How to Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with ICS 4.0.3 RC2.1 Firmware

Ice Cream Sandwich LogoIts Happy New Year 2012 for Samsung Galaxy S users at AndroidAdvices as it was first in the year 2011 when we saw on how you can enjoy the RC1 release of Ice Cream Sandwich but in this article we will check out an all new release which is dubbed as RC2. Please note that this is not an official release or Value Pack for Samsung Galaxy S released by Samsung Electronics but is a beta release which is made and released by PaulForde from XDA. To make things simple, here we will discuss on how you can apply this in your phone.

For your simplicity you will have to go through the list of pre requisites followed by which we will see the procedure on how to update your phone with the same.

Disclaimer: At Android Advices, we have made sure in all respects that all the information regarding the firmware update is mentioned correctly in this article. We hold no responsibility in any manner just in case if any damage happens to your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000.

We will also see on what are the things which work in this version of release so that it will help you to decide on whether its worthy enough to update with or not. So, let’s get started with the things which work, list of pre requisites to be followed.

Things which Work in ICS RC2:

  • Calls / Texts / Data Works perfectly,
  • Audio / Touch / Wi Fi works,
  • Both Internal and External SD Card works,
  • Android Market Works,
  • Contacts & Calendar Sync,
  • Camera (Video Recording & Pictures),
  • Face Unlock,
  • GPS, Bluetooth, Wired tethering works,
  • FM Radio / Wireless tethering works

Rest all things if at all doesn’t work then do let us know in the comments section as the same will be forwarded to the developer of this ROM as it will further help them to solve the bugs.

So, before proceeding to the procedure to update Galaxy S with the ICS release, you need to follow all the List of Pre Requisites so as to ensure that the phone is updated successfully and safely. We have summed up all the important things in the pre requisites which includes the data backup / restore tips, special instructions to the custom ROMSs users and also few other small tips which are very important.


  1. Hi
    i followed all the instructions and i update my GT-I9000 to 2.3.6
    and downloaded the ICS ZIP file to my SD card but
    when i opened the phone in upgrade mode the file couldn’t be open and message says “System aborted”

  2. hey pradeep, i have installed ICS MR1 RC4.2 and i want to report a bug/problem. when someone calls me, the calling party is unable to hear my voice.. but when i call them, they can hear me. how to solve this? do i have to install any other kernel over it? which kernel is compatible with this version? plz help me friend

  3. just re-rooted phone for the second time and am still getting E:signature verification failed, message. what could this be from?

  4. Hi,
    I updated my i9000 but can’t video call.
    How to fix this?
    Thank you

  5. Hi..pradeep

    there is problem with micro phone also..
    the opposite person not getting clear voice
    So, I back to previous firmware 2.3.6

    now, all is working fine

  6. sum of the apps missing like

    video player
    FM Radio icon
    samsung apps Icon

    pls help

  7. how can i knw that installed firmware is ICS 4.0.3RC1 or RC2
    about phone:

    kernel version 3.0.8-NEO-3.0-teamICSSGS-257174-g197c9a1-dirty
    build numbr:GTI9000-user 4.03. IML74K eng
    Baseband version:I9000XXJVU

    and also i missed samsung apps store

    Pls help

  8. Neal bhai,
    ICS 4.0.3 RC3 for SGS is also out.

    Please come up with its update via odin.

  9. Hi Neel,

    Thanks for your response, but the firmware XXJVT or XXJVU is Gingrebread or ICS and also provide me the link for it to install.


  10. Hi Neel,

    After many hip hop i upgraded my SGS with RC2.1 but same problem of poor voice to the calling person, who calls me however i can clearly listen the caller voice no issue in that. But i dont know what is wrong and where that my caller is not getting my voice clearly…

    Pls help..I have heard of service menu #*#*197328640*#*# but know how to fix this problem…


  11. Hi there seems to be a problem with Battery life, phone fully charged at 7:30 this morning by 9:30 60% gone….1 Phone call approx 3 mins……..Nothing else done on the phone…No GPS….. No sysnc…….it is on my home Wifi network… would normally get2 -days with this kinfd of use in 2.3.6….Any Ideas????????

