Turn OFF Status Bar Notifications of Incoming Mails on Android

You receive a lot of mail in your favourite Google Mail services, Isn’t it? The Android phone powered by Google, sends you notification in your top notification bar for each email that you receive. The notifications are instant and for each email that you receive on your Google mail account, you are notified for the same. In some cases its good because you get instant know of an important email but what if you receive a lot of spam mails.

I receive a lot of mails from Facebook about someone comment on my photo, story, liked, birthday reminders and all creates junk. You can bear with the junk mails in your Gmail but the notification on your phone for every mail is quite annoying thing.

Switch Off Notification of Incoming Mails

If you are strucked and wanted to get rid of those notifications mails in your Gmail Inbox then you can easily do it by following the below procedure –

From your Android phone open the Gmail application.

Once you are in your Gmail app, tap on Menu and then tap on More button.

Gmail Notification Settings

This will quickly open few menu options for you, tap on Settings.Gmail Notification Settings

In the Settings you will find the Account Settings tap and then click on the Gmail account for which you want to stop the notifications.

Gmail Notification Settings

Now the settings for that particular Gmail account will be available there and scroll down and you will find ‘email notification’. Uncheck it to receive the notification as the email arrives in your status bar.Gmail Notification Settings

That will do it for you.

Its so simple but at first sight you would be unaware until you know this and once you do it, you would be easily doing it the next time.

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