Best Tips for Android Mobile Safety & Security from Malwares

Android Malware avoidThere are now more than 0.7 million Android application available at Android Market which is a huge number. A lot of them are productive, useful and dedicated to gaming. Infact, the popularity of Android is because of these applications and instant updates that we receive to Android OS. Unfortunately, one downside of using this application is potential danger of this device.

For anyone who is geek on the web and experienced Windows PCs he might be aware of the terms viruses and malware and those terms are nothing new for him. Yes, for the new users those words maybe sounding harming. While the Android mobile platform is more secured than Windows and other Java devices, the device owners can still take the security to the higher level in order to avoid the malicious apps ruins their devices.

The effects of malicious apps can be like unauthorized purchases, record phone calls, grasp credit card details, and steal personal info, account login and other information. Testing unapproved apps might do that on your phone. Also most of the malicious apps can’t be installed themselves on your device instead they rely tricking the users. The malware called malvertising does has this technique and it relies on other legit apps forcing users to click on the ads which redirects to fake marketplace  providing the infected download of the apps which contains malicious functions. Users must be very much careful when scanning the QR codes as it might also mislead to malicious apps.

So in such cases what the basic and mid level users can do? The best advice which is 100 % malware free is to never download apps or browse the GPRS on your phone. But that solution seems to be impractical as it’s against buying smartphones which currently trending in accordance with the users requirements. There are more practical steps which can reduce the risk of such infection on your device.

Provided here are the practical preventive measures to avoid been affected with malware from various sources on your Android phone –

  • Download Apps from Trusted Source: The first and the easy trick to be away from malware are to download the application from the trusted sources. The Android Market is the officially recognized store for Applications listing and it’s passed the Google approval for listing. The Amazon App Store is also grown and its secondary source where you can download the legitimate and reliable apps. But we can advise you to go with Android Marketplace.
  • Apps that you download, always have publisher name, check it out and judge by yourself. Thanks to Google team that it also adds ‘Top Developer‘ tag if the provider is a rewarded developer. Also check out the total download of the particular application globally. Another way to ensure the safety using the app is to read the comments at Android Market for the particular listing of the app. The user come and comments about their view.Facebook Android
  • Ensure that you download app from a trust source even though you download APK file. Be careful if you find anything fishy like mus-capitalized or misspelled.
  • Don’t ever download application by clicking on the advertisements which is inside an app. Instead search for the application in the Market. This offer your security as the app is protected by Google’s consumer friendly refund policy.
  • Also understand that Market is always not 100% foolproof. Though some apps might hit with malware but Google algorithm removes those apps quickly and occasionally you can find apps with malware. Do read the tips on avoiding being trapped from Scammed apps.
  • Pay attention to the apps during the installation. When you install apps they require permissions access from your and be choosy by known what to give or reject during the apps installation.
  • Though Android is powerful platform secured enough unlike Windows OS, consider having an antivirus apps which runs in the background. The AVG antivirus is the best known antivirus protection on your handset and it uses only 0.1% of your battery.

What if I installed Malicious Apps?

It not always that you install malicious apps even though you are careful enough. Though you are so much careful, the malware if crept in your phone, here is how you take the first aid of it.

If you find that app contains malware, the first action from you will be to uninstall the application. Removing the application is pretty easy as you need to go to Settings > Application > Manage Applications and select the program to remove and then press ‘Uninstall’. If you doesn’t work try out with antivirus scanning tool. And as the final resort you can go with factory reset if nothing works for you. Be sure to back up your important data.

  1. Reply Lee August 15, 2012 at 6:46 am

    have not received an email since August 6 – – will not let me subscibe either – says already on mailing list – must have been removed somehow – what do I do?

  2. Reply Lee August 15, 2012 at 6:46 am

    have not received an email since August 6 – – will not let me subscibe either – says already on mailing list – must have been removed somehow – what do I do?

  3. Reply nandkumar January 6, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Good advice. Suggest you to publish list of most common malware. Also, if you come across such doubtful apps. please alert all of us. There are so many antivirus apps. in the market, such as Lookout, Netquin. AVG, etc. Please publish your analysis, reviews and recommendations.Thanks once again.

    • Reply Yogesh Patel January 6, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      The best antivirus app article is now in pipeline. Thanks

  4. Reply Mike January 5, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    AVG is good, but Avast and Dr Web have been better is tests.

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