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Update LG Optimus GT 540 to Android 2.1 Eclair

LG Optimus GT 540 LogoFinally, LG Optimus GT 540 receives the latest firmware upgrade update of Eclair (2.1), till now it was running on Android’s donut 1.6 version. So first and foremost question you may ask is what’s new in the latest version, in the latest version of Eclair there are flurry of whole new list of goodies like multiple accounts support, a separate contacts interface, HTML 5 support now comes bundled in the browser, Microsoft exchange support, Live Wall papers support and also Bluetooth 2.1 support.

There are few important instructions you should read carefully before we proceed on how to update your LG Optimus GT 540 device.

  • Please back up your data which is there in your device before proceeding to update as user data is set to erase after Eclair 2.1 update.
  • Also the applications downloaded from the Android Market place too will be erased but the one’s which are stored on SD card will remain including other data which is stored on SD card. So for the applications which are stored in your phone, you can back up by following a simple procedure as shown below:

App Back up

  • Most importantly, once you upgrade your device to the latest 2.1, you can’t go back to earlier version of 1.6 due to lack of back support.

Let’s proceed to the procedure to download and install the latest Eclair update on your LG Optimus GT 540.

  • First you will need to download the OS upgrade program which is LG Mobile Support Tool by clicking on the “Program Download” icon below.
  • program download

  • Since this upgrade will also require the latest USB drivers, you will also be needing the same to download. Click on the “USB Driver download” icon below to download the drivers.

usb driver download

  • Now after downloading Program and USB driver from above links,  connect your LG Optimus GT 540 Mobile device to PC or Laptop via USB cable.
  • As soon as you connect your LG Optimus device to PC or laptop a new screen will be appearing as shown below, all you will have to do is to just click on ” Start updating”.

start updating

  • Now, click on “Analysis” to proceed.


  • After clicking on “Analysis”, its now time to click on “download” the necessary update from web.


  • As soon as Downloading completes, click on “Update” and the device will be updated with the latest updates which is nothing but to Eclair.


  • Now, after the update sequence gets finished you will see a screen reading LG Mobile Phone Software update completed, which means that your phone now has been successfully updated with the latest version of Eclair from earlier’s donut.


Now, i know you will be very excited to check out the new update on your phone, lets go through a simple pictorial procedure as shown below for restoring all the applications which you have backed up before installing the update for you device.

App restore

So, now you have successfully updated your LG Optimus GT 540 with the latest Eclair 2.1 update with all necessary back ups and restoration. So don’t forget to share the likes and dislikes of the latest Eclair 2.1 update with us. Hoping that Life’s Good after the latest update


  1. Hi,
    I had problems getting the LG PC suite to connect to the phone. Clicked on “Settings”, “Sd card & phone storage”.
    Item at the top of the list is “USB Connection mode” “Mass storage only”. Make sure this is NOT ticked.
    Worked for me on two phones

  2. Hi everybody,
    If anyone wants to upgrade Ver: Android 2.1 Eclair in LG GT540 Optmius.

    Wolverine Mobiles
    +91 9994858580.

  3. I am happy with 1.6 ver : ), Who says it doesn’t work?

  4. In android 1.6, there is a group contact. Why is it that ihe 2.1 update has no group contact? Also, in the 2.1, it has no send Vcard? these features are basic even in low end Nokia phone.

  5. Remember upgrade is available for the GT540 but not the GT540GO

  6. You have to wait for sometime after u connect ur usb.. it will automatically connect ur mobile phone then u have to start update.. but first u have to take out ur sim and memory care. Bets of Luck

  7. When I tried to plug my phone into the computer, LG mobile support tool does not recognize the phone so I am not able to update it, I have tried turning the Mass Storage Device button off and have installed the USB driver but still nothing is working. Have tried taking the sim card and memory card out and still the program does not recognize my LG Optimus GT540. Please help as I want to update to Android version 2.1 :(

  8. I finally 2.1ed it :) after i unticked the “mass storage only” on the phone setting so i was able to upgrade the drivers
    it all make what it promise; easy to msg just a click from contacts link, multi-applicate and smooth in menus with long life battery it is almost doubled
    but i have a problem i dunno how I make it 7 home-screen cuz the quick link on the home screen menu “add home screen” was disapperad
    how i make it 7 home screen?

  9. A few friends also still had probs after i explained how to update to 2.1, but after they reinstalled all the drivers etc and being little patient (and wv a little bit of my help ) theyve also now managed to finally update to 2.1…so there is still a bit of hope for other ppl
    I have been onto LG about this problem (and how much trouble its also causing other ppl )via email, and i yet to recieve an email back ???? (ive been now waiting for over 10 days for a reply now……perhaps i should learn how to speek taiwanese while i wait !!!!!!!)
    I will never ever buy another LG mobile phone again, customer care is the lowest, if there is such a thing……..and in my mind LG stands for one thing….. Low Grade. and i wouldnt used another even if they gave it to me for free !

