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Top 5 Best Android Apps of This Week #8 [26th July – 01st August]

It seems like hundreds of new Android apps pop up every week, but which ones should you bother trying? We explored the App Store and found some apps actually worth downloading.


Zyden Wallpapers

The Zyden is the latest wallpaper app that was designed with Android Lollipop in mind. The app doesn’t download all the wallpapers onto your device. Instead, it saves all in the cloud to save up your device storage. The app consists of different categories such as 3D, dark, Earth View, Googlish, Material Design, Simple and few others. As per mine; it was so simple to use, and personally I love the earth view section, which had some amazing earth view photos.

[appbox googleplay com.zyden.activity]

Red Bull Alert Alarm clock

Red Bull Alert Alarm clock

‘Redbull Alert Alarm Clock’ app is apps that motivate you to wake up as fast as you can and beat the snooze. You can choose from different themes available on the app. What the does is, it tracks how long you took to turn of the alarm. Connect the app with your social networking sites to compete with your friends. It also has Android Wear support with devices running on Android Lollipop.

[appbox googleplay com.redbull.alert]

Flying Orb

The Flying Orb is a simple game that need physics to be applied. You can buy new characters to defeat your friends in style. If you have enjoyed playing ‘Flappy Bird’, then you can become PRO in playing Flying Orbit without many efforts. It has a very simple design and graphics which doesn’t make your device heat up even if you played for long times.

[appbox googleplay com.DroidInex.FlyingOrb]

Qwik Beta

Qwik Beta

What if you can make a call or send an SMS without leaving your currently using app. The Qwik Beta is the app that does this thing. It can be launched same as way as how Google Now is opened. Long press the physical home key or swipe from the bottom to launch the app and it opened as an overlay over the currently using app. You can also voice search with the built-in Google search. As this in Beta, we can expect the app with more features and fewer bugs in future.

[appbox googleplay com.thearclabs.qwik]


Tiles Instagram Lock Screen

Tiles is a lock screen app that uses beautiful photos from Instagram instead of wallpapers. It makes the colleges with the photos available from the Instagram with the customizable category selection. You can directly like the photos even without unlocking the device or opening the app. With a just a swipe on the lock screen, you can open the camera app. It also has the offline access to make the college customize.

[appbox googleplay]

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