How To Update Samsung Galaxy FIT S 5670 to XXKPI Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

  • As soon as you feed in the files, you will have to double check the same and then you will have to proceed and click on the “Start” option to start the firmware update process. After clicking on the start, you will see that the firmware will be installed in your phone within a time of not more than 5 minutes. Now, after this the Galaxy FIT will reboot, you will have see the home screen and then choose the options accordingly and then after you see the home screen and after the completion of Media scanning, you will have to go in the recovery mode wherein you will have to delete the cache memory so that all unwanted files are removed if there are any left in the phone. That’s it you have now successfully flashed your phone with the latest Android 2.3.4 update.

So, that’s it you have now successfully updated your firmware of XXKPI 2.3.4 Gingerbread. For checking on which firmware you are currently on, you will have to go to the Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version where you will find the version of Android OS where it will show XXKPI 2.3.4. As you can see above that we have shown some of the images of latest Gingerbread update of 2.3.4. So, let us know if you face any sorts of issues as we will see to it that all issues are resolved.


  1. could you please help me? i just got my samsung galaxy fit then i installed samsung kies from the cd that came with the phone then i tried to install gingerbread 234 on my phone instead of froyo , the process took many hours (about 6) so i disconnected the usb cable and the phones’s screen was frozen at the downloading pic , so i followed the instructions to put my device at recovery mode and the phone started up again and i got the froyo back but the name of the firmware in the setting is gingerbread !! so when i tried to reinstall gingerbread it’s written that the phone is already updated to the newest firmware !! help please i want the new firmwareeeee

  2. Could you please provide me steps and useful links or describe me how should I do it?

  3. Hi Friends,

    I have upgraded my Galaxy FIT from Fyro to 2.3.6..

    after that I was looking for ICS 4.0.3 and for that I did a custom root for my device and then going in to recovery mode I have upgraded to ICS..

    After upgrading to ICS I found there is a lot of issue, like Mute is not working, then Camra, Keyboard etc so now I am looking for going back to 2.3.4 or 2.3.6 any one suitable.

    Can any one suggest the steps to follow.

    Appreciate any suggestions.

    • but this is the Gingerbread version, just follow the instructions and update the same!

      • Thanks for your reply Pradeep..

        I am trying to follow the instruction to upgrade to gingerbread like
        go to download mode , use OPS and main package in Odin s/w etc but it is not working?

        I doubt that it will work as I have rooted my device to custom rom for installing ICS version.. Do I again need to root it back to previous version?

  4. aftr upgrading my galaxy fit to gingerbread 2.3.4 xekpg i am not able to connect my phone to pc via usb . aftr clicking on “select to copy files to computer” it just go back to home screen and i am not able to tether my phone to use internet . I dont wat to do plz help me to solve this problem.

  5. hi,i have galaxy fit. then i install custom theme, i do this by choosing apply on sd card . after completion,my phone doesnot work normally and when I try to reset it or wipe all data, after completion my phone continuous to reboot.It does not boot normally for about 10 mins and more..

    PLEASE HELP!!!! I want to reset my galaxy fit to its original state. thank you

  6. Thanks a ton guys. This worked like magic. I thought I had lost my Samsung FIT for ever but the instructions here worked to a charm. Thanks once more.

  7. hey i just went through all ur procedures and did the same things step by step
    finally i got my fone with android version upgraded BUT WID SOME DIFFERENT LAGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH
    WAT DO I DO NOW???

    the language is half filled wid symbols :(

  8. hey i wanna update but i m not able to connect d phone 2 my laptop.when i try connecting via d usb cable,there is no recognition visible….neither on d laptop nor on d phone.pls help.

  9. I have updated my galaxy fit with the above procedure…… Everything fine.. I can use browse
    internet on phone but when i connected with my pc it shows

    new hardware found

    installing new hardware

    new hardware installed but it might not properly

    Also there is no any network connection wizard supporting samsung android usb.
    Please help me.. Should i revert back to original version…

    Thanks in advance……

  10. also tell me which is the latest version…is it XWKQ2 or XXKPI???

