How To Update Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 to XWKQ2 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Galaxy FIT LogoIf you have recently bought an all new Galaxy Fit S5670 handset and if you are wondering on how you can update your phone then we are here to guide you with the same. Right from the Pre upgrade instructions to the enhancements which this all new firmware comes along with and followed by the last but not the least the procedure to update with an all new firmware which has been leaked recently. The all new firmware version which has been leaked is dubbed as XWKQ2 and is the Gingerbread 2.3.4 release, this Gingerbread release is the third Gingerbread leak version which has some of the bug fixes when compared to the earlier two Gingerbread 2.3.4 versions had difficulties while updating. So, in the due course of this update we will see on how you can update with the Gingerbread XWKQ2 2.3.4 version.

This version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 XWKQ2 is not a KIES release or the official version which you will have to take a note of as we hold no responsibility if anything happens to your device though we will guide you and will try our level best to assist you and help you to get out of problem if there are any. Though this version is not the official version, this version has just few bugs which are nominal and no bugs are serious bugs which can potentially spoil your device. This update comes as a respite for all those who are having issues with the last firmwares and also for all those who wanted to experience something new as still most of the devices are not on the Gingerbread 2.3.4 version officially, not even the latest and the World’s most powerful smart phone which is Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 as of now as still its awaiting the release of Gingerbread 2.3.4 release.

Note: You will have to reconfigure the APN settings after updating the firmware to access the data services and the Internet services as all the Internet APN settings will be reset. You will have to contact your Service provider to get more info on the APN Settings. Not to forget also configure the MMS Settings. Also, we hold no responsibility if anything goes wrong which is an unlikely event if anything goes wrong.


  1. Neal brother …after upgrading to 2.3 i cant access my mass storage withOut opening kies software . plz help me. But if i open the kies then i can access the mass storage and the drive in “my computer” automatically gets generated after opening kies

  2. heyy i’m not getting the ID COM BOX as yellow and if i click start i says connect phones!!help me

  3. hi successfuly upgraded it to ginger bread 2.3..
    but im having some issues for my wi-fi accesibility was affected..
    my connection to wifi is not working any more or id rather say turning off suddenly even its on..
    then if i wait for some time it will turn back on and its happening every now and then.
    pls help..

  4. i was about to get lost at the last part..
    needs to be a little techy on this..
    but this works great..
    the instructions pretty understandable..good work man,,
    thanks man..

  5. Pradeep.. any news about 2.3.5 for Galaxy FIT? Appreciate your response.

  6. Please help me.same problem-its coming as factory setup error…and force closing….

  7. Hi

    here we are waiting for any new updates for galexy FIT.
    aproxymate when will it comes?


  8. Hi….. I did all the things correctly….. its coming as factory setup error…and force closing…. so itried going into recovery mode and wiped cache data…. but when i select factory reset in my phone its asking \are u sure to del all users….\ and lots of NO….. and only one YES are coming below for me to select….. Wat to do….? Pls help me…?

  9. Hi Neel, I have updated to this version 2 months before approximately. But I have now heard that Samsung has offered official update to Gingerbread of Android 2.3.5. Will I be able to do the same through Kies? If not, then what alternative do I have?

  10. hey thanks a lot for this update………is there a 2.3.5 update available now

  11. neal can i have ur email id / phone no??

  12. this update has totally messed up my phone
    it is the chinese region version of android software
    i cannot change the message inbox templates as the options are written in chinese
    android market is not pre-installed
    The music player on 2.2.1 was more aesthetically pleasing
    the samsung keyboard also looked better in 2.2.1,this version has basic android keyboard that looks ugly
    minor changes include different symbols for batttery status and signal
    important addition is ability to make IP Calls
    whenever someone calls me their number is displayed as 0926-321-245-67 thus phonebook is unable to recognise it and instead displays chinese names in english alphabet which makes no sense to me.

    you have given vague instructions which are applicable to most android phones and u have not bothered to do it yourself as u have given incorrect method to enter recovery mode in ur article

    MOST IMPORTANTLY,my phone has become SLOWER

    and please accept the fact that everybody is not getting all the files inside zip archive that u have specified in ur article

    After that I tried to install 2.2.1 from ur website(androidadvices),This time the update did not work

    I’m a computer engineering student…….plzzz dont give me replies like \check your internet connection\ or try \reinstalling\……trust me i have tried all logical methods……….there is some problem with your files

    My only question is………… I want to restore my phone to its original condition i.e the day I bought it.Can this be done at home using kies or will i have to take it to the service center.If I take it to the service center,will my warranty be sufficient to cover the cost of the software repair/reinstallation??? what is the cost involved???

    • its very unfortunate about your issue, but if you don’t follow the instructions then we can’t help you! Though we will ensure that all your issues are addressed!

  13. Hey, dear NeaL ,you are so hardworking. Take care !Merry Christmas in advance ,wich I wish you could accept .o(∩_∩)o
    Do you possiblely work out a ROM based on android 4.0 for Sumsung Galaxy Fit S5670 ? Thanks for your answer . I guess many people are expecting that ,though it’s hard to do -I guess ’cause the hardware isn’t enough to support I guess. Maybe Neutered version of 4.0 will also do console some guys ~

  14. Hey dude.. im also experiencing the same problem from 3 weeks..

    Neal sir ….. help me :-(

  15. may i use windows7 for the installation??????

  16. my internet connection is at a speed of 250kbps,,im downloading that 124.48MB file in around 15-20mins sir :-(

    did d same 6 times…but didn’t get all files

    pls send me the zip file to my mail sir…pls

  17. dudes im trying to update my fit s5670 to this firm ware,,i have downloaded 6 times the files from the specified link size of around 124.48MB,but always i failed to get all the files as specified,i am trying to download using internet download manager in Windows7,vat 2 do??

    plss help me guyss…. :-)

  18. please tell me how to fix the bluetooth problem..m nt able to send any file from my phone.. :(((

  19. arijit chakraborty

    Is samsung galaxy fit upgradable to android 2.3 gingerbread from 2.2.2 froyo? if yes then will it show any defects or problems in future? will there be any sort of technical problem after its up-gradation?

