Unlock Android Phone if you Forgot PIN Password or Screen Lock

The Google Android operating system offers ways to protect your data. Setting up the mobile password or the screen lock is good but what happens if you forget the password or the PIN model that we have developed.

There are two methods by which you can bypass the locked instances on your mobile phones.

Method 1 – Android OS General Solution

Google Android has one good feature by which when you want to retrieve your PIN, password or unlock model you have 5 attempts which is the maximum limit set to reset your password. After five attempts you will be asked to reset your password if your setting is valid during the process of password restoration, you will be asked to set a new password or the PIN.

When you forget lock pattern on your phone then you need to hard reset your device.

Method 2 – Screen Lock Bypass

The Screen Lock Bypass Android app is an application which allows users to unlock the lock patterns or PIN wherein the devices doesn’t provide option to reset your password using the Google Account.

But the important question is how will you install this application on your phone? It can be done by login into the Android Market (Play Store) on your PC or laptop and installing this app by transferring using the USB cable and this application will work to remove or reset your PIN/pattern which is a temporary lock to your device. This application will bypass the locked screen all the time when you reboot your device and thereby it will allow users to take the backup of the data present.

If at all the Wi-Fi is turned on in your Android phone, then you could just install it on your Play Store in the browser and it would start downloading in the Android device directly.

Screen Lock Bypass

This application will work for most of the Android based phones and Screen Lock Bypass can be easily downloaded in the Google Play Store. There is an even better app called Screen Lock Bypass Pro, which is around $4 in cost but it does the job very well in bypassing the screen lock when you don’t have any access and still wanted to unlock the screen. Check it out at the Google Play Store here.

  • deccoo

    i locks my phone ,if any way to turn on the wifi in my phone……

  • hem chaitanya

    sir i had changed somewhat mode in my android phone my phone is not working what i want to do

  • Abby oxby

    I have got a htc gingerbread 2.3.3 and ive forgot the lock screen password it isnt letting me use my google mail and there is not passwrod reset button after 30 attempts please help??? Xx

  • tabish

    i made all the patern attempts, now too many pattern attempts! screen has come i can unlock it using my gmail a/c but UNFORTUNATELY my data traffic is disabled plz help me i need to restore my data from my phone.

    • Pradeep Neela

      you need to reset the device from the recovery mode

  • vije

    how to go to recovery mode there is no recovery mode option present in screen and hard reset option how to do this two

    • Pradeep Neela

      hey vije, which device are you using? Let us know so that we can provide you the way with which you can tell you on how to enter the device in the recovery mode.

  • blingzyquindao

    if i will hard reset my phone, does my music, pictures, videos, etc. will be deleted too? pls reply

  • shainevillano

    i’ve added password into my phone but then i’ve committed a mistake on typing my desire password. now i cant open my phone. because of it. i have a google account but i’ve forgotten my password what to do? please help.

  • Julia

    i have a samsung galaxy s2 that i used before i got the iphone i use now, i wanted to save the pictures from the android to my computer but when i connected it, it didn’t show up under “devices” so i couldn’t go through the phone files and downoad my pictures. i can’t remember the pin anymore, i’ve been going at it for over an hour trying to remember any possible pin and nothing’s working. i’ve made 65 attempts and there’s no “forgot password” button, only the number pad and an emergency call button. i really want to get those pictures off my old phone, but since it’s not activated and i can’t remember the pin, i’m not sure how to. help????

  • Namanya

    I also have the same problem

  • Bill

    Gmail PW will unlock it!


    I used my gmail password and it unlocked!

  • swapnil salvi

    i want to unlock my micromax canvas phone as my younger sis locked it with a pin lock so i dont know what the pin is and i am not getting any forget password option so that i can unlock using my gmail account please help….

  • http://www.leawo.org/tutorial/how-to-backup-locked-iphone.html Alex

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial! Do you know how to do the same thing on iPhone?

