How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Stable Gingerbread based BlockBuster 5.5 Custom ROM Firmware

Blockbuster 5.5 LogoIt was the last time when we saw on how you can update with the latest version of Blockbuster ROM 5.0 version and now the time has come to update the same with the next available update which is dubbed as the version 5.5. With number of significant changes and along with the bonus applications and tweaks, this will surely impress you among all other Custom ROM options which are currently available for all the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 handsets. So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can easily update the latest version of Blockbuster ROM 5.5 edition.

If you ask on what are the enhancements this version of Blockbuster ROM comes with then we would like to add that, this version comes along with some of the performance fixes which previously caused issues like force close errors in some of the games which were downloaded from the Android Market Place and also on some of the crucial applications which are like Phone.apk and also on the Dialer which were used when you make any calls from your phone.
Also, not to forget that this ROM comes with the visually rich wallpapers by default and also several other customizations were also done for making this ROM a visual rich. Please note that you should only apply this update on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 and not to any other similar phones like Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000M or I9000B or I9000T or Captivate or even to Mesmerize etc. We take no responsibility in what so ever manner in whole or in parts if you still proceed with the updation of device. So, ensure that you don’t proceed with the instructions if your phone is not Galaxy S GT I9000.

Since this Custom ROM is purely based on the XXJVR 2.3.4 Firmware ROM, it’s very important for you too to update your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 to update to the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 version or else there is a high probability that you may end messing up with your phone. For your convenience, we have broken down this article into different sections spread across many pages so that individually you can install the applications. It has been found that over a period of time, the Custom ROMs are fast pacing up and also recently an all new Gingerbread 2.3.5 release have arrived in the form of some custom ROM which we will soon be covering for the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 only on

Rooting Information:
In the due course of this process, the phone will be rooted and the warranty will be void. The best part of the Samsung Phones is that these phones doesn’t come with any sort of boot loaders. So, the lost warranty can be reclaimed at any point of time, for which all you need to do is to just clear the cache and wipe the data from the recovery mode and update your Galaxy S with any of the Stock ROMs like XXJVP, XXJVQ or even XXJVR 2.3.4 Gingerbread version to revoke the root access and reclaim the warranty.

Disclaimer: We should not be held responsible for the damage done if any to your phone in the process of applying this custom ROM in your phone. There will not be any loss of data or the damage to the phone if and only if every single instruction which is mentioned below is followed.

Enhancements and Screenshots of Blockbuster 5.5 ROM:
In a recent development by the blockbuster ROM which is an end result of the version 5.5 now comes with an enhanced list which are mentioned below,

  • Better Battery Backup,
  • Rooted, Deodexed and Zip Aligned Update,
  • Full APN List,
  • Multi CSC and Busy box 1.18.4 & Super user Pre-installed,
  • 3D Issue now is fixed as now you no more can view blurred images in the 3D Apps,
  • Clock Work Mod Recovery comes Pre installed,
  • Voodoo Sound Enhancement v10 comes Pre Installed,
  • Added Scripts and Tweaks for better Performance,
  • Extra Long enhanced Battery Life than previous version of firmware
  • All new Boot Animation


  1. I have : firmware version = 2.3.4
    base band version = I9000XXJVR
    kernel version =
    May I jump to 2.3.5 directly or must install XXJVR before ?
    Thanks for reply

  2. hi neal its been a week since im using this rom. another problem is when i charge my, when it says charged i unplugg it bu then the percentage of my battry is 97 or 98%, which is not charged but it appears charged when plugging the cable..please help?

  3. hi neal, i’ve already updated my rom with this one, but i noticed one thing..the sim toolkit disappears which very important to me and for some users ass well, what can/we do? is there any download link to get it back? pleas help

    • this version of fw doesnt support SIM TOOLKIT, please wait till next version arrives!

      • thanks neal for the info, its been a week since im using this rom. another problem is when i charge my, when it says charged i unplugg it bu then the percentage of my battry is 97 or 98%, which is not charged but it appears charged when plugging the cable..please help?