  11. i really want to ask u one thing….i have updated my galaxy fit to android 2.3.4(gingerbread) from here…
    now about the latest update…can i upgrade my phone to this update officially via KIES??cause everytime i open kies it says
    “Firmware version of this device can not be updated as it is non-official”….please help me as i am getting some real issues with the 2.3.4 XEKPG phone has become slow and applications crash very often..

  12. how can we reinstall froyo 2.2 if we want to???
    how we can restore the factory version of android?

  13. hey.
    i upgraded my fit to 2.3.4.
    if i connect my fit to laptop it doesnt detect, detect as charger only.
    not same as before, why?

  14. is DDKQ5 is the latest version of gingerbread or not?

  15. Hi, My Galaxy Fit is running latest firmware from Kies and I am having trouble with it turning off and rebooting every few mins when the WiFi is turned on. If I turn the WiFi off the phone works fine.
    Does anyone know how to fix this

  16. he does it void my warranty

  17. I cant Turn off the usb storage..
    When i tap the ‘turn off usb storage’ notification..
    the screen just flash..and comes back to the normal position.

  18. Prior to update the wifi at my home and office was working great. After the update, im not able to download anything in my phone. Always return a data connectivity error though I had set my wifi account properly after the installation and it is logging in to my account.

  19. Lot of things I had lost after the update though it was a clean installation- I had lost my Gmail, samsung applications, maps and android market itself. Now they can not be downloaded as android market application is not available in my phone after the update. All the applications you had downloaded can not be downloaded again in android market.

    I am at huge loss – No one from india should try this update as the firmware is chinees. Even if you change language settings, the chineese version is at the back of each and every application after the install.

  20. anyone!!!!!!!1 help me to upgrade my gt s5670b

  21. Hi Neal,
    Its a great piece of work and service you are doing globally. with little tech.know how i could update my android to 2.3.4. However, im facing few problems-Gmail is not working/crashed- I read in Google site that an update is available for gmail crash-But I could not go to market from my phone as it ask me to create an account. But I could not add any account in accounts settings.

    I live, breath and wake up and go to bed with gmail- Please help me out

  22. whn ever there is official update for fit plz mail me

  23. hey plz tell me the steps hw to upgrade my fit to 2.3.4 every tell me

  24. hi NEAL … my Fit had froyo os .. im upgrade that to gingerbread 2.3.4 xxkpi … after upgrade .. im lost my ” PERSIAN” language and also my “persian” keyboard … i need this language … i tried to solve this problem : 1 way is turn back to stock rom ( froyo 2.2.1) … how ?


    if you have a best idea … so tell me!!!

  25. Thanks You So Much! You Guys Rock!!!!Works perfectly well for me:-)!Thanks Again!

  26. Android INU update android 2.3.4. galaxy fit official is available on some site called DDKQ5. Any one has used it. if any problem plz post. i am waiting.

  27. Hi i have upgraded my samsung fit to gingerbread ver XXKPG, from the instructions given not on your site but from some other site…i.e , my phone has been upgraded with no issues its working fine but will this change in version from XXXKPI to XXXKPG matter a lot or have any changes in it…. And also the kies installed says this ver of android cannot
    after upgrading….What needs to be done…..
    Please do let me know i am a bit worried

  28. HI..i do have a problem with my samsung galaxy fit. i am unable to access internal phone memory. when i tried to connect with kies, i couldnt detect the internal memory. it displays only external memory. moreover even if i copy any videos into external memory. phone is unable to read the files.

    Can you help me in solving the problem.

    • hey santosh which version of firmware you are on? have you tried updating with this version? f not then update with the same!

