How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with ICS Android 4.0.1 XXKP2 Firmware

Quick Pre Requisites:

  • Very Important Step, backup all your data present in your Phone memory ONLY using the steps which are mentioned below. Don’t use KIES to back up the data, as you will not be able to use kies after the update as till now SAMSUNG hasn’t rolled out support for Galaxy S2 on 4.0 Firmware. With the help of below mentioned tips, you can easily backup and restore the data present in your phone memory, all the data in sd card will stay intact.

SMS – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app”,
Contacts – Sync with the Gmail application,
Call Log - Call Log and Restore
Images, Songs, Videos, Files – Copy to internal / External SD Card,
APN and MMS Settings – Note down from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

  • Ensure that you have disabled all the Security SuitesFirewall tools and also the KIES PC Suite as these tools tend to interrupt the process of firmware update. Also, additionally enable the USB Debugging from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”.

Special instructions for Users on Custom ROM:

Just in case if you are on any of the custom ROM firmwares, ensure that you disable any lag fixes if installed from the recovery mode. The recovery mode can be entered by pressing Volume Down Key + OK button, and holding both simultaneously press the Power Button. In recovery mode, select options “Wipe data/factory reset”, “Wipe Cache partition” and after this you need to also select “reboot system” so as to restart the phone.

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Once you are done with all the instructions which are mentioned above, its time to proceed to the procedure which is mentioned in the next page.


  1. can i install international firmware to samsung galaxy sii anycal production

  2. gud pm…iwant to ask if i upgrade my s2 gingerbread to ics are all the hd games working in ics??pls reeply…

  3. i accidentaly put the xxkp8 root on my s2 without having installed the firmware. it gave me the galaxy s II black screen with a yellow warning sign. then, i put on it the xxkp8 firmware but it still gives me the black screen with the warning. what should i do?

  4. i have uploaded new version i.e4.0.3 19100xxlps but its wifi is not working i try so many time to reboot but same problem spl help becas no use without wifi

  5. after downloading ics i couldnot find bootloader file instead of that there was some efs file and i selected that efs file and now my s2 imei number changed everything is working fine but calls and sms is blocked bcoz the imei number is not genuine. pls help

  6. thank you for the article and the OS. after upgrading my sgs2 to ics, I am unable to enable some change alert. it’s not accepting my password. error:processing failed.please help.

  7. updated s2 to 4.0.3 wifi is not working as well as surfing gone dead

  8. hi i am uding s2

  9. Can u tell me the exact ICS release date for SGS2 GTI9100G? Tired of waiting =.=”

  10. when will ICS update be available for I9100G????????????????????

  11. Hi, I just updated and everything is great except that it got stuck at “installing applications” and can’t seem to process. However the phone seems to be running fine. Can’t seem to find any information on this problem too!

  12. hi frndz

    i have a problem with my galaxy s2 i9100, whenever i install any ICS firmware updates like XXLPH, XXLPB and later my screen unlock doesn’t work. when i press the power button to unlock the screen its come on directly without slide and when i press power longer my phone shut down it does not five any option like restart, shut down or silent

    Its working good with Gingerbread

    plz help me…..

  13. Mark Vandenbergh

    Hello… can this upgrade also be used with the S2 HD LTE version of the Galaxy?

  14. may i know what are the problems we are facing after updating to ICS from 2.3.5

  15. Tobias Henricsson

    In the zip file linked here ( I get a file named This one doesn’t require any password, but don’t contain the files mentioned in the guide. I get two folders; META-INF and system. No more. What am I doing wrong? Or, is it something wrong with the link?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

    Tobias Henricsson

  16. hi
    i need help my s2 is suck wiith ascreen shows an error in conection wih computer while i eas trying to update useing odine
    and odine shows fail … i taked off the battry but no changes.. am trying to inter download mode but this screen keep showing…. so any help for me plzzz

  17. Cant download it neither.. My internet connectivity is just fine, otherwise I wouldnt be here!

  18. load it, bit slow and no 3G networks

  19. OH! It looks so pretty and awesome! Thanks for working so hard for all of us, guys!

    Since “rooting” is not available, is there a current solution for me to use Titanium Backup Pro to restore all my apps? I live and work on a university campus where we must authenticate through a proxy server to access the internet. Since our city hasn’t reached 3G yet, it will take ages for me to reinstall all my apps using 2G.