  4. hi neal pleasei need your help, after i updated my phone to this custom rom, it doesnt have the default app for the sim card?

  5. Hi neal,

    My question is if a want to changed my firmware version to XXJVS 3.5 , can i use blockbuster ROM 5.5 as my ROM ?

    hope you answer me befor i proceed …

    thnak you

  6. Hi Neal,

    I have purchased the new I9000 and by ur guided instructions i upgraded it to 2.3.5 FW which have to many force error & decreased battery life.

    But i want something better /good on my SGS, What about BlockBuster 5.5 or any other rom / FW like, SG2 FW, also it should have good pre -installed app,widgets, eye candy UI, and should have very good battery life.

    Can i upgrade blockbuster 5.5 directly on SGS FW 2.3.5 or i have to go back to 2.3.4 first, I have already rooted my SGS by ur instructions successfully.

    Thanx in Adv.


  7. Congrats! BLockbuster 5.5 great battery life, stable! Just a pitty that the email.apk still dont have any option in incoming settings to choose to download only headers of incoming pop mail. Download only fully all email, cant choose not to download big mail or all the junkmail. That would make it perfect. Thanks!

  8. Hi Neal
    Just upgraded from 2.1 to gingerbread 2.3.5 firmware. Thanks for your great support. Now, may I upgrade to block buster 5.5? Or shall i go for simply honey 5.0 instead? Which one is better. also, should I upgrade to Xtra Long Battery Amestris ROM v3.5 after upgrading to either block buster 5.5 or simply honey 5.0?






  10. hi neal,
    how to look the existing ROM that i used?
    to recovery mode, by pressing the Volume Down Key OR Volume UP key?


  11. Hi Neal

    I encounter another problem, when i tried to slide the message at the lockscreen, it somehow restart the phone, any idea? previously i notice there is a Play button at the lockscreen , somehow, or somewhere maybe my itchy hand did something and it was gone and maybe that’s y when i slide the message at the lockscreen, the hp just restart itself..

    Any advice? Thank You

  12. Hi Neal,

    I started the weekend on XXJVQ and EO 3.2, I was quite happy with this except that some games that require movement recognition did not work.

    Over the course of the weekend I have tried EO 3.4, BB5.5 and S2 roms.
    I have the following queries:
    EO3.4 – UI very dark and use of menu button impossible as not possible to see anything on the menu screen, are there any tweaks that will help. (Quadrant very good with ext4, down slightly when installing Add-on option)
    BB5.5 – Quadrant score very disappointing, also could not use Kies with this installed (where I backed up my contacts to)
    S2 – Again, cannot use Kies – also on lock screen messaging ‘slide icon’ has foreign language, and when using internet it is not possible to close the screen without going backwards through all screens entered, MyFiles application no longer available although referred to elsewhere, and unfortunately lost Ext4 app.

    Note that the XXJVR I am using would appear to be based on the Galaxian kernel, not sure if there is another option that may improve matters …

    Any help on these would be gratefully received. EO 3.4 + ext4 – Add-on is by far the best quadrant rating I got through all these.

    One other note from an earlier posting – in order to get from EO3.4 to BB5.5 I had to go back to flashing the XXJVR, not going back that far caused failure to boot.

    Regards and thanks,


    PS Excellent column regardless …

  13. Hi Neal,
    Thank you very much for your support. I successfully rooted the phone and installed the Blockbuster 5.5. Thank you again for your instruction and guidance.

    But, I am facing another problem, I had backed up my data, contacts, notes, sms, in Kies_2.0.2.11071_128. While I wanted to restore, the kies does not support for connection the new one version. I checked up the USB setting and it is Samsung Kies mode.

    Please help me if there is any way? I want to restore the contact and notes in my device using the Kies.

    Thank you.