      • i am using gingerbird 2.3.4 s5670XXKPI version. when i connect the mobile to PC. samsung kies detects only external memory. unable to detect internal memory. can you please help me in solving this problem.

        i have one more doubt…is gingerbird 2.3.4 version is indian firmware?
        what is the original indian firmware that comes along with mobile on purchase.

        Waiting for your early reply. please help me

  29. Other Question .. !! About the low Battery Problem ..!! how can i deal with it .. it runs so fast :( ..

  30. Could you Please Give Me The Direct Download Link For The 3 Files I Should Use While Im Upgrading My Galaxy Fit ? [the 2 rar files + the source ] .. I can’t Find it :( Please In Hurry :)
    Thank U For Ur Concern :)

  31. I downloaded & extracted zip file.

    Then i turn on my phone(Galaxy fit S5670) as you said.

    It shows RAMDUMP Mode
    (ARM9 mode)

    I did not find the gree download screen with android logo there on my mobile screen.

    how to fix the download mode error for my phone.

    I am very eager to use Gingerbread 2.3.4.

    very helpful if i get the support.

  32. hi neal i hav 3qn there a need to root device before upgrading?

    2.if s,how to root my galaxy fit much tym this upgrade process takes?


  33. Hi, i am iranian and very happy that bought samsung to work with it is easy i want help me until of your helps, i can better use

  34. i’ve updated my phone with gingerbread firmware and i cant access device in usb storage mode…plzzz help

  35. once i update to the latest europe version of ginger bread, my mobile (from australia) stopped connecting to kies. gives me an error to connect in pc studio mode where the phone always connects in usb mode and there looks to be no option to change that…

  36. I have lost all my contacts while upgrading please help me 2 recover if any one can

  37. For all those who are having error stating that “cannot open usb serial port” during the updation process,please close “samsung kies” and just operate in ODIN..It should work fine…

  38. I have a problem, as soon I hit the start button, I get an erron usb conection not detected, I have Usb debbuggin on, what can I do?

  39. im from indonesia, i found on
    what different of i see that date upload so different. Please mail me

  40. I have udated my fit to gingerbreadXXKPG, has issue with mass storage and USB tethering, pls help

  41. Hi AnyOne, i am looking for call recording software for Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670. And my Samsung runs with Gingerbread 2.3.4. I would appreciate your help. Many Thanks.

  42. One question, does this gingerbread update contains spanish language too

  43. I installed version 2.3 but when I use the phone there are times when the screen goes out and plays it back to light … What I can do?.

    I would also like to know how to go back to version 2.2 Froyo. thanks

  44. Okay, I’m facing a problem right now. I could easily root my Fit earlier via SuperOneClick. But, after this update, I’m unable to root it.. :( Any solutions? Please? I need Titanium Backup to restore my files… Any help would be appreciated! ;)

  45. Whoa, mate! Huge thanks for this! Really fast! Now, all I’m looking forward to is ClockWorkMod for the the Fit, and then… IT’S CUSTOM ROMS TIME!!!

  46. Hello! First, I want to thank you for the updates!
    But, I’m having wifi problems. It keeps on getting wifi error on it..Is it a bug? I’m pretty sure it’s not my wifis problem.


  47. thanks a lot.. i figured it out!! it works great! :)

  48. the mobile internet is not working ! :(

  49. Latest ROMs are expected to include Chinese language.Cos you know so many Chinese users should not be ignored.They also browse your websites frequently,also want better smoother ROM,and better ROMs will get more objective comments.
    Chinese user are so many and have that big need of the ROMs and other excellent software.Hope your more attention.For some Chinese users.

  50. after upgrading firmware touchwiz will be there na?

  51. udah ada belom buat galaxi fit mengunakan Cyanogenmod 7

  52. Thanks…alot

  53. Galaxy FIT Gingerbread 2. 3. 4 XXKPI zip file of size 125mb

  54. while opening file warning message appears as unexpected end of archive:-((

  55. guys
    i downloaded the file Galaxy FIT Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKPI but it is corrupted plzzzz help!!!!!!!!!