  20. arijit chakraborty

    Is samsung galaxy fit upgradable to android 2.3 gingerbread from 2.2.2 froyo? if yes then will it show any defects or problems in future?

  21. there’s one more problem..when i try to add a number to an existing contact…the contact list opens but every contact shows up as unknown..

  22. hey..i have XWKQ2 version in my galaxy fit..but there is some problem in my bluetooth…i am nnot able to send any file from my phone to another phone..but i am able to receive files from other phones….please help me out…i pair the other device and then try to send file but it always says file not sent..

  23. oh finally i cleared the cache rebooted it…thanx guys

  24. Hi, I followed all the steps and i waited till the blue PASS message in the ODIN, then i tried to unlock the screen of the mobile, but its showing an error message – Sorry. the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectadly.Please try again. Pls lemme knw how to rectify this Thanx

  25. I am waiting.. Please help

  26. Sorry. 1 more question. Whenever I start Kies in PC it says. New firmware upgrade. Is it Gingerbread? Once I tried to upgrade it but it stucked in between and I had to give my mobile to service centre to repair.

    Should I again try to upgrade it?

  27. Hi Neal,

    I am having problem with my Galaxy fit that I am unable to log in into Gtalk and Nimbuzz. My Wi fi connection is working very nice with every thing else but when I try to log in Gtalk it says,’Caanot connnect to server, Will retry shortly.’ I uninstalled and installed many times both the apps but am not able to solve this problem. Please help.

    I know you reply very quick. So already thanks in advance.

  28. i try to download android 2.3.4 as u given in proceddure, but i cant download it. it shown me the message that webpage not found.

  29. hey neal
    what about ROM version S5670 JPKQ7 ??

  30. sir,
    i updated my phone using the above procedure ,

    m getting dis msg everytime !!!

    the application setup wizard
    has stopped unexpectedly.
    please try again !!!

    my home page isnt coming !!!!
    i have restarted my phone many times also !!

    please help

  31. how can i remove cwm an cm7.1 from my phone?????????& get back to stock rom
    in the recovery mod can i install this firmware zip file ????

  32. hey recently i update my phone with clockworkmod recovery and cynogenmod 7.1 everything is fine but now i wnt to back to this firmware the problem is my phone doesnt go in the download mode !!!!!!!!!
    now what can i do ??????
    any help for this……pls……

  33. hey my phone is stuck on ramdump mode how do i get out of there….

  34. hey can you post how to get cynogenmod 7.1 for this firmware?????????????

  35. Hey Friends ,

    I have updated XXKPI_2.3.4 gingerbread version.
    But I am facing te problem that Hindi language is not available , in the messages OR if I browse Marathi OR Hindi Font sites then it is not displaying
    Pls solve & Plase tell what are the different features in XWKQ2 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware than XXKPI_2.3.4 gingerbread version

  36. i have updated my phone to xwkq2 version..when i try to connect my phone to my car’s music system, it does not connect…please tell me what to do…

  37. how i update my samsung galaxy fit. and what is the new feturs in updation.

  38. Dear sir

    please i need your help.

    I live in United Kingdom,and i have 2 Samsung mobiles:

    Samsung FIT(firmware 2.3.4) base band version: S5670XWKQ4-(BUILD NUMBER):GINGERBREAD.XWDQA

    Samsung ACE:(firmware 2.3.3):Base Band Version:S5830XWKPA-(BUILD NUMBER):GINGERBREAD XWKPY

    Can you please tell me when Samsung is going to update the firmware for my both mobiles

    i hope to hear from you very soon

    thank you so much for your help in advance

  39. Hi Neal,
    I updated my phone from 2.2 to this gingerbread update.
    Performance has improved a lot but quality of camera has become poor. Now most of the photos come blur which was not the case when with 2.2 version OS. I used 2.2 for 3 months and from august i am using this update.
    Can you please look in this issue.

  40. i did it… thank u guys…

  41. how to solve tethering problem in this version…. please help.

  42. Hi…. I have installed android 2.3. Internet is working properly on pone but I have encountered problem while connecting internet on my pc via phone…. its showing new hardware found…. installed…. might not work properly…. what to do… should I revert back to 2.2……………….

    Thanks in advance…….

    • check with the apn settings!

      • Hello Neal, when I reverted back to original version my pc automatically detected my my phone via local area connection, as samsung android usb.
        But when i reinstalled the s5670-xwkq2 version again same problem rose. Again my pc is detecting my phone in mass storage mode only. No connectivity of pc to internet via LAN. Please help as I am frequent net user. I am facing the problem a lot…….

  43. Thanx a lott developer..this really worked a good update too

  44. Thanks so much for the effort NeaL Pradeep! The instructions are very clear. And this site gains trust for it’s successful works. We hope that there will be new updates soon. :)

    For the record, I didn’t like the S5670ZCKP7 interface (Only because I’m not Chinese :D) and apps so I switched back to XWKQ2.

  45. Dude i really appreciate ur work..I faced the same problems that every1 by just looking at ur replys my problem was solved..thanx for being so patient and responding to every request.. cheers!!!

  46. i try all the steps as you told after oding showing wait for phone to reboot
    the phone switched off now its not even getting switched on……the ph is completely dead…………even simple power on key is not working.

    • please follow the instructions again!

      • like i said my phone isnt turning on!!!!! how can i follow steps if my mobile is R.I.P ?????????

        • get into the download mode and then follow the instructions again!

        • thank you for the reply but it seems u don’t get my point. the phone is completely dead i mean after the update of firmware the phone got hard bricked. i don’t know what happened. any way i went to service center. they said the pcb needs to be changed. it will take nearly 1 week to replace the mother board. hope the company will soon release a official firmware update.

  47. DDKQ5 gingerbread indian version for fit

  48. its awesome i feel like have a new phone..

