How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Cyanogen MOD 7.1 Custom ROM Firmware

Special Advisory: We really apologize for all the trouble faced when this article was last followed by you or published. Due to some reasons , the procedure had some issues and due to which most of the users has to mess with their phones. So, for all those who are having issues with their phone, you can now follow this article to fix the same. In this article we will see on how you can easily update the latest version of Cyanogen mod 7.1 in your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 Phone. Also, we have made the instructions simpler and more effective so that even a newbie who wants to apply this update can proceed with the procedure . We have completely modified the steps and made it easier than ever.

Cyanogen MOD LogoCyanogen Mod are the community developers which provides the best open source custom ROM for many of the Android devices supported. We have previously updated Galaxy S phone with Cyanogen 7.0 update previously, this the Cyanogen 7.1 update now available.
Please make sure that you apply this firmware for the unlocked devices of Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 only but not to any other similar handset like Samsung Captivate, Fascinate, Mesmerize, Showcase and Vibrant as the instruction for those handset is completely different. If you proceed with those devices then you will end up your phone bricking it.
The best part of this firmware update is that, regardless of any version or firmware you are on, you can install this custom firmware.

Note : We at Android Advices are not responsible in part or whole for anything happens to your blog if you proceed with the firmware update mentioned here. Users should must understand the risk and then proceed with the firmware update.

Features and Enhancements in CyanogenMod 7.1 Version

  • With every update it comes with features and enhancements added, here are the features added in the Cyanogen Mod 7.1 –
  • You will see the Android 2.3.7 version on your phone after updating your phone with Cyanogen Mod 7.1
  • Your Galaxy S phone supports Blue tooth mouse connectivity
  • This update adds ‘Copy all’ to context menu
  • This update of custom ROM will show the current FM status although your screen is locked
  • With this update, in your camera application you can touch and focus to a particular location
  • You can see the upcoming calendar events directly on your lock screen
  • This add the option of “Mark all read” in MMS
  • Improves notifications menu and now you can swipe to clear
  • It adds screen shot capture in the power menu
  • Last but not the least, it adds Blue tooth tethering
  • Option included to mute camera shutter sound

Pre Root Instructions:

There are some list of Pre Requisites which you have to follow to facilitate safe upgrade of the device to the Cyanogen Mod 7.1. You need to refer the below link for a complete list of Pre requisites which needs to be followed.

Pre Requisites to be followed


  1. my problem is the links don’t open, i can’t download the zip files. any other download route?

  2. Hi Neal,
    I just wanted to know why do we first flash with speed mod kernel ?
    Because the Cyanogen Mod 7.1 has its own kernel in the RAR file (it has z-image)
    That all.


  3. When i get into rom manager because i didnt see the cwm app what do i do.

  4. Hi Neal..I followed each n every step in this article, after installing cyan 7.1, in about phone the kernel does not show as the \speedmod\ but the \pawitp\ kernel. is that ok? or did something go wrong? cause i did the speedmod kernel and it did show that it had speedmod kernel before installing cyan. plz reply thanx.

  5. hi neal,

    i successfully installed ICS Cyanogen MOD 9 Android 4.0 Firmware, but i found out that some features is missing and my sd card showing no files. however, would you please provide some instructions how to downgrade my phone to its previous firmware?!

    thank you.

  6. Hi Neal, I have successfully updated but not able to send SMS. When i wanted to update the message centre no, i didn’t find any such option. Could you pls help and guide.


    • you need to update with XXJVT version as its a beta and unstable version!

      • Thanks for the reply Neal but do you mean i can’t be on Cyanogen Custom ROM? I had already updated to XXJVT and post that only i updated to Cyanogen. The only issue is SMS, rest all seems fine. Anyways if that is the only option then can i simply follow the process mentioned in “”. And also this will ensure my phone not rooted any more as the process mentioned here would unroot the device. BTW could you pls suggest some stable custom ROM’s which would support XXJVT.

        Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi,

    I tried the process but when i click \install zip from SD card\ the screen goes blank… but when i click the home button the screen again comes to the original section with all other options. What shall i do know???


  8. hey neal im on xxjvt rooted can i update to cyanogen mod 7.1 reply a.s.a.p

  9. Hi Neal!

    First of all thank you very much for providing the best solutions to update Android phones with simple procedures. Keep up the good work buddy.

