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How to Update HTC One S with Cyanogen Mod 10 based Jellybean 4.1 Firmware

HTC ONE S LOGOHTC One S users can now update with the latest Jellybean 4.1 release unofficially, all thanks to the Cyanogen mod team who has rolled out its CM 10 release which ropes in the goodness of Jellybean. Please be informed that this update comes with few working as well as not working functionalities and still the development is going on. For your convenience, we have mentioned all the things below. The best part is that this is the latest version of Jellybean 4.1.1 firmware. In the last article we saw on how you can update with the latest Onyx Custom ROM firmware.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not an official firmware and it’s a custom ROM firmware. Also, we should not be held responsible for any damage happened to your device due to not following the instructions mentioned. Don’t apply this update in your network locked devices or else it may lock the devices or may even brick the device.

Rooting information: Applying this update will need you to  install with custom recovery image and root your device. To check on whether the device is rooted or not, you need to download “Root Checker” app from the Google PLAY Store. Once the device is rooted the warranty will get void, to restore the warranty you need to update the device with the Official release.

Express Pre Requisites:

  • Backup all the data in your HTC One S so as to make sure that if the data gets lost or corrupted, the same can be restored with the help of below mentioned steps. Once you back up the files, move all the target backup files in your computer.

SMS – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app”,
Contacts – Sync with the Gmail application,
Call Log Call Log and Restore
Images, Songs, Videos, Files – Copy to internal / External SD Card,
APN and MMS Settings – Note down from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

What Works

  • Recognizes baseband
  • HW graphics
  • Auto rotate
  • Sounds on speaker
  • USB mass storage (strangely this works even though the phone itself cannot get into SD card
  • LED flash (torch app)
  • GPS
  • Most apps

What Doesn’t Work

  • Phone/network
  • Can’t seem to access sd card
  • Root access
  • Can’t turn on WiFi
  • Can’t turn on Bluetooth
  • Auto brightness
  • Headphones
  • Quite possibly everything else
  • Disable all the antivirus suites in your device and computer. Minimum battery life should not be less than 50% so as to make sure that device doesn’t get turned off in the middle of firmware update. Also, you need to ensure that the USB Debugging Mode is enabled in your device.

So assuming that you are done with all the above mentioned instructions, you can now head to the next page where we have summed up the detailed tutorial on how to apply this update.

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