How To Update Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 to ZCKP7 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Galaxy FIT 2.3.4 LogoFit in an all-new update for your Samsung Galaxy Fit which is the smartest budget Android phone available in the Market. This all new update is dubbed as the Gingerbread 2.3.4 ZCKP7 almost has zero bugs as all thanks to our leaks which claim that this is the most stable update as of now for the Galaxy FIT Smartphone. So, in the due course of the article let’s check out on how you can apply this fresh new update on your phone. There has been a substantial number of changes when we have a look at the enhancements list as if you are moving from the current froyo based operating system, you will see that an all new green colored theme will now be taking shape in the phone unlike the froyo’s native blue colored theme.

One of the best part of this firmware is that it comes from the native Gingerbread build which is not only having the better battery backup but also has the better  user interface which is sure to impress you as its much faster than the earlier version of the firmware. Unlike the last version we saw with the XWKQ2 version, this version has many stability fixes which has been applied so as to cover up all the bugs which that version had. Please note that, you are requested to apply this update only to the phones which has the model number as Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670, despite mentioning this several times, it has been found that there are substantial number of people who go ahead and apply this update even for other handsets. If you do so then we don’t undertake the guarantee of your device as we should not be held liable or responsible for your device in any manner.

Rooting Information:
Please note that applying this firmware update on your Galaxy FIT S 5670 doesn’t mean that you have rooted your phone in any manner as rooting is a separate thing which we will look at it later and since this update won’t root the device, the warranty of the phone will stay intact.

But yes, just in case if your current firmware version is rooted and you are now trying to update the phone with this firmware then the rooting access will be revoked and after applying this update, you will have to again root the device so as to get the root access.

Please note that in the due course of this updation process you will be losing the APN Settings as well as the MMS Settings which are responsible for the Internet access in your phone and for sending the Multimedia messages respectively. So, you need to take a note of this and also just in case if you have configured the device with the Wi Fi settings then these settings too will be cleared after the firmware updation process.

For your convenience, we have broken this article into different pages so that each and every section can be read carefully. It’s very strongly recommended that you proceed for the update only after reading this whole article once so that you will be well versed with the application of the update.

Note: We should not be held liable or responsible in any manner for any damage to your device which is a very unlikely event if you follow each and every single instruction carefully. So, let’s proceed for the Pre Requisites first and then followed by the instructions to update the phone.

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  1. dear neal sir,,
    my self kartikey i have samsung galaxy fit s5670 (black) i upgraded my android version gingerbread 2.3.4 to 4.1.1 to jellybean when i am upgrading then exactly my phone has been switched off i start again this phone but it doesn’t work i press the switch off and on button but it again doesn’t work i charged my phone fully then i start but it doesn’t anything response

  2. Firmware download link not working !!

  3. the upgrade was successful.but when i used the options to go into recovery mode, the startup screen has come and theres a message reading RAMDUMP Mode
    (ARM9 mode)…what do i do?

  4. Hi this is mahesh aggrawal here
    i upgrade my mobile in 2.3.4. but i want to go back with old version how this possiable plz help me

  5. hi the message is come can not connect usb port

  6. Hi I do The samsung galaxy fit android 2.3 update proceture but message is come your usb port not connect please help me frnd.

  7. I done my update successfully but when i tried clearing the cache i get into the RAMDUMP Mode ( ARM9 mode ) i don’t know what i can do
    i’m on Gingerbread 2.3.4
    ZCKP7 2.3.4.

  8. how to update fit to gingerbread 2.3.6??? you have given link for only 2.3.4.. and also how to subscribe to news letter?????

  9. Where can I download this version?????////

  10. Hey frmds…..!!!
    I m recently update my galaxy fit with both Version (ZCKP8 & XWQK2)
    But ZCKP is Chinese Version ,
    i cant able to add account…. so gmail & android market & all google App Are not working…….
    Pls help………!
    Do u have any indian version(ddkq5 or 7 )???????

