How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Galaxy S2 ROM

Galaxy S2 on Galaxy S LogoIn an age of Android where Open Source makes this platform at par than compared with the Apples, Blackberrys or even the poor Nokia, the customization has reached an all new level. So, on the lines of the same we will today see on how you can accommodate the whole setup of an all new powerful Samsung Galaxy S2 right on your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 handset. It’s really impossible to replicate such things on any other platforms other than Android and this is the first on that we have come forward and coming up with a simple and effective solution to turn your Samsung Galaxy S handset into a phone which looks like Samsung Galaxy S2 handset.

Except barring few of the hardware differences like an 8 MP camera, faster 1.2GHz dual Core processor and larger screen of 4.3 inches we can now match all the software applications part including the overall User interface and other applications on Galaxy S2 to the Galaxy S phone. And trust me this porting of S2 on the Galaxy S is very much a stable affair right now as presented by the buggy porting which many other forums have bought in to the article. Though there are some minor bugs this all new S2 ROM is really fabulous.

So, in the due course of this article we will check out on how you can easily update the Samsung Galaxy S2 ROM on your Galaxy S Phone. Make sure that you follow each and every single instruction which will be mentioned in the due course of this article because it has been found that many of the users tend to skip the instructions which are mentioned and eventually users end up in the mess as the phone either refuses to turn ON or the phone lags a lot. S, the only way to save from all these messes is that to follow the instructions as mentioned below.

Please note that this update is only meant for the phone with the model number Samsung Galaxy S GTI9000 and not for any other similar looking models or similar sounding models like Samsung Galaxy S I9000M or Captivate, Mesmerize or even other phones like Vibrant etc. If you still proceed to update the device then you may even end up bricking up your phone or some keys won’t be responding as per the functions which these keys are meant to do. So, let’s proceed for the list of enhancements first which are listed in the next page and then followed by the pre upgrade instructions and then procedure to update the phone.

Note: You will have to reconfigure the APN settings after updating the firmware to access the data services and the services as all the Internet APN settings will be reset. You will have to contact your Service provider to get more info on the APN Settings. Not to forget also configure the MMS Settings. Also, we hold no responsibility if anything goes wrong which is an unlikely event if anything goes wrong. Most of the users forget this step and end up experiencing difficulties in accessing the internet after updating the phone.


  1. best juicer on the market

    Someone necessarily assist to make severely articles I might state. This is the first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I amazed with the research you made to create this particular put up incredible. Great job!

  2. im on xwjvz rooted cn i apply dis

  3. Hi….
    thnks for this rom….

    i hav successfully updated n after i also wiped d cache but i cant setup d mobile tracker option it is not getting opened n showing force close…..

  4. Dear Neal,

    I am runing on samsung stock rom gingerbread

    can i update to this rom directly?

  5. hey neal !
    can i upgrade to this rom while using the firmware 2.3.4 xxjvt ??

  6. there is some problem in polaris office .when i open a ms file it gives me a message of ‘this is a model which the library does not support’

  7. Bro currently m on 2.3.4 Darky Rom JVQ v10.2.2
    is it necessary to Flash JVR first or i can continue intalling S2 rom on JVQ.

  8. When I install it I get a hybrid rom. Why not the s2?

  9. Hi i have just upgraded my samsung i9000 to 2.3.5 XXJVS, The Battery life decreased dramatically, What to do

    Can i upgarde my galaxy s to Galaxy S2 safely.
    What precautions i have to follow

  10. Hello everyone,

    I got a galaxy S2 a month ago. I’m looking for the best ROM for my Galaxy S2. I found lot of ROM here but i’m not sure what is the best. Can you suggest?

  11. Hi guys,
    I installed it and looks great, works great. But I have 2 question. In the screen lock I can choose from 4 things – dialer, lock, mute and the 4th is like a messaging icon. But if I pull that, it writes me EINHERJAR and then comes a black screen and a quick restart (music, media scanning etc).
    How can I solve this problem???????????
    The other, that in the alarm I can’t get to choose music from “go to my files” because it writes me – application package not exist.
    Any solution?

  12. Hi,

    Does it support Arabic?