  12. Why not be connected to the computer
    What do I do?
    I also installed the kernel again..
    help me plz…:-(

  13. 1.Usb dosent connect to pc!!!!why???? 2.can i back from ics4.0.3 to gingerberd? How? Tnx

  14. Hi,
    I can’t update to any ICS. Now i got installed Gingerbread 2.3.5, Kernel
    When I start update i got the message :\ E:signature verification failed\.
    I think I’ve done everything as it says in tutorial.
    Did anybody get this meassage?

  15. Hi Karim, could you please elaborate.

  16. hi pradeep
    any root version will be up?

  17. Does this version support flash?
    If not, could you tell me please in approximately how much time will appear a version that supports flash?

  18. i have update this ics rc2.1, can i undo and only install only miui firmware in my phone plz suggest me.

    thanks in advance.

  19. There’s a reason why @ first boot the animation is in loop???

  20. hi where is fm redio?

    thanks in advance.

  21. Why do your link takes me to a different website that mebtion that i should intall there kernel not yours?

  22. its not working and many apps like imobile ICICI bank software is not working …. i m waiting for Neela to rip the retail version of ICS.

  23. i m using MIUI rom in my Galaxy and its working great for me. After reading issues in the comments I think its better to wait to for a more stable version of this rom.
    is there any way to root the Sony Ericsson Xpera X10a and also any stable rom is available for Xperia X10a or not? Thnx…..

  24. pictures taken with the camera can not be saved in external card. Is there any solution ? thanks … can not access the external card

  25. i just want to take a moment and say thanks to for providing us with the latest updates and news on android devices. keep up the good work,the site is very informative..

  26. Hi Neel,

    Pls let us know when is the next version is coming.

    I have dropped the idea to install RC2.11 as per the users comments and your suggestion.


  27. Use “App backup & restore” software from android market.

  28. My phone wont connect to its 3g network (APN settings are correct). I installed the RC2.11 pack and WIFI is working great so i decided not to instal the kernal.

    Is anyone else having this problem???

    Ow and the standard music player won’t play any of my songs :(

  29. Neal… I need one help from you. Whenever I install a new firmware I lose all my saved games and saved apps data. I know how to take backup of .apk files. But I dont know how to link the installed apk with the backed up data. Is there any way so that I dont lose my saved games. Please help. Thanks in advance. Typing this text third time. as it is not posting when I click submit..

  30. Hi Neal,

    I need one help from you. Whenever I install a new firmware I lose all my saved games and saved apps data. I know how to take backup of .apk files. But I dont know how to link the installed apk with the backed up data. Is there any way so that I dont lose my saved games.

    Please help. Thanks in advance.

  31. Hi Neal,

    I use to update your firmware often but I am pissed with only one thing. All my saved games or saved data in the software gets deleted. I know how to take the .apk files but I dont know how to link the installed app with its data which is taken as backup or is there anyway so that I dont lose my saved app data.

    Please help. Thanks in advance.

  32. Is anyone else having difficulties with connecting to their 3G network?
    I think I have the APN settings right, just as I did with the other ROMs.
    I haven’t flashed the Kernal because my wifi is working great.

  33. i’ve got some issues after installing RC2.11:
    a. there is no G-calibration, i can’t use compass app, n such as another apps.
    b. there is no Video Call
    c. there is no FM Radio Tuner
    d. can’t install paid apps android market from device (but i can install from android market website).
    what should i do, next?

  34. Hello!

    The ‘Main ROM’ link is not working! Would you please kindly check and provide a new link?


  35. From the comments i see quite a number of people are facing problems with USB connectivity. If you enable usb via clockworkmod,it works and you can transfer/copy files.

  36. Can you fix the video player!?
    It cant play any avi. Or hd videos like any rom…
    Please fix this one…

  37. Hi Neel,

    I have tried this firmware but i’m facing strange problem like when I get incoming call, voice is not clear to the caller some time voice is breaking completely..but outgoing calls no issues. now I revert back to 2.3.6 stable version.. I’m facing this problem only on ICS firmware.

