Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 to stable Froyo XWJS7 2.2.1

XWJS7 LogoIt has been found that many users who have updated their Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 with the latest Gingerbread build XWJV1 have reported some of the issues which includes Swype Virtual keyboard not working, non-streaming of videos in You Tube, quick battery drain issues and also other issues which hampers the overall phone experience. So, the problem is faced because since the XWJV1 is a test Gingerbread build and this is the first test build some of the problems might be experienced but over the coming days the new Gingerbread builds will be launched in which the subsequent problems will be worked upon and mostly all the problems which are experienced by the users will be solved. Also, the main reason for this update XWJS7 is that many of the users complained about the “DB DATA” error or bug in rest of the versions of 2.2.1 Froyo build which has been now completely solved in this version and also along with this battery has been further optimized as the base band built is kept as XXJPY which was a stable one and had no issues other than DB DATA error and also Quadrant ranks have been slightly improved in this version.

Now, some of those might ask about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on the new Gingerbread build, but am sorry to say that exact date and time will be difficult to give but yes the approximate release of next release will be in this month itself. But in the mean while in the due course of the post i will also tell you on how you can UNBRICK your device. Recently if you have directly flashed from 2.2 Version to 2.2.1 version like XXJPY or XWJS5 etc. version without flashing through 2.2.1 XXJPU version then your phone might have been bricked.

So, for all those whose Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 is bricked along with the people who are experiencing the problems with the XWJV1 gingerbread build, we will see on how you can move on to an all new stable and enhanced release of Froyo 2.2.1 version which is dubbed as XWJS7 which is the final release build of 2.2.1 as it has already been released via KIES for some parts of the Globe. To check on which version you are currently on, just tap on the Settings > About Phone > Build Number where you will find the version of Android OS.

Pre Requisites (Downloadable):

2.2.1 XWJS7 Firmware (Password : samfirmware.com),

PIT 803,

Odin3 v1.3,

USB Cable,

Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

Safety Precautions and Instructions:

1. Ensure that you are having Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 as the firmware is only for this phone and not for any other similar phones like Captivate, mesmerize Fascinate, Epic, I 9003 etc though that might look similar.

2. Back up all your data including messages, contacts and also all the third party applications which you have either installed from Android Market Place or from any other sources.

3. It is very important to enter in the download mode before flashing the firmware in your phone, if you cannot enter into download mode then you can solve this bug from here. If you flash without the download screen then your phone will be bricked and can never be recovered as you haven’t followed the procedure.

4. The things which you will be needing while flashing is Samsung Galaxy S I9000 phone, micro USB cable, Odin 3 v1.3, 2.2.1 XWJS7 Android Firmware and PIT 803 file which have to be downloaded as mentioned in the Pre requites too.

5. Also, flashing with the firmwares doesn’t mean that you are ROOTING your device. If you have flashed with Voodoo then too you can easily flash your device.

6. Ensure a full or more than 80% of battery power in your phone before proceeding to flash your phone and also ensure that your computer or Laptop doesn’t turn off in the due course of the process as you will have to again repeat the whole process again which is bit tedious job.

7. Before proceeding to the procedure make sure that you have backed up all information as you will lose all data which is loaded in the phone included applications, contacts and messages. The best way to back up your contacts is either with on-device backup tool or you can back up your contacts with the Gmail client. Please don’t change any parameters like DUMP, Re Partition etc. as this may really mess up your Galaxy S phone and is not recommended to choose the Re format option.

Procedure to flash XWJS7 2.2.1 version on your Galaxy S GT I9000:

1. Now, after downloading the XWJS7 firmware along with the Odin and PIT File, you need to unzip the same as it’s a zip file after which you will get three files.

2. Next up you need to open Odin 1.3 from the above zip file so that you can install this downloaded firmware into your device. After opening the Odin 1.3, ensure that you have completely closed the KIES application on your computer and ensure that you haven’t connected the mobile.

