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How to Tether Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 as WiFi Hotspot

Samsung Galaxy Ace PlusWe know that the Android smartphone comes with the feature of Wi Fi tether of your incoming internet signal. So during the WiFi hotspot or the sharing your mobile would act like a portable wireless router. Starting with Android phones version of Android 2.2 Froyo and higher Wi Fi tethering is provided with them and some US based carried charge one time fee for enabling the tethering or may include added data charges for Wi Fi tethering.

Also on the other side, the mobile tethering, as your smartphone would be acting like router which sends Wi Fi signal continuously, this is the highest battery draining component and your battery will drain out quickly in not time.

Here we will show you on how you can Wi Fi tether your Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 smartphone.

Tether Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

Follow the simple procedure mentioned below –

  • From your phone go through Menu and then tap on Settings.Ace Plus Wi Fi hotspot Menu
  • Now among the various listed options you need to select ‘Wireless and network’ and this option is for the your to manage your wireless network and go through various settings like Wi Fi, Wi Fi tether, Bluetooth, USB utilities, KIES Air and Wi Fi Direct.Ace Plus Wi Fi hotspot
  • Now tap on the Tethering and portable hotspot which is the option to share your phone data connection live to other available devices.Ace Plus Wi Fi hotspot
  • Now you have the various options by which you can Wi Fi tether your device and this includes USB tethering, Portable Wi Fi  hotspot, Bluetooth tethering and the options available for tethering depends on what kind of device you have. Its purely dependent on the manufacturer or the Android version to include what options. Here tap on Portable Wi Fi hotspot.Ace Plus Wi Fi hotspot
  • Now you will be taken to the guide on introduction to portable Wi Fi hotspot. The phone allows you to connect maximum of 8 devices using the Wi Fi. Tap on OK.Ace Plus Wi Fi hotspot
  • Now you will be on to the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings page where you have the option of tap and enable Wi Fi hotspot and configure Wi Fi hotspot. Tap on Portable Wi Fi hotspot to make your tethering active.Ace Plus Wi Fi hotspot
  • Your Wi Fi hotspot would be active by default name by Android system which will be like AndroidHotspotXXXX, but users can edit this as well by going through Configure Wi Fi hotspot option.Ace Plus Wi Fi hotspot
  • You can change the network SSID to anything that you like and along with that you can add security like Open network or any password to stop any unauthorized usage. When you are done, tap on Save.
  • Your Wi Fi connection is active and make sure that other devices which are connected should be within the range of Wi Fi connectivity.

So that’s the way you can Wi Fi tether your Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Android smartphone. If you are facing any issues like unable to tether, Wi Fi tether doesn’t connect to device, then please refer to our guide.


  1. My ace plus connects ok and remains connected but I can’t use the internet. Skype works but I can’t browse. It says IPV6 Connectivity – No Network Access. My partner and I only just bought these phones and the main reason was to tether. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance. Zoe

  2. hi, Im having problem with tethering on my ace plus. Sometimes I got disconnected and getting error, if I turned off the tethering hotspot the wifi name still shows up on my pc wifi list so I have to restart both my phone and laptop to get it working again. Any solution for this? thanks.

  3. Karandeep Singh


  4. Is it possible to use 1 phone as Wi-Fi hotspot and use another phone to again be a wi-fi hotspot on the same connection?

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