    Any suggestions or ideas, or when we might see a rooting process?

    Again, thanks, guys! :-)

  20. neal looks good, downloading now mate.
    kinda annoying how people dont read b4 winging about how they cant fix this and you done this wrong!
    u made the base work pretty well by sounds of it, one qeustionwhen 4.0. is official will it contain tinyalsa??
    also whats the actuall change log from 2.3.6 – 4.0 is it just frame work??
    cheers bro will post feed back once tested. cheers

  21. i updated my phone to 4.0.1 but it was being hanged. i want to go back to ics ginger bread. what i need to do?

  22. Hi Neal,
    Thanks for ICS Android 4.0.1, i already applied this at my Samsung galaxy s-II, its looking very good and some features are very useful, now i feel like new mobile but there are some major problems some applications are not installed like Team viewer, Talking Tom etc.. massage are appear ERROR” couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card” whats a problems????? please try to fix it.

    Thanks and waiting for your response

  23. It stucks in ” SetupConnection..”

    Help me, please. :-(

  24. Tried this upgrade, lots of problems…

    it has so many problems:
    1. It shows an exclamation mark on boot screen.
    2. Flashing red frame on every click.
    3. Contacts crashing everytime.
    4. Its not getting all the files saved on memory card.
    5. Graphic problem with the wireless bar.
    6. Search crashing
    7. Exchange calendar not syncing
    8. Calender crashing
    9. Contacts crashing

    it’s a pity this hadn’t been tested thouroughly before posting..

    • hey carlos, its mentioned that its not a fully stable firmware!

      • If it’s not stable, why on earth are you posting this? This leak is a complete nightmare in-itself.
        Please avoid this ROM to save from countless frustrations.. I will be more cautious in the future.

        • The reason its on this earth is that the holy testers might shed the light of geniusness on these roms to rock the world helping remove those bugs …. got it or not

  25. guys wait for the official version of A4 ISandwich….the current one on this website has loads of issues.. i had to pay n get my cell reloaded with A2.3.6 versoin…have patience dont ruin ur phone..

  26. Hi Neal,

    I cant see the version of Android OS after many times I tried. What have I missed?
    Here what it shows on my phone:

    MODEL NR: GT-I9100
    KANEL VERSION: 3.0.9-I9100XXKP2-CL17109 SE.INFRA@sep-53#3

  27. same problems herebut I could successfully go back to gingerbread 2.3.6 after repeating installation two times(without going back to 2.3.5)

  28. ******************** BE WARNED ******************************************
    This firmware is very buggy. So buggy it is all but unusable.
    # Red Line around Screen
    # Services Crashing
    # Apps Crashing
    # Names of contacts not displaying when SMS messages received.
    # Many Others.

    On A positive note:
    # Could make and receive calls
    # WiFi Worked
    # 3G worked
    # Camera Worked

    I had a night mare to downgrade to Gingerbread. Phone was stuck in a boot loop. Instructions here:

  29. Dear Android Advices Team

    I am using custom ROM of Ginger Bread 2.3.5 XXKI3 on my Samsung GTI9100. Due to be on custom ROM I am unable to get update VIA KIES and getting message “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies.” on Kies page.

    My question is;
    Is there any method/procedure I can get my phone back in a position where it can get official updates VIA KIES?

    Please do reply


    • yes 4.0.1 doesnt support kies!

      • Dear Neela,

        Please answer my question
        Is there any method/procedure I can get my phone back in a position where it can get official updates VIA KIES?