    Please let me know the best ROM from my Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000. The reason why I want to change the software is that there is no option to input the proxy settings in wireless settings advance options even when I updated it to Cynogen 7.1 following your procedure online. Please help.


  10. Hi Neal,

    Your instructions refer to XXJVS, i have XXJVT rooted with clockworkMod, can I proceed without reflashing with XXJVS?

  11. after i press on install zip from sd card it just goes blank and doesnt do any thing what should i do (i tried again and again following the instructions).

  12. just a quick update. flashing cm7.1 on xfjva is not recommended :)

    i’ve re-flashed it on xxjvt and it’s now more stable.

    issues that i faced (at one time or another) with cm7.1:

    1.force close – a lot of times. no specific apps that i know of. solution – re-installing, the affected apps works fine after that but very annoying
    2. freakiest of all was my wifi connection keeps activating by itself even after turning it off. solution – wipe cache and re-flash cm7.1 in recovery mode
    3. titanium backup doesn’t seem to work well with cm7.1

    overall, i’m very pleased with cm7.1 except for the various issues highlighted, which, although annoying, can be resolved with re-installation and re-flashing.

    personally, i find MyBackup works best with CM7.1

  13. Maybe its not compatible with xxjvt!

  14. when i install it on xxjvt, it restarts again and again. i think i brick my phone? is your instructions correct?

  15. ooh! yikes!! i just completed updating it with CM7.1. it seems to be working fine so far…

    i’m in the process of restoring from Titanium (its stuck at restoring ‘Social Hub’ at the moment).

    so, far my main issue with CM7.1 is that it doesn’t seem to support swype.

    should i uninstall CM7.1 then? hmmm….. :)

  16. Neal, my Galaxy S is running on XFJVA.
    Baseband: I9000XXJVT
    Kernel: root@DELL124#2
    Build: Gingerbread.XFJVA
    Root: CF-Root-XF_TSR_JVA-v4.3-CWM3RFS

    Am I good to go?

  17. Neal, how can I remove the Semaphore Kernel. I’m on 2.3.5 XXJVT, and I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me with this one? I want to install cyanogen. Reply ASAP! Thanks!

  18. I’m currently on XXJVT 2.3.5. I’ve rooted using the guide provided here. I’ve successfully installed CM7.1 without installing the Speedmod kernel as my current root already has the CWM app. CM7.1 is my first CM, it’s simply OSUM and I thank you for all your help! Best Android site ever……………better for me than Samfirmware or sammobile for sure! keep up the good work!

  19. Hi
    I had rooted my phone with CM 7.1 but unfortunately it is not working smoothly. Camera, video clips like avi is not working. These programs are being force close. Pls let me know the solution… Thanks

  20. hey neil,i was on 2.3.5 jvt with jetpack mod then flashed to jvs,rooted it ,flashed speedmod kernel then finally cm7,but after installing my connection to the network has been lost,i tried to register manully but nothing seems to work and also the internel storage is not available even ticking in the cm7 settings.pls help

  21. android version 2.3.4 and kernel I9100XXKG6 with build XXKH3, I am new to this, can i install this and if i can, where can i find the link to download the file from because i did not find it on this page.

    please help would be greatly appreciated

  22. thnks for u r reply…

  23. hello,
    i need your advice.right now i am on miui cyanogen mod it has good battery life.

    android version:2.3.5
    baseband version:i9000xxjvk
    kernel version: atin@wolverine 12.20.21 EDT 2011
    build number:miui-109160.

    is it worth to go for cyanogen mod 7.1????need u r advice or suggest good custom rom with good battery life with stability..
    thnks in advance

  24. works on xxjvt…….but i had to install the zip twice……….dunno why but it didnt work the first time – it just kept booting into recovery

  25. Hi Neal

    Please help. I followed the instructions carefully (updated to XXJVS 2.3.5, root it, installed SpeedMod and followed by CM7.1) and restarted my phone. but my phone just keep looping (display Samsung screen, CM7 splash screen, ~some commands~, and the loop repeats) after it restarts.
    I have no voodoos installed.
    Any idea why? Please help!!

    Thank you very much!

  26. I have upgraded to 2.3.5 JVT before doing the cyanogen update to 2.3.7, but i realized that my baseband is now JVK. Is there a way to get back to JVT?

  27. Hi. I’ve done eveything but when i’m in the recovery mode, when i select the install zip from sdcard or anything the screen goes off.. when i press it again the screen comes back on, it doesn’t select anything. I tried to reinstall the speedmond again but it didn’t work.. What seems to be the problem??

