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How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Cyanogen MOD 7.1 Custom ROM Firmware

Special Advisory: We really apologize for all the trouble faced when this article was last followed by you or published. Due to some reasons , the procedure had some issues and due to which most of the users has to mess with their phones. So, for all those who are having issues with their phone, you can now follow this article to fix the same. In this article we will see on how you can easily update the latest version of Cyanogen mod 7.1 in your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 Phone. Also, we have made the instructions simpler and more effective so that even a newbie who wants to apply this update can proceed with the procedure . We have completely modified the steps and made it easier than ever.

Cyanogen MOD LogoCyanogen Mod are the community developers which provides the best open source custom ROM for many of the Android devices supported. We have previously updated Galaxy S phone with Cyanogen 7.0 update previously, this the Cyanogen 7.1 update now available.
Please make sure that you apply this firmware for the unlocked devices of Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 only but not to any other similar handset like Samsung Captivate, Fascinate, Mesmerize, Showcase and Vibrant as the instruction for those handset is completely different. If you proceed with those devices then you will end up your phone bricking it.
The best part of this firmware update is that, regardless of any version or firmware you are on, you can install this custom firmware.

Note : We at Android Advices are not responsible in part or whole for anything happens to your blog if you proceed with the firmware update mentioned here. Users should must understand the risk and then proceed with the firmware update.

Features and Enhancements in CyanogenMod 7.1 Version

  • With every update it comes with features and enhancements added, here are the features added in the Cyanogen Mod 7.1 –
  • You will see the Android 2.3.7 version on your phone after updating your phone with Cyanogen Mod 7.1
  • Your Galaxy S phone supports Blue tooth mouse connectivity
  • This update adds ‘Copy all’ to context menu
  • This update of custom ROM will show the current FM status although your screen is locked
  • With this update, in your camera application you can touch and focus to a particular location
  • You can see the upcoming calendar events directly on your lock screen
  • This add the option of “Mark all read” in MMS
  • Improves notifications menu and now you can swipe to clear
  • It adds screen shot capture in the power menu
  • Last but not the least, it adds Blue tooth tethering
  • Option included to mute camera shutter sound

Pre Root Instructions:

There are some list of Pre Requisites which you have to follow to facilitate safe upgrade of the device to the Cyanogen Mod 7.1. You need to refer the below link for a complete list of Pre requisites which needs to be followed.

Pre Requisites to be followed


  1. Hi Neal,

    I am not able to download CyanogenMod 7.1..There seems to be some downlink.


  2. Hi,

    Where do i get hardcore Speed Mod kernel along with the ClockworkMod recovery from the Heimdall suite that is the Hardcore’s SpeedMod Kernel with ClockworkMod Recovery

    • I have just updated the article with the download link of all the files required during the process of update.

  3. Hi Neal,
    if im running darky’s rom jvq EE 10.2.2 how could i flash with this version

  4. hi, was just wondering if this mod has swype in it, cant live without it anymore

    thanks nathan

  5. Neal,
    im curently on HTC ROM will it affect when i update tho this? Can I install HTC again? Thanks I will be waiting for you reply.

    • Thanks for your interest but we would provide you with an article within a day or two or HTC phones for CyanogenMod 7.1.
      Check back soon.

      • I think he meant he has a galaxy s with an HTC ROM installed on it..
        So to answer your question, I’m not an expert, but i think that this rom will overrun your current rom.. meaning, that the old htc rom will be deleted, unless you backup with ROM manager which u can download from the market for free, and the new cyanogen rom will be installed.

        not so sure. but hopefully this is right, confirm with yogesh though .

  6. Neal,

    If we have already rooted 2.3.5 usging the steps you have provided ealier, can we not just download CynogenMod file and install it from SD card ? do we still have to go through all the steps from installing the Clockwork and then install Cynogen.

    or Can we not just install Cynogen without Clockwork ?