  56. Where the downloading link please provide us

  57. I think APN problem is fixed for all depends upon the SIM when i insert Aircel SIM ,i get no settings,when i use Airtel SIM card settings are automatically configured.

  58. @siddharth-
    bro! what are u saying ?
    I have also updated to this firmware on 28th July , and im using my internet without any problems !!!
    i am also using AIRTEL!!
    now press the MENU button and select RESTORE DEFAULT!
    u can also get some help via AIRTEL CUSTOMER CARE!!!

  59. I updated it, but due to APN problem, i downgraded it again to 2.2.1 through your another article.
    i have got the settings, but internet is still not working.
    Can you help me, service provider is Airtel !

  60. sir help me am stuck in step 7/10 its been 20 mins

  61. sir 7/10 processes finished already 7 mins over
    nothing happening

    help me

  62. can i do all these steps in windows 7
    or i’ve to have win xp?

  63. hey guyz heres the link to the latest official KPL gingerbread

  64. what are changes that applies to this phone after the upgrade, ie; Gingerbread?

  65. The official gingerbread has arrived !!!
    its KPL version and its available on .
    Neal Sir,
    kindly upload an guide on how to update using KPL firmware!!!

  66. how to upgrade samsung galaxt fit to 2.3.4 help me…

  67. guys iam trying to upgrade my phone its been 25 minutes iam waiting…phone is still not rebooting :(
    what to do??

  68. I tried to find link BUT didnt find any on this page. HOW CAN I UDGRADE TO GINGERBREAD.

  69. mine is XEKPG…not XXKPG….

  70. can u give me download link of XXKPI 2.3.4 Gingerbread version….m unable to find it on ur page…..mine is XXKPG nd USB is not working….give me a download link from where i can download this latest firmware..

  71. hi…thanks for this wonderful way to update the android version…but i have a problem…after updating it i cannot install anything from market…its just coming starting download n nothing happens…please help me..

  72. i updated to this latest version..but USB option is not working..plz help me

  73. How to download help im a beginner please

  74. I have updated my Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 to Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware. Now I am not able to USB Teethering with my laptop. GPRS setting is also not collected automatically for some SIM card.

    • you will have to manually configure the apn settings as mentioned int he article and also as of now there are some issues which have been reported in USB Tethering which should be solved in the coming versions!

  75. I am having Samsung galaxy fit GT S5670, Images Copied from moblle to my PC , I wanted to rotate the images which i copied from moble is not rotating. pl help me in this regard.

  76. hai,i bougt a new galaxy fit and its return key sentivity is too low…. help me please

  77. When i start the phone while pressing volume down+power+home i get RamDump mode instead of Download mode ????

  78. Please join group samsung galaxy fit on facebook for regular updates

  79. just got a way to play flash videos without the flash player…..
    actually its a web browser ….skyfire..ver4.1 thats playin it….
    use the following link to download it…..then download the video liscence and install both of them…..

    hope it works for everyone……worked 4 me….

  80. Dude, great work…it took just 5 min to complete the whole procedure…
    kudos to you and keep updating :)

  81. Hey its great, all functions are working fime for me, even internet APN setting also automatically detected by OS. Tnaks a lot and internet is too fast

  82. how to open this phone in safe mode ?? i know there is a safe mode because i accidentally ended up in it once

  83. Sir plz help..

    On entering download mode I dont get that green color picture given in ur article,,,instead I get yellow color logo with that text not written.

  84. Sir,,what is “”reflash”” the device??
    Pleez help

  85. 1st when i entered in download mode ,, picture( that android logo with downloading) was yellow,,NOT GREEn..
    2nd, i added all files,,, bt there was one more field “EPS” for which i had no file to add..
    I then started update,,, it took abt 3 min, then it showed “PASS” in 1st box ..NOTHING HAPPENED To other boxes
    3) phone rebooted & started
    4) i didnt see much change, just a different status bar n wall paper,, i couldnt find anythng more like gingerbread
    5) however in settings> about phone> android version 2.3.4
    6) phones gps not working

    • you can reflash the device!