    • is voodoo installed? if yes then uninstall and then try, its all mentioned in the instructions!

    • I assume that you used the volume button to navigate up/down the menu, and which button did you use to select the “install zip…” option?

    • Hi Agbeshie Desewu,

      A small change here, to select the file you neeed to press the home key rather than usuak home key :)
      Hope this helps.

      • Hi Agbeshie Desewu,

        Sry for the typo.

        A small change here, to select the file you neeed to press the Power key rather than usual home key
        Hope this helps.

    • i realized this happens if i press the “home” / “menu” button, but you can press the “power” button instead to select the options. i managed to install successfully using this method.

  28. I used this process from the beginning and after doing everything, my phones just loops into samsung screen – samsung screen with cyanogen – some commands …..
    Any help ?


  29. can we update it on xxjvt 2.3.5 Pls answer..Thanks \

  30. Hi
    After successful install i get an error everytime i try to install a Google app from market. Says failure due to lack sufficient space on device… But all apps not Google install just fine…? Pls help:-)

  31. hi

    i followed every step but my phone keeps rebooting and i can’t get it to install cynogenmod 7.1

    please help

  32. nop but the sim was inserted during the flash plssss help

  33. i installed cyanogen mod 7.1.0 last night but it can’t detect the sim inserted !!!!!!!!!

  34. hello Neal , I have installed Cmod with a rooted JVS, runs fine but i don see my external sd card (this folder is emply) when I make seting external sd I see only external sd but this card appears castrated ( no my picture and more faile).How to make that it is possible to see external sd and sd memory devise and also that for a problem with clean external SD cards.
    Best Regards

      • Yes, but when i see to file picture from pc also is empty( file with picture camera picture )
        with such phenomena were the second time, for the first time when I had Super OSR V2.2.04 However, this rum is also made CyMod basis. When I installing this rom I sd card was removed and only full installing I put back

        • i am not sure if this is the cause: The ext-sdcard is now mounted as “emmc” (/mnt/emmc) and not as “ext-sdcard” anymore. I also found my ‘ext-sdcard’ as “blank”, until I noticed that it is mounted as emmc now..

  35. Can I use it for my Samsung Galaxy S GT I9003???

  36. Hello Neal,

    I have installed the Cmod with a rooted XXJVT, and it runs fine, but I have a problem every time that i open the market place a forced error comes out and the application close. Want can i do?? I had the same error with a rooted XXJVS.

    Thank very much
    Best regards

  37. after update i cont ues kies

  38. Hi Neal.Can I flash with SpeedMOD kernel after installation of CM 7.1?

  39. Hi neal,
    I recently tried to update my phone to Cyanogen MOD 7.1 on XXKI3 Gingerbread 2.3.5 Firmware, but when i reboot the phone (after applying zip from sd card) phone hangs at startup screen (i.e. with name & model number screen with yellow exclamation mark at bottom), it does not go ahead….

    Please help…

  40. My Galaxy S does not connect to mobile network after update to cyanogenmod 7.1 as per above process… says “no SIM card”… pl help

    • also cannot download any app from android market… error message… Error downloading “App Name”. There is insufficient space on the device.

  41. Hi Neal,

    I had to go to the service center and spent money because of the upgrading process for Cyanogen MOD 7.1 Custom ROM Firmware . Now my set is okay. Now I want to confirm from you. I have XXJVT. I saw root process in different article by you. My question is: Can I update XXJVT to with Cyanogen MOD 7.1 Custom ROM Firmware after rooting. Please response as soon as possible.

  42. its a very nice running stable mod. but it doesn’t sync with google, or have market and swype,

  43. What is the use of downloading the file again when my phone is unable to boot and Odin does not detect the phone?

  44. Hi Neal

    I updated my SGS to Cyanogen Mod 7.1 as per your instructions. After playing with this ROM for a few hours I decided to revert back to my previous ROM HTC Sensation. I went into recovery mode and selected the HTC zip file and rebooted the phone.

    On rebooting my phone freezes with the logo Galaxian displayed, the blue loading indicator line at full bar across the screen and the message ‘is now loading’

    When I go back to recovery mode I get these extra messages:
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E:Unknown volume for path [cache/recovery/command]

    I went into download mode but Odin does not detect the phone. HELP NEEDED!!!

