How To Update Samsung Epic 4G D700 to EG 22 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Procedure to update Samsung Epic 4G with EG 22 Gingerbread 2.3.4:

  • First things come first as you will have to first up download the EG 22 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Update Zip file in your computer, preferably to your desktop so that it can be located easily. Once you download the file, the next thing you will have to do is to just right click on the file and need to select the option of “Extract Files”.

Extract Files EG 22

  • As soon as you choose this option, you will see that you will be prompted to enter the location where you wish to extract the files, you can create one folder on your desktop so that all your files are extracted over there.
Extract Files to Path EG22
  • Before files are extracted, you will be prompted to enter in the password wherein you will have to enter the password as “” without the inverted comas.

Enter Password Epic 4G EG 22

Now, as soon as the files are unzipped, you will see the files which are mentioned in the below screen shot, please note that just in case any file is missing then you will have to re download the whole firmware again as the download wasn’t successful in this case.

Extracted Files EG 22 Epic 4G

Now, from the extracted files, open the Odin file as shown in the above extracted files and then a new window will be opening up as shown below,

D700 Odin

  • So, after extracting, you will have to open the Odin and then you will have to switch Off your device and then need to switch ON in the download mode after this from your computer keep the Odin program opened.
  • The download mode in the Samsung Epic 4G can be entered by long pressing 1 and then press the power button after which you will get a yellow triangle. Now as soon as you see the yellow triangle, you will have to connect the phone with the help of USB to the computer while keeping the Odin as open in the computer.

Samsung Epic 4G Download MoDE

Now, you will see that the ID:COM lamp will glow yellow which will mean that all the required drivers have been installed successfully and you are ready to flash the device.

PIT - victory_8G_100528.pit

PDA  - SPH-D700-EG22-8Gb-REL-DebugKernel.tar

Add Files D700

  • Now, once you add the files, you will now have to double check the same on whether the files are the same which are mentioned above or not. Just in case if you have selected the wrong file then you will have to re select the files correctly as mentioned and click on the “Start” option to start the firmware updation process. After clicking on the start, you will see that the firmware will be installed in your phone within a time of not more than 5 minutes.
  • The firmware installation process will be initiated once you click on the “Start” tab and then within  a maximum time of 5 minutes the updation process will be finished. Just in a very rare case if it hangs up at one particular place for more than 10 minutes, then just pull off the battery and re follow the instructions from the start after restarting the computer.
  • So, now as soon as the firmware updation process is done, you will see that language selection option followed by the Gmail account details will be asked which you need to enter accordingly.

Successfully Flashed

  • After you update the phone successfully, you will now have to perform another step so as to ensure that the firmware is installed correctly and all other cache files which are system generated are removed from Epic 4G. For this first up you will have to put your device in the recovery mode.

So, in this way you have successfully installed the latest Android version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 on your Samsung Epic 4G. Please note that since you have updated your firmware, all the APN Settings will be cleared. So, to access all the data services / MMS / Internet, you will have to get the Internet settings from from your Service provider. Do let us know if you face any issues or problems in the comments section below as we will try to solve the same.

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