  13. Hi Neal,

    I’ve installed your S2-ROM on my galaxy S, with XXJVR gingerbread version.
    I can tell you it’s very nice. The default app which come with it also is the one I look for.
    Thank you for that !

    But I have a simple question, which I don’t quite understand.
    I’ve installed it yesterday on my handset, for the last 24 hours, it’s okey. Until this afternoon, when I install some other applications from the market which I need it for my daily routine, the phone start to restart so many times.
    These applications, initially was installed also on my Galaxy S before I update to your S2-ROM.

    Is there any solutions to that ? And may I know what cause it ?

    Thanks .

  14. hi Neal thanks for the post well i have been using s2 rom on my galaxy but there are a number of issues the phone reboots automatically, though no lags but some of the apps will just not open. Appearance is excellent with nice butterfly on mail screen but the battery drains very fast.Can you suggest any better ROM or should i wait for the bug fixed version. what about the extra-ordinary rom do you think it is better kindly reply

  15. Hi Neal

    I Know this S2 ROM doesn’t sync with kies..but my requirement is USB storage with computer. Kindly suggest if this ROM supports that. If not what about XXJVR.??

  16. hi dude!
    i m nt gettin “istall zip” option in cwm.
    i get install apk, flash update, flash kernel options.

  17. Hi everyone the best ROM is 3.3 don’t even think abt others … they all sucks

  18. No reply?
    I’ve gone back to XXJVR. I need Kies to sync with outlook. Also a couple of freezes.

  19. no reply?
    No matter. I’ve gone back to JVR. I need KIES to sync with Outlook. Also a couple of freezes.
    Might look at it again when next version issues .

  20. Hi, I just found you! My Galaxy S is still on the XXJPP version. What should I do first?

  21. can we install this ROM on ext4 file system ?

  22. Looks like you are not botherd to answer. I always believed that this is the best android site. But it seems you people are not bothered to maintain the same opinion kindly see that people like me trust to the extent that inspite of the risk of bricking our phone we follow your instructions

  23. Hi

    Samsung All Share is gone. Is it possible to get it back

  24. Hey, everyone,

    I have been using this ROM for over a week now and have unfortunately encountered some major bugs and instability issues. To those of you, who are missing Gtalk and Gmail, yes, they are NOT included into this ROM and for some reason cannot be downloaded on the regular way from the market (check it first, as in some cases it is still working depending on the country). However, there are plenty of ways you can get them (e.g. for Gtalk there is an article hier) For Gmail use a standard mail client instead or just search the web (e.g. XDA developers)

    Nevertheless, the major issue with this ROM is the constant FC of the TwLauncher. The ROM itself is very nice, smooth, good looking and is fun to work with, until it comes to constant freezes and crashes, which force you to restart the phone. In 90 percent of the cases, it is the TwLauncher, in other 10 percent it the Phone app. After a TwLauncher crash, the phone freezes for couple of minutes and gets very hot, then it relaunches the app or hags completely till you restart it.

    Additionally to that, there is a problem with the push notifications, which many of you have already mentioned. I have checked all the settings and tested the app. After a restart of the phone it is working, but after another FC of the Twlauncher you will not be notified anymore, even though the mail will be highlighted as new in your Inbox.

    Also the timer plays no sound at all, even if absolutely all sound settings are set to a maximum (Ringtone, Notifications, Media, and so on…)

    Another issue is the locating through WiFi and 3G network. I have tried many ROMs, and till now it is the first one, where I am getting major troubles with this issue.

    Overall I would say it is not worth it to install this ROM right now. However it has a great potential and I think the developer did a great job. It just needs some little fixes.

    As already said, I have used many custom and original ROMs and trying to give an objective review. If somebody has encountered similar issues or had totally different experience, plz comment!


      Black Al.. You are right man. This ROM freezes and im planning to install extrordinary ROM v3.4.. Any suggestions of how tht ROM is…

      • yes you can install the extra ordinary ROM!