    • Pradeep Neela

      sorry alex, we couldn’t help you with ur iPhone query

  • Brianne

    My boyfriend of 10 years has tragically passed away. He has pictures from our last night on his phone. When I tried to unlock it, I couldn’t remember his pattern. (it was a brand new phone and he set it when I was working out of town). It is now set in a lock screen requiring a password. I have tried passwords I thought he would have used but with no luck. I never really bothered to find out his password because I really had no use for it. But now I am desperate for our pics and last text messages (sense my phone is new as well and a work phone I frequently deleted texts). I am his power of attorney so I am legally able to access all his info. Any help would be appreciated. This is a cry out from a very sad girlfriend who wants the last moments we had together. HELP!

  • George Lennon Mendoza

    You could always plug in the phone to your computer, and backup anything in that format. then hard reset your phone

  • Jacquie

    I’ve forgot my password, I’ve got a Samsung galaxy s2 can you please help me?

  • VlassisTipo

    PLEASE……somebody help my. I have xperia tipo and i forgot the screen lock pattern my google ID don’t is connected with my phone………..!!!!!!!Can somebody help me??????????

    • Pradeep Neela

      you will have to enter the device in the recovery mode and clear the data in the recovery mode.

  • jacqueline

    I forgot my screen lock password how can i recover it?im using galay y

    • Pradeep Neela

      you will need to reset the device / factory reset from the recovery mode

  • Hazrah

    I forget my password and my username tablet android can u help me

    • Pradeep Neela

      you will have to hard reset the device from the recovery mode

  • Fidel Anyi

    I was charging my android phone on the wall socket when on it,s own the screen started clicking some buttons repeatedly. I unplugged it from the electricity supply wall socket and the clicking stopped. But the screen was now locked and displayed the message: “Too many pattern attempts! To unlock, sign in with your google account”
    I keyed in my correct google login details but it reported as invalid. But I can still login to my gmail and other google services. on my laptop and other devices with the same login details. I have been searching for solution online and offline for the past 2 weeks without any success I don’t want to hard-reset the device because I have a lot of info not backed up. Any solutions?

  • jekathish

    Im having Taiwan made Android Tablet ,problem of so many pattern lock attempts ,so no way to open my Tab ,now its locked ,there is no driver file for my made ” Anderon “so i didn’t use the ADB commands , My system only identify the Tab as a External USB ,not a device ,so how can i solve this issue ,Any one pl help me ?

  • Pradeep Neela

    just enter the device in the recovery mode to clear the cache and wipe the data.But in this process, the data will get wiped off completely.

  • Someone Else

    My tablet’s an Allwinner A13 and I can’t find how to put it in recovery mode. Google is useless because it’s a cheap chinese model. Other recovery methods either don’t work or “brick” the tablet and it has to be reset through the little pinhole on the back.

    And no, I don’t have the pin to bypass the lock. I’ve since lost contact with the person who did. And no matter how many failed attempts I have, it never asks for a Google account.

  • mary

    Pls help,my Andriod phone was mistakenly locked by someone and I have attempted severally all the IMEI that came with the phone no avail. Can someone pls help me on how to unlock it. Thanks

  • heidi

    i need help to get my brother phone fix he forgot his password

    • Pradeep Neela

      please enter the device in the recovery mode and clear the cache and memory

  • heidi

    my brother paul forgot his password to his android phone

  • eileen baron

    I have locked my Samsung galaxy young s5360 and could not remember the screen locked pattern. I tried 5 times and it still locked.I even forgot the password of my email address to unlock my phone

    • Pradeep Neela

      you need to enter the device in the recovery mode to clear the cache

  • Who cares


    I had similar situation on my mobile Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830(OS 2.3). I forgot my passcode and whenever that happened i used my gmail credentials to unlock. But this time I don’t know what happened to saved password, it was rendering invalid credentials. But from computer I was able to login to the gmail account.

    I read about all the comments given on different sites which will tell you to either buy Screen lock bypass software or to wipe data from your mobile.

    Luckily while trying to switch off & on mobile I saw Data Network Mode option.(Hold power button for 2 secs). Before than this my mobile was not connected to internet in anyways. I activated data network and provided the correct gmail credentials. This time it verified the credentials by logging into gmail(not the saved credentials) and I got the change pattern screen. :-)

    Good Luck.

  • Hanan Khalid

    how can I get into recovery mode?

    • Pradeep Neela

      which phone you are trying to enter into the recovery mode?