  49. Hi, can u pls tell me what is the name of the latest official update for samsung galaxy fit indian version?

  50. guys indian update has been rolled,it is the official update for samsung galaxy fit indian version…….visit this link and follow the instruction,,,,,i got it,,,,,

  51. hi… after sucessful intilization… my phone language i completly changed…. now wht to i do…. i dont knw the name of the language…. pls help me..

  52. Awesome man…. thanks a lot.. keep up ur good work..

  53. i followed the steps recommended by shashank after updating android in my galaxy fit wipe cache and factory settings .. it worked .. thanx a lot … my phone is working great …

  54. sorry for asking too many questions as im new to android os… but can u explain me what is Cyanogenmod 7 ???

  55. after i connect my ph to pc the yellow box n the message is not appearing in the odin software… what to do

  56. Hey. I have just bought my samsung galaxy fit. I came across this site… everyone is really happy after the new update but im still scared whether i shuld update my phone or not… is it really safe to update n if there is ny prob can i roll back to the original version.
    Plz help n guide me

  57. Sir i am trying to extract it with the password but its not extracting now what to do ??? is there sum oder alternative password to this????

  58. Is this version is chines reply on (

  59. Hello friends this XWKQ2 is chines version which is good but there are lost of difference as there still some apps in china language and some apps are even not working. I am unable to understand which is latest version this XWKQ2 or this ZCKP7 version. Please help me i have to soon again upgrade my phone.Have any answer reply to me

  60. Hi Neal
    Succesfully updated to 2.3.4 with all steps provided thanks a lot but seems to be a prblm with gps its not working used to work on froyo and gets lock within 5 to 10 sec
    Can u provide any sol for that its very sad gps dont work after update

  61. Is this version supports flash player?

  62. Hi i download the s5670XWKQ2 on samsung fit and when i connect to Kies it say (The Version of the device cannot be updated) so what can I do to make work with Samsung Kies,please.

  63. Hi NeaL Pradeep, I am using XWKQ2 right now . I want to know which is the latest update for galaxy fit right now available in other than XWKQ2 & ZCKP7. And I am from India, looking for a english version . I tried ZCKP7 which is a chinese version. Please give some guidance .

  64. Sikander babwani

    hey i tried but nothing happened waited for halfn hour….do i hv to clear the cache first?

  65. Hey NeaL can u pls tell me how i can use the Hindi & punjabi font in my phone

    like if i open facebook it shows only english font & show boxes instead of other languages font…….pls help

  66. hi saw ur zckp7 tut…coz dat one had some serious problems, i updated to this one…xwkq2 is working good. thanx for this!!! :)

  67. I have updated my Galaxy Fit on October 2nd. First udpate the Kies and then it will show the firmware update.

  68. Hi everybody,
    Gingerbread update available via Samsung Kies in the indian region.

  69. awesome tutorial. after sucessfull uploading of firmware;
    DONT forget to enter RECOVERY MODE :Power Button + Home

    -Wipe data/factory reset
    -Wipe Cache partition
    -Reboot system

    Now a happy gingerbread-powered android smartphone owner :D

  70. no news for gingerbread supporting arabic for galaxy fit ? :(

  71. heyy neel i updated my samsung fit with XXKPI and its running very well except not running NFS SHIFT .But now as a new update has come for Galaxy FIT.So,can u please tell me the changes which you have made.Is there any visual updation as well If yes,then do mail be the screenshot of all.

  72. Hi I was wondering that if I installed this rom but didn’t like it, could i go back to froyo(default 2.2.1) using samsung kies?

  73. i gott it…….i forgot to install d drivers.
    thnxx pradeep….! :) :D

  74. heyy neel i updated my samsung fit with the same firmware but now my battery life has decresed then froyo……now it works for maximum 10-11 hours after charging it full……plz help me out……..nd yes my phone also get slowed down……….plz plz plz help me out………

  75. i am not able to connect my galaxy fit in the downloading mode. I hav followed all the instructions properly but those boxes are not turning yellow and the software is asking me to connect the phone. pleas help me :(

  76. hello friends……..
    i updated my fit with this gingerbread 2.3.4 but still i had theme like before i had in froyo……..nd my battery backup hasn’t changed…..after full charge it works for only 10-15 hours………plz help me out……

  77. hey neal,

    in recovery mode i got this …

    # RAMDUMP Mod #
    # (ARM9 mode) #

    how to get out of it and use my phone??? kindly help me out. i am unable to use my phone. what will be the next step…kindly suggest.

  78. hey Neal,

    i followed all step ,everything working great but im not able to make an outgoing call,i m receiving incoming callls

    please help NEAL PLEASE

  79. Hi Neal,

    Thank you for creating this firmware updates. I have one question, i m not able to connect to internet via kies in my laptop. Internet connection is fine in handset. Do you think it is because of the firmware update. Thanks again.


  80. hi neal,

    is it necessary to have internet connection while updating through odin?

    I am asking this bcz, i am using internet thru my phone only…..if i start updating thru odi & once my phone goes to download mode then i will nt be able to access internet through this.

  81. Dear Administrator,
    I engulfed an error. After I installed the Gingerbread 2.3.4 on my Galaxy Fit and my cell phone had booted I could see the Gingerbread lock screen and when I unlocked it by swiping my finger I got an error message stating:
    The application Setup Wizard
    has stopped unexpectedly.
    Please try again.”And a “Force close”Tab.
    Even if I press it the same situation occurs again.
    Please help me resolve this issue..

  82. Hi, I have a problem with this update:

    My phone converts my SMS’s to MMS’s…how to solve this?!!?!?

  83. is there any news for a clean gingerbread supporting arabic language ?

  84. what the hell??!!

  85. neal if we root thru that zip file thn warrants voids , means broken , if we update again with any of the custom roms will the warranty comes back ?

