UMI Plus Smartphone – Most Important Features 

Smartphone industry has changed a lot since the Chinese companies become aggressive in creating affordable quality smartphones. Over the past years, the change can be noticed not just in terms of the decline of some smartphone brands, but the rise of young brands. It is all related, as the young brands showing aggressive moves have seen becoming hit with their bold moves.

UMI is one such brand that is young and have impressive talent to showcase when we talk about the assurance of quality and price. Their latest product UMI handset is a flagship phablet that is being touted as the best phablet of the year. Below you can see the most important features of the device.

Design & Feel

This can be stated as the most important feature of the UMI Plus. As the device comes with a metal unibody construction, which uses a 6000 Series Aluminium alloy. It gives body a strong and elegant feel, as well as it is lighter in weight than most metal composition. With anodic oxidation process being used on the material, as it is said to give device an incredible feel in the hand. On top of that there is a perfect combination of a 2.5D front panel and a metal unibody design. With company using symmetrical aesthetics, it offers a comfortable feel in hand. Do make a note that it has a 3D polishing.



The display of the device is pretty impressive as claimed by the company. The brand touts that the screen offers comfortable viewing angles as well as feel during the use. According to company the comfortable experience is when handling the device is easier as well as viewing it from any angle. And that is what UMI has achieved with it’s Plus smartphone. Additionally, the company also touts the narrow bezels as from the looks of the device, it indeed feels like the bezels are quite narrow. Almost bezel-less it can be said. There is a high screen-to-body ratio and a curve unibody. The display is all set to be quite vivid, which means you can see content even browsing in direct sunlight.

Performance & Battery

The UMI phablet is powered by a Helios P10 processor, which is an Octa-core processor and is claimed to be the perfect in terms of performance and power efficiency. There are eight A53 cores working in the SoC, which are accompanied by a Mali-T860 GPU. With eMMC 5.1 flash memory support coupled with 4GB of RAM the handset is pretty much a beast. You get faster flash memory and massive RAM for carrying out various processes at a time. It also integrates the kernel-level power saving algorithm, which intelligently switch between three clusters to balance endurance and performance.

UMI Plus - Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is present on front on home button and it is being called as a Touch ID. The brand touts the chip level integration of the information, which is unhackable via softwares. Usually, many smartphones stores the fingerprint information on the software level. With chip-level integration UMI Plus offers encryption and that’s why it is considered to be safe.


The camera department is quite impressive on the UMI Plus smartphone. You get 13-megapixel image sensor that has a Ultra-fast PDAF technology support, which is a Phase Detection Autofocus technology. It is claimed to focus on object in just 0.1 second, which is quite fast. There is a 5P lens setup and it is protected with anti-glare coating. Using dual ISP processing for exceptional image quality the outputs are touted to be fantastic.



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