Odin 3

3. Now, first switch off your phone, take out the sim card along with the memory card and Switch On your device in the download mode. To start download mode in Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000, you need to hold the Volume Down button + the Home key button (the middle button). While holding these both buttons, you need to switch ON your device. If you see a screen like the below one then only it means that you have successfully started your device in the download mode. If your device restarts normally with home screen then that means download mode have not been initiated, in this case you again need to switch off the device and again you will have to try restarting your device in download mode. Please note that as long as you are installing anything in download mode, you will never brick your phone.

download mode

4. Now, as soon as you see the phone’s screen like above that means you have successfully entered in the download mode, now connect Samsung Galaxy S to the computer, after which you will see that first ID:COM box as shown below will turn yellow and in the message box you will see that it will show ADDED.

Phone Connected

5. Now, after connecting the phone to the computer you will have to add the below parameters as mentioned below,

PIT – 803 PIT File,

PDA – PDA_JS7.tar.md5

Phone – PHONE_JPY.tar.md5

CSC – CSC_XEE_JS1.tar.md5

Please note that you don’t add or select any other option, as this may do some serious consequences to your device after which you may not be able to use your device. After double checking the above parameters, all you need to do is to just simply click on the Start option.

6. As soon as you click on the Start option, the firmware will start updating in the device, please note that you don’t unplug your device and ensure that you have continuous power because if in the between power goes off then your phone will become dead and then again you need to follow the procedure.

7. As soon as the installation gets finished, the mobile will be rebooted and will take longer time than the normal reboot as this is the first time after the firmware upgrade the device is getting switched ON.

Galaxy S Recovery Mode

8. Now after successful installation of the new firmware it’s now time to optimize your device with new firmware so that your phone becomes faster and zippier. First up you will have to turn off your device, long press the volume up key, press Menu as holding both the buttons press the power button to start. You can see that after device gets switched ON, you will find options like clear cache data. You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now.

Build NumberAs soon as the phone reboots, just tap on the Settings > About Phone > Build Number where you will see that you are on XWJS7 Android version. Now, you can restore the backup contents easily. This is it, now you have un bricked your phone as well as installed the latest Froyo 2.2.1 Android build on your Galaxy S. Do, let us know if there are any problems while updating as we will help you get out of it.



  1. thanks a lot. problem got resolved in one go… many thanks

  2. Firmware Link Is Corrupted

    “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.”

  3. Please help,

    I wanted to upgrade my galaxy S from froyo to the latest gingerb . Downloaded the files and connected the phone.
    Loaded in Odin3 the files. After 30 min i disconected my phone because it did nothng (arownd 30%).
    Now i only can set the phone in download modes and nothing els (HELP)
    The problem now is that when i start Odin and connect my phone, windows say that it’s not seeing the device?
    So i can’t do the upgrade twice. When i boot the device i get a icoon fone cable and pc (orange).
    Can someone help me with this?

  4. Hi and thank you.
    I bricked my phone by installing the one click update which is for a captivate when I have a Galaxy S :P
    However, even though my phone now starts, it looks like its Swedish or something and I need english.
    Any ideas?

  5. THANK YOU! Using this tut I was able to unbrick my gt i9000!

  6. Froyo XWJS8 is English Arabic language ??????

  7. NeaL Pradeep Thank You very much for reply i have last question because XWJS7 is working Excellent in my SGS i9000 But its not support Arabic language and the Arabic language sms i can’t read please can you solve this problem ? can i install language pack or some thing if yes please give me the link and instruction as always you do i really appreciate thanks

  8. and one more Question plz can i install the Voodoo Lag fix on XWJS7 2.2.1 and XWJS8 2.2.1 ? if yes please give me link page where guide how to install thanks

  9. i have question can i upgrade from XWJS7 2.2.1 To XWJS8 2.2.1 ? and if yes than is it wipe all data etc on my SGS i9000 ?

  10. I have updated Successfully as you described very easy and now my SGS i9000 Working Great and very smoothly i was before at ( PIPIF ) some thing like this but it was hang al the time but Now with ( XWJS7 ) i m really satisfied thanks You Very Much i m really very happy as i was bought this phone before 1 month and very disappointed but fortunately i found your site thanks again

  11. Successfully DOWNGRADED from GINGERBREAD, had to rename the PIT file (once extracted) to
    PIT 803.pit, but once thats all done it worked awesomly… thanks

  12. Phone keep missing menu on long press

  13. sorry to disturb..i wanted to downgrade my firmware to 2.2.1..after i downloaded everything noted the pit 803 is not readable by odin..how to do it?