    • Everything is fine with your phone.actually its more about bug fixes than providing new thing is you will get best battery back up possible with this version.i have tried it myself and was quite surprised.If GPS is not working try clearing the cache or factory reset,or you can reflash ,it will work.

  86. its okay! You’re still the best Neal! :) Thanks!!!! ^_^

  87. hi Neal,

    Please help!!! I’ve accidentally deleted all my contacts but it’ll fine because i can make a back up copy of numbers. problem is, the “Contacts” Icon didn’t showed up anymore in my homescreen. Instead of (4) icons on my dashboard, it only displays 3….im afraid that it may caused some boot-up problems since i can not find it there but it’s still accessible in my launcher menu. Can you please guide me on how to fix this? Thank you :((

  88. Hi,

    thanks buddy i have successfully updated the new version 2.3.4 , just need ur help in two small issues

    1. in my case i think so my battery consumption has increased , is it a bug or phone specific problem
    2.pls guide me how i can use zynga holdem poker on my phone – i installed app from the net it loads quite well but during the facebook login it says error could not process facebook user pls try again

    tried lot of time but all in vain

    thanks in advance

  89. Thanks a lot androidadvices team u job is awsome
    working Fit on my Galaxy Fit
    again Thanks

  90. Excellent work Neal.
    My Gingerbread is working seamlessly now. Any plans for a rooting guide?

    • thanks ajai for the appreciation, do let us know if you need any further help!

      • The Kind of enthusiasm you seems to put on this site seems to be excellent and appreciation for that. This had made me follow your tweets already :). I would like to root my android FIT and try what features I would be able to get. Kindly request you to make a similar guide for the same.

  91. Hi Neal,

    I tried several times but 1st box out of 8 boxes in odin uploader time just keeps counting

    in the message boxx it says:
    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

    please help to update

  92. Great… Thanks a ton man !!

  93. Hi Neal @ first I wanna say you Thanx for helping many people who are using Android OS on Samsung’s Phone.
    I really face the problem on my S5670 when I upgraded it to 2.3.4 XXKPG . I faced problem like when i Hangup any call it’s not did immediately bt after 2-3 seconds there after sometimes it’s like running in background after hangup. and many times force close after call hangup.
    Now it’s totally gone this problem from this version bt one more thing to notice that in 2.2 if we open any browser first and then open wifi network then it’s not connected . this could be only after restarting. this problem not having in XXKPG but persists in XXKPI why?

  94. hi, i updated my phone to gingerbread…
    but USB tethering is disabled.
    After upgrade i tried to restart the phone in recovery mode but i am getting a message ROM .. ARM9 error and the screen is freezed .
    I tried many time but in vain .

    please help me ….

  95. hye neal,

    can u tell me when u r publishing to root galaxy fit. hope u will be back soon with this update.

  96. Hey Has Anyone noticed above the screen just beside the receiver , there are two circles like things , you can see something like LED lights through them , Are there notification lights like the blackberry on this phone ? I just noticed these things

  97. Thanks for the amazing guide. Managed to upgrade to 2.3.4 successfully.
    After phone reboot, you said “you will have see the home screen and then choose the options accordingly”.
    Unfortunately these options came in Russian, so I just clicked next.
    Now Ive changed the locale and text to English so my phone works.
    But I dont know what were these options that I could have selected.
    1. Could you please provide a screen shot or explanations of the options, so I know what I missed out on.
    2. Is there a way to get these options again, so I can choose them correctly.

    I appreciate the great article and your help.

  98. Hi.. I am having Samsung galaxy Fit GT-S5670.. and version is same FROYO can i also update to Gingerbread 2.3.4 according to this given procedure.
    my main question is that is there any difference in Fit GT-S5670 & Fit S 5670 ??