  86. hey i update from xxkpi to xxkq2 at some sites i watch videos using system player but in this version that site show this content is for 2.1 or above please update your client HELP ME PLEASE

  87. I love the upgrade! Thanks for this! Although I have one problem: I can’t seem to connect to USB mode. On my ‘My Computer’ there’s a Removable Disk icon but when I click it, it says insert drive to E: which is weird. Can you please help me? :)

  88. Hey neal can u tell me how to unroot now ???

  89. Hey sahil u wer r8 … i got it working dude nw am on DEODEXED ROM vth GINGERBREAD .XXKPL 2.3.4… An its awsummm……

  90. Awesome i got very easily with no error

  91. ASLAM is it an gingerbread update via kies ?

  92. A new update for galaxy fit is available through kies having file phone KB1, other remaining sama. plz make available on this site to download

  93. link dissapearing again gud………………..


  95. various aisan and european firmwares ….go thru the site for da same

  96. samsung galaxy fit moded theme link u can flash for the same to get change in the interface , for details kindly go to the site for the same

  97. can i ask u a question, it’s not related to android version but i have some trouble with battery, how long can ur battery stand? i want some pratical result not the theorique :) thanks

  98. is there any difference between asia and europe 2.3.4 firmware? I have running XWKQ2 Gingerbread 2.3.4 and get Asia version ZCKP7 Ginger bread 2.3.4 which is launch on 16th of August 2011

    • yes there are many changes, kindly update the same!

      • Hey ZCKP7 whats that ????asian firmware , rushi can u tell me whats new in that and cun u provide me that link , m still hunger for the gud asian firmware …..plsss my mail , kindly provide me the link for da same , thnks in advance….and rushi i tried skyfire n run various flash videos online , it has inbuilt player i knw this rom and the kind of processor doesnt supports flash n wud nevr bt still ….skyfire does a bit inside …

  99. i’ve just tried this version, it’s really awsome, just one regret that the previous version support the arabic language (reading and writing) but this version doesn’t so i’m looking forward to the newer one ;) a big thank neal, there is a great differance in battery lenght and when playing a game :))

  100. THE best way to connect the odin is first open odin , then feed the files ,,,,AFTER feeding up the files , then switch on the phone in the download mode , then try to connect it wid pc , surely it wud b connected wid odin……but its important to keep KIES close while updating , and u must have correct drivers , correct drivers are there on the TSAR site ….search for the same ….

  101. For all those who need flash videos to be played on fit must download skyfire browser , it has built in player whch can play several format of flash ……….

  102. guys all those who have XWKQ2 rom and wants to change in their interface can have a google search “Minimalist Green Theme For Galaxy Fit XWKQ2″ ITS AWESUM and u have to flash it with in the recovery mode , i havnt post the link coz thr is an issue in the site but whn u have a google search u wud get an xda developers site link…..the procedure wud b thr only , with lots of changes for da same ….

  103. Hi Neal,

    I am stuck at Odin – . I am running it as an administrator. please help.

  104. hey sahil can u plzzzzzzzzz mail me the link ??

    • sure bro i wud provide the link to ur mail …..

    • PS3 hacker can u provide me ur mail id , if nt then jst do a google search “samsung galxy fit KPL samfirmware” , the very first link is what u want the official KPL version ……link for the kpl rom is provided in the same site , m running XXKPL ….have seen something gud in the battery back up…

      • Thanx dude.. Here’s the link

        • we will soon come out with an all new version, kindly give us sometime!

        • Ok dude i got into sum site named samiware and downloaded the offficial KPL firmware and with odin i started the process but aftr 5 mins also i got this message Download Start…
          Create File…
          StartThread Detected : 1
          StartThread Detected : 0
          StartThread Detected : 0
          StartThread Detected : 0
          StartThread Detected : 0
          StartThread Detected : 0
          StartThread Detected : 0
          StartThread Detected : 0
          — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

        • PS3 HACKER I WAS GETTING THE SAME ERROR , BUT WHAT I DID WAS FIRST FED THE FILES in odin , BOTH “ops.ben” AND THE “one package” ie the tar file of KPL , then swtch off ur phone , make it in an downloading mode , thn try to connect with pc , thn it wud detect properly and flashed properly , if getting the same error thn , pull out the battery and again make it in a recovery mode as well as open odin again and fed the files properly first , …….its imp to keep other programs like kies shud b closed b4 flashing and also u shud have the admin rights , the guest login wont allow u to flash…..Just flash like i told u my battery back up is awesum , try such thn tell me ….if u getting same error…..

  105. finally i m on official KPL version ……………hope everything works fine….

  106. KPL is an official update ….still a person shares that link …..we can manually update KPL version from odin …….gud to know from neal that kpl is not an update …if link issues were resolved here …the link which i have posted wud b shown …hmmm lolz

  107. Hey Neal Pradeep
    U said KPL has only 1 version so can u give that version link or source or sumthing to me bcoz am in a desperate need of it dude…

  108. hey hey hey why the links are being dissapearing here ??????? neal whats that ?

  109. HERE IS A LINK FOR SEVERAL FROYO AND GINGERBREAD ROMS….for who wants to degrade their fit…….

  110. Thanks Neal…it worked well….great job!

  111. Hey , thanks for thee rooting guide by the way i installed gingerbread on my phone and activated gprs pack for a few days on my airtel network, it was working fine at that time , i disabled it through the data network disable mode from power button to save my bucks from getting consumed as the apps sync in the background . today after 2 weeks i tried to again enable my data network but it doesnt get enabled i tried a lot but it didnt , i used some other programs too but they show an error , how do i solve this ?!

  112. KPL is an official version , but i have KPI , is thr any stock rom of KPL here ?

  113. Dear Neal

    Can you please let us know what the major diffrence in XEKPG 2.3.4 and this version

    If have updated to XEKPG 2.3.4 previously so is there any problem while updating to this version
    Mainly Does it support Flash Player

  114. I jus want a help am on GINGERBREAD 2.3.4 XXKPG now how i can get onto XXKPL ?? Plz answer waiting eagerly

  115. yes neal i cleared the cache but it wont work,

    kindly reply,

  116. i update with xwkq2.thnafter root my mob. now plz suggest me some custom themes for my gf.. thnx

  117. asian firmware S5670ZCKP7 is available at ..will u pl plz tell is it 2.3.5 gingerbread or else what it is..?