    • please download the file again!

    • Your phone is bricked. Like what happend to me.

      What i did is i used HEIMDALL for flashing XXJV– and my phone is back to normal :)

      after heimdall, your phone will be detected by Odin again. :)

      hope it helps! just google the procedure of Heimdall

    • Hi Peewo,
      I had almost the same experience. Before I updated my SGS GT-I9000 with the Cyanogen 7.1, it was with XXJVR2.3.5, rooted and HTC sense ROM. When I tried to go back from Cyanogen to HTC, phone got frozen at the Samsung Galaxy S screen, no more ahead or power off as well. Then I pulled out the battery and went to the recovery mode by the volume up + home button+ power button method. There I applied wipe cache and factory rest options and rebooted. But still the phone came only upto the Samsung Galaxy S screen. Again battery pulled out and went to download mode by the volume down+home button+power button method and reflashed with the XXJVR2.3.5 update, then rooted with the XXJVR2.3.5 package using odin3, then again HTC sense ROM, all by the files downloaded from this tutorial. Now my phone has no problem.
      Mahmud K.

      • Well Mahmud you are lucky. As my computer could not detect the phone in the download mode, I could not flash any firmware. Anyway I had to take it to a local repair center and she solved my problem within 30 minutes. Now my phone is ALIVE! and me poorer by RM60.

    • Hi Peewo,
      CORRECTION: wherever I mentioned in my comment XXJVR2.3.5, please take it as XXJVS 2.3.5. The mistake is regretted.
      Mahmud K

  45. is the 3g working

  46. Hi everyone,

    This is the best option u can get;

    1. Update and Root XXJVS and also Update Sppedmod as This Article.
    2. And Download this latest updated ROM “” and install from sdcard via ClockworkMod recovery.

    Thats Very Good and stable like my Gsi9000 :)

    • Hi Sam, do you follow the nightlies? I’ve been following the nightlies but didn’t update for the last couple of releases. I’m on and everything is great!

      • Hey euchye,

        I forget everything abt these stuff, i tried and downloaded 2.10.21 version, installed it with Rooted XXJVT. Its so good and no other ROMs can reach this level :)


  47. Hi,
    Im getting “Force Close” msg at most of the times like, while accessing camera, setting google account, account sync….
    please advice


  48. hey neal,
    i have just rooted / updated with cyanogen and itz great! thanx much, but i can’t get root explorer to work? how do i access the folders to modify stuff like ringtones, animations? thanx neal

  49. Great Mod.First had issues with market from stock rom.Then loaded Google apps on my SGS

  50. Hi Neal,
    I managed to update my SGS with this Cyanogen MOD ROM in another way. First I downloaded to my PC all the required files from this tutorial, unzipped the Speed Mod Kernel zip and copied the “speedmod-kernel-k15i-t13″ tar file to the phone.
    Then the zip files ‘Cyanogen MOD 7.1 ROM’ and ‘Google Apps’ were also copied to the phone as they are. Then I downloaded from the Market an application named ‘SGS Kernel Flasher’ directly to the phoned and flashed the “speedmod-kernel-k15i-t13″ directly from the phone without going to recovery mode or using odin3 from the PC. Then I rebooted the phone to recovery mode and there I selected the “install zip from SD Card” and then “Choose zip from SD Card” and applied first the ‘Cyanogen’ zip later the ‘Google Apps’ zip. The process was cool and successful.

    My SGS gt-i9000 was with XXJVS 2.3.5 and rooted with the same package and on HTC sense ROM before I updating with the Cyanogen MOD 7.1 but without much delay I went back to the HTC sense ROM because compared to its look and performance this Cyanogen is not at all appealing to me.

    Thank you Neal, waiting for more novelties from you.

    Mahmud. K

  51. Can i update to Cyanogenmod 7.1 if i’m currently using ficeto’s Darky ROM JVS Base ROM?

  52. thank you neal. i have finished the updation of cyanogen 7.1 as per ur procedures.

  53. the contacts mod “WyContacts Froyo ver.1.2″ not working FC errors

  54. cyanogen is great but you cannot edit or see contacts ==> force to close error… any solution???

  55. Hi Neal, You said in the end part of the tutorial: “All you need to do is to first select he zip file which is named as “” and then the Google Apps Zip file.”

    ….zip file which is named as “” and then the Google Apps Zip file…..By named as ” ” do you mean ‘’, don’t you?

