How To Update HTC Wildfire with Cyanogen MOD 7.1 Custom ROM Firmware

HTC Wildfire 2.3.7 LogoOne of the most popular handsets of htc is the HTC Wildfire and we are here today to present with an article which will empower the htc Wildfire users to finally update their devices with the latest version of Cyanogen mod 7.1. We would like to appreciate all the users who have always trusted us and supported us when it comes to the support for their devices and continuing to stand by those we continue to strive hard to meet your requirements. So, recently many devices have got a Cyanogen Mod 7.1 release and we are in the process to cover all the devices which has got this release.

Just in case if you missed out then Cyanogen Mod is now acquired by the Samsung Electronics who have always been a proactive company when it came to satisfying people, not only on the hardware front but also on the customization front. Cyanogen Mod is basically a custom ROM which is made and developed by the Cyanogen Team which is now a part of Samsung Electronics Ltd. This ROM in no manner is related to the Stock ROM and is not developed by the HTC and also it’s the beta release of the Cyanogen mod.

In the due course of this article we will see on the list of enhancements or the features which this version of firmware comes along and also we will see the list of features long with the instructions to update the phone with this Cyanogen 7.1 Release. So, let’s check out the same below and in the due course of the article.

Enhancements in the Cyanogen mod 7.1 for HTC Wildfire:

  • Firmware based on the Gingerbread 2.3.7,
  • Stock version of Cyanogen mod kernel,
  • Supports all the AOSP kernels and also Tiamat-Saga,
  • Comes with an all new Interface which is different from Stock,
  • Better Battery optimization for higher battery life,
  • Increased Quadrant Ranks when checked with Antutu benchmarking tool
  • Supports the latest Android Market place 3.1.6,
  • Comes with the better app management tools and facilities as it supports many folder lock applications which was not there earlier

Disadvantages of the Cyanogen mod ROM 7.1
Since its still in the beta stages, there is a probability that you may face some stability issues but it should be fixed with a patch or with the next update release of the Cyanogen Mod.

  • Some of the force close errors have been reported with this release of the update in the dialer as well in the Gallery applications.
  • Wi Fi has some issues with which you may experience issues like frequent disconnection.
  • Simultaneously opening more than 5 – 6 applications may crash some core phone applications

So, now let’s first get started with the procedure to turn S Off and root the phone with the procedure in the next page.

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