Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 to Stable Gingerbread XXJVK 2.3.3

Galaxy S LogoFinally the time has arrived for installing the latest Android’s Gingerbread 2.3.3 version for the mighty Samsung Galaxy S. With so many versions in place for Froyo, we too expect that this remains one of the stable versions with better battery stand by time, improved user interface with an all new redesigned set of graphics with improved overall speeds and Quadrant speeds.  So, for all those whose Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 is bricked or is not working can breathe a sigh of relief as with this version of Gingerbread you can get back your phone to life, so all you need to do is to just simply follow the below procedure point to point as given below and irrespective of which version you are on, you can proceed with this update for your phone. This update is applied for all the Android users of Galaxy S GT I9000 irrespective of what version you are on, to check on which version you are currently on, just tap on the Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version where you will find the version of Android OS. This version also comes with working Swype keypad which was not working for some of those in the previous Gingerbread version of 2.3.2 but has some minor issues* which are mentioned at the bottom of this article. Also, most importantly this update can be applied to any of the Galaxy S across the World, so go ahead and follow the flashing instructions as mentioned below.

This version of XXJVK 2.3.3 is a KIES leak version. So, let’s check out what are the set of pre requisites one should have before proceeding to update your Galaxy S GT I 9000 with 2.3.3 version of Gingerbread.

Pre requisites and Instructions:

1. Before proceeding to update ensure that you sync all your contacts with your Google Account, all sms, apps, videos and music files which are there in your phone should be taken a backup or else the data will be lost. Anything which is in SD card will not be lost, so you can alternatively move to SD Card.

2. Next up remove the SIM card as well as the external SD cards if any in your phone,

3. Now, ensure that you keep some things handy like USB cable which you have got with your Galaxy S GT I9000 and also the Galaxy S device,

4. Most importantly you need to ensure that your phone has atleast75-80% of battery power left, this is just an advisory which if followed then you will not experience any difficulties as while updation of the device the battery consumption is at a maximum,

5. Ensure that your computer / laptop which runs on a XP, Vista  or Windows 7 OS the firewall and other antivirus programs are disabled and also you should have admin privileges to download and install the software including the drivers and also along with this you will be requiring the USB port on your computer which supports USB 2.0.

6. (Optional) Many of the Galaxy S users have reported the problem that they are unable to get into the download mode which is the top most necessity for updating your device, so for all those we came up with a tutorial here, just follow the given instructions and you can easily fix the download mode and also the recovery mode bug. This procedure is only for those whose devices unable to get into the download mode and the recovery mode.

7. Please note that flashing with the firmwares doesn’t mean that you are ROOTING your device. If you have flashed with Voodoo Lag fixes then too you can easily flash your device with this firmware.

8. Ensure that you have closed the KIES completely and also disable any firewalls if any.

Procedure to flash / update XXJVK 2.3.3 stable version on your Galaxy S GT I9000:

  • After downloading the XXJVK 2.3.3 flash firmware kit which contains 3 files, PDA, Phone and CSC along with the Odin as well as the PIT file which you will get when you unzip the same with the help of WinZip and need to extract the same on to your desktop and if it prompts you for the password then you will have to enter the password as “androidadvices.com”.
  • Now, you need to switch off your phone and also ensure that you have completely closed the KIES application on your computer and ensure that you haven’t connected the mobile to the computer.
  • Now as mentioned in the above pre requisites, first switch off your phone, take out the sim card along with the memory card and turn on your device in the download mode. To start download mode in Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000, you need to hold the Volume Down button + the Home key button (the middle button). While holding these both buttons, you need to switch ON your device. If you see a screen like the below one then only it means that you have successfully started your device in the download mode. If your device restarts normally with home screen then that means download mode have not been initiated, in this case you again need to switch off the device and again you will have to try restarting your device in download mode. The biggest benefit of the Download mode is that it acts like a safe mode for your phone which has the ability to restore the files if anything goes wrong.

download mode

  • Now, after successfully getting into the download mode, you will have to connect the Phone to the computer with the help of USB cable while Odin opened in the desktop. As soon as you connect the phone, you will see that first ID:COM box as shown below will turn yellow and in the message box you will see that it will show ADDED as shown in the below screen shot.

Phone Connected

  • Now, after this you need to fill in the options like as mentioned below,

PIT – s1_odin_20100512.pit

PDA – PDA_XXJVK_Sbl.tar.md5

Phone – PHONE_XXJVK.tar.md5

CSC – CSC_OXAJVK.tar.md5

Load the files

Please note that you don’t add or select any other option, as this may do some serious consequences to your device after which you may not be able to use your device. After double checking the above parameters, all you need to do is to just simply click on the Start option to proceed for the updation process.

  • Now, after this just click on the Start option and after which the firmware installation on your Galaxy S will initiate, do note that you don’t plug out the USB cable and also ensure that the power supply to your computer is not interrupted or else you will have to just repeat the whole procedure again
  • After 2-3 minutes of the process updation, the updation process will be completed after which you will see that the device will be restarting and this reboot generally is a bit longer one as this is the first reboot after the firmware update.
  • Now, after reboot you will see that you will be asked to set up the startup options, choose the options accordingly and then after you see the home screen and after the completion of Media scanning, you will have to go in the recovery mode wherein you will have to delete the cache memory so that all unwanted files are removed if there are any left in the phone.
  • For this you will have to first turn off your device, long press the volume up key, press Menu as holding both the buttons press the power button to start. You can see that after device gets switched ON, you will find options like clear cache data. You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now after which your Galaxy S will be rebooting and again you will have to set up your Google accounts etc.

Galaxy S Recovery Mode

  • Now, last but not the least, you are now successfully on the Gingerbread 2.3.3 version which is quite stable and also there are no functions which doesn’t run on Galaxy S after this update, since this one is the KIES release it’s the most stable version.

Now, to check on which version you are on then you will have to just tap on the Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version where you will find the version of Android OS where it will show 2.3.3.

Homescreen 2.3.3Version 2.3.3

*One problem after installation of this firmware has been reported that if your GPRS/EDGE connection is very slow then it will prompt an error of Reliable data connection error which is not faced on WiFi or on 3G network and also the option of USB “Ask on connection” has now been removed in this new version of Gingerbread.

Do, let us know if you face any sorts of problems, we will guide you with the same.


  1. hey my OS is FROYO 2.2 can i update it to gingerbread 2.3.3 without updating it in 2.2.1??

  2. Thank. It works for me

  3. Cheers man

    I was turning desperate just booted normally don’t really care that my data is gone glad it just works

  4. Can you please tell me whats the password of 174MB RAR file,
    and sir please tell me,
    I bought this phone from another guy{used Mobile}
    Model Number : GT I9000
    Firmware Version : 2.2
    Base band Version : I9000DDJP2
    kernel Version : root@SE-S605 #1
    Build Number : Froyo. DDJP3
    My question is is this Gingerbread version is copatable with my phone,can i flash it…
    please replay me sir…

  5. I wonder if this update will make the phone read arabic langug?


  6. HEY NEAL…. i bought Galaxy s I9000 wid android 2.2 now i want to upgrade it…
    please tell me wich is the best android version for this device??? …which works perfectly…& improves the device rather than causing problems…THANX…help appreciated !!

  7. My galaxy s after the download did not have a network at all I cant call, text or use the data… what happened to it?

  8. Superb guide!!!!

    I was able to upgrade my android mobile without any problem!!!

  9. after 3 day my ph Battrey is only 5hr can use stan by mode what shall i do ,all is working .only battrey plb .

  10. latest version of firmware 2.3.4 XXJVR how that is good

  11. everything good .use very easy update and root. thank u for post .let me share u post

  12. Hey man small problem, my phone after taking a call went to ‘upload mode’ and said kernal panic. DO i need to be worried about it ? also the swipe wont work, it says the swipe installed is for a different device and the funtionality is limited !

  13. Neal,
    Many thanks i could update to gingerbread on my GT I 9000 with ur video tutorials……



    my phone was rebooting and rebooting so i was near throwing it out of a window. a few minutes @ google and this showed up!
    i read a while before flashing my phone and i think most people don’t look in the zip file to manually extract the *.CSC file i did it and everything i working again!! let you people know if it will still work after installing an app since the last time the rebooting progress started!!