  11. hey zckp7 is chinese version , i try it ….
    But then i not able to add google account to my stay with xwkq2

  12. first of all sorry for my english
    i have updated my galaxy fit to android 2.3.7 but the google apps and android market is not there….
    there was a gapps zip file but i dont know how to install it…
    please i beg,tell me the steps…
    please reply fast…i beg… i am so worried

  13. hi.. i’m frm india.. i’m using this mob for the past one and half month.. i update the latest 2.3.4 version for it.. but i got the problem on ending of calls.. the end button not responding well.. pls tel how to clear this problem… also pls said is any version 2.3.6 is really exist… is available for the samsung galaxy fit.. then pls tel me guys.. ok c u

  14. Hi everyone i have just upgraded my phone mentioned above. But i want to know what is the LATEST FIRMWARE for Galaxy Fit S5670. If anybody know please give me the information.

    Thanks in advance :)

  15. hello sir help me i download the firmware now it is asking for BENI_v1.0.ops where can i get this help me i am upgrating my samsung fit 2.3.4 to 2.3.6 help me

  16. when will we get the new update firmware (2.3.5)

  17. Neel
    In galaxy fit internal memory is 180 mb but i have installed only 18 application and message shown internal memary full and
    shown only 18 mb available.
    how get more space in internal memory.
    pl tell me. i am waiting. pl reply me.

    • delete some of the data to make the space!

      • Neel my freind
        U tell me delete some data.
        but which data i delete from phone?
        only 18 app in my phone and all are usefull. and 18 app space is 30 to 40 mb.
        why procured internal memory show onle 18 mb space in 180mb memory.
        i can not delete all 18 app. pl tell me what i do?

  18. Hi i have installed Gingerbread 2.3.4 for my galaxy fit on 1 december 2011 in india using fallowing link . i successfully installed it according to the procedure. Now i am not able to open android market, gmail and some apps. so please help me through mail….
    (Link removed by moderator)

  19. I have just installed 2.3.6 and its definitely better than 2.3.4 xwkq2

  20. I have found an update 2.3.6 for galaxy fit just need ur help if I should or not use it
    here is download link for package
    (Link removed by moderator)

  21. Hello Neal,
    S5670ZCKP8 version is availble. Is it stable and official release or it is same as ZCKP7 version.
    Is S5670ZCKP8 version better than XWQK2 version

  22. someone please tell me which version of froyo does the galaxy fit come pre installed with in india..i bought my phone in august 2011…..

  23. but i dnt knw which version of froyo 2.2.1 my phone had….i bought my phone in august…

  24. Neil…earlier i asked u in a different thread how to get back to my original android 2.2 version so that i can download official gingerbread release via KIES..u asked e about which android version i had earlier….due to some reason, m nt able to reply there..i had froyo 2.2.1 version that came pre installed on my phone..please help me…how can i get my phone back to this pre installed version so that i can download official gingerbread via KIES…
    Thank You..

  25. I m looking for tun.ko module for using openvpn

  26. Pls tell me where can I find tun.ko for gt-S5670 XWKQ2

  27. hey
    how to upgrade samsung galaxy fit to gingerbread
    where can i get this upgrades
    and how to do so in my smart phone

  28. where can I find 2.3.5 or 2.3.6 update for galaxy fit gt-S5670

  29. where can I find the update pls tell me

  30. Now its taking 50mins Help

  31. How much time it should take For me its taking more than 10mins its taking 20mins

  32. After upgrading I lost my Android market as well as Gmail.. ! How to regain them ??

  33. Lots of standard stuff removed; lots of non-standard stuff added.
    Menu Contents are:

    FM Radio
    Social Hub
    My Files

    Samsung Apps
    Task Manager
    Voice Recorder
    UC Browser
    Animation Message

    Straight Flush
    SIM Toolkit
    ThinkFree Office

  34. I have installed gingerbread 2.3.4 on my new mobile SAMSUNG-FIT-S-5670.
    But while installing it did not ask for the language preference.
    After installation, the names are appering both in korean and english language.
    Sometimes unknown numbers, it is showing only in korean instead on english.
    Can somebody help on this issu

  35. when is 2.3.5 or 6 upgrade is going to be available officially or unofficially for galaxy fit

