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Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 to Froyo 2.2.1

XXJPU Galaxy S LogoSeems like there’s someone between Froyo and Gingerbread, its Froyo’s 2.2.1 version which is said to be the major update which promises to solve some bugs like missing letters from contacts list and also it’s sure to speed up your Galaxy S. So, does that mean that you will need to wait for 2.2.1 for your Galaxy S to arrive, absolutely not? So let’s see how you can install XXJPU 2.2.1 for your Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000 irrespective of country you live in, be it Europe, Asia or Africa or even US we will guide you in upgrading your device from current Froyo to 2.2.1 XXJPU version.

Please note that this update can’t be applied for locked devices. Also with this update Quadrant scores set to score higher than the current one. Also please note that this update is not available for Vibrant, Captivate, Mesmerize, Fascinate and Epic. Also please note that after update you will lose all your data like messages and contacts, so its better to sync all your contacts with your Gmail account and also take take back up of your messages because after updation Kies will not support your device as it will start supporting once Samsung officially launches 2.2.1 update for your device.

Procedure to upgrade Galaxy S GT I9000 firmware to Froyo2.2.1:

  • So, let’s proceed for update but before that make sure that you are on Windows based operating system and not on any other operating system and also make sure that the device which is to be updated is having model number of GT – I9000. If it’s not the model number then don’t proceed for the update.
  • First, you need to visit samfirmware and just need to sign up for an account.
  • Now, after signing up and logging in you will be redirected to the page where you can see a big list of firm wares and click the download link next to the I9000 XXJPU ## (make sure it is the one in BLUE) which is in the list of Europe and proceed to download the file.
  • Now, once the downloading of the file is finished you need to extract the file using WinRAR and if prompted for a password then you will have to enter samfirmware.com.
  • From the extracted download file, run the Odin 1.3 software file which is there in the folder you just extracted from I9000XXJPU.rar and it should look like this

Odin 3

  • Now in the Odin interface as shown above, click on the PIT button and choose the 512.pit file (you can find this file in the extracted folder which you downloaded)
  • Now next up, click on the PDA button and choose the file containing the word PDA (you can find this file in the extracted folder).
  • Now, click on the CSC button and choose the file containing the word CSC (you can find this file in the extracted folder).
  • Now click on the PHONE button and choose the file containing the word MODEM (you can find this file in the extracted folder).
  • Now check the Re-partition box under the options section of Odin.
  • Now, at this stage you should backup your phone contents as its recommended to do a Hard Reset upon installing all new firm wares after which all information in your device will be lost.
  • After backing up your device remove your SIM card if you have one and your microSD card if you have inserted any.
  • Please follow this simple step very carefully. Now you will have to boot up your phone into the download mode, for doing this you simply need to press hold down the Volume Down button + the Home key button (the middle one).  While still holding those 2 buttons down now press and hold the power button and keep holding these buttons until you boot up in to a screen like the below one.

download mode

  • Now, when you see the download mode screen, connect your device with computer with USB Cable and after that you will find the screen as like this.

Success Odin

  • If you see that then everything’s Ok and now proceed by pressing on Start button and Odin will update the firmware.
  • Once you see this screen with a Green box showing PASS! in the Odin then it means that your device has been successfully installed with the new firmware XXJPU 2.2.1 stock and is now safe for you to remove the USB cable from your phone and now boot your device.

Success Odin

This is it, you have now successfully updated your device, for the first boot it will take longer time than normal and then it’s recommended to hard reset once you have now flashed the ROM. Now, turn off your phone and insert microSD card and SIM card. Now, you can also go to Settings, About and can check that the current firmware will be 2.2.1. Also, do let us know the Quadrant scores in 2.2.1 XXJPU. Do let us know in comments section if you face any problems.


  1. Hi, I folowed the step you explained, and it did not download anything so I waited for long time, nothing happened so remove the usb cable and switch off the phone, but then I tried to start the phone its not working, I am so sad, what should I do now, how can I solve this issue.

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  4. i have a problem getting the download screen. i press the volume down button and home key and then the power but i just keeps flashing the bootup screen. what must i do now

  5. I have resarted my samsung galaxy s i9000 and i have put my sim card back in and its saying my sim card does not allow the selection but i can only go on orange or orange t-mobile but its not connecting


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  7. svp winrar me demande un mot de passe , ou se trouve ce mot de passe . help mpe please

  8. I found this firmware on Samsfirmware.com: I9000TUBJPD. Can i use it? What do you recomend. Also, do I check the Repartition in Odin or not.

  9. Can this work on the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000T?

  10. Thank you so much. Have tried doing it with Kies, but it just didn’t work.
    Just done the update with the firmware 2.3.4. Green PASS!!!

    Thanks again

  11. The press hold down the Volume Down button + the Home key button thing doesnt work i cant go to that screen please help!

  12. if i dont have usb cable,how do can i update my samsung galaxy s????can i update using bluetooth???

  13. Hi Pardeep,
    I have updated my samsung Galaxy S I9000 from 2.1.1 to Base band version I9000XXJP2 (Andriod Version 2.2),but problem facing to install and run 3D games and some applications which r previously running fine on Eclair 2.1.1,Can u plz update whats the problem or how can i fix it,and which Base band version do i select to avoid from these,Can i update my Version from I9000XXJP2 to XXJPY

    Error coming :your system stops unexpectdly force close

  14. Please help. after flashing the phone… can’t turn on the phone… First i tried power… nothing happend. I have tried volume up + home + power 4 seconds… nothing happened. is there any other way of turning the phone back on. Please help!!

  15. Trying to update i9000 with xwjvb. But odin is showing fail. PlZzzzz help me neal.

  16. password samfirmware.com doesnt work???!!! did you change it ?

  17. Tried to install 2.3.3 XWJVB but odin is showing FAIL. How to update i9000

  18. Neal,

    I’ve just bought a used galaxy S i9000, 2.2 already installed. i am not able to upgrade firmware using Kies. want to update using I9000XXJPY.rar.
    1.Kindly tell me should i flash it to Eclair 2.1 first in order to get it upgraded to froyo 2.2.1 I9000XXJPY.rar.
    2. Is there any difference in procedure in flashing my device to I9000XXJPY.rar or I9000 XXJPU. Plz specify if any.

  19. flashed with odin to xxjpu. when asked for reboot i pressed the home button. it displayed the start up animation and then blank and just vibrating at times. plzzzzzzzzzzz save my i9000 n me

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