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How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with BlockBuster 5.0 Custom ROM Firmware

Samsung Blockbuster LogoIt may take ages to port a ROM which is stable and also the one which consumes lesser battery life, but in Android the Stock (by default) ROMs still have these performance as well as the battery issues. And so does the birth of Custom ROMs took place which combines the perfect blend of Performance as well as higher battery life. So, in similar lines let’s see on how you can update your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with an all new ROM which is dubbed as the Blockbuster ROM which is basically makes use of the XXJVR Gingerbread 2.3.4 ROM as a base. Over the period of this article we will also see quite a few number of screen shots where in you can preview the firmware even before you perform the update on your SGS.

Please note that in the due course of this article we will see an array of instructions over different pages which this article has been broken into so as to ensure that you can follow all the instructions carefully. Over a period of article we will also see all the pre requisites, enhancements which are there in this version of firmware and then followed by the actual instructions wherein we will see on how you can update your Galaxy S with the latest version of Blockbuster 5.0 ROM only for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 handset.

It has been found that several times many users tend to apply the updated for the wrong phone. So, before proceeding to apply this update, ensure that you only apply this update for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 and not to any other similar phones like Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000M or I9000T or Captivate or even to Mesmerize etc. We take no responsibility in what so ever manner in whole or in parts if you still proceed with the updation of device. So, ensure that you don’t proceed with the instructions if your phone is not Galaxy S GT I9000.

This Custom ROM basically is based on the Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXJVR Edition, so it will require you to update with this version which we will see on how you can do so in the instructions ahead in this article. Please note that this ROM is not the Official ROM released by Samsung Electronics, so there is a possibility that there will be some bugs which will be addressed in the form of an update in future which we will be seeing on AndroidAdvices.com. This update can only be applied once you root the phone on the firmware of XXJVR.

Note: In the due course of this article you will be required to root the phone which will void the warranty, but the best part in Samsung Phones is that you can revoke the root access at any given point of time and then the warranty can be reclaimed. Though it’s not a matter of concern for all those who are used to it but if you are a newbie then too don’t worry as we will guide you on how you can revoke the root access whenever we want, just put up a comment in the comments section below and we will reply with the unroot methods after which you can reclaim your lost warranty.

So, let’s proceed to the next page for the Pre Upgrade instructions.


  1. Please share the procedure of how to unroot and restore the OS back to gingerbread 2.3

  2. After updating to BlockBuster 5.0 I cannot SIM Toolkit Icon on the application. This Menu is important where we have application inbuilt in the SIM Card like MPESA in Kenya.

  3. hey neal how we can enable lagfix in galaxian kernel….sorry i m asking too much questions…

  4. Hi Neal,
    So far this is a good ROM. No major issues encountered till date.
    Please review the new Blockbuster 5.5, sounds very interesting.
    Thank you.

  5. This is a realy nice article about our rom!

    But we said DON´T MIRROR OUR ROM!!!! So please change the link!

  6. Also can you please tell me why does the think free office suite (read & write) that by default comes with every firmware, gets vanished as soon as we upgrade the ROM?

  7. Also where is the gallery to view pics of my camera?

  8. Ok, what happens to the live wall papers after this ROM installation, when I click wall paper menu from my home screen, it says no live wall paper and I do not have any options to select image from galary to set it as my wall paper, how do I get all the wall papers?

  9. Hi Neal,
    I upgraded my GT I 9000 to blockbuster 5.0, however after the upgrade, every few minutes the phone gets rebooted automatically. Also when I open the market, after some time it gets rebooted automatically. Any idea, why and how it can be solved?


  10. Hey Neal,

    Could we get AVRCP 1.4 with next update ??? so that Bluetooth ID3 works on android ??? :)

    Thanks :)

  11. Hey Neal,

    This is Great ROM, Thanks.

    One Help needed, “Im using Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth headset for GalaxyS i9000 with little problem with it but works good on it, Is it possible to use its with its full features like displaying Caller Name and Song Name??? now it displays only Number of Caller …..

    Thanks Neal …..

  12. Hi
    i updated the Amestris to Blockbuster, the amestris was more better than blockbuster,
    the new update of amestris is great.
    im on version 3.3

    the battery life is depending on use, with amestris at every 5 hours i loose 1 percent the battery,

    this is my experience with all of roms.

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