  118. when new and better FW will be available………..

  119. neal wud there b 2.3.5 for galaxy fit ?

  120. i have some .. questions and problems !
    Can u tell me when will be the official update foe s5670 will be out, and one more, are there any custom roms for s5670 rooted, running on 2.3.4 XWKQ2 !

    My airtel internet, is not working, the way it shuld work, i mean speed problems, it take minutes to load simple page !!

    pls,, help !

  121. plz sugest custom rom for my galaxy fit……

  122. Rathan , to clear the cache partition u have to switch off ur phone then , switch on ur phone in recovery mode , for entering into the recovery mode just press ur middle button (home key) + ur power button then release both , u wud get into the recovery mode , secondly in that mode ur touch wont work so u have to use ur volume + and – keys ….u wud get a option wipe cache partition , select that by ur ok key (ie. home button as an selection key ) working in that recovery mode ….u can also reset factory ur phone if needed (if u have flashed ur phone then ) otherwise ur wish …

  123. nivan i must suggest u just google “Tsar samsung galaxy fit drivers” u wud get Tsar site where u can download the samsung galaxy fit drivers ….then install that , u wud get connected ……….for sure ,my gurantee

  124. hi
    i just bought my galaxy fit 2 weeks ago
    i installed this update and it is great
    but i have a serious problem
    it cant read “Arabic” language in browser or anywhere

    is there a version that can read arabic language ?
    is there will be ? when ?
    can i get the old ROM back ? the middle east version that supports arabic ?

    thanx so much

  125. Dear Mr.Pradeep,

    Thank you very much for your posts. I have upgraded my FIT to 2.3.4 XXKPI. Its lot better than what i had originally in my phone. But one thing, after upgrading to XXKPI my USB Tethering is not working. And Iam not sure of hotspot as well. These are very important for me. As I am going to have a HP Touchpad very soon, USB hotspot is very important for me. Please help….

    • download XWKQ2 is the best update till date far better than has no USB prblm plus in addition some good features are in it…as compared to XXKPI

      • i, last week i have upgraded my mobile from Froyo to Gingerbread XXKPG.. is this the latest version or is there any other latest update???

        • hi, last week have updated my mobile from Froyo to Gingerbread XXKPG. is this the latest version or is there any other version.

  126. hi
    I am totally new to this upgrade procedure. I am using this phone from last 4 month. Still I am using 2.2.1 froyo version. Can I upgrade it with xwkq2 version directly or I need to upgrade with intermediate version then need to upgrade with this?
    What If my upgrade fails and phone does not work then can I go to Samsung care center and get it repaired under warranty?

  127. NeaL Pradeep, thanks, im succesfull updated. Waiting for next update

  128. thanx for this Mr.Neal …..can u port cyanogen 7.1 with gingerbread 2.3.5 to galaxy fit?
    ….It is already available for galaxt mini!
    So..why is fit behind?
    Further, please provide us an iverclock galaxy fit!!
    Hoping for a reply and article sooon!!!

    • yes neil we are working on the same!

      • thanx for ur support!!!by the way i tried the cyanogen of galaxy mini on my fit…but its definitely very buggy!!
        1)the touch bottons are not resonding!
        2)the camera app keps force closing!!
        3)there are gps and radio.issues also!!

        so i reverted back to your XKQ2 ROM and its damn awesome!!
        …please create an overclockble kernel soon….and ANDROIDADVICES ROCKSSSSSS………..!!!!

  129. how to clear cache pls help me

  130. Hi . Today I have upgraded my samsung fit with your latest release. In odin it flashed the PASS with blue colour. But my phone is reacting very strangely with the message as shown SORRY! THE APPLICATION SETUP WIZARD(PROCESS.COM.SEC.ANDROID.UGL) HAS STOPPED UNEXPECTEDLY.PLEASE TRY AGAIN. FORCE STOP.
    I have repeated the process again and the same is happening. Please help

  131. nivan thts may b coz of ur samsung drivers ….if u want da drivers jst type on google’tsar samsung galaxy fit drivers’ u wud get it….hope it works install it thn try to connect ..

  132. My phone is going into downloading mode but odin is not detecting it plz help .

  133. hey its showing that XWKQ2 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Zip file not found in the procedure section plz help me!

  134. no ,neal if our phone is bricked even if we clear the cache …it wont work… at tht tme i upgraded to KPI version…till nw market didnt hav updates……in KPI version….hope 2.3.5 wud come soon

  135. neal why r u making my comments awaiting so far …..any problem ? ….have i written anything vulgar ?

  136. Since i was getting the problem of new market and the automatic updates frm that of maps and “internal memory increasing”…. then i decided to came back to 2.2.1 froyo XXKA6 version , but what i got is , i bricked my phone ……thn i flashed with XXKPI version its fine …….neal jst sort out the problem of degrading …….1 more thing when we r degrading if u are attaching any file to odin like ops.ben , apboot , csc , modem , code file ……in between attaching if its giving error in any file then , if u ignore such ……UR phone wud bricked ……so keep in mind while degrading ……and if bricked …..u have to upgrade …..

  137. can we root XWKQ2 version with ur above mentioned rooting process…..

  138. turn off thn *

  139. hey its such a big problem………market needs background data ….what to do now….if i turned on thn maps and new maket update itself …if i turn on thn market wont open….main problem is internal memory…huh this update ……cnt bear anymore….

  140. hai ,this is navin i m using galaxy fit and i update the last two versions but the last version doesnot supported to my fit,i tried but everytime i got application setup does not start and give option to force close .what is the issue going here and give some suggetions.

  141. hmmm mine too new market looks are good .but still it carries 7 mb in internal memory with itself … market is something similar to iphone apps market……and also its very slow and makes much cashe ……we cnt even go back ….it needs abt 5-10 seconds for the same ….(android market 3.13)…..occupying lot of internal memory …..i have uninstalled that but still…its installing again….any way to disable update of market ….. i think …..background data (sync making it off) cud help ????

