Giveaway #8 – Win Ubislate 7+ Budget Android Tablet

Here we are with another giveaway in which we give a budget friendly Android tablet. You just have to signup for the giveaway through email or facebook and earn maximum entries for increasing your chances of winning. We have had reviewed this tablet sometime back on our YouTube channel, the video of which you can find below.

Under this small giveaway, the plan is to courier you this review unit which was never used except for making the videos as shown above. The package would be shipped only within India, even if you are not from India, you can always join in but the shipment would be shipped to your address in India.

Update : This Giveaway has ended now!

  • Bashir Ahmed

    Hi There,

    Awesome giveaway, count me on. I am a big fan of Andeoid devices. I would love to use this ubislate tablet even in a car or outside.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Manish Pahuja

    Wow, one of my friends told me about this giveaway, hope I beat him and grab this Indian “jugaadu” tablet.

  • Aneesh Bhatnagar

    A simple reason why I need this is because I am a student and it will help me study better ;)

  • Yash Nandan

    I pray to God that I be the luckiest one here :P

  • Geetansh Gupta

    Hi, Ubislate is not showing any special price for students. Which tablet is for students?
    I am your regular reader and i will love to win this tab through Androidadvices

  • debayudh chowdhury

    i never always believed in luck…if i get this tab..i’ll be very happy…nd thanx for giving such opportunity…

  • Sohil R. Memon

    No one should say that I have touched it. So, everyone likes to win it this is not possible. As this is the new OS based then I will surely win it. Done all the steps count me in. Hope for winning.

    Sohil Memon.

  • Harish

    you should give it to me , because if you don’t then ,I have to spend my pocket money to get this ;)

  • Abhijith V M

    I’m a student. So i don’t there should be any other reasons to give me this tablet. It’s designed for students. So students deserves it. :)

  • Geo Jolly

    I do not know why am participating here, in midst of university exams , around 12.30am but something special, may be the ‘live’ geek in me is taking me here and making me comment so that I could prove everyone that am the deserved winner:)

  • Rishi Ramesh

    I wud love it… i wud use it for my educational purpose.. as it is well suited for meeeeeee!! :D

  • Nicholas John Dawson

    Would love to have the tablet for my dear old mum, it would be a revelation to her at 83 years old.

  • Harshit Thakkar

    I would love to experiment with the RT OS and if possible would like to make my current apps on this platform.

  • Giriraj Ranawat

    Being a student its my necessity and I never had a tablet experience in past.
    Also it will allow me to spread awareness about gadgets among rural people of India.

  • Organized Junkie

    Great giveaway! I’d like to have a tablet to use in my online business. Hope I win!

  • Vikas

    If I win this one, then this would be the first Android Tablet of mine. I have been using iPad from a long time, time to get started from Ubi 7+.

  • Parth

    I want the tab……….

  • Parth

    I like articles by

  • Sam

    I have a Samsung smart phone but I need a device runs on android to do my R&D and a low end free Tab is perfect for that purpose :D

  • rajeev

    I have not any such a device. I would like to win it

  • Jim Lipscomb

    I guess I no more deserve this than anyone else, no sob story. Sure looks fun and thanks for the chance!

  • Kenan

    What’s funny is that the iPhone 3GS had Augmented Reality apps demo’ing far before now in pleacs like New York and Berlin. This page makes it seem like the Android platform is something elite and special

  • ak0r

    Giveaway to my Dad :)

  • Sukhpreet Singh

    I am a regular user of your site. I have learn a lot from this site. I think its the best place to get all the android related information. Now there is a chance to win UBISLATE tablet through this. Hope i can win one.

  • ana georgievska

    great giveaway,wish this tab

  • Sam Kar

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    I have to do a lot of reading, and it would be an ideal situation to this on a tablet. As I cannot afford to buy one, I’m looking forward to win this UBISLATE in this giveaway here.


  • suraj

    I never won such a giveway. I would like to win this tablet.

  • Salman

    I’d like to win this to check if it meets my expectations !!

  • shivani singh

    Hi please give the tablet to me as I want to read books on it. thanks and regards, shivani singh.

  • Arvind Katiyar


  • Ashwin

    I want an Android Tablet so I could test more softwares and games :)

  • Juan Paulo Ducut

    I am on my last stage of my dissertation showcasing Android OS’s features, so this tablet can be a big help for me to demonstrate my program to my panel. I truly appreciate you guys.

  • Sahil Dudeja

    I should win it because I will take care of it like a baby :D

  • justin

    I am a teenager and I don’t have all that much money but like android and other tech thing.(Including androidadvices)

  • Ram Charan Tej

    I hardly need it so :P

  • saran

    i’m an engineering student and it will be very useful for making my notes and to get information from the interner

  • Mahe

    I wanna know what all the fuss about UbiSlate is.

  • Sooraj

    I’ve been meaning to get a Ubislate tab for my Father. So, here’s my attempt to win it in this giveaway :)

  • ujwal

    for very long time i wanted to have one tablet since it would help me in my studies now this DIWALI this looks like a perfect gift i would like to have

  • Puneeth

    brands are not built overnight.. would love to use this, thought it doesn’t match with the current tablets that are in market.. thus i would like to win this one.