    With best wishes,

  14. Android 2.3.5 for GALAXY S i9000 is out … why not updated on ?

    please update

  15. Hi Neal,
    I have upgraded phone to XXJVR 2.3.4 version and cleared cache files and rooted it. Now It is XXJVR 2.3.4. While I went to upgrade Blockboster 5.5, first I copied the Zip file to the phone and went to the recovery mode, ”Apply update from SD card”. While the process went on the set informed me in red text ”E:signature verification failed. Now I am helpless. What to do? Please guide me. As I tried to follow your instruction.

    Please help me.
    Thank you.

  16. hi NeaL,

    Actualy blockbuster 5.0 is good for me , but i have ony one problem with this ROM this is if you open the phone for calls and dial a number the shape will be stay permanently on landscape mode not in portrait ,

    my question if will update my ROM on 5.5 it is posible to be fix ?

    thanky you.

  17. Hello i just applied everything according to your instructions, i have just improved the version to XXJVR, but when i try to install, it says e-signature verification failed and install is aborted, what am i doing wrong? I dont have blockbuster 5.0 installed before.

  18. how can i update the firmware without any losing DATA & APP.


  19. Hey Neal ,

    Which ROM do you personally feel is better

    Amestris ROM v3.5 ,blockbuster rom5.5 or extra ordinary 3.4?

  20. Hi Neal
    I was getting quadrant score 1850 at the time of XXJVP with VOODOO Lagfix
    But now after updating to XXJVR and Block buster 5.5 I am getting quadrant score around 1350 only
    So I wanted to know whether it is okey or there is something missing in my device

  21. i encounter a problem, when the camera were left idling for minutes, it will auto restart BlockBuster..

    any advice?

  22. Hi Neal, currently on Amestris 3.5, as you told it does have some error in YOUTUBE, want to ask does BLOCK BUSTER also has the same issues?

  23. Neal, I am currently on Exra ROM 3.4 and upgraded to BB 5.5. The problem i have is that the phone keeps on doing reboot. I have followed the procedure as stated. The second thing i noticed is that I lost the apps like maps and i could not locate my pictures on the gallery (i.e. it only shows me the picture on the cam but no the one in the memory card). Any help??? Was there any special procedure to do before updating to 5.5? I have thesame problem before with 5.0 so i resorted back to 3.4 Thank for your help..

  24. Great rom! Thanks NeaL.. Is it possible to integrate facebook contacts whith phone contacts?

  25. Very exiting news. I have already upgraded GT I9000 in 2.3.4 version. Please PROVIDE INSTRUCTION STEPS about
    HOW TO UPDATE ROM 5.5. Actually, I am facing problem of force closing and not opening some applications.

    Thank you.

  26. Very exiting news. I have already upgraded GT I9000 in 2.3.4 version. Please PROVIDE INSTRUCTION STEPS about

    Thank you.

  27. force e-mail inbuilt e mail application is not working…what to do???g-mail works fine but hotmail is not working

  28. Hi,

    Successful to install this ROM, but i facing a problem that i cant open My Files folder.. it is like cannot mount my USB Storage.. how to solve this problem..?

  29. Hi Neal,
    Thanks a lot for all these articles, they are very useful.
    I seriously need help on this issue, 5.5 although looks good and works well, it keeps rebooting every few minutes, especially when I open market, etc…. I have wiped/cleared and installed the same ROM twice to see if there were any installation issues.
    Please help me out, is there a way we can find out from any debug logs, etc.. as to why it keeps rebooting?


  30. Hi Neal,

    i am interested to install this new ROM but want to keep the current home launcher i have which is based from the EXTRAordinary ROM3.3 with darkcore 2.9 kernel version. is there a way i can keep this launcher with this new blockbuster rom?

  31. works great the procedure was as simple as explained… Thanks again guys

  32. how can i update the firmware without any losing DATA & APP.


  33. No Voodoo sound enhancement, no memo for notes, i’m sorry to say but juwe’s smart edition 5.3 is way off better and more perfect than 5.5 custom rom firmware

  34. Neal,
    please assist ever since i updated to XXJVR and installed the Amestris ROM, my galaxy keeps rebooting now and then…anything i can do to resolve the problem?