  • leah

    i have gmail account thought my phone i forget the password

    • leah

      the my phone is galaxys

  • Mahdi

    I have been forgotten my screen lock and typed several time wrongly.
    now I forgot the Google account and pin code too, so now what should I open my GALAXY S3
    and how i should get pin code?
    please help me.

  • hi

    hey my sister tried to unlock it too many times and now it says that i have to type in my google account username and password but when i do it doesnt work so i dont know how to find out what my real google account info is…..is not just ur regular gmail?

  • Hasmig

    My sister locked her phone and its the pattern it won’t unlock we tried everything it won’t work…HELP?!??!?!

    • Pradeep Neela

      get into recovery mode to clear all the data and password will be removed

  • Jason Bates

    Just to avoid this, I started using Remote Screen Lock / Unlock – https://play.google.com/store/search?q=vipsha&c=apps and it’s working out like anything. It’s just like my life saver super super Admin Password. Kids can use regular password for day to day use and if they forget, can be used Super Admin Password. App is too smart so you need to understand well to get best of best out of it.

  • Osama khawla

    i like this topic it more help full and clear to Every one

  • Emily

    My samsung note got stolen but i did set a password on the phone itself. Is it possible for the theft to hack the phone w/o password or he could just hack it? Or does he need to reboot everything to reset the new password in order to access?

  • Emily

    Hi. My samsung note got stolen but i did set a password on the phone itself. Is it possible for the theft to hack the phone w/o password or he could just hack it? Or does he need to reboot everything to reset the new password in order to access?

  • hunter hammer

    if i reset my phone will i have to buy a card to reboost it again?

  • Pradeep Neela

    yes you can apply the update

  • payal

    my android phone has been locked ..i know my gmail acc. name and password but i am not able to loging…when i enter the email add. and password it shows password is wrong

  • natasha hall

    i dont know how to unlock my phone because i forget my google account how do i figure out my google account?

  • http://androidadvices.com siom smith

    i have forgot the pattern nto unlock my sony xperia p 26li.can any one help my reset my moblie for free i can not do any thing witgh my new phone untill i get the pattern unlock can any one help me please thank you

    • Pradeep Neela

      you can enter the device in the recovery mode and clear the cache

      • maya

        i tryed to enter my password but its wrong , then after 5 times it says to try in 30 sec.
        im wonderring if i will get option to login using my email account (galaxy note)

  • hilary

    I have a bit of a problem because I can’t use my email to reset my phone’s password, and I need my password to connect my phone to the computer. I can plug it in, but I can’t transfer files to and from it…

    • Pradeep Neela

      you can apply the update again and check

  • Blankman

    How do you transfer the usb cable to your phone?

    • Pradeep Neela

      using usb cable to your phone

  • Ayesha Amanullah

    Doesnt help at all. When i type my password in 5 times incorrectally, it doesnt ask for my gmail password and sign in!!!!!!!!!!
    :P :-) :) :o

  • http://twitter.com/maskwacheeschic Tannis Swampy

    how do i unlock my android phone i changed my password when i was inebriated? help 

  • Najmi52

    what the password too mny pattern

  • Rachyrach76

    the usb is not detectable as the phone is locked!!!! Help

  • bitesize92

    The screen lock bypass worked perfectly..Thanks

  • g.b.singh

    Forget screen lock pin how i can open lock

  • me

    I have a androde ebook nd I want to reaer it bc it was going slow nd it doent say email ur password to u so wat do I do

  • softball lsu

    how do you unlock a samsung galaxy tab2 if its lock and you forgot your password

  • Galaxypete

    I went onto my email and went to forgot password, then recover new password at recovery email. If you don’t have a recovery email, like me, toto forgot password and answer security password. Make new password, then turn off then on phone. Type in email and new password. This is what worked for me

  • Gautamgr8

    galaxy note
    i tried it incorrectly for 5 times
    the google reset link doesn’t appear

  • tarun

    i hav forgot my pin so how to unlock now plzzzzz say na…..

  • Junior B

    I do not wish to do a master reset because I have not backed up the contents of the phone especially the contacts.
    The solution above mentioned is not required as if we have forgotten pattern or pin then it asks to authenticate our google account. If the user remembers that, he can login to the phone.
    If user doesn’t even remember his Google username/password, then he will also be not able to install SCREEN LOCK BYPASS application as you need your google account details to install an app from the market place.
    So can someone please help??