  36. Hey can you guys put up the procedure for flashing cyanogenmod on samsung galaxy fit Please.

  37. I upgraded my galaxy fit recently to 2.3 but i have a number of problems:
    1) I cannot connect my google account with the phone as a result of which i cannot access the android market, youtube, gmail and stuff.
    2) After upgrading when my phone rebooted I found a number of applications installed on my device which i had not downloaded before, whats even more worse I cannot uninstall them.
    3) I cannot open some inbuilt applications like the calender, news and weather, etc.
    Why are they occurring, Please give a solution to these problems.Thanks in advance.

  38. Download link for the package is not working, please help.

  39. hey its a worst update please help to upgrade 2.3.5

  40. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE why don’t you put s5670jpkq7 on your servers? it is the first arabic 2.3.4 firmware for this phone.

  41. For your information, getting into recovery mode of Galaxy Fit is a different procedure…

    You just hold the home button and the power button and not the volume up button.. It works fine without the volume up button!

  42. Dear Neel

    please release the new updated version with eng language. also tell me how much for release new version.

    I am waiting for the same for long time.

  43. Is this latest version of android 2.3.4 and stable please reply to my comment

  44. Dear Neal Pradeep .. Plz tell me which firmware is best >> XXKPI or ZCKP7 ??

    I hv currently XEKPG.. it is very gud n fast processing of all apps. Plz answer me ASAP .. i hv downloaded both packages. XXKPI and ZCKP7??

  45. I upgraded to the above firmware it was done successfully… i was unable to clear cache as i was not able to get into the recovery mode to clear cache… now my phone is detecting the memory card…bt my Music player says error to read memory card and keeps on scanning….please help also the additional apps wich are installed are in other launguage….

  46. hi please help i upgraded my galaxy fit s5670 to to 2.3.4 and dont want it i have no google or android market anymore and other problems so i want to go back to original how do i do this thankyou

  47. Is this version supports flash player 10.3 or any other version of flash in galaxy fit?

  48. anyone can help me, teaching me how to upgrade my gts5670b cellphone?

  49. hey guys when i was updating my pc power went off and after that i again started and it completed in 4.57 sec and the phone is restarting and restarting what to do pl help me

    • Prakash ,,, switch phone on in recovery mode ( power button + home button ) ,,, wipe data/factory , clear cache partition.

  50. Update..

    When it got to ~100mins I gave up, closed Odin, pulled the cable…had to pop the battery to restart the phone.

    It appears to be unaffected by the process..booted normal and version info shows 2.2.1 / S5670XXKA7.

    I’m guessing the issue isn’t the ZCKP7 files. Any thoughts?

    Except for the backups, I followed all the instructions on page 2 & 3.

    I’m running Odin on XPSP3 (freshly updated as prep), have admin rights(only user) and the port is USB 2.0 and runs USB sticks/HDDs fine.

    Phone was freshly fully charged.

  51. What should I do if Odin’s gotten as far as:

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…

    ..and hasn’t changed. Com timer says 36 minutes …and counting.

      • Warning.
        On the D/L I had the ZIP file was password protected (as per the instructions) but inside that the TAR file was also password protected. Something Odin was obviously not ready for… So I waited 30 mins before pulling the USB cord and ended up unTARing the file with 7-zip (finding out a password was required) and then reTARing the file using Cygwin.
        THEN I passed THAT TAR file to Odin and it was all done in about 2 mins.

  52. The gingerbread update for FIT is officially available for Indian users…U just have to upgrade KIES(new version released on 29th Sep) from the SAMSUNG website….Do not upgrade from the KIES directly!! Go to the samsung website and download the 82 MB file and run it…connect ur FIT and KIES will tell u that firmware upgrade is available…upgarde and enjoy! The gingerbread rocks…I ve been using it for past 5 days….Almost all bugs fixed…My phone is now as slick as grease!

    • kuldeep thats good news indeed ..

      but there is a problem . we have upgarded our fone with ZCKP2 version.

      receiving error like this version is not upgradable.