  35. Neal, need your help urgently, since 5.5 was rebooting so many times, I decided to reinstall starting afresh.
    Thus, I put the phone in download mode and using your instructions of upgrading the firmware to XXJVR, I executed the ODIN with the necessary files. It is almost going to be 20 minutes, but nothing seems to be happening, phone remains in download mode and ODIN shows following message and seems to be stuck. Any help? What should I do? How long should I wait?
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:17)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

  36. market application seems to be working very slow in 5.5, just to load the screen with details takes so much time. 3.5 was much faster. Any idea or solution to this problem?

  37. Just like 5.0, this 5.5 also keeps rebooting itself so many times, not sure what is happening with it.

  38. Hi,
    New here, which one better? Amestris ROM v3.5 or this one the blockbuster rom5.5?
    Thank you

  39. Hi Neal. ROM seems quite stable. But,

    1) There’s no Gtalk?? Cannot find it in the market either

    2) The colours are dull. The sms bubbles are white and grey! Any way to change that (It will not change with themes)

  40. Neal
    I’m running Xtra Long Battery Amestris ROM V3.5 on top of JVR 2.3.4 – as per your tuition.
    What do I need to do please to install BlockBuster 5.5 Custom ROM
    thank you

  41. Prince Edem Dzakpasu

    I have a samsung galxay s and its running on
    When I first bought it, I updated it on Kies
    and it now has FROYO.JVJPF.

    How can I get it to update to the Gingerbread?

  42. running E.O.3.4 presently…….too dark and blue for my liking….are there any screenshots of blockbuster 5.5…
    more important, prior to installing b.b5.5 …..cache and data have to be wiped and also the dalvik that right?
    since cwm will also be removed will a rom manager be rquired?
    thanks in advance…….
    may add here your column is excellent…..KUDOS

  43. hi neal….
    i just want to ask one question right now i am on b.b 5 and kernel is this blend works acceptionaly well on my device and quandrant score is 2800+.shifting from 5.0 to 5.5 is more valuable to me or not???and this kernel is suitabe with b.b 5.5?????

  44. I changed the wallpaper on 5.5 to my custom one, how do I go back/revert to the default one that came with 5.5?
    also how do I change the lockscreen wall paper, since if I got settings->wallpaper->lockscreen, it only shows option to select images from gallery (camera).

    • I was able to change the lock screen wallpaper, just let me know how to go back to the default wall paper that came with 5.5.

  45. it’s been a while since you’ve had anything on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9003, what’s happening? Can we look forward to anything soon?

  46. Is the download link that you have provided for 5.5 contain the same zip as the one mentioned below

    I am asking since I have already downloaded that, and wonder if I can proceed with that zip following the instructions that you have provided? Or do I need to download the zip file that you have mentioned?

  47. another great article.

    I updated to block buster 5.0 and was very impressed.

    when upgrading to 5.5, will I need to re put on xxjvr, re root or can I just download 5.5, enter recovery and apply ( then the usual clear of cache, delvik cache etc)?

    thanks for the great work as usual

  48. I want to know if it support arabic language for middle east area

  49. Just had second random reboot

  50. I have xxjvr and blockbuster 5.0 how to update to 5.5

  51. Hello neal
    Ive updated mine amd my sisters phone to blockbuster 5.5.Everything went well(as usual).
    The only difference ive noticed is a higher quadrant score

  52. Neal ,

    The Instructions dont show how to proceed if you are on Extraordinary 3.3 with XXJVQ

  53. Hi Neal

    I would like to know what is d purpose of odex & deodex???…

    please advice , Thanks

  54. Im on the 5.0, do i need to clear cache etc before doing the update? Do i also need to root again?

  55. Hey Neal,

    I have the 2.3.4 XXJVQ with extraordinary rom 3.3.

    How do I proceed with this update.

    Can I just proceed by updating with XXJVR or should i remove 3.3 first. can you tell me how to remove 3.3 and then update if I have to..

  56. Thank you for this
    The boot animation still looks the same after going from BB 5.0 to 5.5
    is this normal,as its stated there is a new boot animation.