    Help me in this!!!!


  38. hi pradeep,

    USB is not recognise in this firmware.

    Even i tried all the possible ways which you mentioned in this forum. I reinstalled it tooo …

    Bt NO use..

    Any other Solution ???

  39. my phone keeps on restarting and i cant get to recovery mode, what to do ?

  40. Hi ALL,

    I am running ICS RC1 on my SGS GT-I9000, it working good but mission native FM application. But got the news that its RC2 was release and then got info that RC2.1 was also release. Can somebody please tell me whats the difference or how stable it is to switch from RC1 to RC2 or RC2.1.

    Secondly is it neccessary to go back to MIUI ROM from ICS RC1 and then to RC2 or we can directly install RC2 from RC1.


  41. Love the look of this build and the sounds on this firmware .but wondering what the point of it is if there is still no fm radio or full camera functions or USB connection. you said fm radio was now working. Internet radio is not fm radio!!!!

  42. does it support avi or other formats…??? i have cm7 can i update!!!!!!

  43. Still cant buy paid apps from the market. Had the same issue with RC1.

  44. does this support other videos …such as avi,mkv thanxxx

  45. can i play videos other than mp4 which is default???

  46. Video Call not work in this version and FM Radio is not exist :(

  47. PC with USB is not working. also Camera zoom and radio…………………

  48. SO basically things that are not working is USB, Camera zoom and radio?

    • And you can not sync with facebook account, you can not charge your phone while it is turned off (the phone automatically turns on), you can not organize your photos and video in gallery, you can not turn on/off your data so quickly as it is on gingerbread (pushing the power button and selecting it).

      But the ICS update it worth all this things because is very very friendly and nice to be used.

    • And you can add the proximity sensor – doesn’t work :(…

  49. Hey i have bricked my phone… is there any way out to regain the OS back???

  50. hi …
    i have install kernel … but still getting usb err ….
    im switching bak to RC1 :/ sad update

  51. Yes, it is known that Native FM still doesn’t work. I was looking for that clarification.

    Never mind ! ICS even still in Beta versions for SGS is awesome !
    Great thanks to all codevelopers !!!

    P.S.: Btw, Internet Radio really works ! For example –

  52. Please, anyone can help me?

    Where radio widget can be got? which application? Please give link. There is no FM Radio. I tried to download FM two and Spirit Radio from market. These did not work.


  53. im getting error
    to connect usb
    i tryied all that you hav mention

  54. same error not connecting usb
    i tried all that u mention

  55. Not able to connect to Computer using USB cable even though USB debugging is enabled.
    I am getting an error “unfortunately the process has stopped.. Pls advise.
    i tried new usb, restart, clear the cache as mentioned in the article, all that i done it
    then also i getting error to connect usb

  56. Is anyone else stuck on a boot screen after installation?

  57. I don’t see any FM radio app.

  58. Having a problem importing facebook contacts onto my phone. Adding the facebook acc via Accounts does nothing when its clicked on. Bug or just me?

  59. Just installed no problem but when i go to add my facebook account nothing happens. Originally facebook wasn’t in the account options but after installing the app it showed but its not doing anything…

  60. found some issues….
    -camera does not have zoom
    -mixzing music player doesn’t work with equalizer on.
    everything else works fine.

  61. thE FM RADIO DOES NOT WORK. it hangs and i have to remove the battery to reboot. Also, it does not reconnect to wifi until u disable and re-enable wifi. several freezes, hangs and reboot!
    now am tired of making my precious gs2 a guinea pig!!

  62. hi i am on ics 4.03 rc1 is there any deference between this update rc2 and the rc1 except for the fm radio

  63. Things which Work in ICS RC2:
    … FM Radio

    Is it work or not ?