  14. thanks for ur support, successfully updated from 2.2 to 2.2.1

  15. Neal,

    Thanks much for this wonderful site, which I’ve found to be immensely helpful for understanding about various OS versions and how to upgrade and root.

    You’d written:

    “Recently if you have directly flashed from 2.2 Version to 2.2.1 version like XXJPY or XWJS5 etc. version without flashing through 2.2.1 XXJPU version then your phone might have been bricked.”

    Now, I have DDJP6 (Indian f/w). Can I directly upgrade to XWJS7, or should I go through any intermediare f/w upgrade like JPU or JPY?


    • you can directly go ahead if the firmware listed is a 3 FILE FIRMWARE! PIT, PDA, Phone CSC!

      • Neal,

        Thanks a lot for this tutorial! I was able to successfully upgrade the firmware from 2.2 to 2.2.1 without any hitch! I had used Titanium Backup, so was able to restore pretty much everything after the upgrade. THe whole exercise took less than 20 mins!

        Thanks once again!

  16. I have Samsung galaxy s GT i 9000. I have a strange problem. at times if the phone is idle for 10-15 min and after that if some one messages or call me i dont receive the message or call. And the strange part is the person calling me will get the ringer going means he will not any error message. and have checked with network operators but there seems to be no problem, have changed the sim card too. can any one help me with this?

  17. The PIT file is not viewd by odin, and a can’t open it. What should i do?

  18. Thank you very much!

    I experienced lacks in Bluethooth External Sim Mode functionality and bluetooth overall performance.
    Wanted to downgrad and it worked out perfekt for me


  19. IS XWJS8 the latest and fastest version of froyo Neal? thanks again

    • @mac some bugs have been found in xwjs8 which again received a mixed feedback, not recommended from us as it doesn’t have improvements!

  20. Hi Neal – what is the difference bet XWJS8 and XWJS7? thanks

  21. I’m Sorry , I didn’t read all the thread

  22. Hi when i try to use PIT 803 in Odin3-v1.3 the file is not recognizes, can you check the link? thanks. Im from Argentina sorry for my English.

    • @franco i hope after reading the complete article your problem is now solved!

    • HI Franco – use just need to rename the file with PIT 803.PIT then ODIN should be able to find it.

      @Neal – thanks so much for the help here mate!!
      will try to flash 2.3.3 but just a question mate, does 2.3.3 has a bettery consumption problem?
      Thanks again

  23. hi Neal after flashing the firmare i got these at the bootom of my screen

    update media, please wait
    E:Can’t mount /dev/block/st110
    (invalid argument)
    e:copy_dbdata_media:Can’t mount DBDATA:

    your storage not prepared yet. Please use UI me nu for format and reboot actions.
    copy default media content failed.

    what could these be? thanks

    • have you mounted ur SD Card!? you need to unmount the same and then you can try again flashing with the firmware!

  24. Hi Neal – im sorry but ODIN cant seem to put the cant seem to locate the 803 PIT File even if i have already unzipped the folder. wht should i do? thanks

  25. Hi Neal

    I upgraded from 2.2 to 2.2.1 and its working wonderfully for past 1 week. Wanted to say a BIG Thank you for the detailed steps and effort you have taken without which this upgrade woudnt have been as easy as it sounds. 2.2.1 definitely has much better performance than previous releases.

    Just wanted to know if it really worth to upgrade to 2.3.3 ? Does it makes any sense to go from 2.2.1 to 2.3.3 if 2.2.1 is working as expected. ??

    shalil kani (Mumbai)

  26. Hi Neal

    I had upgraded to 2.2.1 (FROYO.XWJS7) and its working beautifully for past 1 week. wanted to say a BIG thank you for this and the detailed steps u had outlined without wihich it wont had been such a easy upgrade…, u r a gem !!!…. 2.2.1 is much much better than 2.1 or 2.2 ….

    Please let me know if it is any big use to upgrade to 2.3.3 and when is the “Stable 2.3.3″ getting released. wanted to be careful, just by simply upgrading to 2.3.3 and then getting into probs as 2.2.1 is working perfectly fine as of now.

    shalil kani (Mumbai)

  27. and if i install this the flashing kernel will be remove??