  15. Bestial!!!! funcciona 100% muchas gracias!!!

  16. Its taking wayy longer than 2-3 min it has been 15 min now what should i do

  17. My phone is taking is taking longer than 10 min!

    what am i suppose to do??

  18. The first line in the procedure gives you the link!
    Seriously lol guys!

    After downloading the XXJVK 2.3.3 flash firmware kit which contains 3 files, PDA, Phone and CSC along with the Odin as well as the PIT file which you will get when you unzip the same with the help of WinZip and need to extract the same on to your desktop and if it prompts you for the password then you will have to enter the password as “androidadvices.com”.

  19. Hello…my SGS is now running on Gingerbread 2.3.2 and i have root access. So, after updating it to this new 2.3.3 would i lose dat root access..?? and if i loses it how to root it again??

  20. i have a problems to my phone sgs galaxy s with an update to 2.3 with kies is dont start to update never , is loading and no rezults

  21. hai sir ‘ i’m updated my galexy i9000 ver 2.3.3 xx jvk but in there not includ arabic language. i wan’t arabic language please help me and i’m also downloaded 2.3.3 jv6 but after extract that file not open in odin

  22. hi guys i updated my galaxy s with 2.3 gingerbread and since then i cant download apps and when i do it says i have to download them via wi-fi and i cannot connect to wifi for some reason spoke to network provider and they say its the software thats causing it so my phone is nackerd and it is now very very slow at browsing can anybody help me if so please help id be very grateful

  23. I updated with the latest XXJVR 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread! and I can neither hear nor others can hear me while talking. How can I change this? :(

  24. I updated my phone but there are some things that do not work :( When I answer a call nether me nor the caller can here me. Whats the problem with this? Help guys if you can.

  25. Hi guys, I am Using Gingerbread on my galaxy S and I have unnistalled some applications. I have lost the notification bar, the caller ID screen. How can I recover my Gingerbread? Help please

  26. Hi Neal i recently update with JVH/JVO/JV3 via kies and its great but doesn’t support Arabic language my question is can i add arabic language in this or Language Pack ? if yes plz guide me how to and where to get it thanks

  27. is this Arabic Language support ????????

  28. Hello! Great guide, only one thing, when my phone is in download mode, and i open odin
    then i connect the USB and the box dont turn yellow.

    what have i done wrong? please help


  29. woh I love your posts , bookmarked ! .

  30. I apologise if this is repetitive:
    Kies firmware version PDA:JV4/PHONE:JV4/CSC:JV3(TNZ)
    Phone GT-I9000T
    Firmware version 2.3.3
    Baseband version I9000TDOJV4
    Kernel version root@DELL130#2
    Build number GINGERBREAD.DOJV4

    There is no SWYPE since the upgrade via KIES.

    I understand that some of the apps need to be re-installed so that is not a problem.

    Should I try again without KIES?

    Should I use a different GINGERBREAD?

    Your comments and help are obviously most appreciated on this site and I hope that I am not trying your patience.

    Many thanks.

  31. I have updated my samsung vibrant to Gingerbread version 2.3.4, using Odin. It is great with one BIG problem: my home button no longer works (it now functions only as a back button). Any suggestions on how to fix this??

  32. Download Mode : Volume Down + Home + Power

  33. Nerver mind, i just download the app from the market. Thanks for your hepl :)

  34. Hi Neal, It’s called Navigon, it’s come with the phone when i bought it

  35. Straight up legit….i have the original captivate which i upgraded to gti900m and now just flashed to gingerbread 2.3.3….so legit…now rooting…thanks boys…

  36. Hey,

    Every time i try to go to download screen , the system takes me to recovery screen. how to enter download screen

  37. Hey guys. I need some help. I just got mu phone upgraded using odin by an expert to 2.3.3 and I’m willing to upgrade to 2.3.4. This 2.3.3 seems a bit unstable. So I would like to know if I can again upgrade it to 2.3.4 using odin and your flash files available at this site and if not please let me know the oter options to do so.

  38. Hi Neal, I lost the app navigon after upgraded my phone to 2.3.3. Any way i can get the app again? It’s a good app as it does not need data connection when you use it. Thanks

  39. Dear Neal,

    Please guide me, I’ve updated my Galaxy S GT I9000 through Kies to this version ( PDA:JVH / PHONE:JVO / CSC:JV3(XEE) ). Is this the latest version for this phone and is it a stable one or not? Is it an improved version of XXJVK? Which one is best. Need your kind response. Thanks

  40. Neal, after i installed this version, kies says that this version cannot be updated when it connect to to kies. Also I couldnt download SAMSUNG EMAIL and SAMSUNG IM apps from samsung store which was available when my android version was 2.2.

    Any advice pls.

  41. Informative article. Thank you so much for providing the pre-requisites and instructions on how to install the latest Android’s Gingerbread 2.3.3 version for the Samsung Galaxy S.

  42. After odin completed it got blanked ..i removed battery.now it dosent starts………………………

  43. does it have arabic or persian language or fonts. I need it thanks.

  44. Hi,

    I updated my Galaxy S I900 (T Mobile) yesterday and the update went through like a breeze and the phone is working great… today i tried doing the same for my friend’s Galaxy S I9000 (Orange) and ran into several problems. Firstly the phone was not going into download mode.. finally managed to put it into download mode using ADB. I than ran these same files using ODIN and the phone screen went black in between… the screen remained black for quite sometime and nothing happened in ODIN. Finally i unplugged the mobile from USB and switched it on and the bricked symbol (mobile ! Computer) came up. The set is not going back into download mode (it never did earlier through the 3 keys).. windows is not detecting the phone either.. Please Help URGENTLY… how do i recover the phone????

  45. hi,

    i couldn’t get into the download mode after i have follow the instruction for so many times?

    please help!


  46. After updating to 2.3.3 on my galaxy s 2 swype doesn’t work anymore. Can you check wether there are more people having this problem? Please help me because normal typing sucks compared to swype! Accept for that I didn’t notice any problems yet.

  47. After installing ginger bread, iam not able to connect mygalaxy s to the pc. It says device not recognized. How can i solve this problem.
    Also the flash during intenet browsing is not working.

  48. I successfully completed the upgrade to Gingerbread and so far so good. It didn’t, however, fix the no network problem I am having. Since returning from the outback into civilization, my SGS has been unable to connect with my carrier (Virgin Mobile). I have updated the APN info but still no luck. I have tried my SIM in other phones and no problems and I have tried various working SIM’s in my SGS but again, no luck. Does this mean its a hardware issue?? or is there a software fix I am as yet unaware of??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  49. sir,

    now i have switched to 2.2.1

    baseband – i900zsjpg
    kernel –
    froyo – zsjpk

    and my quadrant score is comin to 2200,

    is it better to switch to gingerbread 2.3.3 JVO? as that was giving a score of 900

    please advice

    thanking you,

  50. Hi Neal,

    I have upgraded my Galaxy s I9000 from Froyo (2.2) to Gingerbread (2.3.3) successfully:-)
    Thanks once again.

    I checked the internet connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi, almost everything. I am very happy to see the below screen screen

    >> when i connected the phone to computer i see the version in kies as


    And under Firmware version : This version of the device cannot be updated.

    I just want to know whether this is normal.

    Otherwise i m very happy to say that this upgrade works fine with my phone.

  51. Hi Neal,

    After upgrading the Samsung Galaxy I9000 OS to Gingerbread 2.3.3 (Updated using Samsung Kies) I am not able to forward text msgs. This was working fine with Froyo 2.2.1.

    Could you suggest any resolution.

    Thanx in advance

  52. oh and also which update should i install i have a samsung galaxy s gt i900 my carrier is optus australia

  53. hey i have 2.2 froyo jst concerned with updating should i go ahead and update my phone cause im hoping for better performance. so do u think i should go ahead??

  54. sir,

    i use a galaxy i9000 rooted , 2.3.3, kernal version xxjvk

    my quadrant score does not go higher than 900.

    please advise asap ,

    thanking you,

    • @askshay may i know what sort of advice? If you want to have better version then install XXJVO 2.3.3

      • sir,

        now i have switched to 2.2.1 baseband – i900zsjpg
        kernel –
        build – froyo zsjpk

        and my score is 2200 while gingerbread score is only 900

        but shld i switch to gingerbread 2.3.3 or let this b as i am pretty happy with this !!!

        please advice

        thanking you,

  55. my fone is unable to connect to wifi hotspot on my laptop after the update………………….. how do i go back to my original factory fitted froyo….pls help immediately

  56. Wow. This is great. I couldn’t even get my phone to connect to KIES, and I do a quick Google search on how to update my firmware to Gingerbread. And now I’m running 2.3.3 without even rooting my device (which I’m probably going to do anyways).
    But this is just great that in a matter of 15 minutes I found this page, downloaded the needed files, backed up my data and upgraded my firmware.