    Kindly help me. Appreciate it.

    Thank you very much to the writer of this Useful article.

  99. does anyone know how to upgrade samsung galaxy gio to gingerbread 2.3.4? i really wanted to try it

  100. hey friend? do i need to wait for a new galaxy fit with android gingerbread or buy one piece now with froyo and upgrade as i need maximum features for my phone? which will be better?

  101. Hello Pradeep sir and and all guys.

    Thank you so much for your comment and wonderful tutorial for Updating Galaxy FIT to
    Android Ginger Bread 2.3.4 version of XXPI.

    A have previously i updated my Galaxy FIT to 2.3.4 of XXPG version and i am facing two problems

    1) USB Connection problem to use mass storage option.
    2) Battery Power consumption is more.

    Please fix this bugs in next version.
    Plz provide way by which we can downgrade to original Froyo version

    In final version of update i would like to suggest following features

    1) Direct MASS storage option, with out need kies for it.
    2) New version has pre installed applications like converters, Compass such free apps.
    3) Adobe flash player support.
    4) Need better battery optimization.
    4) User Interface should can have better look.Samsung need to work more on it.

    And plz suggest me should i upgrade my My phone to this version or wait for official release,
    And are this updates for ASIA region.

    I am waiting for replay.

  102. My Galaxy FIT does not recognize my touch on lock screen so not able to unlock the phone most often.
    after restarting again and again also it does not works, stuck on the lock screen.
    then suddenly it starts detecting touch and runs flawlessly.and after sometime same problem comes,it stuck on lock screen and dont detect touch for hours and days.

    this problem was there before installing 2.3.4 version also so its nothing to do with this firmware.

    now i have done factory reset and it is stuck on first screen itself(asking for location service without GPS)
    i am planning to take this to service center tomorrow.

    now my question is whether they will accept it under warranty or i would be left with the excuse for installing to unofficial 2.3.4 version??? shall i revert it back to froyo before taking to service center??????

    • yes they will accept the phone and we will soon come up with article to update with the Froyo version! You can try flashing the firmware again!

    • Hi Lokesh,
      I have the same reservation. I need to take the phone for a hardware fault, and I feel that they might reject the replacement due to unofficial upgrade. You know how they function here in India..

  103. But how to root the device ?

  104. Testing this

  105. once entered into download mode is it possible to come out of it without installing software or we have to anyhow install any firmware if one we entered in download mode?????????

  106. Please provide android 2.2 froyo asian version on your site.

  107. Hi Neal,

    I successfully installed the gingerbread. I want to go back to my original factory installed Froyo. Can you please advice how to achieve that.

    • Within the next 72 hours we will surely update the site to get back to Froyo!

      • Thanks a lot. Waiting eagerly as I need to take the phone to the authorized service center to get a replacement as this device has developed a technical snag with the home menu button. I am worried that they might not replace the device if they find out that I have upgraded to the unofficial OS Gingerbread.
        Awaiting eagerly..

      • download this one S5670XXKB1.its 100% original but its European,change the language to English and everything will be fine because many handsets in India are being sold with European firmware and not the Indian or Asian version.Mine came with European firmware.


  109. Friends,
    I have updated Gingerbread firmware to my Galaxy fit… Its Cool and everything id fine… Please tell if next update is coming….

  110. A query such action serves the galaxy fit the world? Because I’m from Chile (South America) and I wonder if I can apply this guide in my phone.

  111. i own a galaxy fit phone wich is installed with android 2.2 (FROYO) jus wanted to know whether i can upgrade it to 2.3 ( ginger Bread) … and also will this cause any problem to my device or its warranty ???? Plz rply……

  112. hey the update has some problems…..
    first i m not able to receive packet data since the upgrade…
    secondly,…the USB debugging mode does not work properly anymore….

    please help

  113. i upgrded to ur newest version but the problem i’m facing since the upgrade is that the videos in skyfire stop in between & because of this i’m unable to view full videos in my device. please fix this bug as soon as possible else everything is fine

  114. Hi,

    I have updated this on my Galaxy FIT, But it showing very different language(NON-English) and there is no option to set English language also, Can you please help me , Even I dont know which language it is , Currently i am operating with app icons.