  28. i have a question..i update my samsung galaxy s gt-i9000 with ( flashing kernel ) i did it successfully but after that my fones sounds got this problem when i play a video there is no sounds and when i put a headset..the sounds is at speaker mode not in headset mode!! can u please help me out…how can i remove flashing kernel and go back to the old one..

  29. @ AYUSH: just rename file and add.pit and it will work. I did that and it’s working.

  30. @neal
    that pit file is nt working..
    i extracted that file to d folder
    then,in odin when i ws trying to attach that file it ws nt showing any pit file in that folder..
    so..hlp me brother… thnxxxxxxx

  31. My battery works for 1 day without using nothing,what problem is it?

  32. hi neal

    shold we use 803 pit file or 512 pit file for upgrading to 2.2.1


  33. What a great site and support! About to buy an unlocked Galaxy GT-I9000 S with Eclair and will upgrade out of the box to Froyo. Reading the ins and outs on this site is great and will hold off on Gingerbread till stable version.

    Before I follow these instructions for Froyo, what do I need to do? I am a total noob so charge the device and then what downloads do I need please?

    If you have another thread on this, would appreciate the link, thanks.

    • @Ruth no conditions, just follow the instructions as mentioned in the post and rest leave on us, we will solve all your problems! :)

  34. Hi Neal.

    I updated to this stable version, but swype is missing spanish language. Can you help me? Thanks.

  35. and the last time i wsa updating to xwjs7 as above, in between after an hour i got a green screen, i got scared. what does the green screen mean? please help guys as i am new to android

  36. hi,

    i did the above steps but thrice i was unlucky. it took atleast two hours and it seemed as if the device was stuck. unplugged the phone and i am glad to know that the device isnt bricked as i can go into download mode. can anyone please tell me hoow much time does it take to flash to froyo 2.2.1 from 2.1-update1 and why is it taking so long?

    now i cant go into my earlier os and use the mobile. when i charge it it goes into a android system recover and when i press the three buttons it goes into download mode. no sight of the earlier software. i want to update and i am helpless. can you please help me out? my earlier base version was a ZS (originally for chinese taiwanese models) and i wanted to update to js7, i hope its possible.

    looking forward for your suggestions and help.

    • @khurram khan sorry for delay in replying, i hope your handset is not a locked one and also you can now try to install xxjpu first and then install xxjpy

  37. Re my mail March 23, 2011 at 10:48 am

    Am pleased and proud I went ahead and flash per the instruction given – Voila it flys now..

    The guide and instruction was good. Just some findings to share w other noob or wudb:
    1) Download Mode – need to ensured especially “vanilla” SGS machine.
    2) PIT 803 – unzip – REMEMBER to rename it by adding “.PIT” then Odin will recognise it.

    Thanks for the guide. Almost want to sell back..

    Now next – trying to Voodoo Lagfix it…

  38. Same as here, I need Chinese’s input in order to display and texting… Pls helps me …

  39. hey Neal,how to install input languages?i had many languages but now example russian language doest exist,how solve?

  40. Hi,

    Awesome advice. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000 and about phone is :

    Firmware version – 2.1-update1
    Baseband version – I9000ZSJPE
    Kernel version – 2.6.29 sk78.yun@SE-S605 #2
    Build number – ECLAIR

    Can I use the above procedure to install Froyo 2.2.1 and can I go directly and install Gingerbread?

    Please reply.

  41. Hei – just bought 2nd hand from a friend who has defected to Iphone4. I like the screen and geeky nature of Android.

    OK can I flash my current XXJPC Froyo 2.2 ?

    Can wait to begin..

    Thanks in advance

  42. May i know where to install the DioPen Chinese IME in my phone? I need it to text with my friend…

  43. By the way, may i know where to install my DioPen Chinese IME into my phone? i would like to use it to text with my friends..

  44. download APN backup and restore (market) before you do this firmware update.

  45. thx dude.. ^^ i have solved..