  142. thnx sukhdeep….. ;)

  143. Thanks Neal just followed your instructions and it was too easy :) keep it up, and ignore those harsh comments!

  144. ‘That works thanks

    very easy watch this to root in less then 5 mins

  145. Hi I followed all the steps and pressed the Start button and the process started. on my screen it displayed
    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    VerifyPlatform:V0, P0,R0
    set download environment.
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    mibib download..
    1/9 Finished.
    qcsbl download..
    2/9 Finished.
    oemsbl download..
    3/9 Finished.
    amss download..
    4/9 Finished.
    arm11boot download..
    5/9 Finished.
    boot.img download..
    6/9 Finished.
    recovery.img download..
    7/9 Finished.
    system.rfs download..

    but the step-8 is taking very very long time. I even waited till 20minutes but still nothing is happening. Can you please suggest me what i should do now???

  146. how can we find the version of market neal ?

  147. rooting of XWKQ2 version……?????????/ plz

  148. hey i m also facing the same problem after the installation it says application start up problem and it give option to force close. again and again it give the same issue after the clear of cache also what is the issue…kindly leave a reply

    thanks and regards

  149. oh my my…..hahahaha neal atleast dnt give wrng solutions to our newly frnds…..FIT would never support flash player , bcoz the processor ARM V6 does not n never support flash………….But there can be made an emulator which cud support flash afterwards…….its same like the java emulator on galaxy fit …hmmm it wud also b able to support flash lite n other flash files…….hmm i can make such n we r working on it ……next is rooting ……””……………………GO and watch this if u didnt get the procedure thn let me knw…..enjoy…….

  150. new one is 3.13 …..i have cleared cache…bt new android is too slow compared to old market….can i go for XWKQ2 installation again..

  151. my fit automatically updated new android market….nd it,s very slow…as my net speed is gud…wen i uninstalled it to get older android market …then after few minutes new android market once again,s very sluggish…plz tell me the best way to use android market smoothly..

  152. Neal the tutorial was very good and easy to follow I was reluctant as I had bricked my phone before…

    Now just waiting for the tutorial to root this as many advanced functions require root :)

    I tried the “gingerbreak” it did not seem to work with this so maybe you guys have to try something else

    Once again thanks..

    Moreover could you let me know if future updates of this will support 10.3? it would great treat to watch youtube desktop on phone

    • sure sukhdeep we are looking into this!

      • The error in the wifi is when i leave the wifi on and i lock the screen. After a few minutes i unlock the screen and the wifi deosn’t work anymore. When i try to turn it off and back on. After the wifi is turned off, trying to turn it on it keeps on getting an error. Can you guys update it? if possible you have my thanks and gratitude!

  153. the usb issue was resolved

  154. The usb problem now a tutorial on how to root this :)

    Works nice and faster than stock 2.2

  155. Hey gyts,, Im getting a wifi error….please help…

    • what error you are getting? Kindly mention the same!

      • The error in the wifi is when i leave the wifi on and i lock the screen. After a few minutes i unlock the screen and the wifi deosn’t work anymore. When i try to turn it off and back on. After the wifi is turned off, trying to turn it on it keeps on getting an error. Can you guys update it? if possible you have my thanks and gratitude!

  156. Hey First, I want to thank you guys for updating~.
    But I have a problem with the wifi. I keep on getting a error message when i try to go wifi. Can you guys fix a problem with it?

  157. moreover how to root this thing?

  158. The usb connection is not working help!

    otherwise things are fine

    still can t install flash 10.3! :(

    plz help me with usb issue asap


  159. hmm so nw i got ur problm neal……u jst cnt undrstana……

  160. Thanks Neal Pradeep, and all the team members… I previously updated my Samsung Galaxy Fit with the XXKPI upgrade which you guys provided us. And today I updated my phone with ummmmm….XWKQ2 upgrade…

    Dear friend, I appreciate your service and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Well my phone speed was increased when I updated it previously, and this time, too. So thanks again for that. I don’t know the other changes in this version. But I’ll check it later, after re-installing the application which I used to keep on my phone. Thanks again.

    And I’ve a question, I’m not sure whether you answered it before to someone else or not, if yes, then sorry…

    Is this version (XWKQ2) new or the XXKPI???

    Many thanks again, to the team of

  161. its cmin as the application setup (process stopped unexpectedly . please try again.. ma phone bricked?? plzz help ma phone nt wurking

  162. thnx dear, wrkng gr8…….

  163. neal bro thats what i said already that ………..after rooting with that zip file ……..1 thing left for unrooting ie update the phone again………..

  164. can u people verify his link it,s regarding rooting of galaxy fit…

  165. n 2.2.1 is already thr if sme 1 has to downgrade …..if u or anybuddy want the link n procedure i cn gve…

    • Can you please provide the link.

      My original version details are as follow
      BaseBand Version: s5670DDKA6
      Build number: Froyo.DDKB1

  166. ther are still various issue may b small 1 fr u …….the system tutorial in about phone is nt working ….same thr is an option software update …..whn we do tht thrs always n error in connection …gps showing incorrect latitude n sign….hmm lot to do still

  167. stock rom update u mean ……flashing again with odin ……. ????

  168. 1 guy asked tht he is not getting into recovery mode bt u ….nt gvn proper answr…….instead u said try to flash again……nw tell ……answr was simple home key + power let u in a recovery mode n thr clear da cashe n wipe factory…..if u work as a team thn …proper answr wud satisfy ur followers……m sry 4 my harshness bt try to b in more brief , with whom who dnt knw evn abt ths update n heard fr 1st tme….thnx buddy

    • Probably you are right but again we have added a video to how to get the phone into recovery mode in most of the articles along with the text based tutorials too. Our team tries to respond to around 300 queries every single day by the readers along with the timely updates on different firmwares which have to be tested and tried and guess what everything is done for free of cost to the readers. Hence these tiny suggestion mistakes can happen but if that guy would have researched a bit he would have got the answer himself.