  115. I’m having problems with the skyfire browser. Since the time I’ve updated it the videos when viewed from skyfire stop in between. Another problem which I’m facing is gprs settings before the update the settings automatically came when switching sims but now it’s not possible.

  116. This piece is totally awesome! thanks neal! :) hope you’ll post another one on how to root this device.. THANK YOU! ^^

  117. hi Sir Neal,

    i would like to ask on how will i be able to access the Android Market since my APN and wifi are all working great. It just so happened that whenever i need to signed in through google account, it says, “This could be temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services.” but when i tried searching for other sites, it responded so fast. Can you please help me with that? THanks!

  118. Hey thank you so much.. I upgraded successfully. But I dont know how to go to recovery mode and delete all cache. Please let me know of that.

    • just press and hold home menu (middle button) + Power ON key..wait until the samsung logo appears… then Release (free-up from pressing buttons) that will display the Recovery Mode options.. USE THE VOLUME UP AND DOWN TO SCROLL AND HOME MENU (MIDDLE) TO SELECT FROM IT.

  119. last update drains battery too fast.. hope this one is fixed.

    • I don’t think so,last update was good enough in terms of battery backup and this one is too good.
      I think battery problem was due to unstable packet data and signal strength which is very well managed now.

  120. hi every1. I have got 2.2.1, can i directly upgrade this version to gingerbread 2.3.4 ? or wud der be any problem ?

  121. its great i will newly buy galaxy fit and try it it works
    thanx for ur suppport

  122. I was afraid to upgrade my Fit. But U guys all helps me a lot. Now i m running 2.3.4 in my galaxy Fit. Thnx a lot. Is dere ne problem in this version? I have not checkef all application yet. Thankyou guys,, :)

  123. Hi, Neal Pradeep. Thanks for this wonderful guide! Just one question. When will you be able to guide us on how to root the Samsung Galaxy Fit under this firmware? I tried using SuperOneClick multiple times but I did not get any luck.

  124. After this upgrade if phone does not stabilize then if there any way to revert it to original froyo ?if yes then how pls tell?

  125. After this upgrade if phone does not stabilize then if there any way to revert it to original froyo ?????if yes then how pls tell????????

  126. I have updated siccessfully my galaxy fit with this new update but adobe flash player still not working
    plz solve the issue.

  127. hey theres an error stating that cannot open usb serial port code:32!!plzzz help!!

  128. My GF is having trouble with wifi with this XXKPI version. It disconnects often, and sometimes it just says “error” when enabling wifi, and it won’t show any signals either when that happens. A reboot and it will work again, until the same thing starts over again; either random disconnects, or the “error” problem.

  129. hey theres an error stating that cannot open usb serial port!!plzzz help!!

  130. The files r nt XXKPI, these files r just renamed i checked my about ph after flashing these files no change same as the earlier one XXKPG

  131. is this xxxxkpi version is indian.
    no one has commented. comment and inform us if any problem arises.

  132. GREAT ! That’s a nice response Neal Pradeep , Maybe companies should take your example to be really responsive , Within 48 hours you are up with another guide ( As you promised me on the previous guide ) !

  133. i tried to update but the odin did not show any “yellow ID:COM” AND I WAS NOT ABLE TO UPDATE !!!!



  135. Hey plz just quickly inform that iz this firmware best or the XEKPG 2.3.4 posted by you earlier….
    and will Android 2.3.4 not be slowing my FIT????

    plz inform as soon as posible Pllzz

    thnx in advance

  136. Thanks! What’s updated in regards to the June 2nd XEKPG version?