  • sangam pradhan

    i don’t have any android device till now so desperately love to have this by ma’ side ……hope to win :)

  • Praneeth

    Please can i have this Tab….I always wanted to have a tab can view pdf files in colllege

  • Antonio Iacobone

    I would win it because I never had a tablet pc! This is so cool!

  • Abhinay Kumar

    I want this giveaway tablet

  • Atanu Das

    I would like to experience the wonders of a tablet which can transform my work and leisure to a new level of excitement.

  • Umesh Goyal

    Because i deserve it

  • Mayur

    Well, I would like to own this tablet too.

    • Mayur

      I wanna try it because i never used android tablet before !! Just want to try it.

  • Shah Rukh Khan

    I really want to win the contest as I want the ubislate I have not used any tablet till now I just want to win this tablet and I will keep this tablet forever if it will damage than also as a gift from they have given me an opportunity to take this tab and I want it die hard.

  • Mandeep Singh Sahni

    Selecting me as a winner will ensure brand visibility and I am also a active blogger so I can spread a good word around.

  • Akashneel Maiti

    I really wanna win this contest !!!

  • Ripul

    I would love to have this gadget and yeah if I get it, I would promote this product like anything. There are many many people who are dependent on me for any of their electronic purchases. If I use this device, it would be a free adv.

  • sorabh jain

    I have seen many sites giving details about the android but all of them your site is best one i seek advice and refer my friends too. I am your one of the believable friend & hope to win the giveaway too.

  • Aman Jain

    I have never owned any android mobile or tablet so hope to win this one….

  • Geetanjali Mathur

    I am gadget crazy and would love to gave this one :)

  • midhun


  • John Brancaleon

    Nice tablet. I wouldn’t buy it because it’s too expensive and it’s running Windows RT. As a software developer, I consider this a very poor operating system. Microsoft is slowly becoming Apple…

  • Pravas

    I need reasons to stay away from my Desktop PC.

  • NIdhi Agrawal

    I would like to win these to experience a tablet in my student days, for isn’t that whom the tablet has been designed. And no one needs a tablet more than a student to read the reports, connect into Wi-Fi networks. Finally as someone new to android advices it will be nice to win something on the first try.

  • Arun rana

    I never won any giveaway and as interested in new gadgets , hope will win this give away for the first time .

  • Abhijit

    I am a big fan of and have rooted my phone and tried many new things for my android phones by seeking guidelines from this website and plus I have never owned a tablet, so Hopefully i will win this tablet and get to experience the joy of working on tab :)

  • Praneeth

    Can i have this tab at least…did not win any giveaways till now….

  • CrazyAndro

    I dont want to win it, give it to me as a Diwali Gift ;-)

  • Diana Dumasia

    Android Advices you are the best.. i really want to have one tab as it would be a great gift for my hubby.. i would gift him one if i win for his bday.. I love android advices and i love ur products..

  • Rohinton Dumasia

    I should be selected as a winner as I love Android Advices and love android products… n would love to have one.. and i would love to have a tab..

  • John C. Lean

    I never heard of Ubislate 7+ Budget Android Tablet, but I want to win one because it is given by I trust on :)

  • ArenaLing

    I should be selected as winner because I am always Android Advices supporter!!

  • Tim

    Very good review and presentations of the tablet I would like very much to win one. It would really come in handy please keep me in mind when you draw for the winner.

  • Edward Keating

    Check out this new gadget

  • majdy

    i really need a tablet for my work as a founder of a startup for mobile development

  • Pratyush

    I wanna win…. Cuz I need a Tab… :)

  • Shaun Davis

    i should win because i have never owned a tablet and they are too expensive where i live (Jamaica)

  • shabeer

    it is best

  • shabarish ail (@s_ail)

    i have never experienced any tablet before… i hope the ubislate is a good tablet.. the video did impress me… also i dont seem to b winning any giveaways.. so plzzzz let me win this one……

  • Gaurav Sharma

    i would be selected as a winner of ubislate 7+ giveaway coz i m a true gadget lover.I like gadgets & getting in touch of all the information of technology world.

  • Lalit Abrol

    I need to win, I’m a big fan of Android, and I’m really want to get my hands on this tablet….

  • Hiren Patel

    I should be selected as winner because…..
    1. The Best thing of Android which I love is that this is the OS Which Supports mostly all apps (which is today’s Young Generation Prefer like me) I love to try new apps.
    2.Android is like An Open Source OS which can be available in any Brand (like Samsung, Nokia, HTC etc.) apps Made for androids are Also Supported Regardless of Manufacture of phone.
    3. Android is not only for Phone but also it runs on Tablet,TV etc which nowadays Popular. We do not have to Re- purchase same apps For Different devices as Google tied all devices through Google accounts.
    I love Android So much.:)

  • Manish Kataria

    Participating in all the giveaways, need a tablet as I don’t even own any laptop or a smart phone.

  • MoshuXXL

    I follow you on every social network for a while now because I am a gadget fan and love your articles. I would love to have a tablet. Hope to win it.