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Toggle between 4G and 3G Networks on HTC Droid DNA for Verizon Network – Not a SIM Card Issue

The HTC Droid DNA has been showing a lot of issues in toggling between the correct network available for the data network connectivity, and people aren’t able to toggle between the 3G and the 4G LTE networks, as there is no direct option for the same. The issue has been there specifically for this phone, which is available only through the Verizon network for the U.S. subscribers, and initially there were many who thought it could be an issue with the SIM card they are using, which could have been damaged and changing it could resolve the issue.

But the actual problem is with the Android OS in the phone not giving an option to toggle between the networks. The easiest and best way to do so is by using an App for the same, which would make things easier to choose between the networks for data connectivity. This is called the 4G Toggle App for Android which actually works for any 4G LTE device but it wouldn’t work with the Sprint network, still as we are talking here about the Droid DNA which is on Verizon, the issue has got a fix now.

People tried changing the SIM card, tried using the same SIM card on other devices and even tried doing a factory reset of the phone but none of the tricks worked and it was just the toggling issue which caused the problem, and this app came very handy to many of them.

The app would take the user directly to the Network mode page if at all there is a 4G LTE connectivity available in that area, and only then it would provide the option to toggle between the CDMA/LTE or CDMA modes. If there’s only the 3G network available then a 3G icon is showed by the app to indicate the availability.

4G Toggle App 4G Toggle

This app is compatible with any Android version above Android 2.2 Froyo, and lately it is also compatible with the Jelly Bean version too. The advantage of this app is not that it would help you set the phone to 4G connectivity, but there are times when you don’t want the device to be connected through the 4G LTE connectivity, and would want to have an active 3G connection to save the battery, and this is where the 4G Toggle App would come handy. We saw the app working with the Droid DNA through one of the users who recommended this app, as it easily helped toggle between the networks.

Download the 4G Toggle app for Android from here.

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