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Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 to Froyo XWJS5 2.2.1

samsung galaxy sIt seems that day by day the new and stable firmwares are coming out for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000. After the most stable versions like Froyo 2.2.1 XXJPY and XWJS3, now an all new firmware has hit the Samsung’s server which is named as XWJS5 which now comes with a PIT of 803 unlike’s earlier PIT of 512, so we can expect better stability and better battery life from this version of firmware. Also, this firmware version comes with usual KIES 2 support and also the quadrant scores have been successfully improved a bit.

So, this XWJS5 one will be the perfect firmware for those who periodically complain about the lesser battery life and speed issues. Before proceeding to the procedure make sure that you have backed up all information as you will lose all data which is loaded in the phone included applications, contacts and messages. The best way to back up your contacts is either with on-device backup tool or you can back up your contacts with the Gmail client.

So, let’s see how you can install this firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S. Also, please note that this update is only for model which is Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 and not for any other device like for Vibrant, Captivate, Mesmerize, Fascinate, Epic, I9003 etc. Kindly follow the below mentioned steps carefully as if you don’t follow the steps then it may dead your phone.

Please note that due to immense demand we are also providing the installation files such as Odin and PIT files in this post, so please keep them handy and store these files in your computer as these files are the base files and you will requires these every time whenever you upgrade / downgrade the software.

Procedure to update 2.2.1 XWJS3 on your Samsung Galaxy S:

  • Firstly, you need to download the 2.2.1 XWJS5 firmware from your computer and need to save this downloaded 7 zip file as it is on the desktop and then you need to extract the contents to a folder. Also, along with this you will have to download the Odin + PIT Files and the Odin as PIT file which we used till now has changed.
  • Next up you need to open Odin 1.3 from the above zip file so that you can install this downloaded firmware into your device. After opening the Odin 1.3, ensure that you have completely closed the KIES application on your computer and ensure that you haven’t connected the mobile phone.


  • Now, first switch off your phone, take out the sim card along with the memory card and Switch On your device in the download mode. To start download mode in Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000, you need to hold down the Volume Down button + the Home key button (the middle button). While holding these both buttons, you need to switch ON your device. If you see a screen like the below one then only it means that you have successfully started your device in the download mode. If your device restarts normally with home screen then that means download mode have not been initiated, in this case you again need to switch off the device and again you will have to try restarting your device in download mode. Please note that as long as you are installing anything in download mode, you will never brick your phone.
  • download mode

  • Now, as soon as you see the phone’s screen like above that means you have successfully entered in the download mode, now connect Samsung Galaxy S to the computer, after which you will see that ID:COM box as shown below will turn yellow and in the message box you will see that it will show ADDED.
  • Phone Connected

  • After connecting your phone, you need to select PDA option select the unzipped file which you have downloaded and along with this in the PIT option, you will need to select the PIT file of 803 and then simply click on the Start option. Please note that you don’t add or select any other option, as this may do some serious consequences to your device after which you may not be able to use your device.

  • As soon as you click on the Start option, the firmware will start updating in the device, please note that you don’t unplug your device and ensure that you have continuous power because if in the between power goes off then your phone will become dead and then again in download mode you need to start loading the firmware.
  • After installation gets over, your device will be rebooted and will take longer time than the normal reboot as this is the first time after the firmware upgrade the device is getting switched ON. Last time some users have complained about power failure, not to worry you can flash your device again once the power resumes, but make sure that you again follow the procedure from the Start.

firmware upgraded successfully

  • Now after successful installation of the new firmware it’s now time to optimize your device with new firmware so that your phone becomes faster and zippier. First turn off your device, long press the volume up key, press Menu as holding both the buttons press the power button to start. You can see that after device gets switched ON, you will find options like clear cache data. You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now.