    • http://twitter.com/Jade_Leigh Jade Leigh Giles

      I noticed this was posted about a month ago, what did you do to get your screen unlocked? I have an HTC Inspire and have tried almost everything I can find online and nothing has worked. I really REALLY don’t want to have to do a master reset because I don’t want to lose all my contacts and pictures. Please help?

      • kat

        im in the same position now! did u find a solution?????

  • ishan

    dude i forgot my pattern lock
    and now i dont remember my google password
    what to do
    i dont want to loose my phone memory

    • carl rafols

      same problem. bro. how can you do that the forgot password will appear. because i know my password in google

  • hadiah

    cannot remember my pattern or gmail account cannot reset please help no money for a new phone

  • laurie

    REALLY?!! I love geeks — but how about some end user FAQ’s about that damnable PIN Android looks for on purchases, and Add Account, etc etc. This is a CONSUMER DEVICE. BTW…Google is on its way to Microsoft hubris. Just sayin’

  • nilesh

    i got the sanme prob. i forgot my pin in samsung galaxy ace. plz help how to unlock without resetting.

  • derien alexander

    i cnt unlock ma phone cause i forgot ma password and it doesnt ask for your email address so what shud i do

  • sam

    hi i have a htc sensation – how do i reset the password if i have forgotten it and cannot get to my setting to do anything.any help pls

  • Stefani

    How do you hard reset the device?

    • Pradeep Neela

      get into the recovery mode and wipe the data!

  • Thea Kildal Ysland

    I dont reamember my password, and then I dont get to play anymore:-(

  • lenora

    ok my husbund to be is cheatin on me with my sister we are trying to get marryed in like 3 mos. but i know they got something going on cause she always smiling at him win i turn my back i just need answer pls:( oh sorry he has a sprint htc 4g android pls help me thanks and have a bless day!!

    • Yogesh Patel

      Please try the above tricks to unlock the pattern lock.

  • ashish

    I have micromax a75 mobile. I have forgeted my phone pin password not sim password. I am unable to retrieve the password or reset the password also. I also unable to install Screen Lock Bypass application because mobile is locked but i can access memory card through data cable. Please help me in this issue. requested to you pls reply as soon as possible.

  • Michele

    Just used the new paid version of Screen Lock Bypass called Screen Lock Bypass Pro. It was $2.00 and it worked flawlessly! No need to reset the phone once you’re in!! I give it 5 stars. You just download it from the market from your pc and once it installs on your phone, plug in your charger and poof! It takes you to a screen to manage/reset your password.

  • Raksh

    I have a galaxy note and i don’t remembre what PIN i used to lock it… maybe a bit of flick of touch in entering the numbers… what should i do now ?

    • http://twitter.com/pradeepneela Pradeep Neela

      you need to hard reset the device from the recovery mode!

      • sonjteria

        how do i reset it f i cnt get into it

        • Julia

          search it on youtube

  • http://www.gmail.com elijah king

    when i didnt get my pin it didnt say forgot password so i can reset it.

    • http://twitter.com/pradeepneela Pradeep Neela

      yes you can reset the phone!

      • itsmehopec


        • Yogesh Patel

          Read the post carefully to unlock your handset.
          Thanks You!

          • Steve

            my phone is Android 2.2.2 and it does not give me the option to reset the password..

  • John Mercogliano

    Great app, helped me out in a jam. But once I’ve run this and have access to my phone, how do I change my pin? Or do I just back everything up and reset.


  • Gaurav

    The solution above mentioned is not required as if we forgot pattern or pin then it asks to authenticate our google account. If user remembers that, he can login to the phone.
    If user even dont remember his Google username/password, then he will also be not able to install SCREEN LOCK BYPASS application as you need your google account details to install an app from market place.

    Pl provide a solution in case a user even dont remember his Google account details.????

    • Yogesh Patel

      The last resort is however going through recover mode and reset your phone. That will do it.

      • shinigami

        how do i reset or unlock my screen lock..i forgot my password on screen and i can’t get into it.

        • sereyvuthkeo

          how do i reset or unlock my screen lock..i forgot my password on screen and i can’t get into it.

    • marcus boykins

      It want work help please