  46. Furthermore, my packet data/data network mode is on…..

  47. Beisdes, i’m able to make a call and sms as well but can’t use the #G network.. sound weird…

  48. May i know where to do the setting??

  49. Dear Neal,

    why i can’t use my 3G to internet after upgrading Froyo XWJS7 2.2.1.. Can you help me Neal?? I have downgrading from Gigerbread 2.3.2 actually.. could you help me to solve tis problem??

    • @Desmond Have you configured the APN and all correctly as i myself is using the XWJS7 and is using the 3G network and there ar eno problems!

    • @Desmond Have you configured the APN and all correctly as i myself is using the XWJS7 and is using the 3G network and there ar eno problems!

  50. phone works normally,but i couldnt change memory settings for camera

  51. great,it is done)thank you for help

    • @Javidan thanks for the appreciation, stay tuned to androidadvices.com and also do let me know if you have any other issues.

  52. i just do that,and turn on phone,after that how can i know that boot menu returned back?

    • @Javidan now just follow the above procedure to upgrade to latest 2.2.1 version of XWJS7 !!

  53. i must pull of battery without turning off phone??

  54. how to return back boot menu?

  55. Ok,thank you very much,clockworkmod it can be problem for upgrade?

    • Yes, sometimes it causes many issues and sometimes ppl escapes through the issues! But yes, probability of errors is high in CWMod.

  56. Hi,my galaxy s gt-i9000 device info like this FROYO.XWJPB and i upgraded this with Samsung Kies.i want to upgrade my phone,but i looked through for many sites,and too many methods to upgrade,in one it needs PIT 512,in this PIT 803.i have installed ROM Manager and it’s needed to download ClockWorkMod which it changed boot menu.my question is is this (ClockWorkMod) problem to upgrade with your method?

    • @Javidan There is no need to complicate things as by following the above procedure you can very easily upgrade the phone as it’s a tried and tested firmware unlike other forums which just copies the content!

  57. well i just downloaded samfirmware 803 pit instead.

  58. for some reason odin wont recognise / find the pit file. has anyone else had this issue. ive downloaded the pit file above and extracted it using winrar… am i just being stupid?

  59. Hi Neal
    I was original on eclair (2.1)upgraded to the gingerbread 2.3 but there was the swype text problem and the super high battery consumption.Your guide was great but i think its the buggy firmware itseld. I want to downgrade to Froyo(2.2.1), Do i need to flash back to eclair then flash up to froyo or can i use your above guide and flash directly from ginger to froyo?

    Thanks in advance

    • @nootbrain sorry for the delay in replying. Yes you can go to Froyo and not to Eclair as Froyo is lot better than eclair.

      Its not a compulsion, you can directly go to Froyo XWJS7 which is the stable version.

  60. wow this is awesome!!! Just updated to JS7 and now my SGS is super fast. also the exchange server now works perfecto…thank you thank you……………….thank yyyyyooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  61. Hi Neal,
    I have update to XWJS7, but I can not get it to boot as in step 8. when I press the power buttom while holding down the volume-up and home buttons, it just boots normally. Any help would be appreciated.

  62. Wow.. that is a good news..I will check for new version!

  63. Hi Neal,
    Thanks for your msg. It seems thr is issues with latest version!! with in this 15 hrs of OS update, My new OS hanged 4 times and rebooted 2 times!!! Which i found not good.. Eclair version was toooooo slow but rest was fine with that..

    Any idea why it happens?

    • @ajith actually the new version is in the beta stages, just wait for 15 days, the new version will be out in 15 days

  64. Now i have 2.3.2
    Kernal version: root@DELL101#2
    Build Number: Gingerbread.xwjv1

  65. I didnt check for that..
    Now I just got installed this correctly!!! Thanks for your msgs.. Mean time I wanted to ask you one more thing.

    I feel now the phone is little slow! If thr is any tips to make this to normal speed ?

  66. Actually I am not good in these versions..I was trying to upgrade from Eclair :)

  67. Yes it is on download mode and I had Eclair version which came with phone..

  68. I tried 3-4 time but it says failed when it installs dbdata.rfs!!!

    help please….

  69. ok..let me try again!

  70. or Can i try again with Froyo XWJS7 2.2.1?

  71. How do i restart this again?

  72. Hi guys..while I try to update my Galaxy S to Ginger bred through your tutorial, it got failed! and i unplugged the cable out from my PC.Now my phone is not showing anything but some Icons of mobile and computer and caution icon between them!!!