    Mahmud K

  56. Can i install this rom for my phone? details as below:
    Model number: GT-I9000
    Firmware version: 2.3.3
    Baseband Version: I9000DDJV5
    Kernel Version: root@SE-S605#2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DDJV9

    Pl help…

  57. Neal,

    I have Samsung GT I9000 on HTC sENSATION Custom ROM Firmware. I wanted to update to Cyanogen MOD 7.1. What will I do, will the custom firmware be deleted? Can I install it again. The other thing is that I have already CWM on my phone do can I go now to the next step without downloading the CWM? Thanks. I will wait for your reply. I am eager to upadate my phone but I need to make sure.. I might brik it.

  58. Trishank Bhimjiani

    hey neal
    can i put this rom once i put xxjvt 2.3.5????
    plz lemme knw asap

    n ne idea wen u will b puttin d article for rooting xxjvt?


    Go to settings –> languange and keyboard settings –> language –> select English (U.S) even though it is on English (U.S.) already.


    :) hope that helps!!!

  60. Flashed! Thanks for notifying through this post. :)

  61. Ok now Market application Force closes. How to fix??

  62. REALLY 30mins of ROM UPDATE?? is that serious Neal?

  63. How long will the update of the Cyanogen Mod 7.1 take. It start normal, but it look like it stop on installing update..

  64. BTW, the clockwork recovery disappears as soon as you install this application.. so how do I get it back?

  65. Awesome MOD! Quick update! Thank ya’ll it finally worked!

  66. Neal,

    Could you please put few screen shots of UI how Cynogen 7.1 looks like

  67. And i also checked it was zip.

  68. when i was installing cm7 zip file,i took 25 minute or more but it didn’t now can you please make a video on installing cm7.1 on sgs.please

  69. ok i finally found the problem, the cm7.1 zip file from your link does not work, and only way for me to install it was to download the actualy file again S so yeh hope this help people that experience the same problem on stuck at installing screen

  70. it got stuck at installing an update . i am using rooted xxjvr 2.3.4.
    plz provide the solution.

  71. stuck at installin update… via recovery, and i have follow every step correctly..

  72. I unpacked the Cyanogen MOD 7.1 ROM through CWM speedmodkernel like what is said above.


  73. Just a Question, why would i need to install speedmod kernel if the kernel when u install the cyanogenmod 7 will be replaced?

    just confuse what is the speedmodkernel instructions for?

  74. hi niel

    same issue by k baskaran ,i still waiting 4 hrs to try and try but its not prceed to install the ROM ? may there is some mistake again to your posting … update as per your procedure. fininding update package, opening update package message comming. afterwards installing update message appear. im waiting for 30 minutes. still not installed.
    what can i do?. my version is xxjvs and rooted as per your procedure.

  75. Hi NeaL,

    Problems with this Cyanogen 7.1,
    FC phone
    Caller can’t hear ur voice most of the time, have to use Speaker and then u can.
    Re-boot automatically

    Going to HTC Rom :)

  76. my problem also like sam.. stuck st “installing update…” my version is XXJVS..

  77. Hi Neal,

    My current version of firmware is 2.3.5 XXJVT…
    What i know there is still no procedure to ROOT the 2.3.5 XXJVT, if i’m knot wrong…
    So, just want to ask you.. can i update my phone with Cyanogen MOD 7.1 Custom ROM Firmware?

  78. Is this for XXJVS stock firmware only? i have XXJVR installed (rooted) and installed the hardcore speedmod kernel.

    once i get to recovery mode, every time i pick an option it goes black screen.

    help please?

  79. hai neal,
    just now i finished Speed Mod kernel and Clock Wok Mod Recovery Installation. then i tried to apply Cyanogen Mod 7.1 update as per your procedure. fininding update package, opening update package message comming. afterwards installing update message appear. im waiting for 30 minutes. still not installed.
    what can i do?. my version is xxjvs and rooted as per your procedure.
    kindly help me sir.

  80. Thanks for the great support! After installing (on I9000 unlocked) XXJVS+rooting+SPEEDMod per above instructions all seems fine. But when trying to install via recovery it gets stuck on “Installing update…”. Any suggestions?

