How To Update Motorola Defy to Gingerbread 2.3.5 Firmware

Motorola Defy LogoIf you have recently bought a Waterproof Motorola Defy handset then you will be happy to know that you can now update the phone with the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.4. So, in the due course of the article you will be needing to root the phone which will lead to the voiding of the warranty. This update comes as a huge respite for all those who wanted to have the latest update of Gingerbread 2.3.5. Considering the fact that even the mightier smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still awaiting Gingerbread 2.3.5 series update officially, this Gingerbread 2.3.5 will surely jealous some of your Samsung Galaxy S2 colleagues.

So, let’s get started with the updation procedure but hey, for safe and speedy update you need to follow each and every single instruction which is mentioned in this article or else there is a high probability that you may end up bricking up the phone or even some of the features won’t be working. Please note that once you have updated to this version then you will not be able to get the automatic OTA (Over the Air) update from the Motorola further anymore as you need to apply the update manually which we will providing on the moment it is released if any.

Rooting Information:

  • As we mentioned in the due course of this article, you will be rooting the phone which will lead to voiding of the warranty. We should not be held responsible in any manner in whole or in parts if any damage is done to your phone in the process of the update which is very unlikely if you follow the instructions carefully.
  • There are substantial number of changes which comes bundled with this version of firmware, we will be looking at the complete list as in when the article is proceeded. Please note that this update of Gingerbread 2.3.4 is not the release which is officially pushed by the Motorola and is the beta version which Cyanogen has come up with.
  • For your convenience we have broken this article into different sections which includes the list of enhancements which this version comes along and then followed by the list of pre requisites which you need to follow and then the actual procedure on how you can install the same on your Motorola Defy handset.

Note : Please note that these instructions are strictly for the Motorola Defy phone and this should only be followed for this phone, following the below mentioned instructions to any other phone will lead to the bricking of the phone.


  1. Where is the Super One Click app? I cant find it here as mentioned at the top of the page..

  2. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon every day. It’s always exciting to read articles from other writers and use a little something from other sites.

  3. Hey guys , can we access the android market, after upgrading d defy to gingerbread via rooting???
    plz reply… i am planning to buy dis cell

  4. Hi Friends,

    I just intsalled 2.3.7 , It working great.
    Download links are not working, U can use the below link for downloading with full details

    This link is great.

  5. Hello Experts,
    I update my defy to Gingerbread because I had a problem in the touch screen – not responding or hangs. It phone working fine but the touch screen problem is still there. The warranty is still there to the phone. Now I want to downgrade to original OS 2.2 and plan to give to service center. Please help me how to downgrade.

  6. I am unable to find were and how to down load the actual gingerbread2.3.5realeas zip file I need some asistance please and thank you

  7. I Installed 2ndinit and got a “success” message. but when I boot my phone in the recovery mode I can’t fined the “Custom Recovery” option! What do I do now?? : this is for the 2ndInit (go to this link from your phone) : this is how I had to root (if anyone else has problems with that!)

  8. i cannot find the 2ndInit Recovery Installer … is there any other alternative ?? kindly guide.

  9. I had trouble with:

    “Now, after this you will now have to reboot from the stock recovery with the Volume up pressed to enter into the boot loader and then you need to open the RSD Lite and then flash the Nordic file.”

    what is “stick recovery” and how do i get in to it?
    what is: “boot loader” and how do I get in to it?
    where do I open “RSD Lite”? Do I download it from my computer and pas it to the SD card?
    What is “flash”, how do I flash a file? and what is a “Nordic file”? where Do I get is from, where do I flash it from? Do I transfer it to my phone?

    • rsd lite is a pc companion for updating your files!
      flash means update!
      stock recovery means the recovery mode which is by default recovery mode where in you can install the files!

  10. I had trouble with:

    \Now, after this you will now have to reboot from the stock recovery with the Volume up pressed to enter into the boot loader and then you need to open the RSD Lite and then flash the Nordic file.\

    what is \stick recovery\ and how do i get in to it?
    what is: \boot loader\ and how do I get in to it?
    where do I open \RSD Lite\? Do I download it from my computer and pas it to the SD card?
    What is \flash\, how do I flash a file? and what is a \Nordic file\? where Do I get is from, where do I flash it from? Do I transfer it to my phone?

  11. I had an issue and now am stuck on the Google upload with my LED blue and I cant get anything to work what do I do?

  12. After I do this, I will lose my root?

  13. same here… what do i do now?

