How To Update Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 with XWKT7 2.3.6 Firmware

mini02As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 device has a build in OS version of 2.2 Froyo and it can be upgradable to Gingerbread 2.3 version. Previously we have covered the installation guides for JVKT1, XWKS7 and few others. Now, we bought you the new firmware named as XWKT7 and it supports all the European versions of Galaxy Mini S5570 mobiles. It was released at Croatia with CSC S5570CRGKT1. So, before starting this firmware updation process, please make sure that you are deserved user.

After updating with this firmware, few users spotted a difference in the dialer button and impressively the phone mobile is running faster than the previous XWKS7 version. We use Odin flash tool for the flashing process and the importance of this odin tool will be known to you in the further pages. We request other users not to try this update on their mobiles as there is a high chance of device damage.

This update doesn’t required rooted mobile and so if your mobile is already rooted then after completing this update process, mobile will be unrooted. So, there will be no loss of warranty.

Disclaimer: We will take no responsibility in case of any device damage. So, we request you to follow the instructions and procedure carefully.

For the convenience of the users, we divided this whole article in two pages so that everyone can easily understand the instruction and procedure. In the next page you will find the pre-requisites and the actual procedure for updating your with this firmware.


  1. Gentlemen. .
    How to upgrade galaxy note xxlq2 to ICS 4.0.4 or 4.1 JB. . Now it is running by 4.0.3. It drains battery very quick. .

  2. It worked perfectly for me. But please change the instructions for Recovery Mode to Home/Power buttons.
    Vol Up/Home/Power buttons take you to Dump Mode.
    Also, after the upgrade the language was in Polish or something like that, but fortunately, I had another Galaxy Mini to see the English Menu where I could go and change the language.
    Thanks a lot for your Expert Instructions.

  3. i tried to downgrade my galaxy mini into its origilnal firmware froyo using this steps.. after i got the “PASS” message in odin.. it was stuck on “samsung logo” and cant get into recovery mode.

  4. i upgraded my galaxy mini and my phone rebooted but then many errors came and i switched it off then i tried to switch it on and it got stuck and now it wont switch on!! when i go into recovery mode only a box appears and it reads ” RAMDUMP Mode (ARM9 mode) ” please help asap!!

  5. Amritpal Singh

    I have a question!
    i Update my samsung Galaxy mini..
    and now i see that the keyboard is an old one..
    and is making me angry!

  6. the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly”.
    this error will be fixed by claring the cache. now i updated my galaxy mini :)

  7. I’m now not positive the place you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or understanding more. Thank you for excellent information I was looking for this information for my mission.

  8. When I uprgade it.. Its not stop but there’s an alert said ‘Firmware Upgrade Is Stop Working’ What should I do? Help meeeee… ASAP.. Thank you ^^

  9. As soon as I hit Start this msg appears
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

  10. please reply me

  11. if i provide a gmail id n password can u upload that file using google drive on it

  12. can you provide mediafire link for zip package. hotfile links fails always

  13. i keep going to ramdump mode instead of recovery mode. ive tried the steps mentioned in the video but i still end up on randump mode. help pls. now i cant turn on my phone. :(

  14. i m getting an error stating that “the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly”
    and even after going into the recovery mode and cleared cache….nothing seems to work…kindly help

  15. Hello,

    I am trying to install Gingerbread 2.3.6 XWKT7, but ODIN is stuck for way over 2 hours in step ‘ odin mode.. check plcatform verification.’
    I already tried the following, but without result.
    - Updating KIES/drivers on the PC (Windows XP SP3)
    - Updating Windows
    - Factory Reset of telephone via Recovery Mode, both Wipe Data and Wipe Cache

    I am running Gingerbread 2.3.4 (dunno the precise rom atm) on my Samsung Galaxy Mini, the device is not rooted.

    I now aborted the update by pulling the plug in the abovementioned step, causing the following lines to be mentioned in ODIN:
    VerifyPlatform:V0, P0,R0
    e – usb is disconnected!!
    thread will be terminated.
    Destroy instant..
    Killed timer
    After pulling the battery and booting the phone it ended up Russian (though I am Dutch). I have switched the language to Dutch already.

    Please, can you tell me how I can update my phone to Gingerbread 2.3.6? Or should I just keep waiting hours till Odin somehow starts flashing the phone?

    Leon H

  16. u updated my galaxy mini to 2.3.6 as per the instructions given above …. i am not able to connect my router using wi-fi …the wifi is not working properly…. i tried downgrading to 2.3.4 the wifi worked but in 2.3.6 its not working … pls help

  17. Hey! Just got it installed! THANKS a bunch! It works! And hello to all people from India that seem to like the Galaxy Mini :D

  18. to enter Recovery Mode you need to:
    1.long press home button+power button for 3 sec and then release power button Wipe data/factory reset Wipe Cache partition reboot.

  19. Pradeep i m getting an error stating that “the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly”. \kindly help..

  20. How can I know which it the right version to install to my Galaxy Mini GT-S5570?
    JVKT1 or XWKT7?

    Currently I have Android 2.3.5, S5570XWKS2

    BTW: Great job on these tutorials, thank you!

  21. Hi, I’ve updated my mini S5570 as above. Everything OK.
    The dial-knob has changed a bit. And I’ve got a icon of the program T-wisepilot, a navigation thing. But it is in the Croatic language and I don’t understand it at all. More anoying is, I can’t remove it. It wont stay in the recyclebin. How do I get rid of this thing. Please help me! Thnx in adavance!


  22. i already did the “reboot system now” but it seems that the force error is still unsolve. and i cant use my phone… i really aprreciate your help. what do i do????. thanks…

  23. I’ve just upgraded my phone mini S5570 with firmware XWKT7 2.3.6 Firmware. Everything isOK except the icon of the application ‘Notities’ has changed; instead of a notebloc it’s no an letter T. And more anoying I’ve got the application T-wisepilot. Its an app in a different language ( Servië / Kroatië??) of wich I don’t understand a thing and would get rid of it. Can you help me? It is not possible to erase it in the normal way, it is also not mentioned in the list of applications. It’s only on the screens. I won’t use it!

    kind regards, Haen

  24. Hi, Please how works the version numbering, what means XWKT7 or what does it refer to? On my galaxy mini I have Baseband version S5570XWKT2 which seems lower than XWKT7, below that there is something about the Kernel version which is I think related to Linux and inner Android stuff, and in the bottom there is “Build number” Gingerbread.JVKT1. I was told XWKT2 or baseband was related to the radio device needed to make phone calls. So the update on this page is for the radio device? To me, I would understand an OS update is linked with Gingerbread.JVKT1 to .JVKT7 for instance.
    Please open my eyes on that.

  25. this update is only for european users ?
    i’m from india and i am using jvkt1. can i install this firmware on my galaxy mini ?