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Tips for Left Hand Android Phone Users like Screen Orientation & Left-Hand Modes

If you’re a left handed person and use an Android smartphone, here are a few trips from us for you to have a more easier experience with your device. Though there are some small tweaks you can apply, it is best advisable to install CyanogenMod ROM.

To know how to install CyanogemMod ROM on your device, you can follow multiple guides available on AndroidAdvices as the isntructions vary for each phone.

1. Left hand Mode

If you are a left hand user, you might tend to hold the phone towards your left ear while speaking everytime. While most of the phones have their proximity sensor designed in such a way that they work the most efficiently when held against the left, the main reason for this is how they have been programmed to use by the software. This can be fixed with a small option change in the menu.

Go to settings on your CyanogenMod installed Android phone and check the Left-hand mode box. You can see a small prompt asking you to restart your phone which is mandatory as the phone has to reconfigure the hardware of the proximity sensor accordingly. Simple and easy trick which might be very useful while on long calls.

2.Screen Orientation

Almost all the Android smartphones have an option of automatically rotating to portrait or landscape when the phone is tilted or when games of that particular orientation are played on them automatically. However it is observed that the phone while rotates to the other side ( which a right handed user would be convenient with ) , left hand users find it difficult to scroll through long lists when the orientation changes as many apps place their scroll button ( which one should pull along ) at the right end of the screen.

To fix this, we can have a small fix by Cyanogen for this as well. Go to settings in your Android smartphone running CyanogenMod and choose Sound and Display settings. Here an option named Orientation has been added by CM 

Here, the options available are from 90 to 360 degrees. You can choose 270 degrees or 180 degrees as per your convenience and the setting gets saved permanently. While this tip  just helps in scrolling while on a different orientation, it matters a lot to use the phone just like how a left handed user would when it is in the normal mode without any orientation change.

If you have tried these tips and are a left handed user yourself, let us know how it helped or if you have some more suggestions for left handed Android smartphone users, do let us know in the comments.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. brian

    June 23, 2012 at 12:49 am

    You should give the setting to switch which side the send button is on for messaging… I’ve almost dropped my phone countless times from trying to reach across the screen to send a text while using Swype

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