        I have tried the EO v3.4 as well, but only for couple of hours. So far the EO v3.4 was super fast and i didn’t found any major bugs. The only big problem was the TouchWiz, as you will see (or better “not see”) black font on the black background, when you enter the menu. However, you can easily download another launcher from the market or use SGS Tools to download a different variation of TouchWiz.


      • Black Al and Neal,

        I agree with Black Al. I’ve used this ROM around 10 days.
        I’ve got questioned you Neal few days ago, which you have replied follow the instructions on how to install.
        I even re-install the ROM. But, same thing as what Black Al mentioned above, it will freeze, get hot, and then restarting itself.

        A bit regret need to uninstall it, coz I can say it is a good idea of galaxy S ROM, but… with freezing and restarting most of the time when I want to use, it become useless to have the ROM install.

        But don’t get it wrong, I also agree that your ROM is quite a good idea, it only need a fix on the major problem of freezing and restarting.

  25. morning
    I’m on galaxy s gt-I9000 XXJVR 2.3.4
    Followed your guide on updating to galaxy S2 firmware. All went fine – making a huge difference to battery usage.
    As with others, I cannot connect to KIES (using latest version).
    Do you have a date for the firmware release which will correct these KIES / USB errors please? I dont want to revert back to the previous firmware if I can help it. Or should I be tracking this on another site somewhere?
    Thanks for your guides – they are great.

  26. Hi neal kindly reply to my previous question. I am not getting the option of install zip in CMW app there is an option of flash update. What I am supposed to do please help and kindly reply this time

  27. Hello Neal,
    I’m sorry that you chose not to reply to my last post. I didn’t mean to offend in any way. I simply stated that Gtalk is NOt pre-installed on this ROM and asked if there is any way to get it?
    I have since found a way. I re-installed the ROM 3 times and each time the Google apps (Talk and Gmail) were not installed.
    I decided therefore to try the Cyanogen installation. Their instructions and procedures are much more difficult to follow than yours and I soon came to a halt – even thinking that I had “bricked” my phone!. Now, while I was at the site I saw that they had an “optional” GoogleApps package as a .zip file. I again went through your procedures to root the phone, install the S2 zip file, did the recovery cleanup – and then went back to “recovery” mode and installed the zip package from Cyanogen’s site (which I had placed on my phone).
    It is all working well now – AND with Gtalk and Gmail installed from the zip file. I hope this information is helpful to those readers who had a similar problem.

  28. hi Neal..still loving mine..but is possible to get it more stable(does freeze from time to time)..and have some of the sgs2 stock app the social the touchwiz looking forward to the new update…am sure it wld be smoother than the current 1…thanks for ur hard wrk yeah..big ups…

  29. i am not getting the option of install zip in CWM however there are options like install apk flash update( flash an update .zip) but no where i can see the option of install zip kindly help

  30. Is there any wat to change the battery icon, I really like the stock one. Amazing job, btw

  31. Thanks Neal, got it working now

    Appreciate your efforts .

    Neal one question, when i 1st bought my SGS, it came with froyo 2.2. The view of Google Maps used to be almost like the on e you get on Google Earth but after flashing all these custom ROMs (currently SG2 ROM), I did not get the same view on google maps. It just shows the YELLOW view map, zoom in zoom out, will be the same, not like before when you zoom in and you could see the roads, buildings e.t.c , as mentioned GOOGLE EARTH kind of view.
    Can this issue be sorted ?
    I hope you understand my question


  32. waiting for ur reply Neal, about GMAIL notification :(

  33. Hi Neal,
    Have tried this twice now and still can’t find the Gtalk. Re-installing did not help -Gmail and Gtalk definitely do not come” pre-installed”. Pity, as I was hoping to settle on this version for a while to try it out. I managed to get Gmail from the Market but I’m not able to find Gtalk just on it’s own. Do you or readers have any suggestions?
    Thanks for the good “advices”.

  34. sorry neal,,just to quickly tell you,,got it sorted the BLUETOOTH issue from ASTRO.

    it was simple, sorry about it

  35. thanks Neal for the quick response, but I am sorry to write this, I could not get my answer of transferring files from ASTRO, hope you dont mind it.
    PLUS one more thing, one of the users wrote already mentioned about either not receiving or delay in gmail notifications. You replied to check the REFRESH RATE. I am also facing the same issue, how to check this refresh rate, can not find any option, other than just refreshing it myself.

