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Track & Lock Lost Samsung Mobiles with Remote Access Samsung Dive Tool

Samsung DIVE LogoWant to manage your Samsung device in a smart and convenient way then all you need to have is “DIVE”. No, we are definitely telling you to Dive but with the help of an in home application which is developed by the Korean giant Samsung Electronics which will help you to manage your device remotely. Basically this application which is named as Samsung Dive eradicates the need to use third party applications which users generally use to track, locate and manage the phone just in case if the phones gets lost. This application is built on the lines of a very popular tool called as the “Samsung Mobile Tracker” which generally employs this app in all the non android phones.

So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can Track and control your device remotely with the help of simple interface unlike the most difficult interfaces which is generally adapted by most of the other utility tools. This application marks the beginning of an era wherein the smart phones too will be bundled with the pre installed softwares like this mobile tracker which was missing in most of the smart phones.

So, let’s get started and see on how you can make use of this tool called “Samsung DIVE”. The best part of this application is that it’s a completely free of cost utility tool which lets you manage things in a very simple and tidy manner without needing you to juggle much with the interface and settings.

Procedure to use SAMSUNG DIVE:

  • First up, you need to register with the Samsung as you will be requiring the Samsung Account. Once you are done with the filling of details, you will have to login to your account wherein you will see the mobile phone number which is there in your device, just in case if it doesn’t match then you need to enter / edit this new number. Additionally, you will also be able to see the device along with the model number as shown in the below screen shot.



  • Now, you will see that as shown in the above screen shot there are many options like “Location Information”, Remote lock, Remote Wipe along with the other details like Phone’s model number, Phone number and also the options to change the device as well as to edit the mobile number. Now, once you scroll down the page, you will find the other additional options as shown in the below image.

DIVE OptionsAs shown in the above screen shot, you will see the options like Location information, Remote Lock and also Remote Wipe options.

Location Information:
So, just in case if you wish to get the location information then you can register the same by selecting the option of “Location information Request”. Basically, once you select this option you will be shown the location where your phone is located. You can also view all the earlier requests which you have given with regards to the Location information.

Remote lock:
With Remote Lock facility, you can now remotely lock your phone so that the stolen or lost phone can be managed and can be locked so that all the data in your phone will be safe.

Remote Wipe:
With the help of the remote wipe feature you can now enjoy the benefit of wiping the phone’s data remotely so that you can prevent the misuse of the data which is present in the phone.

The biggest advantage as of now of this application is that its a totally free tool which can be managed over the internet. Since this tool is officially launched by Samsung Electronics, you can trust this application blindly.The only disadvantage as of now of this application is that still this application is not activated in most of the parts of the World, though it will be launched all across the World very shortly.

That’s it, you have now successfully learnt on how you can make use of Samsung DIVE and safeguard your phone from getting stolen and from securing the personal data etc. Do let us know your thoughts on this application and also just in case if you are facing any issues in accessing this application in the comments section below as we will ensure that all the issues are sorted out as soon as possible.


  1. Hi in did not register my samsung S4 smartphone and it has been stolen.How do i track my phone and hand over tracking reports to the police???

  2. Nope.. I didnt have the time to set up all those and I lost my hp… possible to lock or wipe the hp with imei no?

  3. i lost my samsung s4.. unluckily i didnt set up a samsung account.. therefore not able to use mobile tracker on samusung dive… :( anyone know of a way to lock the phone or at least wipe all the details inside my hp.?

  4. i’ve lost my phone. i already registered samsung account. but i dont see any traking information button to see the update or result. the tracking been done for 12hours but no info received.

  5. I haven’t set SIM CHANGE ALERT and MOBILE TRACKER option kind of things in my mobile I guess. Is there any method to know what new number did the thief keep in mobile now atleast? So that I could try from service provider end..

  6. Hi all. I lost my GALAXY S DUOS mobile on Tuesday. Sometimes I found that thief putting on his internet and he’s coming online in GTALK and FACEBOOK with my id which seems he dint yet delete my account. I tried tracking him using SAMSUNG DIVE website but it REALLY SUCKS to open at that instant. Most of the times it says “Page not found” and “Go to Home Page” kind of things. I SERIOUSLY NEED YOUR HELP GUYS.. All my family photos and important data were in it. Found no progress after lodging complaint in Police Station..

  7. Can you help me to locate or lock my samsung e2652 mobile phone. pls help me

  8. Is South Africa supported, and the Samsung Galaxy S Plus and the Galaxy X Cover?

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