  64. Installed the rom pretty well,no difficulty when it comes to found some issues,

    -there is no zoom in the camera
    -another issue i’ve found is when using mixzing music app,you can not play your music if mixzing’s equalizer is on. It stops the music if playing and closes the app once you activate the equalizer.
    -what happened to SAMSUNG APPS application? Is it going to feature in the coming updates?

    otherwise everything else works fine.

  65. Hi Neal,

    The link is not working…. The link page goes to ics samsung update page..

  66. hi neal,

    just want to ask,
    do i still have to update from miui to ICS 4.0.3 RC1 Firmware before updating to ICS 4.0.3 RC2.1 Firmware

    or can i just update directly from miui to ICS 4.0.3 RC2.1 Firmware???

    thanks =]

  67. Hi,

    Updated successfully. However not able to connect to Computer using USB cable even though USB debugging is enabled. Is there any option/process to be followed as connectivity to Computer thru USB is a necessary to copy any files..

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  68. does the viber apk works?? whats the battery life??? is this rooted??

  69. Hi,

    Is there tv out function enable in this rom?

    In RC1, I was not able to find setting for the same.


  70. Link is not working!!!

  71. Does the viber apk works?? Whats the battery life?? Is rooted??

  72. Hi, is this rom operators branded, or will it work correctly on EU Phone (XX___)?
    If so, how can I change the baseband to obtain the signal?
    Is the network type settings bug now resolved?

    So, can it be flashed directly from XXJVS?

  73. Dear,

    Before I do anything I have a few questions:

    On the ISC website it says one still needs to instal \Super user for ISC’ before installing the Kernel, is this necessary or is my XXJVR (rooted) + MIUI enough to apply the fix?

    Also, the ROM found on the ISC website is a 2.11, is the Kernel already incorporated in this one?


  74. hi neal,

    just wanna ask, do i have to update my fone from miui custom rom then to ICS 4.0.3 RC1 Firmware then to ICS 4.0.3 RC2.1 Firmware

    or can i just skip updating to ICS 4.0.3 RC1 Firmware and just continue updating to this ICS 4.0.3 RC2.1 Firmware???
    thanks =]

  75. I followed all the steps but I don’t know exactly what file to download from here … You mentioned it as `ICS Android 4.0.3 RC2.1 Package` but there are two files: the main rom and the kernel. Which should i use?

  76. Is it teamhacksung build 12 based on XXJVT OR Else

  77. Thanks Pradeep. I’ve applied the update and everything is working fine.

  78. There is any posibilities to install this ICS on my i9000 without rooting my device. I really want to keep the waranty and not making root…please help.

  79. Is it this file

    I downloaded it and copied it by when trying to install in gets an error .?

    I have followed the process.

    SGS on RC1 Rom

  80. Hi Pradeep,

    When I tried to download I could see link for RC2.11 and RC2. Could you please confirm which one we need to download.

    Main ROM

    Please also confirm whether we need to run both the above mentioned files in the recovery mode? You have mentioned to choose only one file ICS RC 2.1 file to install..

    Appreciate if you could on this.. thanks

    • you need to first install the main rom and then you need to install the kernel. so download both the files!
      Main ROM

  81. Devanshu Mehrotra

    Hi Pradeep,

    Thanx for the update, but can i go back to Official Gingerbread 2.3.5 XFJVA Firmware after i update my Galaxy S with ICS 4.0.3 RC2.1 Firmware

  82. Hi, i have tried clicking on the download link with both my laptops and my dad’s and it pop out another page saying webpage is either overloaded or offline, using both my laptops and the outcome is the same.

  83. Hi,

    Has the video recording at 15fps been fixed to 30fps in this update?


  84. Hi Pradeep can i update this on XWJVZ rooted , please let me know

  85. i click on the link and it pop out another page stating ” The service is overloaded or offline. Please try again later. ” was it due to my laptop problem? or is the given link webssite down? as i have tried it with 2 laptop still cant get to download =(

  86. how about video call? is this ROM support already? last time i’ve used MIUI ROM and it doesn’t have video call function, and my friend already tried to video call me and still can’t do… any suggestion?