    Thanks guys!!

  57. Hi neal. i would like an advise or a suggestion, where can i find a good 2.3 rom for a samsung vibrant? becouse i flashed with this rom and everything works marvelous but i have no sound and only when i plug the hf there is sound. I know u specified it its only for I9000 but maybe u know where i can get for Vibrant.

    Thanx alot!

  58. Hi, how long does the first reboot take, its been going for at least 5mins now and nothing yet?

    Pls help

  59. Hey. I updated to XXJVK through odin, and it works well. But, the phone seems to hang a lot. Also, the browser takes time to open, and so does the market. Is there a Lagfix for this?

  60. Hey, thanks this worked really well! No problems what so ever.
    I love that it comes with a built in with a task manager and how fast it is. Great article/tutorial.
    Galaxy S, Optus Australia

  61. Mohammed Hussain

    Hi Neal

    Thanks for the video i think the instructions are great. Just want to point out 2 problem which i hope you will help me fix

    1. On the Youtube application when i tilt the phone to the side the screen wont tilt and i have to double tap to tilt it.
    2. Internet browser is very slow and sometimes doesnt load and the phone will crash. This also happens in games too, like when im playing angry birds rio. I have to pull the battery out 3 4 times a day to restart the phone. Is there any lag fix for such problems.

    Thanks, i hope you can help me solve these issues. Other than that i am liking the new version.

    • @Mohammed Hussain 1. just check whether you have enabled “Auto turn” option and also ensure that you have updated the You Tube app aafter the fw update,
      2. 2. Internet browser has nothing to do with the firmware, its been kept the same as before!
      have you cleared the cache?

      Just install the latest 2.3.3 version of XXJVO from androidadvices.com which is a better gingerbread version!

  62. thx a lot buddy,i was looking a post like this which works perfectlly on rebooting s splash logo. i spend a 10 hours to fix this prob ,& when i found ur post it works for me…..

    THX A LOT……………………


    • thanks @zawar do spread a word about this site, and also do let us know if you need any more help related to Android. Looking forward for your support!

  63. so im going to update when my phone gets charged, …So is there any other bug or lags (that aren’t in the main text at the top of the web page) and i just bought samsung i9000 galaxy S and i want to ask if there is any real risk to the phone involved because i still have warraty for a year on software and i don’t want to jinx it

  64. hi i rooted my mopile using this website pls see it because i really need help please

    i rooted it using odain kernel lag fix
    if i want to update to 2.3 do i have to unroot it first ?
    waiting for ur help and tips thank u

  65. Hi Neal,
    I think my question didnt get through.
    i placed the phone on download mode as instructed. wors for word.
    the prod is in the ID:COM of odin, it has 2 yellow bars. 1 bar says COM 0 and the other COM 6
    dont know why its like that
    will this affect the procedure?
    what is the ID:COM in odin anyways?

    the other is i restore the phone to factory reset then GPS got screwed (works only after a reboot) and phone became too too slow.
    after i update this to 2.3.3, will it fix the GPS problem? and i know phone will be fast as what other says.
    thanks NEal, i hope i get through with this question

    more power!!!


  67. Hi me again… im going to try this one more time…. however when i download the package it said some errors occurred during testing ….. should i just continue… or what should i do????

  68. Im sorry for being painful and im sure you are busy but please if you have a fix please pass on the info as his is really frustrating me cos ive basically tried everything and nothing is working.

  69. Hi neal please help after i upgraded many apps from the app market that were there previously are not there now or aviable for download. thats all the apps i usually use. please tell me yoh know of a fix…. its urgent….

  70. Hi Neal im desperate for your help. i did the upgradebut ever since when i ope. my app market not all the apps appear. apps like angry birds, words with friends nd many others that were there previously are not there anymore so i cant download them. I really would like this to works its driving me insane i been awake all night trying to fix it.Please reply soon.

  71. may i ask u a question..?now i useing samsung galaxy s gti9000..original android 2.2..i wan 2 update my phone…but dont know wich one better and no problems..can u pls tell me what shout i update..?if i update my phone,my phone have problem can i change back 2 original android 2.2??

    • dont upgrade it to 2.3 gingerbread i have and now my phone wont connect to wifi and i cant download aps anymore and when i do i cant use them because it says i need to download them via wifi and ive never had to do that before so dont bother trust me

  72. Hi, ive read on a few other forums that Mobile AP is NOT included with Gingerbread.

    Can anyone thats already running it confirm if this is true or not please.

  73. thx a lot, it’s a verry spécial rom. very helpfull and speedy. it makes phone runing easy.

  74. hey and my original fw is uggl2 …

  75. Hi have SGS 16gb vibrant bell canada device its said that its identical to international version..can i flash this rom into my device….if not which tyoe of gingerbread i need.that will not brick my phone and is stable also.

  76. One more question, sorry. Which is newer, the xxjvk or the xwjvh ?

  77. Hey, I’ve just bought Galaxy a week ago and I’m loving it since then! Only thing that was bothering me was the fact that I had ECLAIR and kies wouldn’t update it, but then I found your tutorial about flashing it to 2.3.3 and then to this version, and now I love my phone even more :) But I have a problem. While on ECLAIR my phone could go up to 3 days of normal use (some games, a ton of sms and some phonecalls), but now it is eating it a lot. Sorry to repeat the most common question but is there some way to fix this ? I really don’t want to redo this again (I installed some apps after the last time so i really don’t have the nerves to reflash), and I have followed the usual tips (turn off sync, bluetooth, gps, brightness etc..). If you could help me, sorry for being lazy to read all of the answers :) Thanks in advance and thanks for these tutorials :)

  78. Plath passward

  79. I’ve successfully updated the rom to 2.3.3. As out says in the last part the Ask on connection functionality had been removed. No problems so far, until I tried to connect to the PS3 using mass storage which didn’t work. Anybody have any ideas? The usb connection screen doesn’t even show…

  80. AAARRGGGHHHH i’ve found three different versions of gingerbread for this phone all of which claim to be the latest. can someone explain what the latest is??? i have xxjvk version

    thanks Justin

  81. Francis Lim Panaguiton R.N., M.A.T.


    Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. Enjoying my galaxy s on 2.3.3 version since I upgraded it a week ago. It run smooths and fast. I have question though it is not related to to the upgrading. I have problem with my camera, whenever I take photos indoors or poor light conditions I have this streaks of pink color stripes on the photo. i have no problem with the outdoor picture they are perfectly fine. Is there any fix on this? Any software to correct this problem? Thanks for your help.

  82. At first I was skeptical, like many others, but then after countless searching and many frustrated attempts at trying a million other methods, I decided to give your method a go. All I can say is….

    THANK YOU ever so much!!!!!!!!!!

    I had a Galaxy S with Android 2.3.2 and was frustrated with it because it had many problems (Swype did not work, it kept freezing, and it randomly shut down). Now, I’ve upgraded to 2.3.3 using the method you described. Flawless!

    I am duly impressed and I would like to thank you loads!

  83. Hi Neal,

    Thanks for this great article.

    I have successfully installed it. But going on some issues. The upgrade had gone perfect. Then I have installed the firmware update offered by kies, that also went well. Then I tried to root with ‘CF-Root-XW_XEE_JVB-v3.1-CWM3RFS.tar’ from another website. Odin showed ‘Pass!’, and phone rebooted. From this, my phone keeps restarting if I try to use it. Do you have any idea to successfully root this firmware version (kernal –, GingerbreadXWJVH) ?

    • Hey Neal,

      Ignore my previous comment. I have solved everything with your ‘Gingerbread XWJVB 2.3.3 Firmware’. The rooting also successful. Now my phone appeared again in Google Market. Thank you man.

  84. Hi just uploaded the gingerbread 2.3.2 but I am haviing problems with th 3g/data connection! need help fast…..

  85. Have just finished updating , following your procedure. No problems at all, even connects to kies as promised. Now have gingerbread, hopefully no problems. On one note, kies offers update Pda:jvh /phone:jvo / csc:jv3 (xee). Is this a true update, would it cause problems as i am a uk user.