  81. i have exactly the same problem as Sam: it stucks at installing update ( i have XXJVS rooted)

  82. Hi Neal,
    Where is the download link for “Speedmod-kernel-k15i-t13” ?
    I downloaded the same from another site and updated through the odin3, but failed in updating with the ‘Cyanogen MOD 7.1 Custom ROM Firmware’.

    Mahmud K

  83. Inside ur zip file;\update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyS\update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyS – ZIP archive, unpacked size 153,770,548 bytes

    I REDUCED THE TWO FOLDER AND MAKE THIS zip file; – ZIP archive, unpacked size 153,770,548 bytes

    It works :)

  84. Yes i do have JVS and rooted.

  85. NeaL,

    May be there is any problem with ROM zip file, it stucks ‘Installing Update…’ after selecting the file in install zip from sdcard section !!!!! :(

  86. “…So, once you finish updating the firmware to XXJVS and rooting the same you will have to download the Speed MOD Kernel Zip file in your computer and just unzip the same to get the tar file named as “speedmod-kernel-k15i-t13”…”

    Sorry, but where is the link for “the Speed MOD Kernel Zip file” ?

  87. Hey NeaL,

    This new updated Article has no link for “Speed MOD Kernel Zip”, it isn’t highlighted i mean :(

    Thanks for your effort to make us happy Cyanogentalman :)

  88. My CyanogenMod has no market and Gmail APP! how to fix??

  89. I Have 2.35 android glaxys 9000 rotted entered in to clock word mod chose the zip file to instal bt its saying installation aborted hlp plz need as my net conection is very slow here 10Kb per secound i keep the file to download the whole nyt nd it nt wrking ty

  90. I am confused by the I9000. I have Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G. I see several Galaxy S phones at the top of this page but none say I9000. Please explain. Is mine one which falls under the I9000?

    • Sorry to say, but most of the updates which we have covered are for unlocked devices, Search if you find any lucky enough.

  91. Hi, I installed Microsoft Visual C++, downloaded Hardcore’s speedMod Kernel with ClockworkMod Recovery, Hemdall Suit 1.1.1 for window only according to your suggestion written in the instruction. Followed every steps of pre root instruction. While I started Heimdall Frountend, the device automatically rebooted but it shows only ‘GALAXY S GT I9000 SAMSUNG’. It does not open. I opened it in recovery mode, it has been rooted. I tried to rebooted so many times, it is not working, only showing ‘GALAXY S GT I9000 SAMSUNG’. I wanted to back to the JVS and JVT, it goes to download mode, but does not recognize the odin 1.3. Now I am totally helpless. Please instruct me what is best solution. I installed Zading.exe again, Selected extrcted zImage in Kernel section and started Heimadall Fronted again. It goes perfectly and shows the blue transfer bar too. It shows ‘Flash Completed 100 percent successfully. Tried so many time to reboot, it goes only idle mode showing GALAXY S GT I9000 SAMSUNG. But IT GOES RECOVERY AND downloading mode. HELP! HELP!!

  92. My GT-i9000 was running on 2.3.4 which is rooted.I also have the voodoo xxjvp kernel installed. I booted to download mode followed your steps and installed CWM.Now the phone shows only the galaxy S screen and does not go beyond that. Did I make a mistake? was voodoo kernel supposed to be erased before the update? Please help!!!

  93. i followed the steps but when i choose the zip file to start installation i got the message : “installation started” and then “installation aborted” what is the problem??

  94. PAGE 2 BRICKED MY PHONE PLEASE HELP?? Its stucked on Galaxy S when i turn it on….

  95. Please reply to me ASAP. :(

  96. useless steps, phone stucks at final reboot.

  97. Hey i get it now :) Last question I have I have XXJVR 2.3.4 Amestris 3.4 right? So ill just proceed to Page 2? no Wipe cache or clear partitions? i dont have voodoo though.. is it safe? just install the CWM for Cyanogen mod? then page 3?

  98. CyanogenMod 7.1 for GalaxyS phone. The Download Link is Missing….!!!

  99. Hi Yogesh,
    Currently my SGS GT-I9000 is on XXJVS2.3.5 with HTC Sensation custom ROM which is rooted as well. I have already in apps Super User and CWM. Can I directly go ahead with the 3rd page of the tutorial, i.e download the “update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyS.rar” file and copy to phone and update the same from installing zip files from the SD card in the Clock Work Mod recovery?

    mahmud Koya

  100. My phone doesn’t boot after using heimdall-frontend.exe. it stucks with Samsung Logo :(

  101. Hi Neal! I want to try this Cyanogen Mod! my I9000 is on XXJVR with amestris 3.4 ROM. Can i proceed with this update?