      Aside Neal,

      Can you help in reverting the gingerbread to froyo .
      As we would not be able to get the official updates Samsung.

  53. hey i recently updated to ZCKP7 version nw i cannot use android market and other market apps
    plzzz fix it somehow

  54. what the fuck??? this is all chinese…shit dude market, gmail every google app is missing…we cant even add a google account!!! i gotta revert back to the previous firmware…pls update this post and give us the english based install…damn! :( :’(

  55. thanks a zillion for this. successfully upgraded it on my fit..its awesomo! :D :)

  56. Hi Neal……

    When updating my galaxy fit using kies , the computer hanged out suddenly and was being restarted automatically for 3 times. at this point kies was closed and . in my mobile i saw downloading screen was changed to screen with ‘a phone..!’ … after this i was unable to do anything and my phone is still like that..
    WHAT TO DO NOW…? plz suggest me a way.. as soon as possible.
    can i give it to the samsung service centre.?

  57. why my galaxy fit mobile does not support hindi and tamil fonts?
    plz help me. is there any software i need to dwnload??

  58. i done this process and i updated my samsung Galaxy fit gingerbread is working but i found that some of applications its not responding like camera is not opening same as with the Music player its not opening and not responding please please help me !! tell me how i fix this error please reply me on my mail adress if u can pls

  59. hey, atleast tell the process of updating …..
    i mean how to update the phone !


  61. Hi NeaL Pradeep,

    Waiting for the latest version for galaxy fit, XWKQ2 is one of the best update. Better battery backup, performance. Thanks in advance.

  62. Weeks ago my phone was updated to KP7 by KIES,but just now I was told by KIES that the version KP7 is not official and that they can not provide service to me when I connect the phone to KIES just now. Don’t know whey they are doing ?
    What ‘s wrong ?

  63. Thanks friends
    I finely did it but my phone not detecting usb teathering althoug showing conection cor sd card.plz help to resolve this problem.thanks

  64. everyones saying that this version is in chinese

    so being an indian should i update to this one?

    i mmean can i change the language in this update?

  65. Neel pl tell me zckp7 version is better or not? if you say better than xwkq2 version so i i update my fit with zckp7 version or wait for new version?

  66. Please update me once the Gingerbread 2.3.4 ZCKP7 has a release of full english version as the existing one is chinese language

  67. My screen keeps going off, it’s like it had no brightness at all!! HELP!!!

  68. why doesn’t any developer add persian language to these packages? in iran english texting is more expensive than farsi letters. by the way how can we reverse to xwkq2?

  69. it’s #ucking Chinese version…

  70. Neal Pradeep, ZCKP7 is in Chinese version. When will ZCKP7 English version available ?

  71. NeaL Pradeep, I updated ZCKP7 , but all applications are in Chinese language, also can’t able to add google account, Android market is not available with out google account. Quick office , google maps , and many other important applications are missing. The fine thing is that , lot of changes in call settings and user interface. So we all are waiting for English version. Thanks in advance for your efforts.

  72. worst update ever.
    neal what u have done this…………
    plzzzz………. remove this

  73. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    And my S5670 is Death!
    I have one problem. The phone do not want to enter in download mode or recovery, and the screen is always black and don’t vibrating.
    I was flashing it and somewhere it block and after that it do not start.

    I connected to PC and when i press:
    - Home + Power don’t enter in recovery mode and the PC don’t see it.
    - Volume Down + Home + Power don’t enter in download mode and PC don’t see it
    - Volume Up + Home + Power the Odin and PC was saw it and installed the driver for USB, modem and serial. But when i trying to install the ROM it block at “setting connection”

    If you are any suggestion or another software or u want to try something i am in the mood to try all. I buy the phone for testing

  74. I love the upgrade! Thanks for this! Although I have one problem: I can’t seem to connect to USB mode. On my ‘My Computer’ there’s a Removable Disk icon but when I click it, it says insert drive to E: which is weird. Can you please help me? :)

