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Update Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to Gingerbread Android 2.3.2

Gingerbread logoSo, finally time has come to tell you guys that Gingerbread 2.3 has arrived for Samsung Galaxy S I 9000 and you will be further happy to know that you will now be in a position to install the same on your phone effortlessly. Just read the instructions carefully before flashing your device.

Important Instructions:
1. Ensure that you are having Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 as the firmware is only for this phone and not for any other similar phones like Captivate, mesmerize Fascinate, Epic, I 9003 etc though that might look similar.

2. Back up all your data including messages, contacts and also all the third party applications which you have either installed from Android Market Place or from any other sources.

3. It is very important to enter in the download mode before flashing the firmware in your phone, if you cannot enter into download mode then you can solve this bug from here.

4. The things which you will be needing while flashing is Samsung Galaxy S I9000 phone, micro USB cable,Odin v1.3, Gingerbread 2.3.2 Android Firmware and PIT 512 file which have to be downloaded.

5. Irrespective of whichever may be the current stock version like 2.2 or 2.2.1 or even XXJPY, XWJS3, you can update with this Gingerbread version. Also, additionally many might have installed Voodoo lag fixes in your device, so even with this you can flash your device. Also, read the instructions fully once and then proceed to flash as you will be well versed with the steps.

6. PLEASE SELECT ONLY 512 PIT and not any other PIT like 802 or 803 etc.


  1. hey neal thnx man thnx a lot my probs r solved now n m using gingerbread 2.3.2 now….\m/

  2. You are AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for this post. I’ve been trying forever to upgrade from 2.1… I even took it into the Hong Kong Samsung Office and they said they couldn’t upgrade it for me and needed to charge me 1000 HKD+ to change the board because it was rooted at one point.. What garbage!

    Quick question though, does swipe work after you upgrade? I can’t get mine to work… it just beeps at me when I try to swipe input, like there is nothing in the swipe dictionary or something. I also got the message “The Swype Package you installed is configured for another device and will operate with limited functionality”

    • hey daniel, thanks for your appreciation! Swype has some issues! but will be solved in the next available update which will be releases from 10 days from now!

  3. Prabhpreet Singh

    the video player is sometime very close.
    please solve it brother.

    • oops!! if there are more problems then you can switch to XXJPU which is mentioned here on how to flash, follow the instructions and then move on to XXJPY 2.2.1 you will not face any issues as its the most stable v in terms of btry n other parameters!

  4. hey neal .. i read all d comments n the instructions carefully
    firstly i d appreciate you for the awesome job u r doing wid the firmware :)

    what i wanna know is .. is this the official sgs 2.3 version ??
    also are der any known issues with the firmware??

    i m plannin to switch ..so plz reply asap
    thanks .. :)

    • hey rahul, yes there are some minor issues though works perfect, you can switch to it, if you like it then you can stay on it or else you have an option to switch back to any fw, am always here to help you guys! :)
      So, be happy and taste the new version!! :

  5. Prabhpreet Singh

    hey neal
    i use this fw but im facing some problems
    please try to resolve it

    1) When i try to switch off my phone for the first time, after closing logo displayed my my does not switch off and something is written on the left top.
    its displaying

    then i remove the battary and restart again.
    after then it does nt show.

    is there any problem?

    2) my phone get slow after upgrading.

  6. it is definately not an issue with BBC servers or skyports servers…! that I can assure you. everything was working fine prior to flashing to the new rom.

    I rang t-mobile (who were helpless) and also samsung (the tech guy told me to update the kernel via the xda developers site). I have no idea how to update a kernel so i dont want to risk. streaming was fine on 2.2.1.

    please please try to solve this for me!