    I hope i am not annoying you and getting on your nerves :)


    • open astro file manager keep holding on whichever file you want to transfer and you’ll get a pop-up menu with “SEND” option,
      if you want to send multiple files then click on the button marked “MULTI” on top then select multiple files and follow the same procedure said above…

  36. Hello again Neal,

    At the moment everything working smoothly, just one query, instead of MY FILES app, in this ROM we have got ASTRO MANAGER, i like this app but can you just tell me ,, How can I transfer any files via BLUETOOTH from ASTRO.

    MY FILES app ,used to straight give the option to select and share.


    • keep holding on whichever file you want to transfer and you’ll get a pop-up menu with “SEND” option,
      if you want to send multiple files then click on the button marked “MULTI” on top then select multiple files and follow the same procedure said above…

  37. I’ve tried all S2, extra ordinary rom 3.2 and extra ordinary 3.3 and feel that the extra ordinary 3.3 is far better,… more stabler than the others, better beautiful UI and it comes with pre-installed voodoo pack, which means its a lot more faster… claimimg 2200 Quadrant Rank….!!!

  38. For me xtra ordnry 3.3 still the best for now..hope there are more upgrade for sgs..

  39. Hi Neal,

    Thanks for the great ROM. All went smooth. Got the beautiful butterfly.

    I have upgraded from 2.3.3 to this new ROM.

    But i did a mistake (which is actually not mentioned above) without going through the below review comments, ie., to uncheck the re-partition checkbox and did the complete setup. After reboot i could see all the user data not removed from the phone.

    So then immediately i have corrected the mistake and did the whole process once again (ie., installing the XXJVR 2.3.4, Rooting and then installing S2 ROM). But i could see the user data still existing.

    Then i did a hard reset to remove all the user data. And then did the whole setup process once again.

    Now the GPS in the mobile is not able to find my current location. Any help appreciated.

  40. Hi NeaL

    Thanks for the ROM it is working very well! Very fast and responsive :)

    I have 2 problems :
    1. GTalk, like others have asked is NOT pre-installed with the ROM, how can I install it?
    2. Geolocation with mobile network or wi-fi networks does not seem to work (gps works fine)

    Please can you assist?

  41. Hi Neal,

    I am currently running XXJVR 2.3.4 with Voodoo Lagfix; both installed from your site. I started following the instructions to update to S2 ROM but when carrying out factory reset and wiping cache etc., Voodoo still remains on the phone, is this OK?

    Also, as my phone is already rooted with voodoo and is running XXJVR, can I just go straight to downloading S2 ROM? Where do I find Clock Work Mod (CWM)??


  42. The device restarts sometimes while in idle mode.
    While trying to start some games like NOVA HD2 the device restarts.

    The UI is not laggy but restart issue is seen :(

  43. GT I9000
    HYBRID XXJVR v 2.0

    I seem to be getting reboot & lockup issues
    ph has restarted 6 times in the last 10 min
    I will see how it goes

  44. Happiness with Extra Ordinary ROM v3.3 persists. Very Very stable and the effects are awesome. Thanks Neal and your team. Had to go back from S2 ROM. The rebooting problem time and again was psyching. Keep Up the excellent work. Anything on free turn by turn navigation software for INDIA per se??? Can’t u look into some way to access Mapmyindia integration into next ROM. will be simply awesome. Looking forward to your progress and reply.

  45. Trishank Bhimjiani

    Neal is there any way by which i can get my contacts bak on the cell after putting this ROM? i havent used google and have the contacts only in spb format…. PLZ HELP!!!! i cant b witout contacts till d next patch comes out!!!

  46. The Galaxy S2 ROM works great for me, the enhanced music player is better, the audio of the video player has improved as well as the sound of the fm radio, it’s like i bought another brand new celfone, the hanging just happens for the first 8 hours after the installation, if it still occurs after that, just try adjusting some controls in the system tuner pro, edt tweaks and voodoo control plus and you’ll find out that everything wil be alright. Thanks everybody, specially to Mr.Neal. I just bought a galaxy s2 but i found out that my galaxy s is still better than the s2. I just gave it to my wife and decided to use my galaxy s.

