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Ultimate Guide: Installation & Uninstallation of applications in Android

android logoIt is really hard to imagine a smart phone without smart applications and so does in an Android Smart phone, so if you have just recently bought a new Android device, you might want to know on how you can install as well as uninstall the applications to or from your Android smart phone. It’s not a lengthy or a difficult procedure to either install or uninstall the applications but it is just a different procedure if you compare with any other devices fed with either Symbian or even Java. There are basically two sources from where you can install the applications on your Android device, first one is officially and directly from Android’s Market place and the second one is by copying the .apk files which are basically the installation files which will installed on your device. But if you are installing the softwares from the third party source you will have to make sure that in Settings option and then in Applications check the option Unknown sources so that you can install applications from non-Market place too.

So let’s check out the quick guide with procedure mentioned below for installing and uninstalling the applications.

Installing Android Applications


  • Now, ensure that you have internet connectivity either with Wi Fi, 3G or GPRS after that you will find a host of options to choose from, right from themes to Games to Social applications or if you want any particular app the you can search that too with the help of a search tool. So by using the Search tool you can easily find a specific one out of free or the paid ones or simply browse until you get your application of choice.


  • So, now as soon as you find an app which you wish to install, just tap or click on FREE and Install tab after which the app will be downloaded automatically. Now, here in this app window you will also find options like Rating and description in which you can add your comment too about the application. Please note there are few apps which are free and some are chargeable. If the apps are chargeable then you need to pay for it with the help of Credit card.

Install Application

  • In download screen or in that app window itself you will be notified about the download status. As soon as the downloading is finished the downloaded app will be installed automatically.

Uninstalling Android Applications

Sometimes we don’t like some applications or there might be several other reasons due to which we may want to uninstall or even remove the apps from the device. So let’s check out how you can uninstall the apps from your android device.

  • First you need to head to Applications, then to Settings and then select Applications.


  • After selecting Applications, you need to select Manage applications.


  • In Manage applications, you will find the options like third party, running, all and On SD-Card.

AppsUninstall Apps

  • Preferably all apps which you have installed categorizes itself in third party, so select this and just click on the app which you wish to uninstall and tap or select on uninstall tab to uninstall the app.

This is it you have successfully learnt on how to install and uninstall the applications in your Android device.



  1. Cirtex Review

    January 30, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Is it possible to delete multiple applications at once, rather just doing every app individually?

  2. RCK

    January 3, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    Hi, I did the above process but what if the uninstall button is inactive? I hv a few apps which does not show an active uninstall button. Its kind of forcing me to retain that zero KB app !

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