  86. Thanks for the clear instructions and content. I had tried several times to do this and your version is the first to work properly.

  87. I’ve noticed people talking about Kies. Why the heck would anyone use Kies?

  88. @Neal

    My question does not concern the subject matter. But i hope that, i will get a reply.

    I often download movies on my Android phone and sometime I encounter zip file. can you suggest a good and speedy unzip program, with which I can unzip movie files?

  89. Hi! After upgrading to 2.3.3 there came a lot of problems. Many of them are minor, but there are three serious:
    1: The phone drops dead when the person whom I call ends the call first (often it even takes to reload the battery)
    2: The use of RAM is much heavier (even unlocking the mainscreen takes a few second)
    3: Much worse response for thouching the screen or the “Home” button. (I thought it’s about the electorincs, but my friends also have this problem and it came, all of a sudden, after upgrading to 2.3.3 )

  90. “which contains 3 files, PDA, Phone and CSC along with the Odin as well as the PIT file” which isnt right… is doesnt contain the CSC… so ill just go wonder off to another site to download coz this is just fucking irritating that it doesnt contain what it says it does.

  91. Francis Lim Panaguiton R.N., M.A.T.


    Thanks my phone is working perfect.. no lag… android market is working.. no problem with connections (wi-fi/3G). Thanks

  92. Dear Neal,

    My Handset details as below-

    Samsung Galaxy S GT I9003 M4

    Internal Memeory – 4 GB

    Model No

    Firmwawre version

    Baseband version

    Kernel version
    root@SE-S605 #1

    Build number

    My question is…..can I upgrade this mobile to Gingerbread 2.3.3?
    How can I connect this handset to LCD Television?…. Is it possible with this handset?

    Thanks in advance.

    -Sushil Kulkarni

    • @sushil no as your phone is not I9000. We have taken down your request as soon as 2.3.3 arrives for your device, we will let you know about the same!

  93. I have done this update today on a uk orange i9000 everything is working and appears to be noticeably faster than froyo,thank you for your very very good walk through of how to do it. My question is am I now doomed to only be able to update outside of Kies (that wonderful bit of software!) or once Kies catches up with this release will it be bushiness as usual

    • @matt don’t worry we will ensure that you get the best of the World, forget KIES now! :)

  94. Hello everyone!!! I just wanted to say thank you neal.. You are awesome.. This update is amazing and works wonderful.. the only bug i think i found is that sometimes when i’m using the browser, youtube or the market, it shows a warning message telling me that there’s a problem with the connection… It happens on my 3g network and with wifi also.. Don’t know why is that but i just wanted to point that out.

  95. Hi Neal,
    Thanks a lot for fanstastic article!! I upgraded to Gingerbird 2.3.3 from Froyo 2.2. The phone works good so far.

    One Issue I have noticed is the 3G on Airtel Network India fluctuates between 3g and Edge quite often and speed is very less. Is this normal? I this a service providers problem or something to do with flash? Does any one faces similiar problem. Kindly let me know.

  96. Hi Neal!
    I’m new to Androids, just got my SGS few weeks ago. I got it from HK, and i’m running on 2.1.1, baseband version I9000ZSJPG. I have a question regarding the languages – will I have a choice of different languages after flashing to 2.3.3? I need chinese as I’m living in China atm, and also Russian if possible (and English of course). Will I be able to install those languages on my phone, or its English only atm?
    Thank you in advance!

    PS: and thanks for this great website, tons of useful info here.

  97. Hi Neal.
    I tried to post earlier, but I guess my post didn’t make it through.

    First of all – thanks for the great website and articles, tons of useful info here.

    I’m quite new to android phones, I only got my SGS few weeks ago. I got it from HK, and I’m running Froyo 2.2.1 (Baseband version I9000ZSJPG). I really want to update to the 2.3.3, and judging by the comments, this version is stable and full right? Basically I only have 1 question – will I have a choice of languages after I flash to Gingerbread? I live and work in China atm, so I need Chinese language to be able to read and write to local ppl, and it would be cool (but not critical) to have Russian language also, as I am Russian myself. And English, of course :) So will I be able to install those languages on my SGS after flashing, or this is only an English version? If yes, I will flash my phone tonight, cause I’m really not sure when Samsung will release the 2.3.3 for HK phones (or asian region).

    Thank you in advance!

  98. Hi Neal,

    Are the glowing capacitive buttons fixed in this release?
    they don’t stay glowing while the screen is active?


  99. Thank you for this awesome guide

  100. hi Neal,

    I want to try your tutorial and this firmware update but i also want to be able to get back to my original firmware so that i may be able to update through keis when the official gingerbread firmware arrives for my region. as of the moment, when i do *#1234# what comes out is (PDA: I9000ZSJPK / Phone: I9000ZSJPG / CSC: I9000ZSJPG). I there a way you could send me instructions and links to for me to be able to go back to that firmware and files so that i can download already before taking the leap and upgrading? Thanks so much in advance for your help!

    The only reason I am itching to try this is because my current firmware drains battery so much when wifi is on and i can’t enjoy the phone anymore because of this. I hope the gingerbread option your presenting solves this issue=)


  101. Hallo!
    Succesfully installed 2.3.3…this OS. Works brilliant, speed excellent, everything smoooth…..ONLY ONE THING that You may help me, or any other guys from here: IT DRAINS MY BATTERY VERY VERY QUICK….like in 7-10h my battery is out…over…game over!
    If this is Kyes release….what can i do to make my battery last longer?
    Thank you all!

  102. I updated my to 2.3.3 by using Odin for first time . I started with download mode …. I think gingerbread is much faster, is not laggy, need to recharge less frequently . Prior to that i had backup contacts and backup application via titanium backup. Though it is fast, i tried quadrant benchmark the score is less than 1000. but the phone does not seem slow…I wonder if there was a lagfix how faster it can get?
    But swype does not support malay language or malaysia locale….does any one know how to get that

  103. This update was awesome and went well. My is Galaxy s is super smooth now with the new update. I am really disappointed with Google since they stopped the Gingerbread update process temporarily because of bugs and all. As long as we have developers no worries people.

  104. My current version is 2.2

  105. I am unable to reboot in download mode, tried many time to power up by holding volume down + home buttons same time, it boots up in normal mode…..any help?

    Would it be safe if I try to upgrade to 2.3.3 without going to download mode?

  106. Everything works OK – able to surf the web, battery is good BUT I am not able to get my Singtel MobileTV application and AMPs (another MP3 software from Singtel) to work : (
    Anyone has the same problem and the solution ……
    Singapore Singtel

    • Yah because flashing erases all pre-installed singtel settings, programs and apps. And I doubt they wrote the program to run on OS versions that they don’t even sell…

  107. Continued to try to unbrick I9000 and was finally successful; took the battery out of the back of the phone and put it back in. Also re-unplugged cable opened ODIN again took all all firewalls and plugged in phone to the computer. ODIN quickly recognized the phone and everything was completed in 5 minutes with the phone informing me it had been reset. I discovered it was reset to Gingerbread which is great. Thanks so much for the information.

  108. Below is the information I have in the message section and nothing has happened so far.

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

  109. I tried to follow your step by step instructions but for some reason ODIN would only show yellow and didn’t show any progress. I eventually bricked the phone but I have now managed to put it in download mode again. I made sure that on my current update attempt I turned off all fire walls (windows and Norton). I am using the zip software and information/instructions you provided and once again no green indicator above ID:COM. The last entry in the message section reads param.lfs would you please give me a clue as to what to do next?

  110. Hello,

    I have just tried to upgrade to gingerbread using the instructions above and i ran into one problem. When i connected to odin the first two boxes turned yellow. Is this ok and should i proceed with the installation or try again.

    Thank you very much.

  111. I have issues now, my 3g connection doesn’t work anymore. I installed and everything works perfectly, but 3g.

    Is this common issue, or I am being a bummer?


  112. When can we expect in India via Kies…

  113. hi,
    I have updated my Galaxy S I9000 with Gingerbread XXJVK 2.3.3 but my battery drains so quickly now. What could possibly be the reason? Can I optimize it?

    Thanks in advance!