  169. we can root this device easily with that zip file…bt thr are several disadvantages…….my opera n some othr apps stop working , superuser was ok installed …bt still we cnt unroot………try root n unroot with superone click ……remembr i dnt knw hw to unroot aftr tht zip file thn i flashed my phn again……

  170. this neal doesnt knws anythng……ask any question to me till its root

    • great to hear that sahil that you know everything! You can help other fellow buddies out here on their issues! Thanks for your comment!

      I don’t agree with your comment saying i don’t know “anything”, i know about Android, if not everything most of the things am versed with. We work as a team and this what makes us strong. I hope you understood things, do let us know for any help!

  171. Been having a google ref the sleep of death/screen of death SOD and it also seems to effect the Galaxy ACE

  172. Have re applied update on both phones and from a different PC no different how do I downgrade to 2.2 Froyo and do you have link to latest/last 2.2 firmware (XW or XX) country code.

  173. I’ve just updated to XWKQ2. kies tells me this ROM XWKQ2 cann’t be updated. Before I updated to XWKQ2, my ROM was XXKPL(also gingerbread2.3.4). Could anybody tell me which one is latest one? I guess that maybe XXKPL is later than XWKQ2. Right ? I want the latest one and don’t want to see the kies telling me” your ROM couldn’t be modified” .Could anyone help me?

    • you need to update via odin and not via KIES!

      • o(∩_∩)o , you misunderstood my words. I have already reflashed to XWKQ2 via Odin after I read your procedure.Now my ROM is XWKQ2,before that my ROM was XXKPL.I want to know is xwkq2 better than XXKPL? I think I’m a little crazy of latest ROM.I always want to update to the latest ROM as soon as I know it is available. When will you release better ROM? We expect that.Thanks for your answer.

  174. i have updated my mobile with OS XXKPG.
    What are the changes and advanteges for this XWKQ2 ?
    XWKQ2 is better than XXKPG ?

    thank for that

  175. will u post any further updates for s5670…..

  176. Hi Neal thanks for the guide worked a treat (A+++ guide). I wonder if you could help I am having a problem with 2 x S5670 Fit’s which is why I reflashed them using your tutorial. Heres the story I have 2 S5670 Fit’s both originally updated to this version with Kies. When either phone is turned on from cold boot if you let it boot without touching it when you pick it up it will be stuck in sleep mode intermittently not every time. The phones are definately on and just stuck because if you ring them from another phone they have the ringing tone on the phone you are calling them from and they dont go to answerphone but their is nothing from the Fit it just stays asleep no screen no ringtone nothing you would not know its ringing. This problem does not seem to occour if you keep the phone awake while it finishes booting. Dont know if it happened in 2.1 because I updated both phones as soon as I got them. Does anyone else have this problem.



    • thanks gaz, there are no errors as of now…

      • Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing these issues its really strange wouldnt think its a hardware fault on both phones i have????

      • Phone wont resume from standby after clean boot if phone is switched on and not touched until it has booted and gone to sleep. When you then press unlock button nothing happens, as i said i originally updated both phones with Kies and this problem appeared then so I reflashed both from your tutorial as I thought Kies may have corrupted the firmware and problem still their so wouldnt think both phones had hardware problem it must be firmware glitch. The problem doesnt happen every time you switch either phone off and back on but does happen a fair bit I think it maybee something to do with the media scanning at boot because phone sleeps before this has finished. I have tried clearing cache and wiping data in recovery mode to no avail.

  177. Neal, You Rock Man !!! it works like a charm .

    BTW in fit you may not have to press Vol + button to get into recovery mode ( opposed to video).

    Is there any way I can restore applications I had previously.


  178. Hi Neal,
    I am getting message :”The Application Setup Wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. ”
    How to fix it? If clearing cache is solution, how to do since I am getting blank screen and every 5 secs this error msg is popping up… Need your help!!!

  179. how can i root this version…..??//

  180. Can anyone tell me that how to download new version of android market ??? And also i want to say that is there any HD game playable on this phone ???????

  181. how can i root xwkq2 version ????????
    can i root with upd_zip????????
    is this a safer way to root??

  182. pls tell me how to root this version of 2.3.4!!!!!!!!!
    can i root this from upd_zip ???????????

  183. Thanks for your hard work…as a starter i have a few question
    hey is this xwkq2 version or xxkpl version official?….and where can i find xxkpl update download procedure?

  184. No major problems
    But i am facing these,
    No:1 while getting an incoming call, i cant make the ringing tone to silent(in sound mode) using volume buttons… please fix this.
    No:2 Call cost message is making sound/vibrate which was not there while i brought my fit. can i make that to silent..

  185. i downloaded and unzipped successfully bt S5670XWKQ2.tar is missing ,, wat to do?

  186. can anyone tell me please how to root this version? :(

  187. ha haa i got it….. :-)
    NeaL Pradeep realy thanks for the great job… its working without any problems…..
    lot of thanks for this update.

  188. hello sir i have updated to this new firmware its awsome…… but its not in english..
    how can i change that to english…. plz help me

  189. hey one question ..i have xxkpg installed …which one should i go for ?? xxkpi? or xwkq2??? pls help.. is there any bugs which i should be concerned about????

  190. hi neal,
    i upgraded to this version too but it is still not detecting my sim card and giving ‘emergency calls’ msg on home screen, can u help pls

  191. this is perfect i buy a new fit and update to xxkpi after this know i running xwkq2 its awesome

  192. market says that no matching content
    pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. m loosing my internal memory day by day…..clearing cache will help….???????

  194. wow. SO helpful. clear and concise. thx very much :-)

  195. my android market is not working,
    actually i rooted my device, but reflashed it,
    and as of now my gps and android market are not working properly ! pls help !