  47. hi ………… Neal Pradeep
    i have problem in updating to xxjvr.
    i have eclair 2.1 with voodoo lagfix 4.5 beta.
    should i dicrectly update gaalxy s2 rom. or i must have to update with xxjvr.
    pls…. reply.

    • Hi Barat,

      First you have to update your SGS to XXJVR + ROOT it. Copy the ZIP file to your phones internal memory root folder and then run the setup through the clockwork mod recovery utility using ZIP file installation… That should do the trick ;)

      Sri Lanka

  48. thanks for the quick reply Neal but unfortunately can not locate it, you think should i install the ROM again?

  49. Hi Neal,
    Just installed it, working very nicely & smoothly, the only thing can not get GTALK installed,,trying *.apk but getting the message NOT INSTALLED. (got GMAIL installed)
    Can you kindly help me out here, or anyone else.


  50. Sometimes in gallery it just reboots :(( Don’t know what’s the problem.. :(

    How to check what file system is currently in use?

    Thank you….

  51. Hi NeaL,
    is there any way to upgrade galaxy S with Galaxy S2 stock ROM with minimal (at best none) changes? I do not want to ROOT my device yet.

  52. Dear Neal
    thanks for ths, it looks great but it get hanging, am not sure why? and also am unable to connect to Kies to restore my contacts and other thing which I back up before installation!

    I will appreciate your feedback

    thank you


  53. this is SWEET. quick response and very reliable. i just experience force close at times but it just rarely happen. best update so far. good job Neil!

  54. If I am on XXJVR, will the S2 ROM update wipe my data and apps during the upgrade?

  55. this rom is too buggy, it keeps restarting on its own, i have tried the above procedure twice still same issue, and i know what i am doing, the camera is buggy, u move slides on home screen it restarts u try to watch flash video it restarts and several other occcasions. the extra ordinary rom 3.3 was awesome dunno why i moved to this one gonna go back to rom 3.3

    • Have u tried 3.2 version.?

      • i did not try the extraordinary 3.2 but i tried 3.3 which was quite good and i liked it…but this S2 rom is very buggy, i am back on the xxjvq 2.3.4 for now and plan to try 3.2 cuz i might sell my phone and go for the S2 if i wont sell then i will put the 3.2

  56. Hello man,

    I have a problem, i just got my cel updated yestarday but the celphone starts to reboot itself every time it wants. like 8 times per day.

  57. Computer fails to detect phone via USB most of the time after installing this ROM. KIES doesn’t respond either… Please be careful if you rely on USB transfers because it doesn’t work properly.

    Sri Lanka

  58. cant sync with samsung kies which means that i cant restore my contacts. it doesnt detect my phone. any suggestion?

  59. Hi Neal thanks for all the great roms. installed the rom, quite laggy, freezes very often, and often reboots on it’s own. Any help?

  60. Dear Neal

    Pls note i am on 2.3.4 XXJVQ (baseband ver) – XXJVR-CL425308 (Kernal ver) with Build number Amestris V3.0 The Orange Magic, can i flash the G2 rom directly or do i want to update with XXJVR & rooting.

    Awaiting your advice

  61. what are the known BUGS so far for this rom? I am currently using 3.3 ROM but it feels like 3.2 ROM was smoother when moving from screen to screen. Quadrant score did go higher with 3.3 ROM but I don’t rely on the score, It matters how fast it opens appz, moving screen to screen, and when you are scrolling. I just felt like 3.2 ROM was smoother, was thinking of installing this S2 ROM but If you have tried it already, is it smoother than the rest of the ROM that came out recently?

  62. One confusion neal, somwhr in post showing will present Root, and in feedback one post it is already rooted
    can you plz confirm is it already rooted?

  63. Hi Neal,
    I have rooted my mobile (Galaxy SGTI9000) following your earlier article. Right now mobile is showing Build Number as “GINGERBRED.XXJVP” with Baseband Version as I9000XXJVP.