  114. Hi Neal
    great work! always easy to understand apprieciate the work you have done, thanks

    this is not related to the 2.3.3 update but can you help?

    do you have any ideas on how to fix my faultly back and home buttons? sometimes the back button doesnt respond and the home button just takes screen shots when pressed. i have tried *#*#2663#*#* it says updating and never stops


  115. My issue.. i do have 2.2.2 installed. After connecting KIES it says “there is an update for this phone” i did installed it (thought that it was 2.2.3) but after the update it says that 2.2.1 is installed??
    After checking this its complete correct. It’s now version 2.2.1 ?!?!

    What can i do to this problem? (for example… swype does’nt work anymore :-s
    So i think 2.2.1 is indead installed. (i bought it with 2.2.2) Im noob with this, but isnt it strange that after installing official software that it does downgrading ????

    thnx in advance

    Kies Version:
    Windows Vista Ultimate 32x
    Original cable,

    • @Berrie Now, the latest version of 2.3.3 has arrived, you can update your Galaxy S with the same.

      • latest 2.3.3 version is out? whats the difference with the 2.3.3 I installed a week ago?

        When I plug in the phone to computer (usb) and use it as a MASS STORAGE, it is not working for me. It is not even giving me an option on the notification bar as well? Anyone else having the same issue?

        did the latest 2.3.3 version fixed the problem above?

  116. The official update has released in Europe. When do u think it’ll come to India(since the European models(GT-i9000) were sold here as well)?

    • @yash we are working on it, just give us couple of hours! we will be there with update of 2.3.3 for SGS.

  117. Hi Neal,

    Thanks for the handy guide. I have updated the firmware to 2.3.3 but I have come across an issue and I could not find anyone else having this issue. Please Help!

    After updating the firmware, I am now not able to use the Email App. It comes up with a notificaion which reads – Only some “Plus” accounts include POP access allowing this program to connect. If you are not able to sign in with your correct email address and password, you may not have a paid “Plus” account. Please launch the Web browser to gain access to these mail accounts.

    The thing is that I was able to use the app for my hotmail account with firmware 2.2.1

    Please Help!

    Thanks in advance.


  118. have been using it for a while now, but i seriously think it should have a lagfix, it feels slower than the 2.2.1 with lagfix

  119. Thanks. Just flash to 2.3.3 from 2.3.2. so far soo good. lagfix not required. smooth enough to scroll in all apps (facebook, twiteer, contact, email, etc)

    APN (Access Point Names) need to be configured manually in order to use 3G. Refer to your local service provider for APN information.

  120. Everything’s fine for me!! Thanxxx!!

  121. hi Pradeep,

    I just updated to 2.3.3 …its very fast now but i can not use my 3g data…..internet only works on wifi…can you advise me what to do???….many thx

  122. Does it support Arabic ? Plz help :(

  123. the fw is very beautiful but it does not include Arabic Language !! :S ,, I am from Egypt and i want Arabic Plz help if u can ,,otherwise , the fw is very Satisfying ana smooth >>



  124. Hi i followed the instructions to update to gingerbread and everything is fine accept it wont connect to wifi, I put the password in and it will connect the disconnect twice then just stay disconnected :-( is there anything i can do….

  125. Hi Neal,

    When is next version of FW is expected to get released?…really waiting for same

  126. Hello Neal,

    My windows 7 can’t detect the phone at all. – since its just a new firmware, could still be update for it.

    My windows vista CAN. – it can share files, kies 2 and all but will not let me tether.

    Is tethering supposed to be working on 2.3.3? I am able to check MOBILE AP, but tethering, I can’t find a way to enable it, not like on 2.2.1 firmware? What am I doing wrong? Please help

  127. When I plug in the phone to computer (usb) and use it as a MASS STORAGE, it is not working for me. It is not even giving me an option on the notification bar as well? Anyone else having the same issue?

  128. does it support russian ?

  129. does it support russian ?

  130. The games I’m referring to are NFS-Shif and GT Motor Academy.



  131. Hi Neal,

    I follow what you advice on updating Samsung Galaxy S, and I managed to update to Gingerbread 2.3.3 without a hiccup, and is working fine. However, I can’t play the Games I used to play on Froyo 2.2 firmware.

    I’ve never tried Froyo 2.2.1, how stable is the March, 2011 release one, XWJS8?



  132. Hi Guys,

    This tutorial is just amazing. I updated my SGS with this firmware and it worked like a charm..!!! THANKYOU THANKYOU!!


    one problem i have identified : I am able to suft the net via internet explorer, works fine,

    but when i go to the Market, it asks me to sign in.. but keeps giving me this error : “cant establish a reliable data connection on the server”.

    I have a valid google account and can sign in successfully via the browser too.

    please help, because of this, i cant download any apps from the Market now :((((


    • @marvin hi, check with the Internet settings or try after sometime, the problem will be solved!!!

  133. hi, wi-fi recetion is really bad :(! Can I downgrade to my stock rom?? or anny other stable rom, becuase this is not stable!!

    • @NJ you can first install XXJPU and then flash with XXJPY 2.2.1 which is a very stable ROM!

  134. I Had the same problem with the screen not turning

    just run the root PDA again and after that run the default kernel file.

  135. I kust realize that my sgs couldn’t load flash based thing after flashing my sgs to 2.3.3. Any ideas what should I do?

  136. Neal – after installation ODIN promted reset and found these on my galaxy s screen:
    Opening update package…
    verifying update package…
    installing update…
    successfully installed package.

    –copying media files…
    E:failed to mount /dbdata (invalid argument)
    E:copy_dbdata_media:Ca’t mount /dbdata
    your storage not prepared yet.please use UI menu for format and reboot actions

    – Wiping data…
    Formatting /data…
    Formatting /dbdata…
    Formatting /cache
    deleting Meta Data
    Data wiped failes.

    –Applying Multi-CSC…
    Installing Multi-CSC
    Can’t access to ‘/system/csc/NEE/system/’.
    successpfully applied CSC

    What are these? thanks

    • well i tried to disregard those and continued to reboot my unit. build number is already gingerbread. XXJVK. but im just curious on what those messages are. now am about to clear cache.

  137. What I have notice so far 2.3.3 firmware, benchmarks are lower but the phone is snappier and smooth (the benchmark) is not reliable anyways, but the main problem that I saw was (MENU – SETTINGS – WIRELESS AND NETWORK – *** MOBILE AP*** is missing) but when I went to USB tethering, (there it is MOBILE AP) is together (in one spot) with USB tethering.

  138. downloaded the 2.3.3 Gingerbread firmware kit (but I am using Odin v1.7), followed every steps in the instruction. Now on 2.3.3 firmware.

    downloaded from Market APN backup and restored – to restore my backup APN.
    downloaded from Market MyBackUp – to restore all APPs/data.

    Phone good to go.

    Thank You. NEAL………..will let you know anything that I think is glitchy or buggy.

  139. You can see that after device gets switched ON, you will find options like clear cache data. You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now after which your Galaxy S will be rebooting and again you will have to set up your Google accounts etc.

    Do I really need to do the step above? or (recommended)

    • @feyungco THIS will ensure that all the old cache is deleted so that your phone will become faster!

  140. Neal:

    I had previously successfully upgraded my GT-I900 Firmware following your advice. Yesterday when I tried to upgrade as per above advice, my phone got bricked i.e. I am on the connect to PC screen (phone-!-PC) black screen. Phone not getting detected by the PC. Went to the service center and they could not help either. The three button step to get into download mode does not work either since I guess my BOOTROM does not support that functionality.

    Do you have any tips for me or is my phone well and truly bricked?


    • hi @Ranjit very sorry to hear that but just turn on your phone into the download mode and flash with XXJPU or XXJVK 2.3.3 firmware your phone will be back to life. Your phone cannot be bricked if you flashed only if in download mode! i guess you missed putting in the download mode before flashing the device!

      • I did put it in the DOWNLOAD mode before trying to Flash. In fact my phone does not go into the download mode using the 3 buttons so had to explicitly install ADB and use the command.

        My backup plan was to use Kies to recover in case something went horribly wrong as it did. But if the phone is not detected not sure what I can do.

        The Samsung service center is of no help. Went there and found they’re also using ODIN to flash. I found out that the hardware JIG (a rewired version of the mini USB that fits onto the top of the phone) can force the phone into DOWNLOAD mode. That seems to be the only hope unless someone here can help me.