  14. Hi,

    I am unable to get the download links for 2ndinit recovery APK and Gingerbread CM firmware zip file. Please help me with the download links.

  15. Hello fellow Defy users! Thanks to this website I have a working Defy running Gingerbread 2.3.5. Thanks for making it so simple and easy to follow. I had a fear of bricking my phone and was also waiting for my warranty period to end. Followed the process yesterday. 1 hour later I had a working Gingerbread phone!

    To all those people who are afraid, dont be! Its hard to go wrong and even if you do you can always unbrick your phone.

    I skipped the Nordic SBF step. Didnt seem to make a difference. Here are my steps

    Step 1: Backed up my contacts and SMS. Contact backup was done using Export to SD Card in my native contact app on Froyo. SMS backup was done using my regular SMS app GO SMS Pro. Both were simple and painless.

    Step 2: Connected my phone via USB to my Windows 7 laptop (connection profile: None, didnt mount the SD card) and rooted my phone using SuperOneClick. Again, straightforward stuff.

    Step 3: Downloaded three files: 1. 2ndinit recovery APK 2. Gingerbread CM firmware zip file (100 MB) 3. Google Apps zip and put them on my SD card

    Step 4: Installed 2ndinit APK and ran it to get boot time access

    Step 5: Restarted the phone and pressed the Down Volume button when the blue LED came on. This brought me to the Boot Menu

    Step 6: Navigated the boot menu to Clear Cache and did Factory Reset to wipe the phone clean.

    Step 7: In the same boot menu, selected Custom Recovery and chose the Gingerbread zip file to be installed. Install success!

    Step 8: Using the same process as Step 7 above, installed Google Apps.

    Step 9: Chose Reboot System in the boot menu.

    BANG! I had Gingerbread! The most awesome part is that all my stuff worked out of the box. No tinkering for 3G settings, no baseband change nothing!

    PS: Important part to note is, the SuperOneClick app installed an ADB driver which seems to be an important part of the process and helps in some later steps. Dont know the details and dont care!

    Hope this comment helps some people!

    • thanks for your feedback!

    • @sudarshan: worked for me too…thnx :)
      i too skipped the nordic thingy…but for those who want to do it, here’s the download link

      • the download links are fixed!

      • “@sudarshan: worked for me too…thnx
        i too skipped the nordic thingy…but for those who want to do it, here’s the download link”


        Though everything seems ok with the new 2.3.5, i m having a minor issue.

        sometimes, when i unlock my phone, i find an on-screen notification stating “last call cost Rs. 0.xx”, which should happen only if a phone call is made and then disconnected. can anybody help me fix this?

        • hi…

          I upgraded to 2.3.5 on 16th jan. The last problem “last call cost Rs. 0.xx” in my above post was cleared easily…just a wrong setting in network connections.

          And then all worked well for a few days…but since yesterday evening, the phone has stopped detecting wifi networks, and i had been using the wifi in my campus since months without any problems.
          I am not sure, but it could have happened due to some automatic update of some application…just a hunch, has anybody experienced something similar??

          Switching the phone off and on has not helped…all the settings seem fine too, please help…

    • Download links are not working….can anyone provide another link for download.

      Thanks in advance

  16. search for \Motorola Defy\ and make your choice.

  17. hi Neal,

    I upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.5, and everything works fine and there is only one problem.
    My 2G network does not work. it works only for 5 mins and after that it says only emergency calls only
    is there a fix for this.

    Any help is greately appreciated.

  18. Hi Neal,

    How shall I restore my Froyo version? I am using Motorola Defy, and i tried a lot but not able to get network on any simcard.

    plss plss help ….

  19. hi

    I forget to install google Apps while doing the upgradation from 2.2 to CM7(2.3.5).

    Now there is no market link coming up in phone for market downloads.

    I have tried to installlatest boot menu but failed as bootmenu application with CM7.1 doesnt cantain file as written in procedure. Pls suggest the procedure to restore market links.

  20. <= for the nordic file

    one problem i encountered and seems unfixable at the moment… (still searching for a fix)
    i tried:
    signed in at Gtalk
    clearing cache of market and gtalk
    wiping cache
    formatting my sd card
    next step is to reinstall cyanogenmod…

    if someone can help it would really be pleasant… TNX!