    Please help me to recover from this point!

  73. i read above that this can’t be used for the i9003 but where can i find a 2.2.1 for the same.

    • hey @Gibran we have noted your request and will surely update with the same very soon. You can’t flash I9003 with the fw of I9000, very sorry to say that!

  74. Hi Neal

    Thanks for this tutorial!! great job!!My SGS is running XWJS7 now!!!
    But could you tell me one thing? is it possible to instal the portuguese language in swype?


  75. @Neal

    Hey thanks for the advice. I see that XWJS8 firmware is out? Have you tried it?

  76. I’m running XWJS8 n I think its the most stable n smoothest of all stock 2.2.1 froyo roms. It is a March Build newer than XWJS7 surely it has improvements over it.
    @emkas You can check my blog if you want to try XWJS8 I have put out the instructions for installations http://goo.gl/IJAOc.

  77. Hey guys. PIT file downloaded fro above is an “unknown file type”. i cant open it in Odin because of this n thus cant upgrade. Really appreciate some help!! thanks

  78. hey guys….. serious problem here! im scared ha! MY phone is sick! Ok,so…………….. i have the galaxy s i9000. Followed all the instrucions as above. Problem is the PIT file is an “unknown file type” and my computer doesn see it when i try to open it in Odin. CAN ANYONE HELP ME??? PPPPLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  79. I was able to upgrade to 2.2.1.
    Thanx Neal.

  80. @Neal: I’m currently running build XXJPY. Do you recommend updating to XWJS7?? If so, are you saying we should not have any problems using PIT 803 although I used PIT 512 when flashing to XXJPY previously??? Thanx

    • @emkas hey i would personally recommend to you to be on XXJPY till the new version comes!

  81. is a Noob Questions… what if i do? what will happen? i was thinking of doing: click the partition, then wipe all the data and Cache wipe, reset the phone so their will not be any problem??? and the last time i used pit is way back with the JPU, pit file 512.

  82. I am having some issues with 2.2.3 gingerbread, while receving calls display goes black and noting work at that time, finally I have to restart my phone every time..any suggestions Neal….!!
    Should I update with XWJS7 2.2.1…?

  83. Have one Question. do i have to click the partition button to do this? i sow on the picture above that you didn’t click it is that correct????? Thanks in Advance.

  84. First i tried to upgrade with 803 .pit file..but it didnt work..it was stuck at setupconnection msg on odin for an hour..then i tried with 512 .pit file..then the upgrade went smoothly within 5 minutes..i dnt knw what the prblm is with 803 pit file..my phone is awesomely fast now..so thnx to u for the simplified instruction:-)

  85. flashed, and all works well. battery usage has improved a good deal. i have also used oclf but it seems it has more lag now, although the quadrant score has greatly increased. Should we use a lag fix with this fw?

  86. Hey neal… I recently updated to xxjpy, build- xwjs5. I also run the vodoo lag fix on my sgs.. My quadrant score now is 1502.. Do you recommend to flash it with xwjs7 .. It is gonna improve the performance of my phone…. Pls reply..
    thanks a ton…

    • hey Yousuff, no need for further upgradation if everything is well, enjoy your firmware!! :)

  87. im on 2.1 DDJG4…so can i flash xwjs7 directly on my phone??or do i hv 2 go through any other2.2.1??

  88. @Neal / @nedar66 there is no Slovenscina – Slovenian language in Locate and text :(
    Is there any option to flash only this language on this version?

  89. @nedar 0.0 mine’s still at 74% after 15hrs with darky’s rom after surfing net plus playing music and phonecalls but im still trying Js7 out thnx for the link Neal :) i heard the battery usage is much much better than Js5

  90. Neal

    Thanks. I reflashed the phone again using Pit 803 and repartition which worked perfectly. All functions appear to be working fine.

  91. hi,
    nice but swype and my mobile internet won’t work right now!!, anyone who can help me?

  92. Niki, there are no Slovenian, we must wait for 2.3 ;)

  93. I already rooted my phone using this firmware and now have superuser access. If I change the FW in the future, i think i may lose all this changes. isn it?