  10. hi… i have a problem…..
    after upgrade of android 1.6 to 2.1 in my lg gt540 i am unable to send anything via bluetooth but i can receive file frm others.
    and second problem is i cannot sync my phone with my pc using pc suite………
    somebody pls help me….

  11. Tried wot Luke said and it still didnt work. Keeps saying to connect fone wen it is already connected. Starting to get really f**ked off. How hard can it be. There must be an easier straight forward way to do it. Somebody please help me.

  12. Its nice. Working super thanks to the tutorial.

  13. LISTEN UP PPL HELP IS HERE !!??……after over 60 hrs of trying to update the lg gt540 ive fig out how its done…..1st on the phone you take out the sim….then memory card…..then turn debugging ON……then on your pc (im running windows xp pro) you click on to MY COMPUTER…. then click onto VIEW SYSTEM INFO….then click on HARDWARE…….click on DEVICE MANAGER and then you click onto MODEMS ………. FROM HERE YOU MUST DISABLE EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!! …….. after you have done this run you lg updater and your 2.1 update WILL work….. not only have i done my wifes and daughters lg gt540 but also 5 other friends on their pc’s……..i hope this is some help to all the ppl that have been having probs with this download……….Please please PASS THIS INFO ON, onto other forums so it helps other ppl, thank you :)

  14. I have been trying to upgrade since November, just says ..”phone is up to date” (Android 1.6)….
    however, yesterday (10th Jan) update to Android 2.1 happened. This was latest update for OPTUS

    The 2.1 system is quicker and seems to use less battery power, however I’m having a couple of strange problems now. When I turn on the phone there is no longer any Android logo, just blank dark screen, and I have to press home button a few times before the main screen opens.

    When it is in idle it keeps making noises and saying “preparing sd card’, although I can access and use sd card already? Any ideas why this may be happening?

    • with 2.1 s/w you need a higher speed SD card – at least class 6 .

      I got a class 10 from ebay – works without preparing error

  15. its not working guys
    it keep saying u have already the last version but its not
    i guess LG software has bugs

  16. Have tried to update my gt540 many times. i get to the download stage, and it doesn;t download anything. it says that there is a problem with my internet connection, even though i have turned off my firewall, and it is fast broadband. I have also disabled my modem which was recommended in another website. Have emailed lg for advice but no help so far. Unless they create an .exe to use i’m just gonna give up!! Wish i had purchased another brand of phone!!

  17. i followed everyting and downloaded it all……..then it said you already have the latest update….please help……i really want android 2.1

  18. This update thing is quite tiring, its only saying that “The Cell phone is the latest version already. So you don’t need to update.” and i cant even click “Start Updating” so som1 pleaseeeeee help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Update went really smoothly, not sure that I notice much difference in the two versions of Android though since a lot of the features missing in 1.6 had been added by LG anyway. I do have 1 very severe problem though.

    I backed up my contacts as recommended and restored them after the upgrade, however depsite the fact that PC Suite states restore successful when I browse my contacts there are none. Never mind I thought, the contacts are synchronised with Outlook anyway, so I completed a sync contacts which worked as expected with a lot of additions required for the phone, sync went ahead and completed successfully, however there are still no contacts on my phone. Have I missed something obvious?

  20. Does anybody know why my phone connected to the update ive dlwnloaded the thknvs and nothing happens wen i lut in mu usb

  21. Hi, I was upgrading mz GT540 and in the middle it said error program not responding. now Im freezed and stupid LG tool says version updated 20B but phone does not work at all as after starting and showing ANDROID logo it stopps and gives me error system not responding. I§m fed up of trying everyithing. does anyone knows how to help me plsssss

  22. my gt540 will not connect to computer if any body can direct me to a
    driver that works, would be nice,all driver downloads ive tride do not work or it may be the phone very dissapointed as i wanted the new OS.

    • hey i my self upgraded my 1.6 to 2.1 eclair tru computer in my home.. u no need to visit lg service center… all u do is go to lg.com.. in that go to suport …mobile.. you can see the instructions given by them..
      1.download the support
      2.after downloading in your pc ,click that B2CAppSetup-1.exe
      3.you can see one dialogue box in that use install usb drivers
      4.in that select your model GT540 double click on that
      5.after installing attach your mobile to pc and then cilck ok.
      6.click START UPGRADING
      note. all the thing you need to do.. keep your mobile in cool place or else it will never upgrade..
      so this is all the procedure you need to do.

      • Hi Sanath, I have seen that the touch response was lost who ever upgraded it from 1.6 to 2.1. How about you? Are you facing the same problem? Can you install the software on the SD card after the upgrade?


  23. hi nur,sorry to hear that but hey not to worry, you can get the the Eclair update but for that you need to visit the nearest LG service center, they will help you in this regard.

  24. why i can not found the update (donut to eclair) in the oficial web of LG?

  25. Hey, one problem. everytime I connect my mobile, it wants updation of usb drivers and so i’m unable to update my os, help?

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