  141. hi mate – do i need to unmount my internal sd card before flashing? thnx

  142. Hello Neal after upgrading to 2.3.3. Phone samsung galaxy s i9000 keeps restarting quite often and I have to remove the battery and restart again. kindly help

  143. after upgrading on to gingerbread I get like a scambled line of colors before the flash sreen what do I do
    please help so annoying how do you clear the cache please help or your advice much appreciated.

  144. after installing gingerbread I am getting mulitcoloured lines (scambled) before the spalsh screen
    will clearing the cache work to solve this proble if so how do I clear the cache I do not know how to do it
    please help thank you

  145. hello guys
    i upgraded to this firmware and everything is ok execpt that i want french language on my sgs
    how i do that, it’s in english !

    • reset you phone by clearing cache and formatting after that you can change the language or you can also select from Locale and Text which is in Settings

  146. Hi Neal,

    after flashig with this new 2.3.3 FW, my Galaxy phone eats up lot of battery than before…please suggest,

    also can we do Voodo lagfix on this FW?

  147. hi neal,your instructions are very clear and easy to follow and keep up the good work.while downgrading from 2.3.3 is it ok to flash version XWJS7 after XXJPU OR shud i strictly follow XXJPU-XXJPY-XWJS7.please advice….thanx.

    • @sagittarian hi no Its not like that, you can follow XXJPU first and then you can follow the procedure to install XWJS7.

  148. hi i have tried a nu,ber of times to upgrade my sgs to gingerbread from eclairs 2.1.1 and i am not able to upgrade inspite of getting everything right. The i get in odin 3 is
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:12)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    and my phone stays in this mode endlessly untill i switch it off and restart it. please help

  149. Hi Neil,

    Can you please tell me how to go back to 2.2.1 from samsung the original froyo, my battery is braining off vert fast, checked un installng everything and reinstalling even the whole 2.3.3 ….just 1.30 hours of talk time battery to 15%….

  150. after up dating 2.3 not able to open Market
    Pls guide

  151. hi thanks for so much of information. i tried your process but it seems its not working as i am updating its been more than 15minutes my phone is in downloading mode and its not restarted i really do not know what to do. please help me

  152. if your 3g dolnt work for optus aus, go here and get the apn settings

  153. hi first of alll a tons of thanks for putting up such an extensive information about firmvare, flashing and so on trust me i did not a word about them. I need an advice my sgs has 2.1version with update 1. so can i go ahead with the firmware upgrade or i need to 1st upgrade to froyo. Thanks

  154. Hi Neil,
    Can you please tell me how to go back to 2.2.1 and which version is the original 2.2.1 for Galaxy S uk?


  155. i have put all the files without download mode nothing happed what should i do known?

    • @john after entering into the download mode, just connect to the computer while keeping the oDIN oPENED AND LOAD THE FILES AS PER THE PROCEDURE

  156. How long it take to upgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.3.3 ? Will it really drain more battery compared to Android 2.2.1? I have also lag fix Voodoo. Currently i don’t have any problem with this. Should i go for upgrade?


  158. after updating my galaxy s, my galaxy s displays emerrgency calls only.

    • @raf check with the sim card and the sim based services!! or may be network is not there currently!

  159. Neal,i saw yesterday that Android System and Android OS uses more battery,i dont know when I flash firmware superuser program completely deleted or not but I think it still in my SGS ,fof 6 hours phone used 70% battery ,again most of is used with Android OS,WHAT TO DO?

    • @Javidan what are all other things which you are using along with your stock firmware?

    • AndroZip,DjvuDroid,X-plore,CaligoChaser,Go!Chat,Iron Sight this my apps which i downloaded after flashing,but without these i tried,results same

      • @Javidan is ur usage very extreme or normal usage, coz the battery drain is not complained by most of the users! juz try uninstalling all the apps and see if the battery performs well or not!

  160. Neal,i saw yesterday that Android System and Android OS uses more battery,i dont know when I flash firmware superuser program completely deleted or not but I think it still in my SGS ,fof 6 hours phone used 70% battery ,again most of is used with Android OS,WHAT TO DO?

  161. Hi i installed 2.3.3 a day ago. every thing is great on this rom except that my bluetooth stoped working after transfering 5 files to another phone. bluetooth has stopped showing othr devices. Tryed to turn it on off a number of times but no luck. Can anyone tell me how to fix it. please.

    • @ahmed i would suggest you to flash your device again and also you need to clear the cache and all!!

  162. Just observer there is lag in browsing pics in galary taken in the mobile. Pica saved on phone memory not external sd cars. photos when seen clicking the play button on the camera interface dont auto rotate but zoom in and out works fine.

    • hi @javidan, i would recommend you to purchase original and new battery from the official store, SGS only supports 1500 MAH of battery!

    • hi @javidan, i would recommend you to purchase original and new battery from the official store, SGS only supports 1500 MAH of battery!

  163. Hi,Neal which battery is the best for SGS ? 1500mah,300mah or 3500mah ??

  164. Hi,Neal which battery is the best for SGS ? 1500mah,300mah or 3500mah ??

  165. I think using for good few hourd now, youtube is playing and crashed twice while forwarding the video
    another one , when i take a picture on camera and go to gallery from the camera screen by touching the ‘play’ button at bottom right corner, the pic shows up and multi touch works to zoom but auto rotate dont work.

    • @krish i hope you activated the auto rotate function? check with restarting the phone or by clearing the RAM once!

      • I tried all the options, auto rotate is on, restarted, even reinstalled everything again.. even pics downloaded from websiter are rotation, execpt for the pics taken on camera and opened thru camera interface

  166. Updated to 2.3.3 and works like charm, can see the difference in speed. only con i found till now that gps taking time to fix, after gps switched off the symbol dont go off from the header.

  167. I have galaxy s working on 2.2 Froyo. Can I upgrade to 2.3.3 straight away? Will I have any problem? Do I have to format my phone also? After formatting ill lose my contacts, etc. Suggest a way to overcome it.

    • hey @mac for sure you can update your phone directly, you can sync all your contacts with your Gmail and messages can be backed by downloading app frm market place called “SMS backup” and copy the backed up file from your phone to the computer

  168. Hello,
    After Upgrading to 2.3.3, Wen i connected my device to the system in mass storage mode its gettin fluctuated betwenn usb detected and not detected… Due to this i am nt able to copy the data bak into my fone… Pls tell me a solution for this…
    Pls help me fix this….


    • @goutham hey sorry to hear that but pls check with the USB cable!! u can probably check the ends or can check by changing the usb cable!

  169. @ neal – its da same bro!! no change even if i restrt the fone.. is the crt tv off animation not included in this firmware?? i need it mann.. please help me.. send me a fix for it.. please bro!!

    Thank you :)

  170. Hey
    quick question:
    After i’ve flashed my phone, i’ve noticed that the lights on my menu and back buttons don’t go off untill i turn the screen off…e.g. when playing games and watching videos (youtube)
    thos didn’t happen before….is this normal or should i reflash my phone??

  171. @ Neal

    Is Gingerboard keyboard something different than what keyboard comes with 2.2.3 XXJVK?

  172. hey wat about the crt screen off animation, and the glow thing when u scroll up and down?? any patch for dat?? link please…. Thnx mann!! it workd for me!! M ON 2.3.3 :D \m/ no probs at all.. just dat the touch buttons ( back and menu ) always glow wen ur fone display is in use!!

  173. Hi,

    I understand, lot of folks have issue with battery performace on 2.3.3.

    Here is by two bit

    When I upgraded the ROM, my battery became red hot and remained like that for few hours. I was afraid that there could be internal short. I took off the battery and let it cool down. After about an hour, it did cool down and I refitted it again. It is normal. If you freeze the battery, in your refrigerator ice box, you rejuvinate your battery. try doing it with some old battery and check out it is getting indeed rejuvinated.


  174. Hi Neal,

    I try to upgrade my firmware.. but FAIL…
    the message was :

    there is no memory
    All threads completed. (succeed 0/ failed 1)

    i try several times… but still got the FAIL msg..

    please help..



  175. Is it correct that when I click start it takes a long time at: param.lfs
    I updated my phone to froyo 2.2.1 from this site. But then I saw a progress bar of the installation..