  7. Kidda Neal,

    I it seems like I am the only person who is having a problem with the streaming, therefore I have decided to flash the firmware again with the same 2.3.2, just incase there is a conflict of some sort which is causing the issue. I am not concerned about losing any applications.

    before I go ahead, can you tell me:

    – what options I need to select in ODIN to do a complete reinstall
    – what options (if any) should I select in recovery mode after the reinstall
    – should I do a factory reset or not


    • its not required actually!! it would be my personal advice tht don’t flash again as the file system is of no fault and shouldn’t be blamed!! :) there might be probs with the servers of bbc..

  8. Thank you very much Neal. I trusted you and I have updated my SGS GT I9000T cellphone. Everything is working very good (so far). I love how fast it works. just 1 thing: I have not noticed difference with the battery usage. It drains fast when I turn on WiFi.(let say from 100% to 70% with 1 hour usage). And again thanks a lot.

  9. Prabhpreet Singh

    i just ask because all my data are still there…

    • sure no issues, if you want then you can go to recovery mode and then you can probably delete all the cache!

  10. Prabhpreet Singh


    do i need to factory reset now.

    just because i have my same pics and videos in the gallaries which i have in 2.2
    but all the apps are deleted now.

    tell me…..

  11. Prabhpreet Singh

    its done now,
    but what is the password for I9000XWJV1.rar file
    when i try to unzip it ask me to enter the password.

  12. Prabhpreet Singh

    should i removed my battery and try again with inserting the sim card

    • yes try it again! coz am too really confused to see that unusual situation of 6 ID COM blocks glowing, neither i have experienced before nor heard of it

  13. Prabhpreet Singh

    no but i removed my sim card after switch off.

    i have an airtel connection and its sim free

  14. Neal yaar,

    any news on a fix for the stream? just to refresh your memory, I cannot stream video on sites like BBC and skysports, youtube works ok.


  15. Prabhpreet Singh

    neel please tell me what to do now.
    im waiting for reply

  16. Prabhpreet Singh

    yaar actly i hav removed my sim card also as u written on ur blog
    should i re insert it again
    tell me the way becouse there is a downloading displaying on my phone

  17. Prabhpreet Singh

    yaar actly i hav removed my sim card also as u written on ur blog
    should i re insert it again

  18. Prabhpreet Singh

    yes 6 id com

    • dat’s an unusual situation? is your phone operator locked? have you entered into the download mode?

  19. Prabhpreet Singh

    im trying to upgrade but i have got 6 box filled with yellow color.
    what is that.
    0:[com23] 1:[com4] 2:[com6] 3:[com14] 4:[com7] 5:[com16]

    please jaldi batao

  20. Prabhpreet Singh

    one thing more do i need to factory reset after download latest 2.3.2 fw just like official 2.2 froyo.

  21. Prabhpreet Singh

    Hey Neal Brother.
    u r doing such a fantastic work.
    i have read all the comments and u works great.
    please tell me one thing.
    if i upgrade my sgs to 2.3.2 now, and if i want to downgrade it to previous fw 2.2.
    is it possible?
    if yes please show me the way to downgrade it.

    • hey prabhpreet singh thanks for your appreciation!! yes you can very well go back but there is a procedure for it. Do let me know when you wish to g back so that i will assist you then.

      • Hello Neal , i would like to know the procedures to go back to 2.2 on the i9000 , also i need to know how to root the 2.3.2 version.

        My phone details :

        Model number GT-i9000
        Frimware Version : 2.3.2
        Baseband : I9000xxjve
        Kernel :
        root@dell101 #2

        Ahmed A Gad

      • i want to go back to Android 2.2??????????????

  22. @ayush, have you ever seen the download mode in your phone? If despite trying hard u are not unable to get into download mode then you will have to follow the below procedure to get download mode,

  23. pretty good but some of my previous applications doesn’t work on 2.2.3.

    Some of them r…… Psxdroid emulator, spiderman hd.

  24. 2.3.2 i9000xxjve never install that one cause u will be stack on it like the download screen will not show up down volume home turn on even if u install super user on the phone wont work so i dont know how to fix it now and i dont care

  25. oops!!got passward…

    but still my phn is not cuming in download mode….

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