`` Troubleshoot Samsung KIES not Detecting or Recognizing Your Phone

Troubleshoot Samsung KIES not Detecting or Recognizing Your Android Phone

KIES ProblemThere are many ways in which you can update software on your phone. While most of the Samsung phones now are powered with Android OS, updates are a regular job. You can update with the latest version whenever it’s available via PC Suite provided by Samsung i.e., Samsung KIES or via On the Air update. While on the air update, as observed mostly comes for the high-end devices, the possible way you get update via Samsung KIES PC Suite.

Very recently many users of Samsung phones has problem in connecting their device with Samsung KIES and KIES Mini. Back in famous forums there are lot of users asking for help when they are strucked with problem as not able to connect their phone with their PC using the Samsung KIES. Users reports the following nature of problem -

  • Phone doesn’t get recognized by KIES
  • KIES didn’t detect my phone

Here are the few steps which you can follow to make sure your connection with KIES get successfully established -

Step 1: You should make sure that for KIES to run successfully you should have installed .NET Framework on your PC. Download it from download.com if its not there on your PC. If its there then try to disable antivirus or any firewall protection that is stopping your device from being connected with Samsung KIES. Check whether the problem is fixed or else go to next step.

Step 2: The problem can be of USB cable that you are using to connect your phone with your PC. If it’s a faulty one, get a new one instead and try again, it should work in such cases. If your USB Cable is fine then proceed with the further below steps.

Step 3: Do check out your phone memory storage as depending on your data stored at phone memory, if it has less free (unused) memory the Samsung KIES mightn’t show your device even though it’s connected properly.

If it still doesn’t recognize after free up memory in phone, the only possible solution is to format your phone memory. So it’s important to back up your desired data. It’s simple to do it in your phone. As you have micro SD card on your phone, move your phone memory data to your micro SD card and then hit a reset on your phone. Then go to Menu > Settings > Privacy and then hit Factory Data Reset. Following the on screen instructions and after reboot try to connect your phone to Samsung KIES.

If you have done that and still the problem continues go to Step 3.

Step 3: Try connect your device when your phone has completed the media scanning. Media Scanning is the process in which your phone try to ON your phone services when its powered ON. For such reasons try to connect your phone when its fully loaded, normally takes 10 seconds.

Most of the cases in which the problem of connecting your phone with KIES have been discussed here and if your problem is something different which is not resolved with the above steps, you can comment here what exactly is the problem. Please note that nature of problem can be different.


  1. Shy, because it’s a rubbish piece of software. I have the same issues. I can download fine off the phone but can’t upload anything to the device (although I have done it before). So it’s not an issue of the device not being recognised. It’s a bug in an amazingly poorly designed and flaky piece of software.


  3. Absolute rubbish piece of software. Works one time, not the next. I won’t be purchasing a Samsung phone in the future based on this amateurish piece of crap that Samsung have released. Absolutely no user friendly features, the support was useless, their response to problems is to turn off and restart the computer. Can download but can’t upload. One of the most un-user friendly pieces of software I’ve had the misfortune to have to use.

  4. I used to use kies with the phone I have now a galaxey ace gt s5830 but then it stopped working. I now have a new laptop and want to back up my phone as the phone appears to be faulty. According to the shop…I need to back up my phone using kies but it wont let let me because the internal memory is full, but i cant delete memory until i have backed it up using kies….see my problem????? I have less running on this phone now than when i bought it..it is unreliable and i am still under contract. what do i do?
    I an not happy. please help and advise

  5. “I recieved a bill of a31230 from Vodafone. Do they not have a duty of care to notfiy you when there is unusual spending on the account and you have gone over your free minutes.” From: Ofcom to investigate unexpectedly high mobile bills

  6. I did everything. Nothing worked. I just, well, lost everything from my device since I forgot to backup, and… it didnt work. It just says something about problems with connecting. I’ve had problems with Samsung KIES for about a month.. No idea what caused them. Samsung Galaxy S, Android 2.3

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