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Update LG Optimus GT 540 to Android 2.1 Eclair

LG Optimus GT 540 LogoFinally, LG Optimus GT 540 receives the latest firmware upgrade update of Eclair (2.1), till now it was running on Android’s donut 1.6 version. So first and foremost question you may ask is what’s new in the latest version, in the latest version of Eclair there are flurry of whole new list of goodies like multiple accounts support, a separate contacts interface, HTML 5 support now comes bundled in the browser, Microsoft exchange support, Live Wall papers support and also Bluetooth 2.1 support.

There are few important instructions you should read carefully before we proceed on how to update your LG Optimus GT 540 device.

  • Please back up your data which is there in your device before proceeding to update as user data is set to erase after Eclair 2.1 update.
  • Also the applications downloaded from the Android Market place too will be erased but the one’s which are stored on SD card will remain including other data which is stored on SD card. So for the applications which are stored in your phone, you can back up by following a simple procedure as shown below:

App Back up

  • Most importantly, once you upgrade your device to the latest 2.1, you can’t go back to earlier version of 1.6 due to lack of back support.

Let’s proceed to the procedure to download and install the latest Eclair update on your LG Optimus GT 540.

  • First you will need to download the OS upgrade program which is LG Mobile Support Tool by clicking on the “Program Download” icon below.
  • program download

  • Since this upgrade will also require the latest USB drivers, you will also be needing the same to download. Click on the “USB Driver download” icon below to download the drivers.

usb driver download

  • Now after downloading Program and USB driver from above links,  connect your LG Optimus GT 540 Mobile device to PC or Laptop via USB cable.
  • As soon as you connect your LG Optimus device to PC or laptop a new screen will be appearing as shown below, all you will have to do is to just click on ” Start updating”.

start updating

  • Now, click on “Analysis” to proceed.


  • After clicking on “Analysis”, its now time to click on “download” the necessary update from web.


  • As soon as Downloading completes, click on “Update” and the device will be updated with the latest updates which is nothing but to Eclair.


  • Now, after the update sequence gets finished you will see a screen reading LG Mobile Phone Software update completed, which means that your phone now has been successfully updated with the latest version of Eclair from earlier’s donut.


Now, i know you will be very excited to check out the new update on your phone, lets go through a simple pictorial procedure as shown below for restoring all the applications which you have backed up before installing the update for you device.

App restore

So, now you have successfully updated your LG Optimus GT 540 with the latest Eclair 2.1 update with all necessary back ups and restoration. So don’t forget to share the likes and dislikes of the latest Eclair 2.1 update with us. Hoping that Life’s Good after the latest update


  1. I tried many times and it Says ”The Cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need to update.”
    Version : V10C but its still 1.6 and not 2.1

  2. com.lge.sns also stopped…after upgrading my phone..what should i do?

  3. the dialer was gone..please help me..

  4. com.android.launcher2 has stopped unexpectedly also com.goolge.process.gapps ,when im trying to call..wat should i do?

  5. im done upgrading my phone but the dialer was gone..what should i do?please help..

  6. just updated my gt540 from 1.6 to 2.1 BUT now it constantly tells me The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly, then the calendar fails, then the messaging fails! I am over this – the phone completely died last time i updated it hence i am trying again now! HELP

  7. Thank u ill update as soon as i reach home m so exited

  8. After updating from 1.6 to 2.1.This is what happened;

    Everytime I click the market, it says “The application market(process.com.android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly.

    What shud I do? Please help.

  9. Need help please… i was trying to upgrade my gt540 from 1.6 to 2.1. First, it got jammed at 4% and after i tried to start over, there was in the pc an advice that my phone already had the last version; but my phone is not powering on and shows something like “system process is not responding”….. how can i fix it… i’ve tried almost everything… i just don’t want to admit that my gt is dead!!

  10. my suggestion is…. ‘ stay with the os that came with the phone when you bought it” no issues with that.

  11. my lg gt540 screen is not responding to any touch what do i do?

  12. hey ..
    i did everything you have said and it is completed but it says that the android is still 1.6 what can i do pls help !!

  13. Hi, I’m actually flummoxed by the first step. No matter what I try, I can’t find a screen like the ones shown above, though my phone actually is a 1.6 Android LG Optimus GT540.

    If I go straight to ‘Manage Applications’, I don’t have a tools option in order to find a backup icon – I also can’t find a way to physically access my phone’s storage in order to start from the first of those help pictures.

    Anyone care to lend a hand? In ‘Manage Applications’, my only two available options are in fact ‘sort by name’ and ‘filter’ (between running, third party and all apps).

  14. right i updated it fine and everything but now i can’t add contacts, phone, use internet really do anything and every 3 seconds i need to force close something. help?

  15. same problem every one has do some thing for me

  16. hi……..
    my lg gt540 software updates stops at 4%………………only so what should ido with that……….
    pls help me …………….m in very need of that and confused

  17. While updating itb will stuck in 55%

  18. Also it Says ”The Cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need to update.”
    Version : V10C
    but its still 1.6 and not 2.1 :((((

  19. Hi, when i pluged my phone to PC a window appeared sayin ” SELECT CARIER”
    Am from Iran, hat should I do now? what should I select from that list??? Please Help…

  20. Hello,

    I tried updating my LG GT540, plugged my phone and passed the analysis stage and got to the download stage onfor for it to stop on 66%. I tried several times but it;s still the same. What should i do? I want to upgrade to 2.1!!1

  21. heeey, how do i update it? i am afraid that i do this instruction it will erase all my data on my phone. is there another way i just want to update the andriod market! how can i do that???

    eliza xxx please help me i neeed heaps of help

  22. after i updated my phone with2.1 it turns on and stuff but its a constant black screen wtf?

  23. Heyy , going to buy this phone in a few days and i was just wondering if the lg optimus gt540 already has Live Wallpapers on it BEFORE the 2.1 Upgrade?? Also does it have widgets?

  24. my LG GT540 start in download mode.how can i installed firmware .plz help me

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