How To Update Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 to ZCKP7 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Galaxy FIT 2.3.4 LogoFit in an all-new update for your Samsung Galaxy Fit which is the smartest budget Android phone available in the Market. This all new update is dubbed as the Gingerbread 2.3.4 ZCKP7 almost has zero bugs as all thanks to our leaks which claim that this is the most stable update as of now for the Galaxy FIT Smartphone. So, in the due course of the article let’s check out on how you can apply this fresh new update on your phone. There has been a substantial number of changes when we have a look at the enhancements list as if you are moving from the current froyo based operating system, you will see that an all new green colored theme will now be taking shape in the phone unlike the froyo’s native blue colored theme.

One of the best part of this firmware is that it comes from the native Gingerbread build which is not only having the better battery backup but also has the better  user interface which is sure to impress you as its much faster than the earlier version of the firmware. Unlike the last version we saw with the XWKQ2 version, this version has many stability fixes which has been applied so as to cover up all the bugs which that version had. Please note that, you are requested to apply this update only to the phones which has the model number as Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670, despite mentioning this several times, it has been found that there are substantial number of people who go ahead and apply this update even for other handsets. If you do so then we don’t undertake the guarantee of your device as we should not be held liable or responsible for your device in any manner.

Rooting Information:
Please note that applying this firmware update on your Galaxy FIT S 5670 doesn’t mean that you have rooted your phone in any manner as rooting is a separate thing which we will look at it later and since this update won’t root the device, the warranty of the phone will stay intact.

But yes, just in case if your current firmware version is rooted and you are now trying to update the phone with this firmware then the rooting access will be revoked and after applying this update, you will have to again root the device so as to get the root access.

Please note that in the due course of this updation process you will be losing the APN Settings as well as the MMS Settings which are responsible for the Internet access in your phone and for sending the Multimedia messages respectively. So, you need to take a note of this and also just in case if you have configured the device with the Wi Fi settings then these settings too will be cleared after the firmware updation process.

For your convenience, we have broken this article into different pages so that each and every section can be read carefully. It’s very strongly recommended that you proceed for the update only after reading this whole article once so that you will be well versed with the application of the update.

Note: We should not be held liable or responsible in any manner for any damage to your device which is a very unlikely event if you follow each and every single instruction carefully. So, let’s proceed for the Pre Requisites first and then followed by the instructions to update the phone.

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