UMi Plus: the history behind the game-changer in the UMi Family!

UMi, the Chinese smartphone maker who is behind many of the successful phablets handsets in the industry, has announced it’s new UMi Plus on the day of iPhone 7 announcement, which was last week. The handset is yet to go on sale, but it’s already on pre-order for the much lower price of $179.99.

Today, we are her to talk briefly about the game changing handset in the UMi family, the UMi Plus. Over the past couple of years, we have seen many brands launch their acclaimed phablets with more than the merrier market that their handsets are most comfortable phablets ever made.


Truth be told, some brands just not plainly care about the user experience at all. They just want their smartphones to sell and should be seen in the hands of consumers. Though, there are some manufacturers such as UMi who cares about the end user experience more than anything. Which is why through this post, UMi’s Product Manager is sharing the creative process of making their latest product.

Design Process – Revolutionary & Lighter

The most important factor according to the company’s product manager is the balance and harmony between the user experience as it a good handheld experience is something that most phablet users craves for. But they end up with bad experiences in terms of the comfortability. That’s why the UMi brand decided to work on a phablet that is more comfortable in the hand as well as looks stunning too. The company has done work on Plus from scratch as there engineers and designers worked together to craft a perfect phablet.

For manufacturing the body of the UMi Plus, it has Custom-made 1mm blade, which helped in a company creating new kind of arcs that give a surprisingly nice handheld feeling. The company’s designer used a new brand ID style that uses curves and radians to hunt for a stylish design. The curves are dominant in the new UMi phablet as four radian matches perfectly with the camera as all the elements are integrated harmoniously into the metal body.


The new UMi handset uses an Aviation Magnesium 6000 Series alloy material, which makes the device lighter and harder as it can face hits and bumps. According to the company, the material that they are using to construct the new phablet undergoes various treatments that improve the properties as well as make it smoother in terms of the handheld feel. Further, it also helped the company to make the design quite refined.

Now you know why the UMi has thought so much and work so hard to create this phablet handset. The UMi Plus is the perfect example of working for creating a user-centric product instead of just jumping on a specs bandwagon.

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