    • @luisnica yes, whenever you flash the fw and clear the cache and stuff, you will lose all the customized settings irrespective of you root or not root.

  94. Mandeep, I have forgot, there are also a lot of small bugs wich in generaly make you unhappy.

  95. Mandeep, I strong unrecommend Darkys because of battery leakage. I have 9.3 speedmod, is much better then voodoo, but battery goes off after 12 hours. I already make all steps for for better battery condition… delete batterystat…. without any success. My suggest, your choice :)

  96. Neal, is there s way to flash from Darkys 9.3 speedmod to 2.2.1? Without repartition or must use it?
    I have try 2 weeks ago do this with JPY and repartition. Doesn’t work.

    • hi @nedar, i would rather suggest you to go for XWJS7 rather than darky’s ROM as its much more stable than Darkys as you will not get that much of battery optimization which you will experience in XWJS7 or in XXJPY.

  97. Niki, did you find Slovenscina in locale settings?
    I’m now on Darkys 9.3 without slovenian language.

  98. Neal. I read that this FW can be rooted with CF-Root-XX_XEU… etc , Is iy true? When you root a phone and you change the FW, does it keep the rooted worK? Thanks

  99. @Shuyeb – I have read on a few websites about “darkys roms” – where did you get darkys rom from? and how to install? is it Odin?


  100. Hi Neal

    I flashed this 2 days back 1st with Pit 83 and repartition and had a hardware not recognized error while rebooting but did go through the sequence ok. I then flashed with Pit 502 and repartition and worked fine and has been for the last few days.

    Should I now flash again with Pit 803 and no repartion? What is the difference between the Pit files as well as repartition or not repartition when you have 3 files. The opinion tends to differ across the common forums.


    • @Shane its actually the ROM providers who instructs to use the appropriate ROM, so you need to follow the instructions provided by them so as to prevent the messup of phone by using some other PIT.

  101. I think, all these XXX are experimental software and screwing up the phones. One should wait for the official release of Gingerbread for Samsung phones, in case something goes wrong, atleast Samsung can set it right. No one seems to be satisfied with any updates.


  102. Hey mate, nice to know about this tutorial. I have Darky’s ROM 9.3 installed on my Galaxy S and I am not facing any problems. But the battery is loosing very soon, I mean its like I am charging it again and again. It fades out soon.. Can you help me out..?

  103. Hi!

    I flash new firmware without a problem and is working ok.
    How can i upload or flash different language?
    I need Slovenian language (Slovenscina) is it possible?

  104. Prabhpreet Singh

    do u hav any 2.2.1 or 2.3 fw but stable one, please let me know

    • @PrabhPreet as of now there are no such stable builds for SE X10i, but will surely let you know with the same if any are released.

  105. Prabhpreet Singh


  106. Prabhpreet Singh


  107. Prabhpreet Singh

    its really nice fw.
    u r the real HERO….

  108. Prabhpreet Singh

    ok now i get the new version of market autometacaly

  109. Prabhpreet Singh

    hey problem solved i can install from web page
    but the have the old version of market on my phone…

  110. Prabhpreet Singh

    hey please help me out.
    i cant install any application through android.market.com from webpage.
    the market application is also the old version.
    just tell me what to do now……

  111. Prabhpreet Singh

    ok i have installed this fw.
    lets c is this a suitable fw or not.

  112. OK i will try!!! let you know what happened!! thx for this post!!

  113. @Prabhpreet yes you can give it a try though

  114. Prabhpreet Singh

    u havnt mention your 8th point while installing XWJV1 gingerbread update. should i try this 8th point on XWJV1 fw so that i can c some improvement in XWJV1 fm.

  115. Prabhpreet Singh

    ok i have installed your XWJV1 now if i want to install this xwjs7 fw. do i install it directly?

  116. Prabhpreet Singh

    please make a tutorial of this article also. otherwise it is not possible for me and others to update to xwjs7

    • @Prabhpreet, simply follow the above tutorial.. you will be able to update with the same. if there are any issues then am here to help you out.

  117. Prabhpreet Singh

    why have u written that remove your sim card,
    it is not possible to do this without sim card..

  118. have a question!! Do i need to install XXJPY version before this one if i returning from XWJV1??? or what do i need to do???