How to Update Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 to DDJK4 2.2 Asian Firmware

galaxyIn the last firmware update, we have seen an update of XWKD4 Froyo 2.2 version for the Samsung Galaxy 551 (also I5510) phones. Now, we are back with the update of DDJK4 2.2 version for the same phones of Samsung Galaxy I5510. But, this update is only for Asian users as we have seen for the European users last time. So, this update works only for the Asian users and not for any other users. So, we request you to proceed for the firmware update only in the case you are a Asian user of Samsung Galaxy 551(I5510) phone.

As this is not an Official release through KIES, we use Odin flash tool to update this firmware. The usage of Odin tool will be explained in the further pages. For the convenience of the users, we have divided this article into few pages so that each and every user can easily understand the updation process.

Note: is not at all responsible in case of any damage to your mobiles. So, we request you to follow the instructions and the procedure carefully so as to avoid any such situations.

Please note that this update is only for Asian users and if other users try to use this update process on their phones then there is a high chance of device damage. So, proceed further only if you are an Asian user of Samsung Galaxy I5510 phone.

To solve the queries, which usually run in the minds of users, we are providing some clarifications below, so please go through it.

Stock ROM: This is termed as the OS version of your new phone that comes built-in when you purchase a phone.

Custom ROM: This is termed as stand-alone version of the OS and others will customize the OS in different ways, as Android OS is an Open sourced platform.


  1. the link is not working can u please can you please update it

  2. my phone doesn’t boot. i tried power + Q, power + W and power + T. nothing.

    please help me. :(

  3. from where I will download Galaxy I5510 Asian DDJK4 package file

  4. Hello, I had bought GT-I5510 from india. I did everything exactly the same way as mentioned on this website but even after waiting for 80 minutes the phone did not update. Still says downloading… on the phone screen. No reboot and no other activity.
    THe ODIN application timer is still going on. what should I do? Can I get back to original version that I was on? How do I do that?
    Your help is appreciated.

  5. i”ve successfully updated my galaxy 551 to the froyo 2.2 asian update but i’m facing a problem to enter into recovery mode..please help.

  6. hey i want update my galaxy 551 froyo.ddjk4……
    which rom can i use as update plz……… tell and mail me on

  7. Hey Pradeep, I have updated my 551 Os to 2.3.6 using your tutorials and it works like a charm, thanks a ton for that. Was wondering will I be able to get icecream sandwich too in a similar way?? :) Awaiting your reply bud.

  8. sir i cant enter in to recovery mode..please help

  9. I cudnt understand how to go into downloading and recovery mode. I tried Q+Power and T+Power many times but no menu appeared.
    how to do this?

  10. First of all i wanna thank you for your incredible efforts to help us..

    and i want to ask u a question
    How can roll back my gt i5510 to Stock 2.2 froyo firmware?

  11. hi pradeep
    i want to undate my galaxy gt i5510
    android system it is right now 2.2 froyo
    Asian version.
    so, i want to update it to 2.3.4 gengerbread
    what problem will come when i update it?
    one more qustion
    what is the difference btwn 2.3.4 os and 2.3.6 os?

  12. hello all…

    I successfully updated my galaxy 551 to 2.3.6… Its very nice. But it didn’t supports live wallpapers now also… Is there any solution for working of live wallpapers…? If any ply reply…

  13. after upgradin the firmware i cant get into the recovery mode..for sum reason..i press ‘T’ along with the power botton…but sumthns up..pls help me…

  14. i have a galaxy 551 purchased in india.
    i’m thinking of updating the firmware. i’ve read the whole process.
    a small doubt. suppose if the gingerbread upgrade fails or has some issues after upgrade, can i revert back to the froyo factory firmware?if yes, then how?
    another doubt, will ice cream sandwich be available for galaxy 551?


  15. can samsung service service centre give me this update

  16. hey thanks for it…

    can u tell me wat is EFS button for in downloader??

  17. bro can anyone upload the package file on any other website? because downloading is always getting failed from hotfile.
    I downloaded european gingerbread from other file sharing website and it downloaded perfect..
    so plz tranfer it to other file sharing website.

    • Sorry for the incovenience.. you can download now without any interruption..We transferred the file to our own servers..

  18. where is the procedure?

  19. Sir where do I get this recovery mode and how to delete these cache after upgrading. Because I don’t have that option of deleting cache in my mobile. And what is better in this version than the default version of 2.2 from Samsung.

  20. Guys.. I have brought a I5510 ..It has a 2.2 DDJK firmware in it (Note: i did not update it)..I am facing a problem with my email program..When i configured my exchange email in my phone..When a new email arrives when i try to read it the phone vibrates twice and the email application exists automatically..Please help.

  21. Hey man thanks for the tutorial i successfully upgraded my u…

  22. Can you please tell me which if the latest Gingerbread 2.3 firmware image is available for the Samsung I5510 (slider phone)?

    I bought this phone in India and it has severe WiFi connectivity issue.

    Will the update suggested by you – viz: DDJK4 2.2 Asian Firmware, resolve this ?

    Please advise.