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How To Update Samsung Galaxy FIT S 5670 to XXKPI Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

  • As soon as you feed in the files, you will have to double check the same and then you will have to proceed and click on the “Start” option to start the firmware update process. After clicking on the start, you will see that the firmware will be installed in your phone within a time of not more than 5 minutes. Now, after this the Galaxy FIT will reboot, you will have see the home screen and then choose the options accordingly and then after you see the home screen and after the completion of Media scanning, you will have to go in the recovery mode wherein you will have to delete the cache memory so that all unwanted files are removed if there are any left in the phone. That’s it you have now successfully flashed your phone with the latest Android 2.3.4 update.

So, that’s it you have now successfully updated your firmware of XXKPI 2.3.4 Gingerbread. For checking on which firmware you are currently on, you will have to go to the Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version where you will find the version of Android OS where it will show XXKPI 2.3.4. As you can see above that we have shown some of the images of latest Gingerbread update of 2.3.4. So, let us know if you face any sorts of issues as we will see to it that all issues are resolved.


  1. could you please help me? i just got my samsung galaxy fit then i installed samsung kies from the cd that came with the phone then i tried to install gingerbread 234 on my phone instead of froyo , the process took many hours (about 6) so i disconnected the usb cable and the phones’s screen was frozen at the downloading pic , so i followed the instructions to put my device at recovery mode and the phone started up again and i got the froyo back but the name of the firmware in the setting is gingerbread !! so when i tried to reinstall gingerbread it’s written that the phone is already updated to the newest firmware !! help please i want the new firmwareeeee

  2. Could you please provide me steps and useful links or describe me how should I do it?

  3. Hi Friends,

    I have upgraded my Galaxy FIT from Fyro to 2.3.6..

    after that I was looking for ICS 4.0.3 and for that I did a custom root for my device and then going in to recovery mode I have upgraded to ICS..

    After upgrading to ICS I found there is a lot of issue, like Mute is not working, then Camra, Keyboard etc so now I am looking for going back to 2.3.4 or 2.3.6 any one suitable.

    Can any one suggest the steps to follow.

    Appreciate any suggestions.

    • but this is the Gingerbread version, just follow the instructions and update the same!

      • Thanks for your reply Pradeep..

        I am trying to follow the instruction to upgrade to gingerbread like
        go to download mode , use OPS and main package in Odin s/w etc but it is not working?

        I doubt that it will work as I have rooted my device to custom rom for installing ICS version.. Do I again need to root it back to previous version?

  4. aftr upgrading my galaxy fit to gingerbread 2.3.4 xekpg i am not able to connect my phone to pc via usb . aftr clicking on “select to copy files to computer” it just go back to home screen and i am not able to tether my phone to use internet . I dont wat to do plz help me to solve this problem.

  5. hi,i have galaxy fit. then i install custom theme, i do this by choosing apply on sd card . after completion,my phone doesnot work normally and when I try to reset it or wipe all data, after completion my phone continuous to reboot.It does not boot normally for about 10 mins and more..

    PLEASE HELP!!!! I want to reset my galaxy fit to its original state. thank you

  6. Thanks a ton guys. This worked like magic. I thought I had lost my Samsung FIT for ever but the instructions here worked to a charm. Thanks once more.

  7. hey i just went through all ur procedures and did the same things step by step
    finally i got my fone with android version upgraded BUT WID SOME DIFFERENT LAGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH
    WAT DO I DO NOW???

    the language is half filled wid symbols :(

  8. hey i wanna update but i m not able to connect d phone 2 my laptop.when i try connecting via d usb cable,there is no recognition visible….neither on d laptop nor on d phone.pls help.

  9. I have updated my galaxy fit with the above procedure…… Everything fine.. I can use browse
    internet on phone but when i connected with my pc it shows

    new hardware found

    installing new hardware

    new hardware installed but it might not properly

    Also there is no any network connection wizard supporting samsung android usb.
    Please help me.. Should i revert back to original version…

    Thanks in advance……

  10. also tell me which is the latest version…is it XWKQ2 or XXKPI???

  11. i really want to ask u one thing….i have updated my galaxy fit to android 2.3.4(gingerbread) from here…
    now about the latest update…can i upgrade my phone to this update officially via KIES??cause everytime i open kies it says
    “Firmware version of this device can not be updated as it is non-official”….please help me as i am getting some real issues with the 2.3.4 XEKPG version..my phone has become slow and applications crash very often..

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