  7. Hi Neal, would you happen to know the *call quality* in India, with this version of Cynogenmod ?

    A couple of months ago I’d tried ver 7.0, but callers could barely hear me and there were tons of dropped calls as well. I tried switching multiple modems but none worked – and so I moved back to stock XXJVR (2.3.4)

  8. Neal,
    Im currently on HTC Sense ROM, if I update with this ROM will the HTC sense be removed? and can I install it back? I will be waiting for you reply.


    • No No francis, Dont apply this update to any other phone. Apply it for only Galaxy S i9000 phone but not any other similar models too.

  9. Hey Neal,

    I had a problem while doing this update, I had done everything proper in the ROM manager, but when it gets to the installation of the mod in the ROM manager, it takes me to the clockwork mod n then there it says installation aborted. What am I to do? should i continue with the update? Help!

    • also the uploaded file to download is in .rar format, i thnk the galaxy takes .zip files. so another reason it didnt work on my phone.. maybe?

      • yeah, had some issues with rar file. Reuploaded it again, try it out. Thanks for your patience.

        • The installation process is still not going through.. i downloaded the newly uploaded file, set it in my sd card folder, put my phone on recovery mode, wiped data and cache, then tried to install zip from sd card n the downloaded file was there so then i clicked it to perform the task, but in a few seconds it says installation aborted.. what to do??

    • we have changed the instructions as well as the procedure, kindly follow the instructions again! Sorry for inconvenience caused to you! we really apologize for it!

  10. hi neal
    can’t choose a file .rar

    • Sorry for the trouble Jack, the procedure is updated as well the files are too updated. Check out now ! It will work.

  11. I’m wondering in you can help me with a problem in my galaxy S I 9000?
    The problem is although I only used 3 gig of my phone memory, when I try to download a new application I get a message telling me that there is no enough space!!!. What do you thing I have to do to use all my 13 gig without getting this message? I’ll greatly appreciate your help. Regards

  12. Hey NeaL,

    It doesn’t detect the .rar file .

    After “Backup existing ROM” along with the option of “Wipe Data and Clear Cache”….. It will boot on recovery mod and says failed to Wipe Data and Clear Cache. only Reboot works everything else is fails.

    Why it doesn’t detect .rsr file .


  13. Why all these difficult instructions to perform the update? Is there no easy way of doing this without Windows C++

  14. hey neal there is the problem with this zip. as i enter password( androidadvices.com) for this zip file it opens up many files and not the another zip file( without password). hence unable to update . moreover i also tried to place this zip file in root of internal sd card without entering up password and without extracting it up, but still at the time of update this file cannot be seen through recovery mode of installing an zip option/ choosing and update zip option

  15. Do you have a video tutorial please? i cant find it, here , and same probleme at 2.3.2 version of android. Thanks… i,m asking because i,m a biginer

  16. Hi Neal
    I’m currently running Simply Honey 5.1 on galaxy S..can I install CM 7.1 directly or do i need downgrade the firmaware to Froyo or something?
    also we can follow any one of the above mentioend methods…right?
    which one you recommend sticking ot simply 5.1 or move to CM 7.1?
    Thanks in advance

  17. can i update this rom from rooted xxjvr 2.3.4 directly

  18. what will happen to my root access?

  19. Hi Neal,
    downloaded the CyanogenMod 7.1 for Galaxy. My version is XXJVT 2.3.5? Can I install the same in my device? I could not not root the phone. Could you help releasing the root package for XXJVT as previous?

  20. Rom manager display signature failure .I think it has to do with the file system.Can you please explain Neal.Thanks

  21. This works for any baseband version – like JVR?

    Could you post ss please?

  22. hai neal,
    my current firmware version in my galaxy s is gingerbread 2.3.5 xxjvt. waiting for your procedures of rooting. now, can i
    install Gingerbread 2.3.7 with CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM.

  23. Are there any battery improvements over 2.3.4

  24. Can MIUI be installed over this mod?

  25. Hey NeaL,

    Im on XXJVS 2.3.5 and rooted the phone as ur rooting process, shall i proceed from this page(page 3) of this article ???


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