        • which was your original firmware?

        • Dear Neela,

          I really don’t remember. It was purchased from UK market and It comes with 2.3.3 if I am not wrong.


        • Dear Neela,

          No, its not a locked handset and comes without any logo.


        • No not XXKP1 but I tried XXKP2 and found lot of issues then go back to 2.3.5 XXKI3.
          I just want to know if it is possible that I can put my phone in a position where it can get official updates via Kies. Its original firmware was 2.3.3, I don’s remember Kernel version and build number. This is not a locked phone.
          Please guide me in this regard.


        • No I did not tried XXKP1 but I tried XXKP2 and found lot of issues then go back to 2.3.5 XXKI3.

          I just wanted to know that is there any possibility if I can put my phone in a position where it can get official updates from Samsung via Kies?

          The original firmware of the phone was 2.3.3 I do not remember kernel version and build number which was originally load in phone.

          Please guide me in this regard.


        • no I did not try XXKP1 but tried XXKP2 and found lot of issues then go back to 2.3.5 XXKI3.

          I just want to know that is there any way that I can put my phone in a position where it can get official updates from Samsung via Kies?

          Original firmware was 2.3.3, I don’t remember Kernel version and build number and it was not a locked phone.

          Please help me in this regard.


  30. Hi Neal!

    I updated this (ICS Android 4.0.1 XXKP2 firmwear) yesterday, and it coused lots of ploblems on my phone.

    #1 The Baseband version on my GS2 is I9100XXKP1. ( I thought it was supposed to be XXKP2)?
    #2 Is the phone doesn’t read the memory card at all. I’ve been tried in many ways, I tried to put it into my other phone and it worked there.
    #3 Is the phone cannot sync to my calendar on google.

    And last but not least the Phone App has twice of it on my phone wich is weird.

    I’d like to leave a few words for all Galaxy SII GT-I9100 user, that maybe you guys should wait for update to this version of firmwear. If you do not want to face any of these issues

    • you need to sync to calendar manually!

      • hi neal…i rooted my device like youre orders….but how can i install android on my s2…because after this root …icant use my phone …my device just shown a yellow attention and then just shown me a black page…and then do nothing…please help me

    • Dear Nikie,

      I faced same same issues when upgraded from JB 2.3.5 XXKI3 to ICS 4.0.1 XXKP2. I think, rather its my suggestion that we all must wait for a stable release on ICS for Galaxy SII GTI9100.

      I am back on 2.3.5 and enjoying all features with maximum battery life. :)

  31. so will will the better verson of xxkp2 will b comin and will that b a stable or same as xxkp1 and xxkp2 tanx :)

  32. Neal,

    I have same issue and need to go back on 2.3.6, please give download link.


  33. Neal,

    Last night I updates to the 4.0.1 XXKP2 update. I cant even make calls now. Can you please give details of going back to 2.3.6 XWKK5? Please provide full package download link and we have flashed all components – KERNEL, MODEM, PIT etc.


  34. HI

    first of all i m very new to this android and i have GS2 surfing the web i came accros ur blog and found that we can taste ICS
    all i want to know is incase if i update to this can i go back to my previous 2.3.3 and if so how to follow tht , and is it safe to try this as i m new to all this but still want to check for fun

    • Hi Neal,

      Last night I updated to the 4.0.1 XXKP2 update. Now I cant even make calls. Can you please give details of going back to 2.3.6 XWKK5? Please provide full package download link as we have now flashed all the components – KERNEL, MODEM, PIT Bootloader etc. Stock Kernel download link is appreciated.



  36. is this version compatible with my s2 gt-i9100g?

  37. Hi Neal,

    I need to check ROM of SGSII. Please help how I can check that weather my phone is on custome ROM or not?


  38. Hi Neal!

    Im just wondering in what way would this version( ICS Android 4.0.1 XXKP2 Firmware) improve to my GS2?