  176. Install took a few minutes, All working great. Have not found any problems yet, neither unusual battery drain.
    For 3g you have to set APN internet and MMS settings manual (2 minutes work). Settings can be found at operator website (for me this is t-mobile) or write down settings before installing. APN found at Settings-> Wireless & Network -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names.

    • After 24 hours using it heavily all still working OK.
      Found the following small issues:
      - GPS icon stays visible in upper bar on screen after switching it off. Power off&on removes the icon
      - Facebook recognizes phone as a Nexus S
      - GPS positioning faster
      - Wifi signal appears to be weaker.

  177. Hi Neal

    I am on XWJS7 which has been quite stable and bugfree. What is the basic difference that can be noticed with XXJVK?

    Thanks, Shane

    • hi @shane xwjs7 is 2.2.1 version but XXJVK is the 2.3.3 latest GiNGERBREAD Version! Sorry for delay in replying!

    • hi shane…better u go back to 2.2.1 xxjpy,the most stable version so far plus its the KIES release…..

  178. Battery Drain is terrible!!!… Already at 77% with barely couple of phone calls and sms’s.. no games played.. Since flashing it have charged it when it completely drained and it just last about 12 hrs on a single charge.. apart from this there are no other issues.. Going back to Jpy

  179. Hi,

    I upgraded my ROM to Gingerbread 2.3.3 XXJVK and have found the following improvements:

    1. The phone has become faster.
    2. Quantum improvement in GPS. I get fix within few seconds
    3. Better Text Keyboard and text editing option
    4. Battery performance, I am yet to determine

    For something which is stable and free, it’s not bad !

    Thanks Neal for all your excellent articles on galaxy S and other phones


    • Ok, here is more feedback!

      1.Battery drain is normail. No improvements over Froyo 2.2 and no detoriation.
      2. Movies can be seen in full screen, which was not the case in case of Froyo
      3. Improvement in overall Camera performance.
      4. GPS performance is very good now.

      Nitin Shah

  180. Install easy and ok. Unfortunately this version does not connect to the 3g network.
    t-mobile; Netherlands

  181. Hi Neal

    i sew your root guide for the sgs and used that, seems to be work fine (Thanks!), SU icone is appears, but where can i find the “root” folder on the SD at the phone ? or should i install something else ?
    *need to add region\font\lang’

    the 2.3.3 is GREAT ! so fast and smooth .. and BTW, 3G work’s [= just need to adj APN as you say [=

  182. Hello

    Is it just me or others are having the same problem as mine i.e. Unable to open a Conversation (message).
    I open the Message Application, and when i touch/click on a conversation, IT JUST DOES NOT OPEN.

    If any other person having same problem kindly respond.

    Furthermore, yes its stable, Had some very random Application crashes at first install, but uptill now, it seems a’right. Performance is smooth, atleast better than 2.2.1 … And standby times of battery did increase considerably.
    Overall, i am still not satisfied with this upgrade, as it seems so … ‘minor’ where Gingerbread was SUPPOSED to be a major upgrade from froyo :S

    Anyways … i’ll rate this ROM 5 out of 10 … and hope it gets better with an official upgrade (which, apparently is not going to happen anytime soon <_<)

  183. i must downgrade my SGS,the battery problem still goes,i dont understand,any program using battery it is 100%,but i dont know,first day it used a little of battery but know it like eating battery

  184. is it important to disable lag fix before installing 2.3.3 ???
    If yes how to diable it ?

  185. Hi Neal,

    Are some SGS not able to be put into recovery/download mode? A friend of mine bought his phone when in finland and he said its not able to be put into recovery/download mode. He tried to update the phone using kies and Australian firmware and the phone ended up as bricked.

    I have tried a google search and it appears that some phones (issued mainly in Canada) were released without the option to go into download or recovery mode.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks for your help!

    • yes @luke unfortunately there are some batch of devices which doesn’t come with the ability to put in recovery mode or download mode. Kindly follow the below procedure below,

      • Thanks for the reply Neal,

        If the phone won’t even turn on to get to this stage (the phone failed during his firmware update), is there a way to fix this when the 3 button recovery mode doesn’t work?

        thanks again.

        • @Luke most of the phones don’t have any problems, since some of the users are new thy might take some chances to gt phone into the download mode, so kindly repeat the procedure to get the device into the recovery mode!

  186. I am able to pull up the odin page and enter in the data but when i press the start button, a message comes up in the message box that says ” All threads completed. (succeed 0/ failed 0)”. The phone doesnt reboot and continues to display the green dowloading screen.

    Please help. thanks!

  187. Yes I did it,now battery works normally,i.must say that better than ever,thank for update :-)

  188. Hi Neal,
    I did my app backup with Titanium Backup which requires root access. After flashing to 2.3.3 how do I root it to install Titanium Backup and be able to restore my apps?


  189. Neal you blocked me??i cannot post here,2 times do but couldnt,i do what you say,but it couldnt help so,please help

  190. Neal i’v flashed again,but it helped not so.battery still have problems,in SGS i doesnt have any programs and like this.but it used 5% for 1,5 hours,i dont know what to do,please help me

  191. Hi there. I did the update of the 2.3.3 but my 3G is not working. U think can be bcoz i didnt made the root after finish the update. ??
    Best rgrds
    Nuno Simoes

  192. Neal,i ‘v flashed my SGS again,but battery still have problems.now in SGS i have nothing except media files and restore apps,it used 5% battery for 1 and half hours,i dont know whhat to do please help me

  193. I have been upgraded my phone atleast 5 times through androidadvices.com, and let me tell you that it always worked like a charm, no problems whatsoever.
    The key is following the instructions word by word.
    For those who are not seeing 3G after upgrade, set up your APN settings.
    If your phone gets stuck, restart the procedure again. Remember to open Odin before plugging in the phone.
    As for my upgrade, my battery timing has increased a lot. (stock sgs)

    Thanks Neal for the fw.

  194. Dear Neal

    I am in italy and I flashed the Gingerbread 2.3.3 . Unfortunately the GPS is not working, everything else seems fine . I flashed again and it is the same. I also wiped data and cache .
    Any suggestions?

  195. First of all, thank you Android Advices for the terrific support and instructions!

    I installed 2.3.3 today and no problems so far with the OS. MyBackupPro isn’t restoring my apps but that’s no biggy. However, 2.3.3 it seems to run a just a little bit slower than the Froyo XWJS7 2.2.1 version. Particularly slow/med-fast scrolling through my contacts and apps looks a little bit more laggy by comparison. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Or is it just me?

    • @Najpodgo to settings > display> animation and enable “all windows animations shown” to get the feel of the phone! its not laggy! i hope you have cleared the cache!

      • Thank you so much Neal!

        It does run smoother now :)
        I did clear the cache after the installation. I was wondering though, if I could turn my SGS off and clear the cache at any given moment? Or would that harm the phone and/or data?

  196. i must say that i’v rooted phone.maybe superuser app using battery ??

  197. i first clear cache,if it doesnt work then flash again

  198. yes i cleared

  199. Hi guys.the upgrade is good.but battery works very bad.for six hours without using phone,it used 60% battery ,Neal how fix this??

  200. firmware worked fine but to bad that swype, and samsung keyboard is missing so many languishes, Swedish in my case, so i´m back on fryo. hope a full European version will be out soon.

  201. Thank you Neal I see you responded prior to my latest comment. So I will wait until someone in the US makes a stable Gingerbread. The one on CynogenMod just bricks my phone and I have to unbrick and install Froyo.

    Best of luck to you all.

    • @Sixto sure buddy we will try to work on your request, may i know what’s ur current version of Android OS on your captivate?

  202. As per my understanding then, this will not work with any of the Samsung variants such as the Captivate nor the Vibrant etc in the US. I dont want to misunderstand your comment “can be applied to all Galaxy S around the world” as the variants in the US.

    Please Advise

    • @Sixto yes but in title itself we have made clear that its GT I9000, i meant that all locked as well as un locked versions of Galaxy S but within GT I9000 models

  203. I have a problem with my USB device, i can not connect my SAMSUNG Galaxys I9000 to my pc with Odin in the download mode after i had upgraded XWJS7 2.2.1, please help and giving an advice. thanks so much!

    • @Randy which Odin you are using? first open the odin and then connect the phone!

      • Dear Neal
        I used the one that i have downloaded from the above ( XXJVK 2.3.3 flash firmware kit ). this file is also including the odin. But for XWJS7 2.2.1, i use Odin v1.3. Do i use wrong?

