Twitter Doubled its Character Limit First Time After Debuting in 2006

If you are not feeling good for tweeting your post with a 140 character limit? Well, Twitter has now increased its character limit from 140 to 280 characters, which you can express your emotions in the tweets. This increased character limit would be rolled out the only small group of users and would be available to all of the users very soon. Twitter had explained how most users were running out the 140 character limit when they wanted to express their emotions and feelings in details. But, they are not able to communicate their feelings because of the character limit.

For that time, they need to edit their tweet down, so it fits for character limit. Sometimes, you have to delete your word that can give a significant meaning or feelings or emotion. If i want to send a word with an essential purpose? But i can’t send it because am running out of character limit. The character limit problem is not there in the languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. If you are Japanese, Korean and Chinese people can express their feelings with double the information in one character as you can in many other languages, like English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

So, Twitter has not interested in increasing the character limit in the countries like China, Japan, and Korea. The 140 character limit is a reminder of the past to send tweets over SMS. To stick to 140 character limit, the tweet in a single SMS of 160 including some extra characters. So, this problem has solved now and introduced the 280 character limit on its Twitter posts. This new advantage would helpful to more users who can able to elaborate their feeling more. Twitter has increased its post limit after eleven years( debuted in the year of 2006).

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