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How To Update Huawei U8500 to Gingerbread 2.3.2 Firmware – IDEOS X2

Huawei Ascend LogoFor all those who are having a smart phone which is named as the Huawei U8500 now has a reason to cheer as we will now see in the due course of this article on how you can update with latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.2. Please note that this version of the firmware which is 2.3.2 is the beta version and not the stable or the official version of the firmware. Many of the users with this phone requested that they really wanted this update as the current Android version on this phone is the Eclair and has got an update of Froyo 2.2 in some select countries while rest all phones are still sporting the Eclair version.

Please note that this is the beta update and not the final update, so there will be some errors as well as some bugs which will be experienced with this version. We will also come out soon with an article wherein with which you can easily update with the stable version of Froyo which Huawei itself has unveiled some days back. The list of bugs which some of the users experienced ranges from the screen calibration errors to the unable to mount the SD Card when the raw files are selected and also you may even face the issues on the GPS front. Since we are anyways coming up with an article on how you can get back to the stable version, you can take a chance to update your phone with this update.

Please note that for ensuring that the firmware updation is successfully, we are presenting the pre upgrade instructions which are in the next page and then followed by the actual procedure on how you can proceed with the updating of the Huawei Ascend U8500 phone. Please note that you will have to ensure that you are applying this update only on this phone and if you apply this update with any other Huawei phones or even similar looking phones then there is a high possibility of you bricking up your phone or more than half of the functionalities won’t be running or working.

So, let’s proceed for the procedure on how you can update your phone with the same but you will have to ensure that you are you follow every single instruction which is mentioned below or else there is a high probability that you may even brick your phone. In the due course of this article we will see the pre update instructions followed by the list of enhancements which this version of firmware comes along and then last but not the least the actual procedure to update your phone. The only reason this article is lengthy so as to ensure that you don’t miss out any of the rules and regulations of installing the firmware and even a basic user can update with this firmware.

You will have to reconfigure the APN settings after updating the firmware to access the data services and the services as all the Internet APN settings will be reset. You will have to contact your Service provider to get more info on the APN Settings. Not to forget also configure the MMS Settings. Also, we hold no responsibility if anything goes wrong which is an unlikely event if anything goes wrong.


  1. How To Update Huawei U8500 to Gingerbread 2.3.2 Firmware – IDEOS X2

  2. Vinayak Bharath007

    is it working correctly in huawei u800?

  3. Vinayak Bharath007

    is it working correctly in huawei u800?

  4. hi,
    I have huawei u8800 pro,its imei shows ’0′.is there any solution for it,Android version 2.3.5,kernel version

  5. my huawei u8500 is unable to install google play apps.pls who know why?it says you dont have any devices…

  6. Share the update files please. If u had already shared, send the link to my email please. My phone is locked and need to be updated to Gingerbread version. Thank you.

  7. android software

  8. can anyone help how can i send multiple sms at once? everytime i compose a message that is more that 3pages long, it automatically converts to mms. is it fixable?

  9. Click in anyspace where you can type, by click I mean hold it, press and hold.An opiton should come up, look for input method. If you don’t see it just scroll up and down.When you find it press it and it should say android keyboard and swype. Just press the one you want. That’s it

  10. Use the application called Unlock Root to root your Huawei U8500, it works for me..I’ve used the Cyanogenmod for Huawei u8500 but not quite satisfied so i switch back to my stock rom..

  11. This firmware DON`T work in Huawei U8500…it will destroy all and loose all the warranty…The major bug is the voice problem, as all the users said before and no one solved that problem. So my advice is to NOT try to get that firmware from here!

  12. Where can i download this update my phone is huawei u8500

  13. WTF, i red this article and comments few times. Can anybody who owns Huawei u8500 or Huawei ideos X2 (both the same phones:)) prove me that this method worked???

  14. Yes i have the same problem, that when i updated people cant listen me whereas i can listen them. Has any body got any solution if so kindly send me the way

    Muhammad Faizan

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