  21. MotoMike: do you have a link to the Nordic SBF you used? Thanks!

  22. Sir,
    Thank you for the detailed instructions.Got some questions on the 2.3.5/2.3.7 versions.

    1.I have heard about the Green lens/Red lens issue and apparently the Green lens doesn’t work with 2.3.5?
    2.Is it possible to have buttom remapping and making the display on with the home key(apart from power and volume key)
    3.If we are able to reverse into the official froyo version,then Warranty still holds good ?


  23. Hi, first of all thanks for your time to put up this guide.

    Now, i’m writting to get some troubleshooting and maybe it will help to improve your guide as well.

    First: please go over the “Nordic file” again – what file is that? where can it be found? (i’ve read comments above and i couldn’t find it in 4shared)

    Second: when i press down the volume button along with power, i get the android with an triangule encapsulated yellow exclamation mark.
    How can i fix this?

    Thanks again,

  24. everything works fine now. except for my network signal.. when i insert my sim to other phone, it registers at full signal… but to my modded defy, no signal at all… but it can recognize my sim… AND no sim toolkit in the menu…

    i have tried inserting other sim with the same network, still has problem… no signal.

    inserting another sim (other network), it will register and has signal..

    network (with prob): PH Globe, Philippines

    please help…

  25. after long press of the down volume, only the green robot icon with an exclamation inside the triangle appear. no prompt of wipe date or etc. what shall i do?

  26. Hello…. I followed all instructions and was successful.. but the problem that occured was, the main menu icon accidently deleted and I could not figure out how to access my main menu with my apps.. So I decided to do a system recovery and now when I reboot it stays stuck on the google logo and it goes no further.. Please help this is my only phone… what do I do???

  27. Hi, where can I get the “Nordic” file? You have links to everything else except this file. Someone mentioned getting the file at but I can’t find it there even after doing a search.

    Will this work on any Defy? I have an American T-Mobile Defy with a green camera lens.

    Thank You.

  28. i really dont understand a single instructions n how could we even understand the mapping ovewr or rooting it to the defy.
    i really think i am a noob.. could someone really teach me the 1st step to the end..

    i really need guidance .. as more i read from forums and downloaded so many kinds of software i feel the more confuse i could get….

    Please help me… my defy is killing me with massive lag… restart…. and hangs… plus over heat too…

  29. So I have a question, I did everything listed in this guide, which was awesome by the way however I am having one glaring issue currently. My phone is stuck in EDGE network and I cannot seem to switch it over to 3G. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  30. hey i got newbi question is that deblur ??

  31. I’d like to try this but…

    “Now, after this you will now have to reboot from the stock recovery with the Volume up pressed to enter into the boot loader and then you need to open the RSD Lite and then flash the Nordic file.”

    - Where to find the ‘Nordic file’ for flash?

    • Problem solved :-)
      Found a ‘Nordic’ SBF at and had to use SuperOneClick v2.1.1 instead of z4root to get Defy rooted.
      Copy CM and Apps ZIP-files to SD-card at root level for later install by Recovery Boot.
      RSD Lite loads SBF file and 2ndInit prepares for Recovery Boot. Unmount SD-card before Recovery Boot. Reboot and press ‘Volume down’ key when LED gets Blue. In Recovery Boot Menu: set Default boot to ’2ndInit’ do ‘Wipe cache’ and ‘Wipe data’ before ‘Install ZIP from SD’. Select CM first then Apps. Do system reboot and… success!
      All hours spent to do this update was well worth it. Everything seems to work as expected, even the camera, and my Defy got quicker response and smoother graphics over all. Feels like a new phone :-)
      Thanks to every one out there making all different parts in this update available for guys like me.


  32. help! i cant choose zip from sd card, it says E: cant mount/sdcard….

  33. Is there any way to backup the current non-rooted original firmware (2.2) to get back in case Gingerbread doesn’t work properly?. Does make any difference the phone “region”? (like Asia, Latinamerica, US, etc)

  34. Hi,

    can you please let me know what is called as Super one click application.

  35. Good grief, who wrote these instructions. You can not follow them and expect to get a working phone. At no time to explain where to recover your old settings. Will this work on a T-Mobile defy? Red or Green lens defy? It would have been nice if you explained that the rom is not official at the very beginning. Far too many mistakes in the article for me to try these instructions.

  36. The version is mentioned as 2.3.4 in some places and as 2.3.5 in some places.

    Kindly tell us which is correct.

    Thanks for the detailed, step by step work.

    • I have raised a doubt about the version ( 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 ? ). But till now, the author has neither replied nor corrected in the article itself !

      I think he is not interested in feed back / queries !!

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