    Please let me know if just by following the instructions given on page 5 will allow me to upgrade my phone to Galaxy S2 ROM.


  64. i cannot connect to samsung kies after using this rom
    can you tell me how? i need to restore all my contacts


  65. updated and been using for 15hrs… a very good rom, silky smooth and very responsive too…
    like told by some above there are some usual stock rom applications missing like gmail and gtalk, but both are easily installable via market and gtalk and be flashed through cwm file.

    thank you..

    • Hey man,
      can you kindly guide me how to install gtalk? i have downloaded the zip file and put it in sd card , went into CWM and tried install it from there, but got the mess ABORTED.

      would really appreciate your help.


  66. how can i sync facebook friends to my contacts to get their pictures and details in this ROM..tnx

  67. My Gmail is not working tried installing other apk but it says unable to install.

  68. Trishank Bhimjiani

    n how does one update with the stock ROM???

  69. i can’t get my gmail notification and am having problems with sync in social hub…any help???

  70. Trishank Bhimjiani

    Will doing this void my warranty????

  71. The USB Mode doesn’t work for me. (Everything else is really smooth though)

    • it should work! kindly check after restarting the device!

      • Done that several times and still it just charges the phone. Downloaded the drivers again for the PC and tried again in another computer. Nothing. And the New Mail notifications don’t work either (installed Gmail instead of using the default E-Mail app)

        • Hi Gabriel,

          I am facing the same issues as you are but I get lucky at times when I switch to mass storage mode. You cannot predict when it would work but it just works at times. I think there is a problem with the ROM and third party ROM’s are never stable. I wish I could have the widgets and the animations and skip the rest of the modifications…

          Sri Lanka

        • Ok, I switched back to stock ROM, but I will definitely wait for the next version!
          (When would that be? :P?)

  72. Hi neal thanks a lot I have been upgrading my SG following the instruction that you people take lot of pain in putting in step by step pattern. And more important every day you people put some thing new which most of us come to know through regular mails. This time I am having a bit of problem my phone is already on xxjvr so I downloaded only the files for rooting and s2 rom files upon un zipping the root files I am getting odin and another zip file which shows to be xxjvq now what am I supposed to do kindly help.

  73. Also am not able to locate the SIM toolkit menu

  74. Hi Neel,

    Thanks for the intructions. I have updated my phone but everytime to finishes, it doesnt ask me for language though its in English. is there any step am missing?

  75. nicely done for me..followed the steps like clockwork..tnx guys…

  76. there is some problem in polaris office .when i open a ms file it gives me a message of ‘this is a model which the library does not support’ and i tw launcher if i go to preferences it hangs up and gives force closes

  77. I’d previously upgrading to JVR a few days ago when I noticed the tutorial, and then I saw this and upgraded again. It runs much much more smoothly, and the battery life seems to be a bit better also. However, it didn’t come installed with the YouTube or Gmail apps, and at the moment, I’m having troubles with the Gmail app not pushing notifications for new emails. Other then that, I very nice upgrade in my opinion.

  78. has anyone tried it? any review?

  79. Hi Neal,
    After updating to this ROM, is it possible to go back to my stock ROM and exact stock condition if required?

  80. hi neal,thanx for the update.could you please advice how to go back to the stock rom after updating this rom.

  81. Hello Neal, Thnx a lot for gud work
    I am on GB XXJVQ with Root(updated with androidadvice only), do i need to first update XXJVR on can directly go to S2 ROM?

  82. Hi Neal,

    Which is better…..Extraordinary 3.3 or GalaxyS2 Rom?


  83. Neal,
    I am bit confused which one should i go for – Extra ordinary ROM 3.3 or S2 ROM
    Which one is more stable & more attractive?

  84. It worked!! Now I just need to wait for the Rooting article!! Thanks!!

  85. Nice butterfly

  86. I download and I will puting now,,,
    I have returned with impressions

  87. Hi,

    The update was a breeze. :-)
    The first impression looks good. Good work.


  88. Hi neal,

    Is there any other problem if i install the S2-Rom while im in XXJVP version??

    Please reply,,