How to Update Samsung Galaxy Europa I5500 to DXJP7 2.2 Asian Firmware

Instructions to be followed before updating to DXJP7:

  • The first point to consider is backing up of your data on phone. As soon as you finish with the firmware update, the data on the phone will be lost. So, in order to avoid data lose, store and back up your data using the box below.

Back up and store your messages using SMS Backup & restore.

Back up and store your contacts using Gmail.

Back up and store all your music files, pictures, videos on external SD Card.

  • Now, save your APN & MMS settings of your phone. Once you have done with firmware update, you can’t access the internet and MMS services as they need to be reconfigured. So, make a note of APN & MMS Settings using this path: “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”.
  • As soon as you finish with the above step, make sure that your phone’s battery has a charging of more than 90 %. In order to get a better battery backup after the updation you need to ensure that it has good battery life before updation.
  • Make sure you have Windows Vista/7/XP on your PC or Laptop along with the USB 2.0 ports support and ADMIN privileges. Update your KIES to latest KIES 2.0 version.

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned instructions, now you are ready for updating your firmware. So, understand the steps carefully and proceed further.