  75. hi my fit giving me the error as low phone memory and it is having no applicatons in the phone memory
    and i have a free memory of 20mb before i was connected to the system and after connecting the phone in usb storage mode phone memory was reduced to 10mb and showing the error as low phone memory please solve this issue

    when i want to enter into recovery mode i am getting screen as the arm9 mode i am unable to enter into recovery please help me

  76. hi my fit giving me the error as low phone memory and it is having no applicatons in the phone memory
    and i have a free memory of 20mb before i was connected to the system and after connecting the phone in usb storage mode phone memory was reduced to 10mb and showing the error as low phone memory please solve this issue

    when i want to enter into recovery mode i am getting scree as the arm9 mode i am unable to enter into recovery please help me

  77. Dear Neal

    Please advise if the Arabic Language has been added to the updated or yet
    I have update my mobile to the gingerbread.xxxkpl

    If the Arabic Langugae not updated yet cau i root my mobile for the origional version that includes Arabic Language
    If so how can i install it and from which link

    Thanks for the Amazing Job


  78. Neal, we are confused. Please come to our help. Tell us should we update to this ZCKP7 or stick with XWKQ2? please reply soon..

  79. how can i update the firmware without any losing DATA & APP.


    • Go to market place and download “app backup & restore” software you can backup your all applications by this software also same developer made “Sms backup restore” for sms and for contact as you know wid Google Sync simple go to cantact >options>sync

  80. @Neal,Kindly check the templates in the messages in zcpk7 updated galaxy fit….many apps are in chinese and cant even be removed even if I clear the cache ..and chnging the language doesnt make any difference is all in chinese and also this version doesnt hve swipe..srry bt in my opinion it aint better than xwkq2..

  81. neal changing the language wont let the change in language of the apps too,,isnt it like in gtalk and other apps in chinese ????

  82. Neal Pradeep, I am in XWKQ2 version now, I would like to update ZCKP7. some comments tells that ZCKP7 is chinese version. Can’t we change the language. Waiting for your reply for the update. Thanks in advance.

  83. can ny one tell abt this KB1 update for fit….??????????/

  84. I try to update this for my Fit but when i click on start button after selecting BENI_v1.0.ops & Tar file it take 20 mins for MIBIB process and not get complete process bar is on starting point it also not moving only time counting is goes on plz tell me what i have to do to install this version ZCKP7 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

  85. my computer got turned off while the updating was going on.what to do now.

  86. guys have u checked ……display settings>> font style ……may b its chinese font selected there , have any budy go thru such ???

  87. XWKQ2 was the best, i got 1056 on Quadrant pro, which is way to better just 200 less than Samsung nexus s aand 8 marks less than droid x !!
    Take my advice, wait for the official update, as galaxy ace has already got it in India,, soon fit, pop, and mini will get !!
    Upgrade your phone from this version, if you know Chinese !! ha ha ha !!1

  88. chinese update , huh of no use …

  89. ha ha ha ,, ! you have to learn chinese to operate this os, !! I think this the chinese copy of Android !!
    Return to the previous version guys…..this is not worth updating,, !!!!

  90. i have cleared the cache ! but there are some app, in my phone i am not familiar to, and the some apps are in chinese, navigation too is showing Chinese fonts !

  91. who so ever flashed wid zckpl version , can u tell what r the special changes , is the theme changed of default gingerbread ??? the default sms skins came bak ???? and whats new can anybuddy tell ?

    • major change is think free office nd uc web browser with this version…some application which r totally unknown as they have chinese language nd a cmpltly diffrent set of icon.

  92. gtalk, calender, android market nd most of applctn are in chinese…though my phn language is english….XWKQ2 is far better than this..nd i have tried clearing cache nd factory reset…bt nthng changes

    • some thing is, with me, all the apps is in chinese, Android Market is ,missing in the android based phones, What is this !

  93. neal , can we have the snapshots of the change in interface , is it totally different ?????????/

    • this is worst update till date….i have ever i used every gingerbread version on my fit…among them XWKQ2 is the best with gud battery back up nd some nice options ..

  94. this is chinese update …calender got crashed nd android market with gmail is also not working.

  95. is it asain firmware ??? ny major change over xwkq2 ????