This is it, your device will now restart and you can check by going to Settings, About phone and you will find that current firmware of your Android device is XWJS5 2.2.1. Please note that this upgrading neither needs you to root your device or roots your device after installing this firmware. If you have not successfully done with the firmware update, then just flash the firmware again by following the above mentioned steps. If you encounter with any problems or face any problems then do report the same in the comments section, we will help you in solving the problem.

Update: Please note that after downloading the firmware, kindly enter the password which is mentioned below and not the earlier on, androidadvices.com. Inconvenience is regretted.

Password : samfirmware.com


  1. i have samsung i5801DDJG5 HOW i should update

  2. dear can u plz suggest me an update for samsung glaxy s i9000 whixh is without usb.my usb port is damaged inside so i cant connect it to PC so i send things to my phone through WIFI SHARE…plz help me in this matter urgant

  3. could i use the same odin to flash my samsung Galaxy GT-I55000 (europa)
    plz help i forgot my pattern lock

  4. Neal, i hope you can help me , my phone hasnt rebooted after successful downloading of xwjs52.2.1, screen blank, no response to off ,on button, taken battery out ,reinstalled after 2 mins. same problem ,nothing i do can get phone to come on. What can i do now???

  5. hey when you are selecting the PDA files, what file do you chose (out of the 3???) because i cant select the whole folder… is this a problem or do i only need to select one file??!?!

    please help thanks

  6. how can i get the sim restriction code for a gt-1900m?

  7. hi neal,

    i updated my galaxys gt i9000 to gb 2.3.2 as you told in this site, its succesfully intalled, but some times it geting hanged and i need to remove the battry to solve this broblem always , i wuld like to reintall the froyo 2.2.1 is it posible or not?

    • have you cleared the cache? you can update your phone with the latest XXJVQ 2.3.4 which is the new version and also is the stable version for your Galaxy S GT I9000.

  8. Hi guys,

    I need the 2.2.1 update!
    I have downloaded all the files but read somewhere updates need to be compatible?
    Can you confirm whether my phone is compatible with the “I9000 XEN I9000XWJS5″ files.
    My I9000 is running 2.2 stock. Details as follows:

    Firmware: 2.2
    Baseband: I9000DTJP3
    Build no: FROYO.DTJP5


    • Did you end up firmware updating Tom? I have the same Baseband, Kernal and Build as you. I’ve wanted to update to the latest one (2.3.4) but i’m thinking it’s not a good idea.

  9. This is B.S. Should not have to do this. They should send out a patch t fix the battery issue. Verizon told me to turn off my wifi, GPS and Bluetooth and to keep my phone off unless I needed it to save battery life.

    WHY HAVE A SMART PHONE? Turn off the phone unless I need it… Idiots. Samsung, fix your update! Or the phone goes back and I get a iPhone.

    I am a very unhappy … FORMER Happy Samsung user.

  10. Hi,
    I have downloaded all the links but i have few question:-
    1. I am from India does the procedure support for indian galaxy s? my current firmware is 2.2 baseband version is I9000DDJP2 and Build number is FROYO.DDJP6
    2. What about if not able to update (because i am not software friendly) can i get back my 2.2?
    3. If kies not working after flashing then how can i get back up my contacts/photo/music?
    4. Will service station help me for any future problem due to this procedure.
    5. can i directly get 2.3.3 from 2.2?

    Appreciate your help and thanks in advance.


    • hi @indrajeet you can install 2.3.3 XXJVK directly from your current 2.2, yes you can get back to 2.2 anytime, you can sync all your contacts with Gmail, sms can be backed by by using SMS BACKUP AND RESTORE APP whch can be downloaded from marketplace, Yes for sure the service centre will help you till 1year of your phone purchase. Yes, irrespective of India or any other country you can update easily.

  11. Abhijeet Nadkarni

    Hi Neal,

    Thanks for ur prompt reply…just a couple of questions. Firstly about Kies not recognizing the firmware version and the GPRS/EDGE issue will happen only if ur connection is very slow and not otherwise will it??

