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Top 5 Best Android Apps of This Week #2 [7th June – 13th June]

Google Play is now so full of quality free and paid for Android apps, that getting the best can be difficult. In our new “Best Android Apps of This Week” series, we make sure you can always discover the new and best apps to download from the Play Store. Check out Top 5 Best Android Apps of this Week [7th June – 13th June].

Light – Answering Engine


Light is the world’s first answering engine built on NLP, Machine Learning and man-machine hybrid technologies. Light gives you relevant, usable answers to any query that you have instead of search links. Light is currently available as an android application for mobile. Users who use the app can also signup as experts in any topic/subject they have know-how of, and help other users from across the globe find the answers to their questions.

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UC Cleaner: Clean Memory

UC Cleaner: Clean Memory

UCWeb have launched a new memory booster app for Android, the UC Cleaner. The app, much like other memory booster apps for Android, can free up memory (RAM) and closes apps that run in the background. The app also comes with Smart Optimiser feature that analyses and cleans junk files that take up inbuilt storage space, and includes an App Manager that manages and analyses battery, data and storage usage.

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Machinima is an American gaming and media streaming website and a multi-channel network.The site features articles on machinima as well as content about film and technology. Now, Machinima has launched their very own app on the Google Play Store that aims to bring content creators and their fans closer together.

Machinima’s app will help the “many2 many” interact with fans through social features, like the ability to upload and caption photos or create and vote on polls. The new app will also deliver these superfans exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes clips of web series production.

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Lifeline, a text-based game, is now available for Android devices. It was released to much acclaim on iOS not too long ago. It doesn’t have any graphics, aside from the menu buttons. It starts with a message from a stranded astronaut, Taylor. The story develops over at least three days and once it’s completed you can hop back to different points to see what would have happened if you’d selected various options.

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PBS Video

PBS Video

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American public broadcaster and television program distributor. It has brought its mobile app to Android, giving Android users access to full episodes of shows like “Frontline,” “PBS Newshour,” “Masterpiece,” “Nova” and “Call the Midwife.” You don’t need a login or subscription to start watching immediately. It’ll also detect your location and auto-populate the listings with additional local content, expanding the selection even further.

The new app also comes with Google Cast support, allowing users to beam their shows to their TV, provided it’s equipped with Google’s Chrome cast streaming stick or any Android TV streaming device.

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