your phone as the universal accepted remote. With this apps you can never miss an episode, provided you would be recording your favorite TV shows from remote distances and check them back when you are at home. Also you can read the extensive information about the chosen show on IMBD and Wikipedia.

To use your mobile phone you should first order an Mp3 mobile accessory which acts a signal catcher remote and its must require accessory to use Tata Sky TV as a remote control to operate. This accessory is priced at Rs 350 inclusive of courier charges and order it online from your registered mobile number. This should be plugged on to your Android phone.Order Mobile AccessorryTo order mobile accessory you need to send an SMS and you should send “MOB” to 56633. Upon confirmation you will get an SMS and the customer care executive will call you in next 72 hours to verify your device.

Tata Sky Mobile Access Tata Sky Mobile Access Tata Sky Mobile Access

How to Install this App

Confused on how would use your phone as the substitute for your own remote control? Here is how we would do it –

  • First you need to download this app from the Android Apps Labs on your Android device.
  • Connect your MP3 mobile accessory into the headset jack on your Android phone as shown in the picture.
  • Make sure that your phone is connected through internet.
  • Now open the Tata Sky Mobile Access app on your mobile phone.
  • Ensure that the volume of the headphone is set to the maximum.
  • Now you should point the MP3 mobile accessory which is connected to your phone towards the Set Top Box of Tata Sky and look whether it receives the signals or not to be used a universal remote.

How to Use & Guide

Once you have done the setup steps then you are ready to use your phone as the remote control for Tata Sky connection that you have.First Selection

In order to do that, you should open the app (if its open bring it to the front), It has three simple tabs which are Program Guide, Remotes and Settings.Program Guide

The Remote tab presents the Menu, Setup, display, channel selection, back, position direction, up or down, pause, stop, forward, rewind. The Settings tab allows you to configure your settings which are connected to Facebook, Twitter, start Tata Sky Remote Recording.Remote Control Usage

With this app you can view all the channels which are available for 4 days with Electronic Program Guide and you can also prefer to filter your program guide by genre or view your favorites.

This app on the first use will ask you the manufacturer of your it.Manufacturer Settings on Android

Know what’s Your Friends are Watching: You can know what’s your Facebook friends are watching on their TV by accessing the “Friends” tab section provided in the program guide. The check here button allows you to share what you’re watching on your TV with your friends stream on the Facebook.

Record Shows on the Go (Remote Recording): You might have seen Airtel coming with one click record program when you are on the go, the same can be achieved on recording your Tata Sky (also in HD) through this app and recording can be viewed later on when you want it.Tata Sky Remote Recording

Discussion on the Show that you are watching: You can discuss what show you are watching on the favorite social network site Twiter and see what others are saying about it. You can also discover the friends and other Facebook users who are watching the same show.Movie reviews

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Saurabh Kumar

    November 20, 2011 at 7:09 am

    Very early application. It crashes almost everytime i open the program guide and click on ‘All’ or ‘Top’. It also starts by default upside down on my desire hd!! Thankfully I found settings in the Advanced menu to flip the UI. The application also does not seem to be using anytype of smart caching, forcing it to take ages everytime to load the UI.
    Not stable and mature at all…unfortunately 🙁

    Would have been MUCH better if they would have directly tied up with whatsontv application.

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