How To Update Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 to Gingerbread XXKF2 2.3.3 Firmware

Galaxy S2 LogoIf you are among the ones who faced some issues with the last update which we saw for the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 on our website then we will now see on how you can fix the same. Most of the users complained about the apps not being downloaded in the slow internet speed and also some of the users reported the frequent force closed errors and also issues of lower battery life. So, in the due course of this article let’s see on how you can easily update the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100.

Before proceeding make sure that you follow the instructions which are mentioned in this article carefully before proceeding you will have to make sure that you only update the phone model which has Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 and no other phone as updating another phone with this update may even brick the phone which may or may not be reversible which can brick your phone permanently or partly. Since this firmware update is the manual update, it doesn’t require you to have the root access of the device to follow the instructions which are mentioned below and also the best part is if you wish to un root the device then too you can flash your phone with the firmware procedure which is mentioned below. Another thing most of the readers ask is that whether updating with this firmware will root the device? The answer is simply no as updating the firmware and rooting the phone are two different processes and both can’t be clubbed in most of the cases and if at all if it’s like that we will surely mention the same.


  1. I got my first smartphone last year from here. I was very very lucky :)

  2. Hi, Updated my Galaxy SII to Gingerbread 2.3.3 and was all ok, but now phone comes up with confirm password and wont do anything else. Is there anything I can do or do I just have a brick.
    Many Thanks

  3. I have bought SG s2 last month and it has android ver- 2.3.3 and base band i9100ddke4 and build no xwkf3 … is this the latest or should I update…if so how and what would be the next…

  4. in my mobile two days back also when i connected to kies there is no update to 2.3.4 , pls tell me what have to do , for uk version still 2.3.4 is not came ?????? present firm ware is KF3

  5. do anybody know how to delete/erase/empty? the ODIN log on the phone?- i am thinking about the phone “tells” you how many times its been updated

    and why do i ask because, my phone is still on warranty and i dont want dealer to see how many times its been updated :-)

  6. sorry, updated with XWKE3

  7. thnx, it works, and it updated with XWKE2, but how do i root it, i mean we need an insecure kernel XWKE3…right ?

  8. Neal Pradeep…I Read Your Whole Article And Found It To One Of The Best Available But I Have Two Questions Quarreling In My Mind That

    1> Can WE Restore Our Cell To The Stock OS Provided SAMSUNG… ??

    2 > I Had Upgraded My OS From 2.3.3 to 2.3.4
    But I Would Like To Ask You Which One Is Better And Why,!

    Please Reply :)

    • yes you can but for that you need to note down your original version number so that we can write an article an article on the same and also 2.3.4 is better and the latest one is XXKG2 2.3.4!

      • BUt I Have Been Facing Some Problems. With The Multi CSC File(WHich One I Dloaded From Ur Link).
        . After Flashing And While Booting It Say Something Like Multi CSC XXKG1 Locked or Something Of That Kind And Flash Remains Incomplete

        COntacts..Keypads.Messaged And Any Thing Involving My Contacts Get Forced Stopped..

        And I Figured Out My Stock OS.. Its INU_I9100XWKF3_I9100DDKE4_I9100ODDKF3 PLease Help!

  9. Neal Pradeep…..your reply make no sense

  10. Hi All…

    I have updated with KF3….

    Sharing with Wifi is disabled , which uses the max of battery…..

    battery life is good now….

    Thanks & Regards
    Girithar A.S

  11. will this void my samsung warranty

  12. Okay.

    But can you then tell me if I should update to latest firmware KF4 ? And then find a custom kernel that supports CIFS and KF4?

    And do you know what to choose? ;)

    I’m new to rooting so stock firmware (newest if possible) and with CIF support, so I can make videostreaming from my NAS…

    Atm i use the above guide and runnning KF2, but with triangle when I boot up. I have root acces (done by SOC).

  13. pradeep,what u mean by re apply the update?

    achu says:
    July 2, 2011 at 1:19 pm
    After installing xxkf2.2.3.3 and when i connected to kies,i got the message that this version of s/w cannot be updated..pradeep help me…what s that mean?i cant get any update any more?when i connected thr server also i get the same msg..


    Neal Pradeep Reply:
    July 5th, 2011 at 4:39 am

    you will have to re apply the update!


  14. Hey.

    I just rooted my device with Odin (XWKDD_insecure.tar firmware) and SuperOneClick.

    I installed Rom Manager and ClockworkMod with that.

    Now I’m reading should I should change to KE77/KE8/KF2/KF3 and I see other posts where people are recommending CognitionS2.

    The reason I’m rooting is I want to use my QNAP NAS server to stream video using cifs.ko.

    I read this message and now have a rooted phone on old firmware I think =)

    “Root your phone, install a kernel that support cifs.ko, install cifs manager and astro. Using this method, I can even stream 720p videos through wifi to my galaxy s.”

    My stock firmware was KE2, my current is XWKDD_insecure and I should upgrade to newest firmware, but which one to choose?

    And final question, my device is factory unlocked, and I live in Denmark (Scandinavia/Nordic), will firmware have any influence on opreators, etc ?

    Best Regards
    A confused rooted i9100 owner ;)

  15. will i be able to upgrade through kies after using the above method.

  16. May i know where is the link please? thanks

  17. After installing xxkf2.2.3.3 and when i connected to kies,i got the message that this version of s/w cannot be updated..pradeep help me…what s that mean?i cant get any update any more?when i connected thr server also i get the same msg..

  18. Hi Neal,

    I downloaded the KF2 zip file. Opened it up, asked for p/w, typed in

    Winzip then proceeded to extract the file. After extraction finished, the zip file showed 8 files in there as follows:

    boot, cache, factoryfs,hidden, modem,param.lfs,sbl, and zImage.

    I clicked on pda in odin 1.83, but could not find to select any of the above files to add them in odin.
    I then decided to copy these 8 files into a folder and named the folder as follows I9100XXKF2_I9100OXAKF2_I9100XXKF2.tar

    When I opened the folder in Odin, there were no files to select in Odin.

    Don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have used Odin before to update SGS1 many times but updating my new SGS2 with this file is not working.

    Can you or someone please explain how to do this right as I am sure there are many out there who are most likely having the same issue.



    • Edit.
      regard above, I finally figured it out. I used WinRAR instead to extract the files to the desktop. It automatically created a file with the zip folder inside it. And Odin recognised the zip file inside the folder and added it to the pda for update.


  19. yes yes, the pink spot is gone !!!


  20. Is it OK to update to KF2 from KE1?

  21. Are there not suppossed to be three files including the pda,phone and csc to be flashed.
    Why do you only flash the pda file in this update. I am confused.

  22. Can v root this firmware….

  23. Can I upgrade through Kies in future after upgrading this? will it change location code?

  24. can i root this firmware….

  25. Is this better than XWKE7 ?

  26. Middle east new version is about to release soon. If I upgrade to KF2 now, will I be able to update new middle east version through Kies?

  27. is this firmware rootable…

  28. Did anyone update the I9100XWKF3 firmware yet need reviews.

  29. vich firmware should we update with KF3 or KF2…..and is KF3 a stable release

  30. got it password =

  31. what is the password for the zip file

  32. but if i am not mistaken the I9100XWKF3 is the latest version ??