    Which one is better? amestris or Cyanogen?

    THanks for Reply!!!

  102. Hi Yogesh,

    Where is the link to download update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyS.rar? its nowhere on the site.


  103. I would like your opinion on..
    1.SIMPLY HONEY 5.1
    4.CYANOGEN MOD 7.1
    A comparison would be ideal but if that is not possible what would you select for your own galaxy s phone ?

  104. Hi where is the updated file update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyS.rar. I can’t see it now. Please advise.

  105. How to root XXJVT?

  106. hello neal, i am currently on HTC sense rom.. if i install cyanogen will it delete the custom rom and can i install it again? Thanks. I will be waiting for you reply.

  107. hey i am currently on simple honey 5.1 can i update to 2.3.5 before updating means what are the firmware requirements for CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM???

    • we have changed the instructions as well as the procedure, kindly follow the instructions again! Sorry for inconvenience caused to you! we really apologize for the same!

  108. Hi
    Does this support ARABIC ?

    Thank you

  109. Will cyanogen 7.1available for samsung galaxy sl?

  110. I just installed XXJVT sorry… 2 days ago and it is not rooted..

  111. U said:
    “You would see that no heimdall is safetly installedo n your PC and then you need to unzip the Hardcore’s Speedmod kernel and launch the heimdall frontend application on to your PC.”

    Where can I get and what is Hardcore’s Speedmod kernel?
    I just installed XXJVS which is not rooted. Can i root it following this steps or i just have to wait for a root procedure?…

    • we have changed the instructions as well as the procedure, kindly follow the instructions again! Sorry for inconvenience caused to you! we really apologize for the issue!

  112. Hi, I just updated to 2.3.7, however, my baseband version shows XXJVK. Is there a new kernel I should flash or is this the standard that comes with cyanogen 7.1?

  113. also, pls confirm if i can sync all my facebook contacts in the contacts book ??

  114. the link provided for CyanogenMod 7.1, does not work !!

    pls check.

  115. Hi Neal,

    I am not able to download CyanogenMod 7.1..There seems to be some downlink.


  116. Hi,

    Where do i get hardcore Speed Mod kernel along with the ClockworkMod recovery from the Heimdall suite that is the Hardcore’s SpeedMod Kernel with ClockworkMod Recovery

    • I have just updated the article with the download link of all the files required during the process of update.

  117. Hi Neal,
    if im running darky’s rom jvq EE 10.2.2 how could i flash with this version

  118. hi, was just wondering if this mod has swype in it, cant live without it anymore

    thanks nathan

  119. Neal,
    im curently on HTC ROM will it affect when i update tho this? Can I install HTC again? Thanks I will be waiting for you reply.

    • Thanks for your interest but we would provide you with an article within a day or two or HTC phones for CyanogenMod 7.1.
      Check back soon.

      • I think he meant he has a galaxy s with an HTC ROM installed on it..
        So to answer your question, I’m not an expert, but i think that this rom will overrun your current rom.. meaning, that the old htc rom will be deleted, unless you backup with ROM manager which u can download from the market for free, and the new cyanogen rom will be installed.

        not so sure. but hopefully this is right, confirm with yogesh though .

  120. Neal,

    If we have already rooted 2.3.5 usging the steps you have provided ealier, can we not just download CynogenMod file and install it from SD card ? do we still have to go through all the steps from installing the Clockwork and then install Cynogen.

    or Can we not just install Cynogen without Clockwork ?

    • ClockworkMod is compulsorily required for CyanogenMod, without that you can update with that custom ROM.

  121. Hi Neal, would you happen to know the *call quality* in India, with this version of Cynogenmod ?

    A couple of months ago I’d tried ver 7.0, but callers could barely hear me and there were tons of dropped calls as well. I tried switching multiple modems but none worked – and so I moved back to stock XXJVR (2.3.4)

  122. Neal,
    Im currently on HTC Sense ROM, if I update with this ROM will the HTC sense be removed? and can I install it back? I will be waiting for you reply.


    • No No francis, Dont apply this update to any other phone. Apply it for only Galaxy S i9000 phone but not any other similar models too.