  196. Anshul Chaurasia

    i have downloaded the zip file of android 2.23 but it requires password when extracting the zip or rar file… because of this the odin software can’t able to detect files so please give me soln……..????

  197. My GPS is not working correctly, it is always showing some other place as my current location ! please help !

  198. hai i used this update ……..its installed correctly but my keyboard is not appearing so i could not use any thing please help me its urgent …………… thank u

  199. most probably this is the official version tahts why its flawless and if this is true galaxy fit users are very lucky as they have got an update earlier than others

  200. Does anyone knows how to root your phone after this? :) thanks!

  201. the best gingerbread version till date….Quadrant Standard benchmark testing… gives result of 932…on prvs version it givesresult around 552 to 562……thank u neel..once again….gr8 job…

  202. Christian Jharis

    i also have the same problem i already try to clear the cache and tried to reinstall it again but still the same issue, i reinstall the old version s5670xxkpi so that i can use my phone again, please post if this issue has been resolve, thanks

  203. In samfirmware website they have posted a update to CSC = OXXKQ2… whether we need to update to that one or this one u have posted

  204. Successfully updated, working flawlessly..
    Just to note
    After updating i have also face Setup wizard failed Force close,
    This Can be remove by removing cache/reset phone
    NOTE that to get recovery mode press MENU + POWER button only NO VOLUME button needed, and if you press volume button, you get ARM MODE

  205. I have completed till follow Message and bluescreen was appeared with PASS message then also wait till 15 mins then also it not starting properly.

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    VerifyPlatform:V0, P0,R0
    set download environment.
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    big partition size!!
    mibib download..
    1/9 Finished.
    qcsbl download..
    2/9 Finished.
    oemsbl download..
    3/9 Finished.
    amss download..
    4/9 Finished.
    arm11boot download..
    5/9 Finished.
    boot.img download..
    6/9 Finished.
    recovery.img download..
    7/9 Finished.
    system.rfs download..
    8/9 Finished.
    csc.rfs download..
    9/9 Finished.
    reset pda..
    Started Timer
    Close serial port and wait until rebooting.
    Destroy instant..
    Killed timer

    after that my phone showing error and asking continously force close message so wat i do now???????
    help me

  206. After completing the task i got this on my screen Sorry( the application wizard process help .
    i tried reinserting the battery..plz reply fast my phone aint working

  207. dude ! there is some version on samfirmware called kpl which is said to be official as it appeared on kies in eastern europe , why dont you get that ?!

  208. Video mentioned in the article to enter into recovery mode , !
    Does’nt work with s5670
    To go into recovery mode , just press and hold menu and power button together !

  209. hi Ruchi

    if u want to go to recovery mode then press home key and power button

    no need to press to volume up key

  210. hi after completing the task i got mess on my screen Sorry( the application wizard process
    has stop unexpectedly. please try again
    though odin downloader shows Pass

  211. Help me .. ! i am unable to use my phone ! . as i reboots it always says , setup wizard force closes !!

    • You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now after which your Galaxy FIT will be rebooting..i faced the same prblm bt after clearing cache nd wipe cache partition phn is wrkng osem…

      • thanks shashank for the tip and helping other users!

        • I too had the same problem, if you face this issue of “Force close” setup wizard, get into recovery mode.

          To activate recovery mode,
          1) switch off the phone,
          2) press home key + power key
          3) Once u get the recovery screen
          4) do Wipe Data/Factory Reset and wipe cache(touch will not work use volume up and down and home button to select)
          5) then restart the update.
          6) It will be sucess.

          Hope you enjoy the Latest Gingerbread…

  212. I upgraded successfully, but as it reboots, setup wizard always force close!!

  213. Thanx for the new version but have some question that after i upgarde to 2.3.4 from 2.2 i didn’t find Recovery, cache clear etc instaed of it my phone displayed RAMDUMP MODE ( ARM9 MODE) what is that ? Is my warranty over?

  214. siddhartha rangra

    What are the upgrades in this , with respect to the earlier update XXXPI !

  215. Helllo sir where is this new version download file? or from which link i will get it ? Previously i was upgrade my phone firmware from 2.2 froyo to Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKPI . now from where i can download this new version XWKQ2 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Zip file?

  216. nice update provide option for network mode….like nokia…thank,s alot….

  217. thank,s i have done it…no prblm wrkng awesome…

  218. can i go for this update my old gingerbread version is my galaxy fit nd it,s running gud without ny prblm…

  219. what contry version is this XWKQ2 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Zip file

    • you can updatefrom any region!

    • Hi . Today I have upgraded my samsung fit with your latest release. In odin it flashed the PASS with blue colour. But my phone is reacting very strangely with the message as shown SORRY! THE APPLICATION SETUP WIZARD(PROCESS.COM.SEC.ANDROID.UGL) HAS STOPPED UNEXPECTEDLY.PLEASE TRY AGAIN. FORCE STOP.
      I have repeated the process again and the same is happening. Please help.

      • Hey I got it. I had left one step and that was to clear the cache and after that I can’t belive that it was my old phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Thank you guys.

        • arwien reza (@syxxmaster)

          and how i clear the cache??

        • the same thing happened with me also…
          i went to clear the cache…
          but it shwed ######################
          # #
          # RAMDUMP Mode #
          # (ARM9 mode) #

          • Don’t hold the volume up button and the middle button at the same time. Only hold the middle button at startup. keep holding it until the Galaxy Fit logo disappears and you enter safeboot mode, from where you can control the menu with the volume buttons and the middle button

      • hey have u got downloaded all the mentioned files??

        if YES pls tell me d way how u downloaded..

        i downloaded using download manager around 6 times..but im nt getting all files..

        cn u pls send me d zip file to my mail ::

        plsssssss…………… awaiting for u kind response….,,,

    • hiii
      i process the phone about 40 minitus but nothing happend .please help me about update. on my screen shows

      # RAMDUMP Mod #
      # (ARM9 mode) #

      please help me

      some inst which soft.shows:-

      Download Start…
      Create File…
      StartThread Detected : 1
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      setup connection…