  12. Abhijeet Nadkarni

    Hi Neal,

    I had updated to 2.2.1 build JS5 from this site. Now with Gingerbread update coming soon, will i be able to update it through Kies. Presently eventhough i can connect to my phone through Kies it does not recognise the firmware….

  13. solved. I flashed again with all files + PIT and KIEs recognized the firmware version now.

  14. thx Neal. Btw, Samsung Kies can’t tell the current firmware version any more after the flash. any idea why that happens?

  15. Neal,

    My galaxy s was flashed from android 2.1 update 1 to 2.2 with a JPM/JP6 combined rom. (jpm base and jp6 system or something like that).

    With your rom, I flashed from 2.2. to 2.2.1 with PIT + PDA. It seems the phone is working. But, in your answer to my question 1, I should flash with PIT + 3 files. Do you mean I need to flash my phone again with all files?


    • @Jarly its always advised to update with 3 files plus PIT while crossing over the versions, if device is ok then no issues but if you are facing the problems then you will have to flash as per the procedure.

  16. Hi Neal, I flashed my phone with JPM/JP6 before. I followed your instruction above and flashed to 2.2.1 now. I got some questions here.

    1. The rom has three files, PDA, Phone and CSC. Any benefit using them all?
    2. As I flashed with PDA only, my baseband version is still I9000XXJPM. Will there be any problem?
    3. I didn’t wipe data/factory reset or wipe cache partition. I got all my settings, contacts and data remained on the phone. Will this make any problem?


    • @Jarly good to see your doubts and glad to say that you have come to a right place where we empower you with all updates.
      1. when you cross the versions like from 2.2 to 2.2.1 or from 2.2.1 to 2.2 or any other you need to flash with PIT + 3 Files, its a compulsion as it re writes te whole file systems as the version is different.

      2. within the version you can flash with PIT + PDA and see as long as your phone is working fine and ok, no need to panic, just enjoy your phone.

      3. see again its not a compulsion but juz an advisory where in you will have to do this so as to delete the cache files which may sometime slow down your device.

      Do let us know if any more help needed, we will be happy to help.!

  17. Hello. (n00b warning)
    I have a Galaxy S GT-I9000. I had a problem where the wifi stopped working. I read that some people had solved the problem by resetting to factory settings. I did that. My wifi is perfect now, couldn’t be better. Only problem is that my phone no longer recognizes my SIM. It is not SIM lock because the phone is from HK and it doesn’t ask me for an unlock code.

    I have tried to reflash with original fw in hopes that would solve the problem. My details are:
    Firmware – 2.2.1
    PDA – I9000ZSJPG
    Phone – I9000ZSJPG
    CSC – I9000OZSJPG
    Build Info – Tue Feb 8 12:07:00 KST 2011

    Any ideas would be appreciated. The Galaxy S makes a great camera, ipod, and paperwieght but I believe it could be so much more… like a phone also. :-)

    • @michael very sorry to hear that and you have come to a right place for rescuing your phone, yes you can flash your phone with this firmware by following the above instructions.

  18. im living in US and i want to update to 2.2.1. can i use version I9000XWJS5 or i can’t use it. what version should i use for my phone?

    • @Philip you can very well update your phone with 2.2.1, go ahead and follow the steps, we are here to help and guide you. Do let us know if you get any issues.

  19. That was the best solution I found, while I was trying to solve problems I had with my Galaxy S after upgranding using Kies.

    ThanX guys

  20. oh, what am i checking for? what should the settings be?

  21. oh, do youthere any reason why i cant couldnt connect to 3g? i cant connect to 3g with any of the firmware upgrades? (2.2.1 JPU, XWJS5 and 2.3.2)
    Thanks in advance

    • hi there, there is no such bug being found out in the version tht due to which unable to use the 3G network, kindly check with the APN and other network related settings

  22. sasa77ar

    you need to download the 1 file version. there are two different files on the samfirmware site called xwjs5. you want the one thats above the one with NEW next to it. it should extract to a rar file, not 3 md5 files

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