    I found the valume on my SG2 is very bad many times I couldn’t beary hear when the phone is ringing and the distances of phone was just right in front of me. So a version that will im prove the valume on GALAXY SII would be an EXCELENT job!


  39. I’ve been using this ROM for 2 days, and due to too many force closes, I wanted to flash back to CM7 or stock firmware. Every single time i try to flash a new rom, it says it failed to find the cache. I was wondering if it had something to do with flashing the pit file with this rom, and if there is a stock pit file i can use. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks in advance!

  40. ICS Android 4.0 is not stable yet.. have installed on my S2 but not working well… waiting for improvement to solve all the bugs issue… 3G and wifi is not working at all..

  41. galaxy s2 Proxy Support for Apps using wifi : not supported
    but i can browses the web easily by simple giving the user name and password given by service provider
    please help out


      • Android platforms do not have in-built proxy support. Proxy support is limited to the stock web browser of the phone, but if we want to use wifi for apps it does not work. Apps do not connect. They do not recognize the proxy settings.
        i am trying to connecto through my jobs wifi which has proxy settings. Is there a way to add those settings so as to be able to update apps and connect to the internet?

  42. great work …………………… NEAL.

    ICS 4.0.1 to galaxy s2 ( YOU BUILT THE CORE DUDE)


  43. is there full contact display while receiving calls

  44. nu am semnal la telefon cu aceasta varianta de soft !! De ce ?

  45. Hi Neal,

    This ICS update is not compatible with I9100G right? Can you guys work on this G version because is very hard to do customization such as root and new kernel update. Miss my SGS I9000 because a lot of custom rom i learn from androidadvices.

  46. There is a problem with the vibration intensity. It’s too low even set to max in the settings menu.

  47. Hi Neal, I cant enter into download mode when trying to flash the kernel please help.!!!!!

  48. Hi Neal, I cant enter download mode when trying to flash the kernel please help.!!!!!!

  49. how do i go back to the 2.3.6 xxkl1 firmware

  50. Guys don’t Update with ICS Android 4.0.1 XXKP2 Firmware for a daily use…IF u just Wand to c what was it then go ahead. But still lot of issues and not stable…but nea,l good job man….

  51. For anyone with questions about this rom, heres some answers:

    * On touching options on screen, there is an annoying flashing red border (doesnt bother me too much though)
    * All call features appear to work (no probs with mobile network)
    * Internet & mobile data worked for me with no dropouts
    * Wifi will not turn on from quick settings on notification pullout. Will turn off from there when it is on already however. Wont turn off strangely when actually connected to a wifi network (only affects toggle in pullout, normal toggle in settings still turns wifi on and off fine).
    * When wifi is turned on, doesnt give list of networks. I had to go into Menu->Settings->More (under Wireless & Networks) then use Kies via Wifi option to even see any networks and be able to connect to them. It did however work, and stayed connected. Wifi toggle still not functioning properly in notification pullout.
    * Haven’t tested bluetooth – but does turn off and on fine.
    * Browser works fine
    * Music playback not tested, but sure it will work as notification sounds etc are fine
    * Battery life on par with normal rom (not used it long enough to judge properly though)
    * Mostly stable, but does have apps close sometimes.
    * Tested sync only with Google & Samsung accounts. With google, when syncing it didnt get all my contacts properly and said a process called acore was closing constantly. I went into the sync options, and saw one of them (which is the calendar part) had a weird name so unticked that and from that point on sync worked fine and my contacts came down properly.
    * USB connection to KIES and standard mass storage mode worked fine.

    So in summary, this is not for the faint hearted but stable enough for general use if you know what your doing. If you dont, steer clear.

  52. Yesterday I installed my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with ICS Android 4.0.1 XXKP2 Firmware. But not successful. The network, Message and address book were not working. So I returned to 2.3.6

  53. i hope ICS for the gt-i9003 isn’t far behind :)

  54. Hey Neal,

    How you doing? I have flashed this version on my Samsung s2.. nothing new, it has got the same problems we had in P1.. I dont know what they fixed in the new version.. My advice to others, dont flash this now, wait for a more stable version, hopefully the next one.