        • @Randy go ahead, you can use any odin version, just for the simplicity i packed in the basic odin so that every one can understand!

  204. Hi Neal,

    Updated my samsung galaxy s and I have no 3g icon.

  205. Going to try and upload this to my Samsung Captivate and will let you know the results.

    The phone needs to be rooted correct, which it is at the moment and running Froyo 2.2.? And I have used a lag fix app such as OCLF, do I have to “unlag fix it.”

  206. Yes i did wipe the cache after flashing. Should i do it again?
    Also, i had voodoo lagfix installed with 2.2 . Could this be an issue, as i haven’t disabled or removed it manually?

    • @mattyg if its not disabled then disable and flash it again!! and delete cache and format the datA!!

  207. I have a problem with auto-rotate screen, does not work. Also, I have a problem with the horizontal calibration. Whatever you turn the phone, blue dot is always in the center. Is there any explanation or advice?

    Thank you very much!

  208. that is OK man i did it!:D

  209. help please!!!!!!!!!!!!! i upgraded to 2.3.3 butwhen i start the phone he asck for a password which i don.t know!!!help me please

  210. Great website by the way, much appreciated easy to follow instructions :)

  211. Seems to be issue with wireless using WPA connect, WEP works fine but couldn’t connect using previous WPA config working fine on 2.2.1 Also App canal+ doesn’t run any more. Not sure if it’s the app of the update. Also not convinced battery is much improved and don’t go much for the greener icons etc. thinking about rolling back.

  212. hi @Nitin I know its really painful to keep upgrading to latest firmwares. Also there is a lot of confusion which firmware is stable and smooth n better???
    To clear your mind and get a better understanding on this firmware you can read the review of XXJVK http://goo.gl/ZIZ2U this also contains comparison between XXJVK and XWJS8.

  213. Hi Neal
    After the update, my phone seems to be chewing through the battery
    (about 6 hours from full to flat)
    According to the inbuilt task manager i have no apps running and i am using the phone in the same way as i always have (and was previously getting over 24 hours of battery life.

    Any suggestions?


    • @mattyg have you wiped the cache?

    • Mine give me 78% after 6h waiting (just usual mail/calendard/contacts sync with wifi)
      68% after 9h30 with a few play and surf (around 30mn)

      If wiped cache doesn’t help: try to reflash and don’t install app,
      after testing: if battery if fine: install one at a time and check which app cause pb.
      (I know it’s a painfull, but you can install half app and see the result)

      I forgot to say: I only disconnect from latitude service, all others are working
      (wifi, bluetooth, gps, rotation, as default)

      Good day,

      • In the GoogleCode forum , people are complaining about battery issues. It seems that is something about the wifi when stands-by… And it seems that Google is concerned about this issue. So there’s no need to wipe or reinstall one by one. Just wait the problem gets fixed.

    • I have the same problem. and its also slower than whit 2.2.1

  214. teh 3cx voip phone app is not working on this version of firmaware …….

  215. Can someone help please? My phone is stuck on the download page after clicking on ‘start’ on the Odin3 window. Where do i go from here???

  216. Very small problem: 2.3.3 JVK, swype keyboard in FR mode
    (but seems to be the same with other languages)
    in numeric: keys ! 7 8 9 0 / ? give ! / 7 8 9 0 ?, see the rotation:
    ! 7 8 9 0 / ?
    ! / 7 8 9 0 ?

    (even after a reboot)

    Good day,

  217. I installed this but im facing many problems…my phone goes off many times while listening to music and also..weird lines come on screen while booting!

  218. I understand that this is not a final version, so there will be some issues with this software. When is the final/official version expected?

    • Hi @Nitin, this is one of the finest versions and has no problems what so ever, so go ahead and do let me know if you face any issues!

  219. Alright Neal , I think will download it again and will let you know.

    Thanks for your concern and help

  220. thanks for the quick reply Neal but i am sorry to tell, its still not working. Cant get it, your site and firmwares never gave problem with password.

    • @Umer kindly download the file again and enter the password and what password are you entering? the same file i have downloaded and tested and no one other has issues with the password, kindly check with the same!

    • copy paste




    • @umer hi there, kindly enter the mentioned password as androidadvices.com it has been tested and is working properly!

  222. @Nea, lThanks for all the help…. Phone is now working great (it was the APN Settings)

    @Flash…. thanks for the tip.. I also found this site with all Aus. carriers details http://ausdroid.net/apns/#vf

    Thanks again

  223. @Mattyg

    Hi Matt,

    I am on Virgin in Aust. When I flashed to 2.3.2 I lost my network settings, it is easy enough to reload them. I will be upgrading to 2.3.3 this afternoon.

    If your not sure on what they are, I would recommend calling Samsung (as their help desk is better then Optus) and asking for the settings. A Friend of mine did this recently and they gave support for the 2.3.2 software.

    Hope this helps.


  224. hey guys…I have tried on my captivate but the button dont work. The home key doesn’t exist, it is working as a back button…the real back and search button function as right and left arrows..there’s no any sound till you plug the headphones (you listen through the speakers)…the headphones are not working…
    Im a newbie, how can I recovery the froyo firmware on it again?

    • hi @david you need to go to the Samsung’s Service centre to get back to your phone’s original firmware as you flashed a wrong firmware on your Captivate. Sorry that we couldn’t help you.

  225. Hi Neal,

    I am also unable to connect to the 3G network (optus in Aust.) I get a network connection error.
    This was working fine with 2.2 but has not worked since installing 2.3.2 or 2.3.3.

    Any ideas?


  226. Hi agine

    10x for replay !
    *the 3G is NOT working on my sgs \= before i had the operator Ver. 2.2 Froyo and the 3G was fine.
    I need hebrew fonts, i sew a pack on the market and install it but still need a font and fide a way to set it at the “select locale”.

    well appreciated.

    • plzzzzzzzz dont update…problems are much greater
      1.while booting up instead of showing galaxy s gt i9000, watermark comes
      2.less free ram
      3.not compatible with 3g
      4.no voodoo lagfix—benchmark-only 954
      5.cant deodex–may be i am at fault but i deodexed 2.2.1 xxjpy much easily.

      • @ghost.bhoot2k hi there are no such problems reported, kindly clear the cache and format your phone and also benchmarkings may be less but it can’t be always taken as the limits and also it doesn’t need lagfix as of now,

        while booting there are no problems what so ever. i hope you have updated your phone!

        • thanx a lot dear……




    • You need to go to- settings- wireless & network – mobile networks- access point names – new APN

      Then Google for the APN settings of your cell phone provider

  227. hi, just wanna know , if after installing this if i install voodoo lag fix, will my phone run more smoothly/faster ? or i can choose not to install voodoo if this automatically makes my device run fast ? please advice

    • @prateek as of now the lagfix is only available with XXJPY firmware which is 2.2.1, i would recommend you to install this 2.3.3 as its faster and would not require any lag fixes! do let us know for any more help!

  228. wich is the total memory ram now with this 2.3.2 rom pls?

  229. Hello Neal. Question. Swype czech it´s? Thank J.

    • No :-(
      The XXJVK 2.3.3 flash firmware kit you can download from above contains Swipe version with the following buit-in languages & T9: UK Eng, US Eng, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish.
      Perhaps you might be able to install additional languages after flashing the phone…

  230. only one con, the 3G network at all \=
    any idea ?

  231. Helo Neal !

    thank you so much ! work’d perfect !
    only one Q. i need to root the phone in order to install my language and i’m afraide to do something worng, can you plz give me a tip [=

    best regards, Yaniv.

  232. Thanks for the update man, was really waiting for it.

    Have not installed it yet but expecting it to be pretty stable and does not have the issues or bugs, which the previous Gingerbread version had i.e swype, mobile getting stuck OR restarted and MAPS not working.

    Will let you know if any problem, once again THANKS.

  233. hi mate any ideas on official release date for full gingerbread non beta???? cheers pal

  234. Again many thanks. Only just flashed to Gingerbread 2.3.2, so thought i might as well try this after seeing the update in your other post.

    So far so good. All went well and seems to be working fine without any problems. Now to set everything up to my liking again.

    • Hey
      I am trying to upgrade my GT 19000 but cannot access the XXJVK 2.3.3 flash firmware kit. I found Odin but need the firmware for Gingerbread.
      Where might that kit be?