  123. Hey Neal,

    I had a problem while doing this update, I had done everything proper in the ROM manager, but when it gets to the installation of the mod in the ROM manager, it takes me to the clockwork mod n then there it says installation aborted. What am I to do? should i continue with the update? Help!

    • also the uploaded file to download is in .rar format, i thnk the galaxy takes .zip files. so another reason it didnt work on my phone.. maybe?

      • yeah, had some issues with rar file. Reuploaded it again, try it out. Thanks for your patience.

        • The installation process is still not going through.. i downloaded the newly uploaded file, set it in my sd card folder, put my phone on recovery mode, wiped data and cache, then tried to install zip from sd card n the downloaded file was there so then i clicked it to perform the task, but in a few seconds it says installation aborted.. what to do??

    • we have changed the instructions as well as the procedure, kindly follow the instructions again! Sorry for inconvenience caused to you! we really apologize for it!

  124. hi neal
    can’t choose a file .rar

    • Sorry for the trouble Jack, the procedure is updated as well the files are too updated. Check out now ! It will work.

  125. I’m wondering in you can help me with a problem in my galaxy S I 9000?
    The problem is although I only used 3 gig of my phone memory, when I try to download a new application I get a message telling me that there is no enough space!!!. What do you thing I have to do to use all my 13 gig without getting this message? I’ll greatly appreciate your help. Regards

  126. Hey NeaL,

    It doesn’t detect the .rar file .

    After “Backup existing ROM” along with the option of “Wipe Data and Clear Cache”….. It will boot on recovery mod and says failed to Wipe Data and Clear Cache. only Reboot works everything else is fails.

    Why it doesn’t detect .rsr file .


    • And when Reboot in Recovery Mod, it boots on Android System Recovery


      Finding update package…
      Opening Update package…
      Verifying Update package…
      E: Failed to verify whole-file signature
      E: signature verification failed
      Installation aborted

    • We have now changed the instructions as well as the procedure, kindly follow the instructions again! Sorry for inconvenience caused to you! we really apologize for the same

  127. Why all these difficult instructions to perform the update? Is there no easy way of doing this without Windows C++

  128. hey neal there is the problem with this zip. as i enter password( for this zip file it opens up many files and not the another zip file( without password). hence unable to update . moreover i also tried to place this zip file in root of internal sd card without entering up password and without extracting it up, but still at the time of update this file cannot be seen through recovery mode of installing an zip option/ choosing and update zip option

  129. Do you have a video tutorial please? i cant find it, here , and same probleme at 2.3.2 version of android. Thanks… i,m asking because i,m a biginer

  130. Hi Neal
    I’m currently running Simply Honey 5.1 on galaxy S..can I install CM 7.1 directly or do i need downgrade the firmaware to Froyo or something?
    also we can follow any one of the above mentioend methods…right?
    which one you recommend sticking ot simply 5.1 or move to CM 7.1?
    Thanks in advance

  131. can i update this rom from rooted xxjvr 2.3.4 directly

  132. what will happen to my root access?

  133. Hi Neal,
    downloaded the CyanogenMod 7.1 for Galaxy. My version is XXJVT 2.3.5? Can I install the same in my device? I could not not root the phone. Could you help releasing the root package for XXJVT as previous?

  134. Rom manager display signature failure .I think it has to do with the file system.Can you please explain Neal.Thanks

  135. This works for any baseband version – like JVR?

    Could you post ss please?

  136. hai neal,
    my current firmware version in my galaxy s is gingerbread 2.3.5 xxjvt. waiting for your procedures of rooting. now, can i
    install Gingerbread 2.3.7 with CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM.

  137. Are there any battery improvements over 2.3.4

  138. Can MIUI be installed over this mod?

  139. Hey NeaL,

    Im on XXJVS 2.3.5 and rooted the phone as ur rooting process, shall i proceed from this page(page 3) of this article ???


    • yes you can update with the same!

      • hi. just finished updating my fone to CyanogenMod 7.1. ive downloaded and copied update-cm-7.1.0-GalaxyS.rar into my fone but i cant see the file when i try to install file from my internal sd card. pls help.


        • nEAL I HAVE SEMAPHORE KERNEL ON ANRDOIID 2;3;5 xxjvt can i update How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Cyanogen MOD 7.1 Custom Rom firmware directly on my samsung galaxy s

          Galaxy S I9000 – Overclock & Increase Volume by 300% with Semaphore Kernel on Android 2.3.5 XXJVT
          CAN I UPDATE