  55. do basic and all other functions work in this firmware.

  56. Hey neal…i had installed 2.3.5 following instructions from your blog on my s2 but here in Saudi Arabia we have an official 2.3.6 and i’m unable to update to it when u select “update software” from my phone….could you please help me out….

    my OS version is as follows:

    Model: GT-I9100
    Android: 2.3.5
    Baseband Version: I9100XXKI4
    Kernel Version: root@DELL149#2
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.XWKI8

  57. can we apply the firmware through mobile odin and if yes please tell the procedure

  58. I am trying now . so its not stable and a lot glitches , but thanks for this version its looks amazing

  59. Hi Neal,

    if we want to get back to older version, you have been asked us to read the corresponding article. i have search the article, still couldn’t locate it. could you please gives us the link of that article.

    appreciate your help.


    • you need to folllow with any of the earlier version, you can find from S2 SECTION

      • Neal,

        for eg., i have updated this version for S2 and i want to go back to XWKK5 Gingerbread 2.3.6 so do you want me to follow the same procedure laid out in “How to update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 on XWKK5 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware”. if we do so, it will get switch on and stay on Android logo itself. it doesnt turn on to main page/display.

        was my understanding rite?

        thanks in advance for your help.

  60. how many times we can flash our phone….in download mode its shown custom binary download: yes (4 counts)…does it have any importance

  61. Hey neal…i had installed 2.3.5 following instructions from your blog on my s2 but here in Saudi Arabia we have an official 2.3.6 and i’m unable to update to it when u select “update software” from my phone….could you please help me out….


  62. sorry for double post.
    So will I be able to update straight from phone for the official one?

  63. Does it have face unlock and wifi?
    Also will I be able to update it to the official ICS straight from my phone when it comes out?

  64. Does it have Face Unlock and Wifi?


  65. May I know When ICS 4.0.1 will release for SII-Gt-I9100G, So far I have not seen any updates for 9100G.

  66. hey neal..

    it has so many problems:
    1. It shows an exclamation mark on boot screen.
    2. Flashing red frame on every click.
    3. Contacts crashing everytime.
    4. Its not getting all the files saved on memory card.
    5. Graphic problem with the wireless bar.

    Tats it for now..

  67. hi neal, will the red rectangle flash still occur on this version?

  68. you cant help it neal in this matter

  69. I have used xxkp1 with 4.0.1 before but data was not working.. what about this version.

  70. pls help neal

  71. In the XXKP1 firmware there were still a lot of bugs from which no 3G function the main bug was. Is this problem solved in the XXKP2 firmware?

  72. yes i download kp2 but same old problem in kp1.wifi ok but packet data problem i check apn and install the kernel also.pls help neal in this matter software is superb

  73. in this version does all the things work and i am very happy to visit ur site everyday and love ur work neal

  74. need help!!!after i installed this firmware wifi and mobile network is not working….i turn wifi on and after few seconds it automatically switched was happening again and goes for scanning but not able to find any wifi signals….

  75. can you post some screen shots of the final product.
    is it vanilla or touch wiz?

  76. How stable is this one ? Good enough for everyday use ?

  77. Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.1 XXKP2 Firmware is not downloading pls help neal

    • its perfect at our end, please check with your internet connectivity!

      • Hey Neal…
        I m currently running under 2.3.3 and i’m unable to update it as when i select “update software” from my phone, response of no update come back.Could you please help me out….

        my OS version is as follows:

        Model: GT-I9100
        Android: 2.3.3
        Baseband Version: I9100XXKF1
        Kernel Version: root@DELL101#2
        Build Number: GINGERBREAD.XWKF3

    • is there anyway of updating to the pure google version of android 4.0 for my gs2? I hate the way touchwiz looks!